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Alright kiddos, I'm in need of some serious fuck....er, I mean help. Same thing.

Enter me making a minecraft 1.10. server. Heavily modded. Mods are fine. Start flying in creative to check shit out. Keep getting lagged back. The hell? Check the console and it says I moved too quickly? Piss on that. I tried enabling flight in the server properties file and that did fuck all. Poked around on the internet and it was people complaining about the problem but I couldn't find any fixes.

What do?

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fuck off cuck

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this is the technology board
>>>/v/ is that way.

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Yeah op see you should have used Solaris instead

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Try installing bullet into your headcase. Seen that fix the problem for some.

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Maybe you have some permission mods stopping you?

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hey /g/ ive been having some PC problems and im pretty sure all the symptoms are pointing to bad memory.

i've been having a slew of chrome tabs crashing, memory_management BSODs, page fault in non paged area BSODs, and on startup im getting that "one or more of your disks needs to be checked for consistency"

this is most likely a problem with my memory hardware correct? i have 16gb from 4 sticks. should i try switching them around first before running mem_test?


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I just installed my gtx 980 ti. What are some fun things to do with all that power? Already messed around in fleX and am getting a vive soon

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...play ...games?

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I've been lurking here for a bit, and I see a lot of threads about browser choice, privacy, and whether or not privacy is worth worrying about.

Now, given that Chrome is evidently the most "secure" browser from external threats (http://www.tomshardware.com/news/pwn2own-2016-firefox-missing-in-action,31451.html), while Firefox (running NoScript and/or Tor) seems the best at protecting one's privacy (try it out yourself at https://panopticlick.eff.org/), what does /g/ think of the other options?

- Epic Privacy Browser, which appears to offer a variety of privacy-oriented features, including a built-in proxy, but is running on an older version of Chrome (48.x, last time I checked) which is potentially a security risk, no? Also, their business model is oriented around ad sales for their proprietary search.

- Brave, which offers built-in ad blocking and anti-tracking software, but which is built around ad revenue based on "anonymized" user data.

- UnGoogled Chromium, which is an open-source project (no corporate conflict of interest) that requires a bit of extra effort to set up if you want extensions, and is subject to the usual issues of a project like this (updated whenever the dev has time)

Privacy is important, but security risks and attacks are a much more likely problem, and choosing a browser that will be slower to patch security holes seems as risky, if not more so than choosing a browser that may be secretly spying on you.

What do, /g/?

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Honestly OP? Brave is the future. Based on, but built from the ground up Chromium, with tracking and ad blocking built in. The ad revenue feature can be enabled or disabled depending. I have said before that this is the browser that Tor would have selected (Jacob Appelbaum always wanted a Chromium based browser - here it is). It's only a matter of time.

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Landscape keyboard phone when?

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I'm so sorry, but >>56816365

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Phones with moving parts are mostly dead because they break/fail easier and cost the manufacturer more money.


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You have 60 seconds.

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The demonitization algorithm checks the captions of videos for "inappropriate content"

>No one puts captions on their videos.

Demonitize/ban those that don't allow the algorithm to audit them.

>That would remove a lot of content off of YouTube at once.

So hire people to caption all the videos on YouTube and give people time to caption their videos so that the algorithm can audit them as intended.

"But that costs money"

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Moot developed a way to kill Youtube. What a legend.

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Genius. It's truly amazing.

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tfw you can currently report people for not having captions in their videos.

>The demonitization algorithm checks the captions of videos for "inappropriate content"

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It's been almost 10 years but 4chan's hatred of youtube has finally won

When others moved on to accept youtube, moot played the long con

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This isn't fear mongering. This is YouTube being underhanded with what their planning to do.

It may not be on the radical level of turning it into a "Safe Space" but it is their way to police a city they recently started caring about.

Give everyone guns and let them cull themselves. Then take the guns away once order has been established.

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>New to 4chins btw
I've been saving most of this summer for this build and I almost have all the parts. I know its OP for a first build but what do you guys think about it.


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No pictures of the build because its still at my friends house.

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School, work, porn, how do you organize?

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*folder structure

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>not using a military grade game booster


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Why do the reddit gaymen always come to /g/? Seriously we lay out a clearly labeled containment board and they still manage to miss it. Neo-/g/ even has speccy threads. Actual speccy threads. Not screenfetch. And desktop threads are banned while for some reason home screen threads are okay. Someone just kill me now.

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Not sure if this is the right board for this but what are some good programs for linguistics testing and research? I'm looking to take some samples for independent analysis and don't know if there's a standard or anything

pic unrelated

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KiB vs KB?

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No that memlord used the SJW JPG encoder. Because of the massive decoding problems it has 4chan encodes it to a regular JPG with a higher file size.

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Nope, 4chan displays in KB and so does windows.

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Seems you already got ahold of it!

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As did you fellow 1337 h4x0r

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What's good software to make charts/data visualizations with control over the design can be exported as images?

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Y-you again.

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How does this even work. I wish I knew more about computers and data

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It's basically running an image through ffmpeg, making a 2 second video that displays 1 frame each second.

Here are the scripts I use to convert images to static webms if you're interested:

for %%f IN (*.jpg) do (
ffmpeg -loop 1 -i "%%~nf.jpg" -an -c:v libvpx -qmin 16 -qmax 16 -crf 16 -quality best -threads 4 -t 2 -r 1 "%%~nf.webm"

for %%f IN (*.png) do (
ffmpeg -loop 1 -i "%%~nf.png" -an -c:v libvpx -qmin 16 -qmax 16 -crf 16 -quality best -threads 4 -t 2 -r 1 "%%~nf.webm"

Just copy one of the scripts, save it as script.bat in notepad, put it in a directory of images you want to convert, double click on it, and watch the magic happen. All you need ffmpeg to be installed.

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>Audible electronic interference hiss from india tier components
>You can hear it recorded in all videos and audio recordings, literally useless for those two functions now (if you are pretending your iphone 7 doesn't have the hiss you are probably deaf dumb or stupid)
>Same form factor as iPhone 6s
>Barely weighs any less than iPhone 6s
>Shit tier waterproofing
>No fucking audio jack

How did apple fuck this up so badly /g/?

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You forgot measurably worse audio quality over the included Lightning adapter compared to directly out of the iPhone 6S 3.5mm jack.

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Why are you bring facts to a feelings debate? Apple stuff is about courage, magic, innovation, etc etc. Apple sells a lifestyle, not a set of products.

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Apple is a cult, you can't convince their userbase of anything. We've known about these issues since the phone was released, there's just no reasoning with Apple customers

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this would be more convincing if /g/ wasn't full of tryhard edgelords.

being a hipster faggot for thinkpads ("i used to love thinkpads before IBM sold out to Lenovo") is no better than being a brand whore for any company, apple included.

you're still crafting an identity based on brands; the difference is that /g/ also takes its identity seriously, almost like they don't realize what hypocrites they're being.

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Speccy thread?
Speccy thread.

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no bully

I will be upgrading to a GTX950 next month

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why are windows posters allowed on this board?

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Do you sell iOS apps? Will getting into iOS development at this stage help me pay my bills?

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Do you have an (exceedingly rare) original idea and the willpower to see it through?

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No but I pirate iOS apps

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You're literally better off buying scratch off tickets.

However, learning to develop iOS apps could get you a job, then you could actually make some money.

>> No.56816468

Do you know Obj-C or Swift? Well enough to code a functioning app.
Are you >>56816232?
Are you HOPEMAN levels of lucky/savvy at marketing?

If you're not all the above, then the best you could hope for is mediocre returns that cover the costs with a little extra.

If nothing else, iOS and Obj-C/Swift aren't going anywhere (in more ways than one) so you can do it as a learning opportunity assuming all else fails.

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What is a good phone tracking device that the user of that phone won't necesarily know it would be tracked?
I need it for my son who wonders around after curfew

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What do you guys use to get american netflix?

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I pirate my shit.

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Popcorn time.

I do pay netflix, but if it isnt there i torrent the shit outta it.

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Netflix in my country try doesn't have 20% of what American or Canadian has. It was great before, you find which netflix had content, turn on hola/change dns and that's all. Banning VPN and dns is really shitty move from netflix. Especially considering I pay the same price.

Popcorn time is good, but you can't fast forward video, older series usually don't have any seeders so you can't watch them, sending video from phone to TV doesn't work for me and so on.

Anyway, is there any free VPN service that isn't banned yet?

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I'm curious for this too. I used to have a US DNS # but this is no longer a viable option to use american netflix since it's banned.

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By not living in a shithole

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The Photos Program in Windows 10 has some cool features bar one - Scroll to Zoom. I don't want to hold the CTRL button every time I want to zoom into a picture. So I pose the question...

What is an image viewing program that has this feature. I really miss Windows Photo Viewer.

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wtf you talking about, it has scroll to zoom

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Yes but you have to hold the CTRL button. I just want a simple scroll to zoom like in the old Windows Photo Viewer

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I'm also on a budget, or a GPU that can 1080p with no problems. I'm new to PC gaming so sorry if this is a dB question.

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Look at the file size m8.

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>Being autistic about something as small as file sizes of pictures

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>unironically wanting 20-60X the file size for images
Do you still use Mpeg-1 grandpa?

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It depends what games you play.

I've got a GTX 1060 running two 1440p monitors and LoL runs at 400fps.

If you're on a budget, the 1060 seems the best performance:cost.
At least that's what I found.