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As Dark As My Soul v2 Yotsuba Green

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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?


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>been out of college for five years
>friends are all successful artists
>I'm a drone, making grocery store catalogs

But... at least my cosplay is better than theirs, right??!

I should kill myself.

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Previous thread. >>9383198

Share those cgl-related feels. The good, the bad, and the ita.

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>having a good day off
>almost done with my cosplay sword
>parents call me
>somebody we met last year, who we'd come to accept as one of the family, betrayed us in a big way
>basically, she's trying to take advantage of my disabled sister - too personal for cgl

I feel so fucking sick. I was so stoked on my cosplay, ready to see my friends, and now my spirit is just broken. Why is the world so full of shitty people?

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>take a long as time deciding what cute clothes i'll treat myself to
>find tons of stuff on dreamybows
>located in uk
>no import taxes
>accept paypal
>my lack of a creditcard finally won't be in my way
>try to pay with paypal
>automatically sends me to an "add creditcard" page

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>Be me at 16
>Have a friend who does this
>I really don't care
>We're at a sleepover
>Shaving bed caus ~we're both girls~ so no reason to sleep on the hard floor
>Feel her groping me under my shirt when she thinks I'm asleep
>Pretend to be asleep because nervous and uncomfortable
>It goes on for about 10 minutes before I feel a tear roll down my face and squirm my legs to scare her off me
>Let out a yelp
>Call my dad to take me home at 4 in the morning
>She acts like nothing happened the next week
>Still to this day feel uneasy sleeping with anyone
>tfw now 20 years old, dating a really nice guy, but can't sleep in the same bed as him
>tfw I logically feel it's stupid to be so affected by just some light molestation but can't control it
>thankfully he understands

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>tfw I passed the vag inspection, but failed my butthole exam

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What does /cgl/ think about people cosplaying from something they don't like? Is it ever okay?

There's a character I really like from a show I don't and I would love to cosplay them but I'm unsure if I should or if people would look down on me for it.

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I will keep an eye out for it

somehow my heart is racing thinking about it

it's the same feeling as when AP releases a gem


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Oh god, there's even more.

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I've recently moved back i with my folks for the past 2 weeks to prepare for a family event, and here are some of my stories.

>parents don't know that I crossdress because we have a "don't ask, don't tell" sort of mentality about our lives
>Since they're old-fashioned, I feel that they'd just assume I was gay, and I see no need to deal with that, so I hide the few clothes I did bring home
>I often wear them around when my parents are gone, it's my main form of relaxation around here
>But recently some of the neighbours have been told to come over whenever, since they've literally only got a bed to sleep in.
I feel bad for them, I really do, but goddamn, don't show up every day for the whole day.
>I'm just doing household chores and other house work, while my mother's getting medical shit done, and I hear one of those neighbours talking on our phone.
>she's bitching with a friend about stupid things, and then they start bitching about gay people, and crossdressers, and how they're grossly unnatural
>immediately sneak most of my clothes to the car, they're no longer safe in the house
>come back inside, she's in my bedroom, rooting through my dresser
>pulls out a pair of thigh highs
>starts freaking about how I'm a pervert, and I must've stolen them, and she's threatening to call the police, and all that shit
>go to my receipt bin, show the bitch the receipts for all of my clothes, that I fucking bought, and that she's the one committing crimes here
>she just drops the socks and walks out
>never been back since
>finally I have afternoons to dress up again


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>planned on making a Candela cosplay since I started playing PoGo when it launched
>made cute lil sketches of what I thought she looked like and everything
>there were no fan-theories of what she looked like so I was hoping that I could make it work a la Cecil Baldwin effect circa 2012
>the official designs are released
>i am white
>she's...black? I think
>I ask tumblr if it's okay for me to cosplay her considering I was already planning on it and she's still a cutie!!!1but I don't want to be yelled at for "whitewashing" at a con
>people actually yelled at me via asks
>can i just live

I really wanted to cosplay her, she looks super hecking cute and the boy-cut hair plus the coat is to die for... Do you think I should still go for it, gulls?

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>Go to Joanne's
>Getting fabric cut
>"What project are you working on?"
>don't say cosplay
>"Just an outfit"
>"Any occasion?"
>Don't say Otakon
>"Just because"
>spaghetti falls out of pocket all over my seifuku fabric

It's been years and I still can't say that I'm working on cosplay. Staff can literally say that they themselves are fellow cosplayers and I can't bring myself to be like "Yeah, me too!" Sucks because I'm missing out on making friends and getting specific cosplay advice ;_;

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>work cutting hours storewide
>will be harder to save for both university AND cons
>would look for another job if i didn't live in the middle of buttfuck nowhere
>travel to nearest city alone is a fortune
>obviously going to have to prioritize the former
>still sad since conventions and cosplaying helps me connect with people

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Sadly it's not, all sold

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Take action, anon. If it helps at all, you'll have a bunch of people online backing you. That's repulsive and she definitely needs to be booted.

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nightmare fuel

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Too poor to Brolita atm
Wut do

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