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Ultra Low Power


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RIP sweet prince. Important Gentoo dev just died.

Jonathan David Portnoy, 29, of Wilton, died August 10, 2016. Computer wizard, vaping expert, faithful friend, and original thinker, he was known for his wit and intellect. He was widely read, had eclectic interests, and willingly shared his knowledge.

His fascination with computers began at an early age. Totally self-taught, he became a prominent member of several online communities, including IRC White Tower and Gentoo Linux. At 15, Jon was named head of Gentoo Developers Relations. He excelled at software programming, which he pursued on both a freelance and volunteer basis.

Jon also recently became an e-cigarette aficionado and enjoyed creating a wide variety of unique flavors. He loved kayaking, propagating plants from cuttings, debating politics, and listening to music, especially at an electronic dance music festival.

Jon will be deeply missed by his parents, William and Diane Portnoy, his brother Joshua, and his friends – locally and online around the world – as well as his vape customers.

Donations in his memory may be made to the Perl Foundation at

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install gentoo

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>vaping expert
h-h-here we go

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To those of you who have tablets
What do you use it for?
Any college students? Is it useful or should I just stick with my laptop

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I got a Shield Tablet for free. Between my convertible laptop and 5" smartphone, I don't use it much. If you have a larger and heavier laptop, a tablet could be good for taking notes with a stylus and reading eBooks.

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So I moved my HDDS to the top of my case to allow for better cooling of my GPU and less clutter. Are there any foreseeable issues with only having them supported from one side?

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what went so wrong? at one point it looked like firefox was going to overtake IE as the dominant web browser with the biggest market share.

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If you are interested in technology geeks visit http://techindroid.com/

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TechinDroid is a technology geek blog techindroid.com

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1. Firing Brendan Eich to please the SJW cucks
2. Wasting manpower on a mobile OS that almost no one uses
3. Refusing to modernize with 64-bit support or separate processes
4. Driving away the remaining hardcore fanbase with Australis

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It took the chromium interface style. Honestly it's still a great browser, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

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This. It's a bit memory intensive, but nowhere near as bad as Chrome.

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HD 5870 just died on me. What's the cheapest card I can buy for 1440p with at least high settings 60fps?

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>buying proprietary cards

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Who said anything about buying a proprietary card?

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Which distro would fit nicely with this PoS I paid 1.7K for?

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Just do Ubuntu since you are obviously a man child and play video games

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Joke's on you, my other gayming laptop has Gentoo on it, bitch.

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Zorin OS?

But that shit is still Zorin OS 9 for a long ass while so i don't know if you can install it well, OP.

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i like bblean nnnnnn


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someone forgot to take his meds today

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u should install bblean

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is this the new desktop thread

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>>56301274 if u bblean

only option for windows seven riciing

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I like bblean too

I've been using it for about 5 years now.

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Yes, we know everything already is from China but in here we discuss the no/low-name cheap shit you see on Gearbest, AliExpress, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel #/csg/ on rizon

>Discord channel

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki:

• MIXZA has either started printing their 128gb Shark on different cards of lower quality >>56291490 → or anon received one from a bad batch because his second 128gb shark is getting different size reading and speeds than his first one >>56291365
• Anon visits his local chinkshitland store >>56291412
• Anon goes to a local market, runs into Asian lady reselling AliExpress chink shit >>56286230
• There's a Xiaomi branded Travel/Makeup Bag >>56287001
• Anon reviews his Foam earbuds >>56287044>>56287047
• Anon got his Danbo, takes tasteful picture >>56287187>>56287627>>56288417
• More Danbo's show up, one holding a SOMAKE >>56287431 → another pops up out of a bag >>56289443 → and goes for a walk >>56289473>>56289482
• Anon modifies his SOMAKE >>56288157 → posts Vocaroo >>56288579 → this mod is no longer possible with the current SOMAKE models >>56289496>>56288455
• Anon reviews the Remax RB-S3 >>56288755
• Anon received his Redmi Note 3 Pro but it takes forever to charge >>56290220
• Anon modded his Superlux HD668b headphones to drop the treble on them >>56290619
• Anon recommends the Pineng PN-968 Power Bank >>56288892>>56288948
• Weekends are slow in terms of news and chink shit getting posting so here are some alternatives to the SOMAKE USB Sound cards >>56289684>>56289883>>56290022

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXvfodmYhwU [Embed]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U7czr1gR_s [Embed]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E41I2wU74A [Embed]

Previous thread >>56292048 :^)

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Hasn't mixza been doing this for a while? My 128GB shark only gets ~15MB write and 35MB read. Tested with my laptops pcie card reader.

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To the people complaining about old news. OP at least created a new OP, which most of you wont take time for.
>Inb4 you're Op
>inb4 you're a fag.

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>ordered a 32GB shark
>got a 16Gb sandisk instead
>got the Kingston adapter like I did for my 128GB shark
>no usb adapter?

Ordered from official seller on ali, has Mixza gone to the crapper? I only bought this because csg said they're reliable, and my 128GB card from them turned out pretty good...

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Get out.

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>he didn't order le monkey face

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How far can I push bluetooth? Here's what I want to do, is it possible before I buy the components?
>have other bluetooth devices paired to phone
>bluetooth keyboard, screen, and mic are mounted in my van
>when I get into van, priority switches to van mounted devices
>when I get out of van, priority switches to earpiece

Possible or no? I'm an ad hoc courier so I'm constantly going to new addresses, I'd like to have mapping/google set up in the van without having to get my phone out all the time.

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Umm..lads? Why is this shit so cheap?


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$1.50 you fucking retard.

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Congrats morons, OP just scammed you all

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howd we get scammed?

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>Just launched
Yeah nah you're a retard if you trust a seller like that. Seller is probably op.

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hey senpai, how you want your housefire?

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step it up

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Hey /g/
I found my old Galaxy S3 from tmobile and i'd like to use it again but with a sim card from AT&T. How do i unlock it?

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Call tmobile and return it kyle

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In my Programming & Logic class we are working with Rur-ple, and I was wondering if there was a way to change the color of the path behind him as he executed the code.

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i hope you aren't paying money for this class

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I am not.

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What's the best free movie app I can download at the App Store for my iPhone ? The last one just went dead... Thanks!

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there is one app called kodi movies in appstore rthat does have latest movies and also an app called bobby movies app for the same

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Found your problem.

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Can someone explain to me how a site like this works?

How do weather stations detect lightning strikes so accurately, and share all of the data publicly?


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probably by using microphones and maths

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South of Houston here. So much lightning rn!

>> No.56301247

They have stations set up across the US. The stations feel for vibrations and then triangulate using the data from other stations and then upload that.

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I fell for the used workstation meme but want better temps than what I'm currently getting. Since my case has only one fan slot, I was thinking of adding one of these.
Should increase airflow and help temps drop, LTT tested case fans so I know I'll only need one inlet and one outlet.

>case fan as inlet
>this thing + psu fan as outlet


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Get yourself a hole saw and make more fan holes.

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Without fucking up my case you dip

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What torrent does /g/ use?


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Companies know about and are part of your seekret clubs too, kid.

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Greetings, fellow media consumer.

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time to take off the tinfoil lass

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How do you deluded kids even function? It must be difficult to make your way to the computer and type your barely intelligent thoughts every day.

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How can I stop feeling bad for asking individuals to pay me for my work?

I am a tech at a small university. I regularly get students with issues that are beyond our scope of repair, but we're allowed to freelance/contract out. Even after a decade of working, I still feel bad to ask students(or anyone in general) for $50-$100 for a HD replacement or OS install. It physically pains me to ask the people for money and I feel like a shitbag because it's such an easy job for me.

Ironically(?), I have no qualms stealing thousands in equipment every few months from each employer I've worked for. Recently, a Dean ordered a $2600 MBP(and requested we wipe the OSX partition and just run Windows). As soon as I received word, I ordered the cheapest MBP and swapped it out. I've jacked at least 10 Thinkpads and Thinkcentres in the past two months.

What's my problem?

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You may be a shitbag after all, anon. Embrace it and be happy.

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>What's my problem?
your conscience is deluded as fuck

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My mechanic doesn't feel bad taking my $200 to fix a simple brake problem. And I have zero desire to learn to fix it myself.

>> No.56300798

The fact is you have skills that others are too lazy or busy to learn themselves. Yeah, they're easy fixes, but if they were so easy, they would do it themselves. Just take their money and don't feel too bad. If they truly can't afford it, they'd ask their friend/brother/cousin to do it for them.

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Reported to FBI.

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Could someone hack this Instagram account and delete it or ban it?

Just curious

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no, she posts from an iphone

>> No.56300725

No. she's just a Bitch lol

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Lmao move on desu plenty of fish in the sea

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Just get over it. Perhaps you should check another person instead of being so assblasted. Now that you will be banned anyways, you will have enough time to work on relationships.

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Why does one of these threads pop up every night? If people could just hack any Instagram, the site would be nothing but porn spam.