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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?


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Questions that don't deserve their own thread, the /cgl/ edition.

Pretty simple, there is no real topic here, just ask dumb fucking questions and then answer others if you can. I'll start us off.

So a buddy of mine had this idea that we would go to a convention as a Bancho Rocket - in a nutshell, a Japanese 80s delinquent bancho uniform with Team Rocket accessories and logos. He is kinda tough looking, so he was going to be the bancho, and I was going to be his spirit guard waving a giant flag with the Rocket R on it.

Except - and here's the kicker - I have no fucking idea where we could buy those jackets. I can make the flag no problem, but I dunno what those jackets are even called.

If you need an image to go with the idea, think Ouendan but they're all in Team Rocket.

Where can I pick up those jackets?

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