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Why does Precious always cosplay big boobed characters when she doesnt have any

She should get implants like yaya if she has such boob envy

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who and who is yayay

>> No. 5908136

Probably because implants hurt?

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What's wrong with her cosplaying big boob charas??? Yea..it may look a little different, but if she likes the chara then let her. All that matters is that her cosplay is on point and doesn't look like shit. And if you'd rather her get implants to cosplay these big boob charas, then buy them for her.

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>Why does Jessica Nigri always cosplay big boobed characters when she doesnt have any

She should get implants like yaya if she has such boob envy


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So much vendetta, OP.
So much new.

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She's fine. If anything, it's Yaya boobs that look out of place on her small frame. She looks 10 times better before she had them.

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Who's this?

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Precious' breasts are fine they way they are~

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Precious. That's her cosplay alias. She also trips on /cgl/ (mostly to post in progress threads).


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she stuff her boobs thats why

at least J nig actually has the tits to back it up

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haha, no, jnig is just better at titty tricks, she has teeny teats.

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You know, /cgl/, Summer USED to be my favorite season.

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>she stuff her boobs thats why

yeah guys, she is so small. point and laugh.

>at least J nig actually has the tits to back it up


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Precious isn't DFC or big. She's a normal size for her weight, which looks to be around a nice B-cup.

There's nothing wrong with that. People wear corsets or bind or tuck for costumes, so what's wrong with stuffing?

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Shes also shopped to sit.

What the fuck?

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Did someone say boob stuffing?

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how do.

>> No. 5908376

Probably because big tits are so easy to fake. I've cosplayed characters of varying degrees of tittitude. It's easier to just wear padding for one day, then to stick implants in your chest, and have to deal with them for an extended number of years. I'm pretty sure Precious isn't going to be cosplaying for the rest of her life, so why should she get a boob job for this hobby?

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I am also intrigued by this breast witchcraft. Anyone want to explain how they pull it off in their cosplays? What padding material do you use? Is it comfortable to wear all day?

>> No. 5908384


>buy oversized bra
>create stuffed inside with tulle or similar material
>wear bra
>make fitted top

Not that hard for something that doesn't require cleavage. Just gotta make sure you attach the stuffing to the bra so it doesn't slip around (like with bra inserts they tend to move around if you don't attach them securely)

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Tulle? Wouldn't that look lumpy though?

>> No. 5908388

They look fine to me.

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Can this be a boob magic thread?

Because I have me some A cups that are spread far apart. :c there's a point where I just can't shove them any further together, and there's still a good inch between them. Clevage is impossibru...

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I have b-cups and would love to hear how other cosplayer use boob magic.

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Why doesn't she just get a fucking push-up bra or stuff?? I can understand not wanting to get implants, but she's not even fucking trying. and don't give me that bullshit "it's degrading" crap, look at what you're fucking dressed up as. At least make a fucking effort. If you're going to cosplay a sexy big-boobed char, you better make it sexy and big-boobed.

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>hating on the perfection that is Precious
You know how I know you're gay?

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That is Precious stuffed and with a pushup bra bro... and I think it looks fine.

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I'm a girl and I know she could do better than that. You know how I know you live in her asshole?

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Her tits look huge in that costume. I don't think you are looking at the right picture. I also think she really knows how to get the characters she cosplays spot on.

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Wear a corset backwards.

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I'm just sayin'

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I can't be the only one that sees that she's clearly wearing a breastplate that a lot of drag queens use, right? As in those aren't her real tits at all.

>> No. 5908672

bumping because holy fuck I need this
it's the perfect cut for a costume I'm doing too
so much need

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LET ME TEACH YOU THE WAYS OF BOOB MAGIC! My favorite thing about cosplaying is making my boobs huge and here are the techniques that work for me.

I am a B cup that usually gets told that I have the chest of a 12 year old boy online. But don't fear! The use of bras to create fake cleavage is easy and painless.

First off, a Victoria's Bombshell bra and cuttlets are your friends. You can buy knock off bras/inserts anywhere but find one that is comfortable for you. If you want booby body the easiest way is to put on that bra and stick the cutlets on the outer side and under your breast. When you place the cutlets there it'll add volume and cause your natural boobs to be pushed out.

For super duper boobage, I used a Deu bra, a VS Bombshell bra, and cutlets to cover the gaps and create a seamless tit.

For makeup to deepen the cleavage line, use blush between the tits and around the top "half-circle"

Here is a before and after photo of my boobies.

If you have an open shirt and need a little more tittage let tape be your friend. Use the tape to squish most of your boob to the inside of your chest and then tape them upward just outside the open shirt. Then create a sling out of tape and fabric that you can place a cutlet into on the outside of your chest so the look creates a full round boob.

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They get bigger with each game.

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I'd say you owe me, but you have me an excuse to spend the last 10 minutes looking at close ups of [temporarily] busty women, so I'd say were even.

Buy links in video comments. Also, that thing is fucking magical.

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While we're on the topic of boob magic, I need some help
I have fairly small breasts (28b) and I plan to cosplay pic related.
I'm pretty good at making cleavage in shirt with double bras and whatnot, but this design is a bit different, clearly. Any ideas on how I can give myself more cleavage/stuff a bit in this?

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Oh god, that video is hilarious. The lipids are migrating from her torso up into her tits. Ads from country's with no truth-in-advertising laws are the best.

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even though some people might think boob magic is obvious, I love hearing the different ways about doing it.
And also what kind of tape do you recommend using?

>> No. 5908716

Sports tape works just fine for me but I know some people may have issues with allergies to the adhesive. If you don't know I would recommend testing it on your wrist before applying it. Also if you have sensitive nips put tissue down on top of them before the tape or get some petals.

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>I can't be the only one that sees that she's clearly wearing a breastplate that a lot of drag queens use, right? As in those aren't her real tits at all.

If that is true she is the master of special effect makeup since I saw her at comic con in person, and didn't see anything of the sort.

face it, she has no drama.

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She really needs to cosplay Yoko. just thought I would point that out.

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Her bottom lip looks like botox gone horribly wrong

>> No. 5908972

I personally like her pouty lips. I guess I can understand it if you like thin lips.

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What I would give to see BelleChere in this Ivy outfit, unf

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Here you go. too bad she isn't a better seamstress.

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Noone will ever beat this Ivy

>> No. 5909222


Precious beats both of those hands down. BelleChere looks ok when she is not carrying so much weight, but she isn't tight.

>> No. 5909240

Pregnant Ivy?

>> No. 5909305

bumping in hopes of help.

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Get a VS bombshell bra, insert cutlets off to side, bottom of bra. Attach bra to your body suit. Good luck!

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I Cups.....

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Why is this even a thread?

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The RealBreasts scare me, to be honest.

>> No. 5909375

aww the RealBreast one's only go up to DD ahha and for over $1000 I think I'll stick to sticking cutlets in bras for cosplay purposes

interesting stuff though.

>> No. 5909378

Yup! Quite a bit better than nu bras, really. Similar concept, though. I guess. The actual "prosthetic" breast forms supposedly blend into place really well with a bit of latex and make-up.

>> No. 5909386

Looks like one of those Farahdindong girls.

>> No. 5909387

huh I never thought of adding more latex and make-up to help make them blend more....guess it's is super early and my brain is shutting off.

I could imagine the rage of some people if a cosplayer actually used these ahaha

Do you know anyone who actually has ones of these?

>> No. 5909393

Supposedly the guy who does those crazy WoW demoness/succubus/whatever cosplays uses some of the drag queen forms? Someone else claimed that he makes them himself, however.

The only people I know who have used breast forms (as opposed to nu bras) are drag queens. But hey. If it works for them... why not for cosplayers?

>> No. 5909397


In this picture she looks somewhat butterfaced, but I don't notice this issue in too many other photos.

Maybe she looks better with a bit more makeup? I know I know, jellyfatty, but I think she has a derpy face out of cosplay for the most part. I think she looks great in Op's photo though. I want to learn her make up secrets.

>> No. 5909403

I kind of liked her in that pic. Not quite as posed, sort of caught off guard. I do like the OP pic as well though.

>> No. 5909413

Precious isn't butterfaced by any stretch. If you see her in person and are not judging by a snap shot it is more evident. She may not be your ideal, but she is at the very least pretty by most standards.

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I have a complaint about Precious cosplaying Ivy.

First, nice things: The costume is well made, and she looks pretty/amazing.

Bad: She doesn't have the icy demeanor and killer look in her poses like Ivy or other Ivy cosplayers have. She looks like a wife playing dressup for her husband, not a S&M sword wielding killer.

Maybe it's the makeup being too "bright". More eye shadow maybe?

But still a nice costume.

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>when she doesn't have any
You call this "nothing"? I'd be happy if I had even 1/3 of all that...

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You say she looks like she is cosplaying for her husband, not icy enough. I would really disagree. She looks every bit icy as any that was posted. What I like about Precious is her detail in costume and her ability to make what she cosplays "real". Just a difference in opinion I guess. I love the shoulder armor, I only wish she had the whip, she said on her http://www.facebook.com/crystalcosfx she is making it . She is one of my favorite cosplayers because she loves what she cosplays. She would be more popular if she were single.

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oops meant to post this of her shoulder armor

>> No. 5909497

To be fair, Ivy in SCV seems overall nicer in general than she did in the previous entries.

>> No. 5909558

amazing cosplay, she nailed it!

>> No. 5909596

i love boobs

>> No. 5909622

lol at the forced Precious drama.

>> No. 5909623

only new fags don't know about precious cosplaying black rock shooter. her boobs are on the smaller side, so what.

that being said it would be nice to see her cosplaying less fake boobtastic costumes for a change but eh, she should be able to cosplay whatever she wants so, who cares.

>> No. 5909633

Because you touch yourself at night.s

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Indeed. New fags. Picture related.

>inb4 maybe side binding

You wouldn't side bind and then wear a bikini top that clearly has underwire in it. That would be retarded.

>> No. 5909661


So how long ago was BRS? maybe she grew from a B to a C. It's not unheard of.

Also, I get the feeling you are the one person that tries to bring up this boob drama with precious. Why do you care so much how big her boobs are?

>> No. 5909679

It wasn't me no. OP is making out small boobs is a bad thing when it isn't. I think OP is an idiot. You shouldn't have to get implants because you like cosplay..

Just sayin', some of us remember her BRS cosplay. Since she's 22(ish?) it's unlikely her boobs grew between 2010 and 2012. She doesn't seem to have put on extra weight either.

Linking to that pic doesn't prove anything man. You can pad a string bikini out too if you know what you're doing and clearly precious knows all the boobie tricks.

She aint a dfc though either. I'd just hazard she's the smaller side of average.

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Maybe, I guess.

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every cosplay she does seems to involve giant stuffed breasts
even Sephiroth

just sayin

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>every cosplay she does seems to involve giant stuffed breasts

And why do you care again?
>even Sephiroth
pic related
She cosplayed with some friends from this fan art. The boob size is pretty accurate.

>> No. 5909711

Fem-char cosplays are pretty dumb in general.

>Look at how much I can sluttify this character

>> No. 5909713

Not the same anon but, I wouldn't say I care per say. But precious does have female followers/fans too (and as one of them) it would be nice for her to do some costumes that *just* show of her talent and not boobies. As she is coming off more as "sexy cosplayer" rather than "talented cosplayer". We have enough sexy cosplayers as it is and I personally don't really look up to that shit..

However she is working on N7 armor from Mass Effect so I am looking forward to that.

>> No. 5909719

I disagree. I think there's an art to making the cosplay recognisable and looking nice.

>> No. 5909720
File: 79 KB, 697x733, Sephiroth_Crisis_Core.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>Look at how much I can sluttify this character

Did you even play FF7? The rule 63 version is exactly the same except for its a girl, and she wears a skirt.

Wow, you are dumb.

>> No. 5909722

The majority of animu and vidya girls have giant ass tits. Why are we bitching about her cosplaying them accurately, with real or not real boobs? She's a great cosplayer, she's pretty and nice.
Sage for petty drama thread

>> No. 5909734

I wasn't speaking on that particular Sephiroth design. I'm sure Sephiroth enjoys fighting in miniskirts from time to time.

>> No. 5909739

I would day that you care. Precious is an adult and if she wants to wear fake boobs for her costumes and show them off since they probably cost a lot of money, then she has a right to. I don't get this mentality that cosplayers are supposed to dress up how other people want them to. I remember the days when you used to dress up for yourself. What happened, /cgl/? What happened?

>> No. 5909756

Cosplay is srs bsns now. You must not have got the memo.

>> No. 5909758

No, I guess not.. feels bad.

>> No. 5909765

I never said she 'should' do anything. I said it 'would be nice'.

Stop being an overly defensive whiteknight and read properly. I never said anything negative about her at all.

There's nothing wrong with the odd sexy type costume and cosplayers should always do what they want. It just looks a bit lame if 90% of your costumes are just sexy type costumes.. that is all.

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