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Lolita General

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REPENT!! Edition
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Lolita Comm Thread - Summer Is Here in the North

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Last thread died. Talk about your Comms, but hold the salt.
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Fairy Kei/Yumekawaii/Decora General - Sales Incoming Edition

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Last thread died >>9367683

Useful (Active) Links:
>JP Newssite -
>Fairy Kei Forum -
>Fairy Kei Help -
>What is Yumekawaii (feat. Spank!)-

Check out Twitter's ゆめかわいい hashtag if you want to see on the latest Japanese brand releases and/or inspo
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Menhera/Gurokawa General - Summer Themes Edition

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Last thread saged >>9463846
>Alternatives to Digitalartwear
>Another Listen Flavor x Menhera-chan collab is coming
>No more CC tights
>Big breasts and oversize tops
>Why are there long skirts in summer collections?

>"What is Menhera?"

>"What is Gurokawa?"

Please try to ignore/do not respond to obvious bait, more so as there may be an increasing influx of summerfags incoming.
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Coord Help

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Couldn't find one in the catalog so here we go.

I'm doing a cult party coord that leans heavily on the whole sleepwear deal and I was wondering if I could add a staff in it (It's supposed to look like a nightlight). Is it a good idea for cult party or should I just leave the staff trend in OTT sweet?
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>>9479784 is on its way to being archived. Let the Texas salt mining continue.
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Old thread autosaging >>9527544

Anime Expo 2017 will take place from June 30 (Friday) through July 4 (Tuesday)

Current major events:

Anisong World Matsuri Day 0 (idols): Walkure, WUG, Idolm@ster, Love Live Aquors
Anisong World Matsuri Day 1 (general JPop): ALI PROJECT, angela, Garnidelia, Konomi Suzuki, Mashiro Ayano, Minori Chihara
Neon District (EDM) Day 3: Taku Takahashi, R3LL, banvox, TeddyLoid, Pa’s Lam System, Massive New Krew, YUC'E
AMV contest Day 1
Masquerade Day 2

Satellite events:

Asian Kung Fu Generation July 2 at the Teragram (SOLD OUT)
Asian Kung Fu Generation July 3 at The Novo (SOLD OUT)
Bushiroad Grand Festival in Long Beach on July 1-2. Guests include Poppin Party from bandori, Milky Holmes (which means Mimorin and Soramaru - Umi and Nico from Love Live), and some other people like Neo Japan Pro Wrestling

Recent announcements:

Fate grand order celebration in Petree. Saber (Ayako Kawasumi) and a couple of dev staff to be there
galaxxxy 10th anniversary party at the Novo Day 2 which explains why they didn't use the Novo for AKFG
Studio Trigger sending a bunch of people over (Yoh Yoshinori, Hiromi Wakabayashi, Shigeto Koyama, Takafumi Hori)
Production IG's Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Rui Kuroki, Kazuto Nakazawa to appear
Tony Swatton (from Man at Arms), blacksmith who made a bunch of animu weapons. that's kind of cool actually
Neon District added YUC'E
Charlet Chung (D'va) and Jonny Cruz (Lucio) autographing stuff
Fuckton of English VAs also autographing stuff

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Australian Cosplay Scene

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No talk about beethy or Kayla Erin allowed, thanks. Let's talk about upcoming and past Aussie cons, cosplayers, Photographers etc.
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Taobao Thread: Overly Photoshopped Wig Models Edition

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Cursed image thread

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Post anything bizarre, or just plain creepy.
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