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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?


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Girls are becoming a thing of the past.
You've toyed with us for too long, now it's your turn to be /r9k/. Within 5 years, we will see "tfw no cgl bf" at the start of every feels thread and greentext stories about dudes being annoyed by creepy girls at cons always making unwanted advances and complaining that their friends can't take rejection.

We will have the occasional post of a lonely girl whining that they can never get laid; and the majority will tell them to shut the fuck up, go back to their containment board, and "just learn better makeup (just lift)" or "it's because you never try!" or "You aren't ENTITLED to love! You're so fucking selfish!"

The time of woman as come to an end. I applaud your bf for being one of the forerunners on this magnificent frontier. I, for one, welcome our new waifu overlords.

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Literally what the fuck kind of logical fallacy are you running here?

Let's break it into simple formatting.

>Company has money issues
>Person in charge of finances leaves
>Company gets even MORE money issues after the new person in charge of finances is the SO of the company head
>Company caught red handed embezzling money after the previous treasurer steps down
>"Gee, it must be the previous treasurer's faul! :-OOOO Another mystery solved!"

Wonderfully deductive work, Professor Layton. You going to tell me about how the hostage tied up in the back of a bank robber's truck is responsible next?

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>a regular Stammtisch
>mfw trying to picture lolitas in a tent at the Wiesn with a Maß each trying to talk over 10000 drunk retards everywhere around them

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