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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?


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Previously on the autist channel >>9395825

Today's episode:
>Go jogging again
>Decide to go along the same path as before, which leads into the park
>I see lolitas again, but not as many as before
>they are on the opposite side of a small river
>I can't tell which ones are there, they are all poofy from the distance
>They notice me and wave, walking up to the edge as if they want to talk (more like loudly talk)
>I go up as well on the opposite side, while drinking from my water bottle
>One of them says something, and they all giggle
>3 of the 4 do that finger point thingy, while the other one shouts "Most embarrassing behavior"
>she pulls out a fucking teacup, and the little plate thingy that goes underneath (do you girls really carry those in your bags, I thought it was a joke)
>realize it's the same poof girl who knocked over my water bottle before
>I laugh like a dummy, taking another drink but point my pinky out like a gentleman
>wave goodbye and run off

They are all so cute, gulls. I have a crush now. I'm such a social dummy though, I don't think I could talk to them in a normal conversation.

I'm memeing with lolitas, but I think it's just dumb luck that I've seen the two times I've gone jogging in a row. I'm going to feel bad when I go again and they aren't there.

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why does no one love us robots?

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