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As Dark As My Soul v2 Yotsuba Green

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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?


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Same. One time my friend decided to jump into my lap for a picture and landed full force, knee-first, right on my vulva.

I was on the floor for a while after that one, but we laugh now.

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>dressed as Companion Cube at con
>dude sneers at me and yells "All hail the autism cube!"
>choke back tears
>dude is wearing a shirt with a picture of Anne Frank that says "Gas me outside How bow dah"

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TW: You'll want to kick this bitch.

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>little sister asks to use my computer for cosplay research
>excitedly agree
>get laptop back hours later
>that little bitch spent HOURS looking at pictures of dongs

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One time at the end of Anime Matsuri 2013 I was waiting for my ride home with my friend and we were sitting near the bar and this arrogant asshole type is chatting up this girl about how he's so famous and everybody recognizes him and stops him for pictures and me and friend were laughing because we didnt know who this fucking nobody was. he wasnt even attracting a crowd. well when we got home we looked at the con guest list and it was some guy named Mike McFarland.
I dont understand the egos on some of these niggas. Theyre bottom of the barrel actors/directors. Maybe that's why theyre protesting for higher wages, so they can be regarded as "important".

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What do?
>cool girl from comm makes meeting for her birthday
>best friend is the only one i am reassured with and doesnt come because work
>anxious without someone i really.know well
>insufferable cunt will come
>she is an.unstable girl into ddlg but everyone likes her because her life is sooo hard
>she was my friend at some point but told me i was a leech/fake friend just because i said i didnt have time to go to see her at an hospital 3h away from my house because she tried to kill herself again.
>was hitting on me despite having a bf and was vocal about her threesomes first time meeting her
>the meetup place will cost me a train ticket to get there and we wont go to the location we first decided (cute little bakery) and maybe go to a game bar,juice bar, or something similar i don't especially like personally
>but i know that if i dont come, this bitch might say shit about me to cool popular girl and the rest
>and i could meet new girls and make new friends but is it really worth it?

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