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As Dark As My Soul v2 Yotsuba Green

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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?


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>have crush on friend who is really good at making cosplays
>he's always traveling to big cons and hanging out with other skilled or famous cosplayers
>tfw can't (and don't have time to) make impressive costumes so I often just buy one and call it a day
>tfw senpai will never notice you bc he can easily get a cute and talented cosplay gf that shares his crafting interests

I just wanna dress in cute/comfy jfash and be the pack mule gf who holds his stuff when people ask for pictures and gives him food and water when he's tired from walking around in armor.

I know being a great cosplayer isn't everything to win him over, but I feel so overshadowed by everyone else. We message each other everyday, but I'm easily jealous and feel like one day he'll just stop once he gets more popular.

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