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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?


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>working 60-80 hrs/wk for months between part-time job and uni exams
>even with that level of work I've handed in a lot of work late and missed one deadline entirely and am genuinely scared I've fucked up
>dull the pain with shopping
>have only worn lolita out three times since November, skipped wardrobe post this year
>stopped updating lolita social media because I was busy and never able to even take photos in my room
>still kept buying new shit because working all those extra hours gave me extra cash
>(turns out you can't get dressed and take a nice coord shot when it's 3am and you haven't showered in five days, but you can still browse y!japan auctions)
>guilt-inducingly large to-sell pile has built up because not urgently needing the cash gives me no incentive to spend what little time I have free putting listings up
>(also never around during daylight hours so I can't photograph stuff to best effect, and can't commit to being able to ship out at a moment's notice)
>ran out of closet space and feel like I have a lot of stuff already, so committed myself to just buying accessories etc to complete existing coords rather than buying new dresses
>ended up doing this so effectively that I now have 30 unworn full coords planned, on top of maybe 20 that I've worn previously but haven't posted online, and a dozen or so things I'm selling
>simultaneously guilty at the waste and excited at how much I have in the works for when exams are over and I'll "only" be working 40 hours a week
>making elaborate plans to post new coords daily since longer daylight hours will mean I can wear lolita after work and still get photos, but know cgl bitch when they see the same person posting all the time
>still happy and excited and glad having the money means my lolita dreams are finally going to come true

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