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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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So how do you gulls stay in shape for the sake of accuracy?

What's your diet/routine/whatevs?

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How do you attract a qt /cgl/ gf

check em

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Have a strong jaw and impeccable taste

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you cant, they are roastie sluts

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/cgl/ girls arent cute. even if they are physically attractive the time spent here makes them bitter and cynical. your digits suck and i like your taste in pokegirls.


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I want to do some crossplaying but I can't choose a character. Any suggestions?

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Just choose a character you think you would look good as. Personally, I choose a girl who's taller in her canon.

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I was thinking of doing yukari from girls und panzer

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>like a normal person

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If you're insecure about it for whatever reason go with something that gets crossplayed a lot and could be passed off as a joke. Or just man up and wear a skirt.

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New makeup general. Post all your questions and inspo here.

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Wash your fucking face and take care of your skin. Get a skin care routine down before you dabble into makeup. If you don't have a decent canvas, makeup won't do anything for you.

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I've been seeing a lot of adds for the silicone beauty blenders, does anyone have any first hand experience with one?
How did you find it?

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Can I ask why it seems you are mostly knowledgeable about makeup and use actual brushes but when I watch Lolita tutorials most seems to do shitty eyeshadow and use the sponge thing that comes with some makeup? I just want someone to do a tutorial where the eyeshadow isn't sweep sparkle brown/pink over eye and the look is like 90 per cent eyeliner/lashes/eye contacts.

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Some people like them but most people seem to think it just piles the foundation on without actually blending it.

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>e the sponge thing that comes with some makeup? I just want someone to do a tutorial where the eyeshadow isn't sweep sparkle brown/pink over eye and the look is like 90 per cent eyeliner/lashes/eye contacts.
Then you're better off not watching lolita tutorials.

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Last one is sage >>9380697

>"What is Menhera?"

>"What is Gurokawa?"

Please try to ignore/do not respond to obvious bait, more so as there may be an increasing influx of summerfags incoming.

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We totally missed out on this somehow:

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I'm not too interested in knock offs, but I happened to find this while just browsing around on Aliexpress


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>tfw white male

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last thread deleted, proof a mod is lolita sex dungeon slave for Mike.

continue on

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if you're still a part of the larp community, you should spread this info around, especially if mike or jordan still go to larp stuff

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Not too much involved in it anymore, and I'd hate to get wrapped up in this, or be confronted by either of them. Sucks because Jordan is so sweet generally. Not "close" friends with them, so I dont know what they're "really" like.

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As someone who was friends with them both, you can be rest assured Jordan showed you exactly what she wanted you to see, and as such, I can guarantee she talked shit about you behind your back, and Mike probably did as well. It's how both of them treated all their "friends" and aquaintances. Nice in person, unless you had worn out your usefulness to them, but shit talking behind your back.

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I thought so too. I got along with her every time I saw her. Then a mutual who I trust told me that she was being super judgmental behind my back and thought I was "annoying" and "always trying to talk to her about things she obviously didn't care about." I was pretty shocked that she could be that two faced. :/

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Man, that is EXACTLY what she was saying about her new roommate when she moved out of her last place. That they were annoying and always trying to talk to here. It was almost as if they were being friendly and trying to get to know her or something.

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Hello everyone! My name is Tobi and I am a member of the publicity team for Bellingham Anime Con, or BACON, a small, one day convention held at Whatcom Community College. We are currently looking for vendors and panelists to participate in the convention, as well as volunteers to help run it and keep it successful. The volunteers will receive free admission for the convention for the assistance, and will get special perks, as well.
Th convention is currently scheduled for May 13th, and we have two anime industry guests who will be attending this year. If you are interested, please respond to this post, or check out our website, http://bellinghamanimecon.com/

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Not sure if posting on cgl is the right way to go, but if you're looking for vendors/artists try posting in AANI on facebook

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ITT: the dumbest ways you've ever managed to hurt yourself while cosplaying, crafting cosplay, or even just putting on your brand.

To date I have:
>whacked a freshly-used heat gun against my leg in a couple places
>went snowblind while cutting armor out of a piece of white sintra under bright sunlight, picked up a hot knife from the hot end because I thought it was a sharpie
>dislocated my shoulder by laying down on the ground during a photoshoot, promptly reached over and popped it into place again and continued shooting
>fell off a small cliff while scouting shoot locations
>dislocated a rib reaching behind my back to re-attach a JSK strap that came unbuttoned

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Can't tell you how many times I've reached across the ironing board to grab a pin and seared the shit out of my arm. Stabbed myself god knows how many times from hand sewing
One time I was making an OP and was free balling the pattern so I was constantly tweaking the pattern, I put the bodice on to see how it fit and became super engrossed in how I wanted it to fit. I pinned everything exactly how I wanted but realized I'd pinned myself into the bodice and couldn't get out or move too much or I'd start feeling the tingling of dozens of pins. I live alone so I was trapped for a good hour until I hulked out from anxiety ripping the bodice off and embedding a good 10 needles into my rib cage.

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Eh, I fucked up my shoulder so many times during rugby/falling out of trees as a kid/wrestling and running into cars I can pretty much re-locate and dis-locate my shoulders on a whim.

It's a neat parlour trick now.

>> No.9406180


OP with the genetic thing here: don't do the party tricks. You think your joints are fucked up now, just wait until osteoarthritis sets in early because of the constant misuse and mistreatment.

Also, I remembered another injury! Sliced my leg open with a mat knife cutting insulation foam. Went right through my favorite pair of jeans. Butterfly sutured it shut with some Jurassic World bandaids and carried on. Several days later I learned that I was allergic to either the plastic of the bandaid or the adhesive holding it on because it did some painful shit to my leg in the exact shape of a bandaid.

>> No.9406193

Yeah that's not a great thing you be doing as a trick. You end up with shoulders that slip out on a whim...

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Any seagulls going to this? It's my first year. How's the cosplay?

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The Walker Stalker cons aren't really for cosplay, but for meeting the celebs. People do cosplay, but the mindset there is different from Comic Con.

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Last one got deleted so let's not derail this time!

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>Not relevant to the explanation. There are a ton of careers that demand absurd hours. Just take your pick.
How so? I work in PR and I would say it is very demanding and yet I find the time for friends and relationships. So what kind of job are you working that leaves you unable to maintain any at all?

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Dream dresses don't have to be expensive, it depends on what they are since some pieces and brands are more coveted and difficult to find than others. Either way, the excitement you often see in dream dress threads is genuine, finding and buying a dress you dreamed about for a long time is pretty satisfying.

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Le not at all men meme.

In all honesty though, lots of guys want to do more than just fuck. Might try looking into getting more normie friends funnily enough. As you're (hopefully) not underage normies are easily getting past the "I want to fuck everything" stage and growing into a mature well-rounded adult.

Contrary to a lot of nerds who still haven't had a shag and are dying to explore that world.

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>normies don't want to have sex all the time
Anon, I...

>> No.9406401

What kind of weird normies do you hang out with that all they care about the human interaction with the other sex is sex?
Are you 16?

And I'm not saying they don't want a shag, I'm saying it's not about. They might scream it is like that to look cool to their bros, but it usually isn't.

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Yet again a larp thread which is for discussing everything related to Live Action Role Playing and the likes.
>"Ask and ye shalt receive!"

"sword autism and related hobbies" edition.

Previous thread

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I've got that one! Mines way more rounded and an ex museum display piece though.

>> No.9406314 (Deleted) 

>The Orient
>East and South East Asia

China isn't a part of this?

>> No.9406336

The costuming for Empire is aspirational, you should look to get better over time, however as long as your stuff isn't a fucking atrocious no one will care, part of the OC social contract is not to diss on folks kit, as not everyone has huge amounts of time or cash to spend making the best shit possible.
Post a pic of your kit if you want a bit of critique before you hit the field.

As for stories, a few events ago, for the coronation for the Empress, many of the foreign nations sent a gift, one of which was a magical construct in the shape of a Drake. Someone from a distance saw it, but didn't realise it was a placid gift, so came running into Dawn
"There's a Drake in Anvil!"

Cue a bunch of Knights hastily pulling on armour and charging off into the middle of Anvil. A member of the Empress Guard spotted them and managed to intercept and explain the situation before they caused a diplomatic incident.

For me, the coolest bits are the small things, the incidental things that aren't planned.

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>But muh cultural appropriation meme.

>Shave head
>Long wide trousers
>leg wraps
>Put on two layers of robes
>Arm wraps
>Wrap cloak like a sari
>Prayer beads
>Hang a gourd canteen from my waist
>Be white

>> No.9406412

Yeah, if I really enjoy it then I'll sink more money into it amd try to improve my look. Most of my costume is from LARP stores so it should be acceptable, but I'm kind of worried that a shirt I bought will be too obviously 'modern' (the prices of some actual tunics and medieval shirts seemed pretty high so I got a sort of baggy hippy shirt with toggles, thinking it'd probably do, but when it arrived the modern stitching was more obvious than I'd hoped). I know about the 'no trainers' thing, but should construction boots be okay? I'm also a little worried that my helmet (closed helm in the box a little way up) will look out of place because it'd probably look best worn with a set of plate, but the only other armour I'll have is a hauberk.

Also that thing with the Drske is great.

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Discuss this nobody "fanservice Renji" and his opinions in pic related and his YouTube video "Cosplay Culture Vulture"

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Self post much?

>> No.9406096

I like what he's saying because I agree but that's also why I don't like someone who goes by the name "fanservice Renji" in shirtless cosplays. It kind of suffocates on its own irony. It's not only women who can be cosplay sluts.

>> No.9406190

I think its rude what he said about hollytwolf but its so true what hes saying soo many cosplayers nowadays do only lingerie cosplays, dont even know or like the character and do it for the fame

>> No.9406192

You mean like Invadernoodles who stated in her video 'cosfamous' that she does it for fame...legit cosplay vulture dresses up in Christmas lingerie cosplay even though it's March.

>> No.9406199

>comment under it
"these sexy girls are obviously using geek culture"

heard it here first folks. you must be average or under to like "geeky" things. being hot & liking "geek culture" is impossible.

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Hey guys. Whats your opinions on cosplayers from things like Cosplay Deviants, ones who only do whore shoots like Momo or Danielle? What about the ones who are starting to follow this thinking it is easy money, but in fact are so delusional that they themselves are starting to ruin the community and making it a joke with their bad editing, bad outfits, swimsuit and a wig and calling it a cosplay without any defining features?

Where do you draw the line from it being okay vs just doing it for attention?

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>how do you not look in the mirror and realize your face just isn't cute?
this worries me. i feel like i look really weird, especially in profile and since i dont have a common face shape. id like to ask for honest opinions on it somewhere but dont know where to go.

>> No.9404796

Me too, I think I'm the ugliest girl at work and in my group of friends but I'm not sure..

>> No.9404798

Post faces

>> No.9404799

same I have acne, make up does wonders, face shape is fine, but washing my face twice a day doesn't make it go away. crie

>> No.9404837

People have said I'm cute (strangers) and I still feel ugly. It's something that nobody will ever have a definitive answer on. Five people can think you're cute and three can think you're ugly. I guess you could ask random people online but that's still hit or miss.

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Previous Thread

> Cosplay Masterpost: http://pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
- Tutorials and links that can help with Homestuck cosplays. Refer to it if you need help. Any contributions welcome.

> Crunchy Cosplay List: http://i.imgur.com/QRRWqRn.jpg
- A list of suggested Homestuck cosplayers to follow and check out, as they have great cosplays and some also have good tutorials on their blogs.

> To discuss:
- Old Homestuck cosplayers who've left fandom, Where Are They Now?
- Hiveswap Cosplays
- Summer Con Plans

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Looks pretty good aside from the hood being all over the place. Zillyhoo looks decent.

That's a pretty cute fantroll. Looks clean. Nice horns. Why are the pockets out though? Was that intentional?

Oh god, that badly sewn on abomination...

Well, this one sure is. Different. There was an attempt with the wig, but that entire shirt idea is a mistake.

Really dark ancestors just looks bad, and this is a mess. Bumpy pink ribbon, the cape?

I like this one because it's pretty obvious it's for a formal event, and Vriska being mean to Tavros always makes for fun photos.

Unpainted Kanaya and Karkat in a Dress, 0/10. Why is the dress so short?

Wig is too long, isn't she supposed to have a cupcake on her head? Wrong glasses too.
At least the lollipop looks nice?

That shitty dollar store bow really is what makes this picture so much better.

Signless definitely wears winged eyeliner, right? God this is so bad.

I'm glad you put these two. Very cute, well done from what we can see. They look pretty young too.

This is one of the most half assed davepetas i've seen. Wrong coat colour, wrong skirt, tights but no paint on their face or arms? No horns, no wings. And what the FUCK is that wig. It looks like someone barfed crayon all over it.

>> No.9406179

Pretty sure the inverted pockets are part of the fantroll design, yeah

Maybe it's just the shitty lighting but I thought Kanaya was painted in those wedding pictures. I am at a loss for why Karkat is in a dress, though.

The Davepetasprite is evidently a human version which explains the lack of paint

>> No.9406294

Barstuck at AB this year?

>> No.9406361

Calm down, friend. Nobody is going to rush to pat your ass for calling a cosplayer fat and ugly.

>> No.9406407


Haven't heard anything


The dumpy Payless flats bother me more than her shit paint. Kanaya would never.

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First thread hit image limit. Continuing here.

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Bless you OP

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Thank you OP

>> No.9405030

gdi I feel the need to go through and grab all of Tomoyo's outfits now.

>tomoyo is top tier waifu material

>> No.9405252

They don't draw them like they use to. Thanks, Sakura anon.

>> No.9405257

Clear card isn't over, so I left it out

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ITT: comparing replicas to originals, pointing out differences, "spot the replica" type. Not limited to Lolita!

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>> No.9406112

Are you retarded

Agreeing with this anon, you are pissing me off across multiple threads mayo-chan>>9405142

I didnt even know they existed. I mean miricle candy is tacky enough as is but THIS. Yes, I do indeed love miricle candy, but I recognise that it is an aquired taste

I am triggered, there is an anon who has been shitting up multiple threads like this over the past couple of days and it is shitting me off. I dont care if it is a late response on a redundant part of the thread, they will come back to see if they have any responses to their comments, and if no one tells them to lurk more or point out their bullshit posting, they will just continue to shit up the threads.

Sage for ot

>> No.9406140

I'm then one that triggered you. This is the only thread I have even talked in this week. until you brought up the situation I have been having conversations and laughs about replicas this whole thread. I stopped responding because there wasn't much left to say about the matter. You need to chill out anon and enjoy in the replica trash. Don't necro old topics that have obviously been talked about already.

>> No.9406246

Because they'll have the camera work the images to get them just right, which in turn let's customers think they've got the perfect dupe, only to have this hot mess arrive in the mail.

The whole thing is kinda sad- poorfags are in essence being exploited with their personal desires when they should either save up a little longer or, if they're not in a good financial situation, find a cheaper fashion. Hard to feel sad though cheating out brands when really they're cheating out themselves.

>> No.9406279

honestly i agree. either there is one anon shitting up this thread or it is undeniable proof that the intelligence level of this board has dipped past salvation.

>> No.9406359

That's all I could find; sorry, anon. I'd love to see the higher res, too.

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Has anyone farted while cosplaying? I don't mean at home but like at a con. How about time of the month mishaps?

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ngl I used to have an eating disorder and it sucked but this makes me really jelly

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Girls don't fart, anon

>> No.9404623

>latest meme
What the fuck is this, 2006?

>> No.9404747

I had my fart gland surgically removed. Changed my life!

>> No.9404752

Fart stands for


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How do I get my ding-a-ling-ling inside of a cosplayer

>> No.9403959

hello are you seriously this desperate to post multiple threads and ask for an alt right gf, I'm sure all these posts are all from you. has to be.

>> No.9403964


Stop bumping your own thread.

>> No.9403969

Actually I did not post this I just felt like the person who fucking made this has no life jesus, trust me I am not OP chan I'm not a fucking cuck

>> No.9403977


Than use sage you, you idiot.

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>tfw I will hit 30 in my lifetime and never be able to cosplay again because of old lady smell and dying eggs

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>> No.9404207

>tfw when I hit 30 I will no longer pass as a trap

>> No.9404253


>> No.9404275


>> No.9404293

>dying eggs
>wanting children at all
Disgusting. Keep cosplaying, but if you don't want to look old and shit, don't have kids.

>> No.9404308

>"yes goyim! Watch anime and don't breed hehehe"

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I honestly think black female cosplayers do it better, they just have an air of authenticity to them. Plus guys seem like them way more. Just my two cents

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Hello texas chan
please go back to frbr

>> No.9404789
File: 83 KB, 250x344, Lotus.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>Gets told
>"Hurr durr go back to x board Dx!!!!"

>> No.9404843

>ITT: idiots fall for obvious bait

>> No.9404904

This exactly this

>> No.9404950

This bait made me laugh. Nothing you said is true or makes sense.