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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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>in the living room making cosplay for AX
>bf is playing videogames
>busts into a radio announcer voice for whatever reason
>this goes on for 2 hours
>shout at him to quit it with the retarded voice so I can concentrate on sewing my cosplay details
>he was actually streaming on twitch with 100 viewers
>they all heard me

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Your ass would be in Russia right now if she was in charge

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1. Quit spending your money like a retard
2. Go for a mile run everyday
3. Quit being lazy in bed and do something and you won't feel like shit

damn life is hard

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shut up nigger lover

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This anon's advice is pretty good >>9401203 I struggled alot with my anxiety and depression and spent years thinking I didn't deserve my boyfriend and friends, and that they were just with me out of pity. My underlying thoughts to everything were always that I was the biggest problem in my own life and that I shouldn't even put effort into anything because I would just mess it up.

After therapy I still get these thoughts and feelings, but I'm able to take a step back, examine them, and not let them get in the way of my life. I'll never stop having them but my quality of life before compared to now is like night and day.

It took me a few sessions to really get into it but starting therapy is one of the best things I ever did for myself. I don't ever think I'll be a well-adjusted, social person. But I can enjoy what I do now.

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>I have tons of people who love and care about me in spite of the fact that I do nothing but mope and complain all the time but i'm still so sad and alone and need to mope and complain on the internet too everyone give me even more attention bloobloo

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Am i a weirdo for fapping twice a day?
I read up on it and it seems i do it way too often compared to other girls.
It's not even that i am super horny it just helps me relax.

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at least let your husband know what happened. you didn't do anything wrong. if you are worried he keeps on being creepy, get some pepperspray in your bag just in case and don't forget to kick him in his balls if he tries to touch you again.

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Hello seagulls~

Greetigs from Ethiopia. :)

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How is this /cgl/ related? (And no, you ain't a weirdo.)

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Are you on ADD meds?

When I take mine, I get so wound up that I just have to open up 500 tabs of hentai and get to work.

>> No. 9402737

I think I know who this is lmao

>> No. 9402742

>not wanting a 1940s radio announcer bf

jokes aside it's no fault of yours, i'm sure the viewers just laughed it off. i would have told him to cut it out a lot sooner if it were that bothersome, or to at least quiet down

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>tfw roomie does it every night when she thinks im asleep
>moans way too much during it
Like I am pissed off but also wayy to awkward to talk to her about the issue.
Just gotta hurry and finish my degree I guess...

>> No. 9402747

>i'm sure the viewers just laughed it off
They would've been laughing at her.

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Agent 4

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go back to tumblr pls

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>I don't cosplay outside of my race
That's racist!

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I don't know what this means.

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Can I buy some of your meds?

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Anon are you sure those are ADD meds...?

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Usually just lurk these threads since I don't think my problems are ever problematic enough to share, but

I sort of recently hit Christmas cake status, and it got me mentally going over the last couple of years in my head. I moved to a small shit college town (for work not school) and lost the few old friends I had in the process. I have yet to make any new friends here. It's kinda tough to desu. Everyone I work with is older than me by 10+ years and though the students are in my age group, they just view me as staff. I don't get out to cons and I dropped out of lolita years ago and feel like normie routes to friendship will lead me to people who don't have any of those interests in common. I don't have anxiety or any social awkwardness. I just feel like I'm out of opportunities to make friends at my age since I'm done with school and not in the college clubbing culture.

Pic related I am the girl looking for a nice girl to be friends with. Sorry to get so /soc/ but hmu for chats pls ;

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Yeah. In fact, I took them today for the first time in months.

I went out and bought a bunch of spraypaint, and now I'm depressed.

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Amending to say I mean I want to find more friends interested in cosplay, cosplay source material, jfash, And jpop/kpop. I should have made it more clear how this was on topic if only marginally.

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how old is cake status? 25?

>> No. 9402954

Over 25 technically, but people put 25 in it too normally

>> No. 9402959

Yeah I hit 25 a few months ago.

>> No. 9402962

When for males?

>> No. 9402964


>> No. 9402968

Having children gets significantly more risky for the woman and the child over 25.
Men don't suffer from age penalites like that once again proving that the patriarchy does exist.

>> No. 9402969

>tfw no cowtit gf

Why even live?

>> No. 9402972

>The Seagull is immunized against all dangers: one may call her an ita, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off her like water off a raincoat. But call her a weirdo and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

>> No. 9402974

>29 in june
>never had a gf longer than 8 months

I know that feel

>> No. 9402988

Registered Nurse here.

It's more like 40 where we take special precautions dor labor and the risk of genetic disorders goes up. Also sperm gets dumb after 50 for men.

25 is just an arbitrary number the Japanese point out that's becoming less and less relevant since more women can support themselves and don't want to get married in a society that will force them to quit their jobs.

>> No. 9402990

and? she did something funny, big deal

>> No. 9403001

>first time working with LEDs


>> No. 9403003

>high paying job
>has to be IT
Why does it have to be IT? There are dozens of other high paying jobs.
>inb4 escorting anons show up again

>> No. 9403018

Whatever works for you my friend, kind of sweet in its own way I guess. I hope it works out for you, but at least you can admire her coords

>> No. 9403023

It's IT because of the 'low effort' comment

>> No. 9403051

Nah, they'd probably be laughing at him for listening to his gf

>> No. 9403070

Full time caregiver and RN here, can confirm all of this. Also the older the father is, the more likely the child will have learning dusabilities. So yeah guys can still fathet children when theyre older but the likelyhood of the child either being retarded or disabled in some way goes way up.

>> No. 9403075

Which is worse
>old woman having kids from a young guy
>old guy impregnating young woman

>> No. 9403097

>is one retarded, risky decision better than the other?

Socially, the old guy impregnating young woman is worse because people ignorant of the situation will call him a pedo and rapist, etc even if the girl is in her 20s-30s. Far less likely if the old woman impregnated by young man even if young man is 16/17.

Also, none of this has to do with lolita.

>tfw get lolita themed gift for friend but now having second doubts about it

It.... it looks so nice...

>> No. 9403152

>turning 30 in June
>0 romantic interest
>allergic to cats so can't be a crazy cat lady.
>goal: buy all the cat prints and be crazy cat Lolita.
Nice to know I'm not alone, anons.

>> No. 9403338

Get bf then

>> No. 9403386

Happy birthday!

>> No. 9407684

This isn't really cgl related but I'm sad and drunk

>move to new area 4 years ago, know no one
>dude hits me up, tells me he want to hang out but I have an internet boyfriend for 4 years but still say yes because I never go out
>live in an area where methheads and shit are super common
>he picks me up and then we pick up some other chicks
>i play nice, say hi, all that good shit
>even compliment them. I really want to make some friends here.
>later they light up in the car
>someone asks what it is
>they reply weed and heroine
>cant tell that they're joking because I just met their ass
>its none of my business so carry on
>later we pick up the dude who invited me sister
>shes a stripper but she's super nice and we get it off real good
>later at the house, smoking doing what not
>sister ask for pipe
>ask her what she does
>she said only weed
>tell her theres heroine in it
>she freaks out and goes off on girls
>they were joking
>i look like the asshole now

For the rest of the party the two chicks, the dude that invited me and his friends just talked shit about me and kept sneering at me. The sister though kinda caught on and took me under her wings and taught me how to do makeup a little bit and dance. Also she gave me a lap dance.

overall I just feel shitty and tired and dont know how I could've fucked up this badly and how i should've just stayed home and played wow or finished up AMR2 I hope I'm still friends with the stripper though, she was really nice.

>> No. 9407819

I get that you're desperate to make friends, anon, but damn.

Have you tried the friend finder thread?
Where are you located?

>> No. 9408111

I live out in the middle of fucking nowhere so I really doubt friendfinder would work for me. It's funny because I used to be super social and well liked but since I moved to where my college is at I have really no one I actively talk to.

Also now being sober I don't really care especially since they looked like high school kids. It was just a weird shitty night.

>> No. 9408256

>willingly hanging out with these kids
>openly stating that you feel lonely
>going through all this to find friends

I hold a personal belief that actions made during an inebriated state are reflections of the subconscious.
I think you might actually be lonely, anon, and care more than you say.
But that could all just be armchair philosophy, and maybe you really don't care. Either way, post in friend finder thread and message people from there.

Good luck, anon.

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