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>> No. 9362475

I'm envious of a teenager who has more brand, more followers, and more success as a lolita than I do at 24. On one hand I hate her for being better than me and on the other I'm her biggest fan. I save all of her pictures and actively try to find dirt on her so my hate can be justified. I feel so creepy.

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>> No. 9362483 (Deleted) 

Why are e-famous lolitas such a chore to buy from/sell to? That is, if they even pay. And then when you see their pictures you can't help but feel salty even if you like the coord.

>> No. 9362484

Wonderful news! I'm so happy for you!

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Uuuggghhh. When I worked at the airport, I was selling some obese dude a Dr. Pepper and he started begging me to be his "daddy." Offered to buy me plane tickets to his home in Canada and everything.

>> No. 9362489

That is obsessive behavior, maybe you need to see someone for it.

>> No. 9362497

I forgot to mention, I'm a 19 year old girl.

>> No. 9362513

>yfw a fellow lolita in your comm was probably getting fingerblasted by another fellow lolita in your comm

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Girl in my neighboring comm has leukemia, and wants her parents to bury her in her fursuit.

Her parents say they won't allow it, and it's become a big shitfest.

>> No. 9362585

I'm going to hell for laughing

>> No. 9362586

Why don't they just lie to the dumb furry. SHE won't know how she'll be buried.

>> No. 9362622

is she ok??

>> No. 9362635

So am I, anon. We can ride that bus together.

>> No. 9362636

>goes to Jojo meetup
>am a VERY shy person
>also a short girl with a baby face
>hanging out with people I met
>exchange instagrams, talking, having a good time
>"Anon, you're 22?"
>ask how old everyone is
> 15, 16, 18 year olds
>has been drinking discreetly to get over anxiety
>fakes meeting up with friends to bail because shit got awkward real quick

East coast 21+ Jojo's, where you at and WHY does this keep happening at cons???

>> No. 9362649

>Things I want but can't afford are garbage

Nice sour grapes logic. Prices on LM are cheaper than ever, I can't believe how low people are selling their IW LP dresses with how expensive the packs were

>> No. 9362663

Anime is for kids, granny.

>> No. 9362664

you are the reason Envy is one of the seven deadly sins.

>> No. 9362668

Are you talking about the katsucon meet ups? I saw plenty of 21+ people (myself included)

>> No. 9362670

She's dying, anon.

>> No. 9362683
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I've developed a phobia of dying suddenly, so I keep a note in my wallet that says "bury me in my Kaito costume."

>> No. 9362702


I'm not talking about anything like LP dresses or things like that. I'm talking about the people that think something that sold last year for $300 that was very popular then is still worth $300 a year later when it's no longer popular.

>> No. 9362719

>when people don't want to "lose money" when selling something they've worn and is a few years old

What the hell do people expect?

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>> No. 9362786

Are you in ATL? I lost my spare undies at a meetup recently.

>> No. 9362912

>home from work with food poisoning, feeling guilty because I just had a week's holiday so it looks bad
>decide to get work done in the morning and then stay in bed and feel like crap
>one hour into the bedcrapathon, taobao order arrived
>all the costumes fit perfectly
>the wigs are gorgeous
>the figure I got for my brother is really nice quality
>I have a kawaii as fuck lunchbox now
>spend the next hour trying things out and not feeling sad or guilty at all

made my whole day

>> No. 9362917

Do you mind describing how you grew out of it? Was it like the stories you hear about people escaping religious cults?

>> No. 9362920

Most likely someone had spare undies with them and they fell out of her bag at some point. I always bring spare undies + pads + tampons because suddenly having a surprise period when I'm out and about is my biggest fear.

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>> No. 9362935

Most SJW are teenagers and gain critical thinking skills once they are adults

>> No. 9362965

I think people who don't appropriately price items are just kind of stupid or are banking on newbies who haven't figured out how to use shopping services. Sometimes I think people who are selling a dress that's been up for 6 months at the same, stupidly high price and refuse to budge on it aren't really interested in selling it, but are just waiting to see if someone is willing to give them a ridiculous amount of money for the dress, if that makes sense.

In the same vein if I ever see -RARE- in the title of a sales post I immediately assume the seller is a dumbass.

>> No. 9363017

Partially what this guy said>>9362935
I was young and all my friends at the time were SJWs too, so you know how that goes, anything against them is 'literally the worst thing ever' and conversations were always a circle jerk about fighting the system and what not which felt really good at the time. I had also been struggling with several legitimate mental health conditions as well and felt like the people who were 'fighting for it' were on my side. I gradually started noticing more and more how many people were self diagnosing with conditions I had and pretending to have them, including symptoms that weren't even real. I spoke out it about it and was "shut down", called an elitist, an ableist, and a classist. I apologised like a pussy and kept my head down for a while.
I ended up going on medical leave from school after a suicide attempt. I wasn't online much and was in therapy every couple of days. As I was recovering I realised how toxic a lot of my friends both on a offline were. All the things that truly helped people heal were seen as ableist to suggest. Any progress was stunted and discouraged, because it might discourage others somehow. I also realised I was gay and joined a local 'queer' youth group. That started out well, I felt like I was making friends and it was good to talk about things I didn't want to bring up to my parents with people who I thought were going through the same thing. Gradually this changed too, things were becoming much more political and 'transtrenders' with six genders and bad undercuts were being welcomed in. The final time I went was when I got in a argument with one because they thought that not having sex with someone with genitals you aren't attracted to is bigoted! And everyone agreed!

Cont. Polite sage for OT

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Once I returned to school I found out that my friends, who had been patting themselves on the back for being so 'progressive and tolerant' had no only never reached out to me at all but had also been mocking me behind my back. I was done apologising, I ditched all of them and graduated.
The last bit of SJWhood faded when I started working. All the lies I had been fed about the sexist racist, evil world were proven wrong. I started reading again, a lot of history which pulled my political alignment back from the farthest point left.
Now people like trigglypuff are funny to me but they also make me sad, I know what it's like to be there. It is like a cult, they draw in people who genuinely have problems and cripple them by forcing them into perpetual self-flagellation, or help malicious people rise in the ranks while feeding their egos.

Sorry for the long story, now let's get back the /cgl/ feels

TLDR: tried to off myself, found out how toxic my SJW friends and the whole ideology were, got a job and actually read books

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>> No. 9363108

Lmao, what

>> No. 9363178

Everyone at the meeting would have loved to have received the gift you had gotten. You should have traded with someone. ;)

>> No. 9363190

What gift is this about?

>> No. 9363203
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>comm mother

>> No. 9363215
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I know, right? My comm calls her Mama sama

>> No. 9363517

Me too anon. Iwas suddenly thrust into a really bad financial situation these last two years, wich has carried over to this year. I struggled really hard with feeding myself, getting to uni and taking care of my responsibilities financially. So of course i have basically bought no lolita in two years. I was so depressed because of uaving to struggle so hard. Fast forward to this year and i am doing slightly better though my budget is still pathetic. I get anxious and depressed at the thought of spending any money because of how shit things have been. I have considered leaving lolita because even though i can now manage to save for something new and have the money siting there waiting to be used, i cant get over a mental block. Browsing makes me anxious, my wishlist feels unobtainable, and actually parting with money triggers a fight or flight response wich leaves me ultimately depressed and freaked out. It has disenchanted me and i dont know if i will be able to get back into lolita.

>> No. 9363531

Pretty simple honestly, say you have $50, and your bills are $50, you want a burrito? Too bad, you arent allowed anything not bills, cause you wont be able to pay them. Walk past the burrito shop you pathetic piece of human garbage. × a couple of years or a life time and presto! You have a walking husk who doesnt know how to have fun because their life has been focused on survival. Extra points if they only have $40 for those bills, so have to sell their cherished possesions to feed themselves, leaving them hollow inside. 10× points if they accumulated debt that will continue to haunt them for the comeing years. So when they finally achive financial security they cant turn it off.

>> No. 9363964

>Not glittering your pubes

>> No. 9364417

I can't hold fat very well, beside on my boobs and ass. I can't even fit most clothes at h&m because I'm far out of convection sizes. I get very easily too cold (till the point where I get health problems), because I have so little fat. And I'm very tall, even western shirts often have to short sleeves. Why do fat people think they're the only one who have trouble finding fitting clothes? Tons of people have such problems, they're the only ones of which the majority could change it, yet they are the worst in complaining. I have nothing against overweight people, but I do have something about ignorant people who think the world should all change for them. (Overweight lolita's who know how to dress, how rare they may be, and are nice are fine).

>> No. 9364561


Yea, try finding jeans if you are a man who has done squats a couple times. I am trying to find comfortable jeans, not denim yoga pants.

Curse you thin privilege.

>> No. 9364604
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I'm generally small, but I have very wide shoulders, absolutely flat chested, and have a wide pelvis. Buy things that fit my waist and bust but they're too tight in the hips and shoulders, buy things that fit in the shoulders and hips and they bunch up and hang on the bust. But I can't mention this whenever girls are discussing clothing fit because apparently I can get any clothes in the world and am a skinny shitlord. I can only wear puffed sleeves in lolita and have to put some work into adjusting other clothes. I don't think I've worn a straight off the rack, unaltered pair of pants since I was twelve.
>Tfw bought a normie blouse that was slightly too small in the shoulders
>Thought I could suffer through it because it was super cute
>Tfw bent forward and split it down the middle like the hulk

>> No. 9364669


> I can't wear dresses beside potato sags, because their to big at my waist, or to small at my breast and butt (they won't even go over my butt).
>potato sag dresses make me look fat because I have big breast
> I can't wear jeans without a belt, it either doesn't fit over my hips, or my waist fits literally twice in the waist part.
> Anything not highwaisted is deemed to show buttcrack, because convection sizes don't know that a big ass doesn't only get's bigger in width.
>95% of all long sleeved clothes are to short. I always miss around 10cm until my wrist.
>Basically all I can wear for tops are shirts that have far to much stretch and break within a few weeks because of it, or custom made clothes, unless I wear wide clothes that make me look fat again.
>Nothing high waisted is actually high waisted, it's just slightly higher then normal, but not on my waist where it should be. Ad least it doesn't show my butt.
>Bikini's are a nono. I always need a bathing suit. Know how hard it is to find one that doesn't make you look like a granny?
>and that bathingsuit still needs to have small waist and room for big breast and butt. Oh and support because my breast hurt if I don't have support.
>I had to pay 120 euro for a bathingsuit that fits, because I needed a special one for curved woman
>I can only buy bras in lingerie stores, because normal ones rarely have my size. It would be nice to have some cheap trow away bras!

People really don't notice how horrible any not basic size is, It's not only plus size. I feel you >>9364604, specially in the you can't complain part.

And another one:
>tfw every time you say you're curvy people think you're fat on the internet, but you can se your ribs. Thanks internet, some people are curvy. Looks nice, sucks realistically.

There is one pro. You find your right bra size, and a right fitting bra's is the most comfortable thing ever. A bra is like a t-shirt in comfort + it stops pain.

>> No. 9364872

>not denim yoga pants
>not wanting to show off your gains
Personally I've come to like tight pants since starting to work out.

>> No. 9365001

Lolita is a hobby where adults dress like sexy japanese babies. Whaddaya think?

>> No. 9365557
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>too small at my breast and butt (they won't even go over my butt)
>small waist and room for big breast and butt
>you can see your ribs

I need to stop coming to cgl.

>> No. 9366182

Thank you, I guess?

>> No. 9366244

Sorry about that.
One of these days I'm going to remember not to post whatever happens to be on my mind at the time. Anyways, yeah, what you discussed seems to be a common sentiment; difficulty finding clothing that fits people that happen to be slim but also... large in the breasts and butt ("curvy" has been so bastardizes that I hate to use that word any more). Compounded by companies having their own sizing and seemingly no standard. And also lack of education for women on bras and general utility clothing.

This all makes me feel like there's some practical solution to all of this that would be profitable to all involved, but I can't figure it out. Besides, Vic's Hush Hush and other brand stores dominate the market with their standard sizing, which keeps other, smaller stores, that might have solved the issue, from having much presence.

I dunno, I'm just spitballing here.

Anyways, back on topic,

>tfw "friend" moved away and took half my cosplay with him and refuses to answer my attempts at communication
>tfw >$300 down the drain
>motivation to do it now dead as a doorknob

Feels shitty trying to make a project that used to be a group project, alone.
No one to even bounce ideas off of.

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