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PT's photobucket is back online.


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Ew gross.

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She looks pretty. Did she lose weight? It's hard to tell because of what she's wearing.

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Her grey kitten is cute. The only good pictures in there.

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Yes she has always been that way /cgl/ hated her and made fun of her till she went off the internet and now for some reason love her.

I don't understand why she hasn't changed, love drama i guess.

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I could give a shit less

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Post pics?

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so she finally got that furisode she has always wanted?

she doesn't look horrible here

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oh, that famous pose.

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Damn, I want to view these picture properly but my 24 Inch screen isn't same to be able to handle this.

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She's actually cute in this one.

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I'd hit it

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Who's Menos?

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I can't get over how weird her proportions are in these. Are they shopped as hell or is it the unfortunate outfit?

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She needs to cosplay someone.

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This s actually a pretty picture

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Pity you need a Poke Flute to remove the unfortunate scenery blocking the pretty flowers.

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Wait I think I have got it figured out. The sash should be lower, it makes me think her waist is like where her boobs are. Her arms and hands look so tiny.

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Again look at the amount of fucks I give.

I'll get you back, T-rex.

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Confirmed for basement dwellers that never go outside.

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her proportions are pretty fucked. She's really short, stubby legs and has those short T-rex/Cee Lo Green arms.

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Maybe the proportions are off because she's a god damn short midget? Ever thought of that?

Either that or she doesn't have a professional kimono dresser to dress her perfectly and "PROPER" as the rules say?

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for PT, those are cute pictures.

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Wow, it looks bad in that picture aswell.
I guess the furisode only makes it even worse.

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Drink it. >.<

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Jesus Christ, woman!

What in the fuck is wrong with her. She's ugly as sin. Fuck.
Her face makes me wanna punch her.

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Nice try. :)

How about *I* punch *YOU* in the face? Would you like that feel?

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A brief respite from looking at that horrible travesty of humanity is always welcome.

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Did she post this to the internet herself? I know she's awkwardly proportioned but this picture actually makes her look like she has some congenital malformation. Also dat profile.

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I kinda like PT.

Btw, I'm wondering if any anon's saved a photo of her from awhile ago:

Someone posted a photo here taken from her Model Mayhem profile. She was wearing what looked like a white, military-style dress. It was actually a very nice and flattering photo of her. It was one of my favorites.

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It's called smiling and being happy. Something you wouldn't understand.

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All hail PT-sama!

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PT I miss your webcam antics!

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Please educate a stranger to the whole /cgl/ thing.
These pictures.. It's consensus that these pictures are sorta like, "decent"?
Please don't lie to me because you have no reason to do so.

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Head over to Encyclopedia Dramatica and search for pixyteri. She has been cgl's addiction for years, until she left the internet months ago. She is dearly missed.

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She looks cute and well-groomed and has much, much better hair. Good for her!

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You there.

Is this a troll >>5960242

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This it?

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YES! I love this photo, thanks!

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I miss her so! She was so uplifting somehow, doing her thing, not caring that people hated on her.

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Not that person but I highly doubt it's a troll
she really does look much better

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Jesus has she been gaining weight? Her ass looks a lot bigger.

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There's also this one.

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kekekekekeke it's fun to imagine her just having stumps if u squint keke

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best young barbra bush cosplay

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Cute, I like. It really flatters her. And that cut of hair makes her face look rounder and less long.

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I like PT. Yeah, she's made some bad decisions, but I still want to give her a hug.

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Not trolling. She honestly looks so much better than she used to.

I know she's /cgl/'s favorite lolcow, but if she's honestly cleaning herself up and looking better, then I say good for her.

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This one looks awesome. The colors are cute. Her pose is... okay.

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That's a adorable coordinate!

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adorable cankles.

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I browsed /cgl/ before, but today was the first time I posted.
I'm gonna be honest here. She has a bad face, there I said it.
No amount of grooming can fix that, man.
I am 100% sure the regulars here directed her to /fit/, but something tells me she didn't do as suggested, right?

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Believe me, I'm certainly not trying to whiteknight her. She's not terribly attractive, and even with the best grooming and styling, she'll never be a 10. But let's face it, none of us sitting here on 4chan will ever be, either.

Compared to what she used to look like, this is a marked improvement, and hopefully with her improved appearance her quality of life is going up as well. If she takes the next step and gets /fit/, then all the better.

All I'm saying is that she's made an improvement, and I'll give her kudos for that and encourage her to make more improvements rather than tear her down anonymously on the internet. Carrot rather than stick, and all that.

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Her mom is awesome.

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>she has a bad face
So do many people. What's your point, and why do people like you feel the need to smear it in their faces every chance you get?
Is it because you're insecure, or you're just miserable human beings that need someone to kick everyday?
So she's not model-tier. Big deal. She tries and works with what she's got.
Not everyone is financially well-off and vain enough to have plastic surgery done to their entire face. Shit you're shallow.

Fuck i mad.

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I'm all for people doing what they like. However, you have to keep in mind your own limitations and boundaries.
She's not aesthetically pleasing, I get that. But she clearly did not work up to her full potential, which could have taken 6 months, or a year tops. No gym, only proper diet and exercise. And the results would have been truly praiseworthy. This reeks of complacency.

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I hate all these summerfags that shit up otherwise good PT threads with inane bullshit.

>> No. 5960459


What does constitute a good PT thread?

>> No. 5960491

She's looking better in these new pics. Kudos to her for not wearing circle lenses.

>> No. 5960520

>Spoony nowhere to be found ITT


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Guys, holy shit what the fuck.

All of you bitched and whined and cried for months like fat, spoiled babies, and now you've finally got a sniff of her you're all lambasting her in this way? What the actual fuck,

I actually think she looks great in a lot of these photos. One big difference I can see is that actually appears to be genuine happiness in her face. She looks beautiful here >>5960128

Why can't you actually just be happy for her? It's actually been years. It's pathetic, if I can move on then so can all of you.

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i seriously don't get her.
after all the whining and crying how the internet ruined her life she seemed to slowly get her shit together. and now she resurfaces just to start everything again? why? if she wanted to share those pictures with friends she could've passwordprotected the folder and just hand the link and password out. i really felt bad for her after her breakdown but now...
she clearly loves the attention she gets from cgl. she can deny it all she wants; she does. otherwise she wouldn't be doing this.

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Whoa there spoons, I don't know if you're blind or what, but I think there are more people defending and praising her than there are attacking.
I, for one, am very happy for her. I had an inkling that she would 'return' in her kimono, and I'm very glad she did because she looks lovely in it.
Look what you did, you called her by mentioning her name...

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Whoa, she looks like she lost a lot of weight. Good for her!

>> No. 5960562

If she tied that kimono properly and did her hair better she'd look pretty good.

>> No. 5960582


Oh, that spoony post was actually posted before I had refreshed this page, coincidence :p

But yeah, no hates you guys. If her leaving the internet was what got her to finally move forward in her life then for the love of god do not try to drag her back in.

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girlfriend looks alright

she a big city girl now

>> No. 5960611

aw i always loved this set. :3
and the christmas ones that everyone seemed to hate.

>> No. 5960621

>big city girl


>> No. 5960633

Everyone knows about her new job, right?

>> No. 5960634

I think most of the people being harsh are new to PT, or are just general assholes. There's a lot of positive comments about her. You're definitely overreacting.

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Something about the way the jacket is casting shadows on her midriff actually makes her look pretty thin here. This could look great if her belly was shooped a bit to look flatter.

>> No. 5960649


I was browsing through and what stands out to me most are people calling her fat and ugly and saying they want to punch her and shit.
It IS surprising given how much people have whined about her disappearance.

I really hope she never returns to 4chan's public eye, for her own sake.

>> No. 5960650

Were these taken at the Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin?

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I really like her furisode coord. The hairstyle and bow look really nice with it.

>> No. 5960710

June 16th 2012, The Return of the Queen.

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Oh holy fuck.
How can someone be SO ugly

Like holy shit she is SO PAINFULLY UGLY.

Oh god either get a paper bag over your head or invest in some serious plastic surgery, girl. You ugly and fat as FUCK.

And wow, I really can't believe the amount of people here who are saying that they loved/miss PT. Does someone just have to hide their long, hooked nose for a while and you all instantly forget about them?

> She's the most horrific, raging Weeaboo to ever grace this site of the internet
> Like seriously the Wapanese is strong in this one
> Huge liar
> Racist
> Nasty attitude
> Selfish as fuck
> Stupid as all hell, like borderline-mental-disability stupid
> One step away from pedophile, creeped on teenage boys and got off to pictures of animated toddlers fucking

The list goes on but god damn you guys. There's a REASON she was our biggest lolcow. Not just cause she's ugly and fat, but because she's genuinely a shitty human being.

>> No. 5960774


i like little boys, am probably borderline, have a fucked up face and lie out my ass all the time 2

does everyone hate me? NOOO

team pt

>> No. 5960787


I have no idea who you are, but actually yeah all that does sound pretty deplorable.

Better not cut myself on you cause you're so EDGY.

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File: 13 KB, 318x335, the_joke_your_head_3-(n1292804669453).jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 5960805

>i like little boys

mah nigga

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>have a fucked up face

>> No. 5960946
File: 27 KB, 240x320, TheEarlyDaysForK.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

people do hate you, that's why you have an ed page too


>> No. 5960957

otoressithis Report submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...

>> No. 5960974

Whoa, thanks for this. Good read.

>> No. 5961117

While I do like this set of photos overall, the lipstick colour looks awful on her. It washes her out and makes her lips look really thin. It's good to see she's getting her life back on track

>> No. 5961136

I can't tell if she's lost weight or gained. The striped dress photos look really bad and make her look really fat, but it could be from the items being a bit too small for her. There does seem to be some improvement though. So far there doesn't appear to be tons a gravure shots and her boys uniform photos seem pretty nice. Her furisode is rather cute and colorful.
I do like her new hair cut as it seems to balance her face a bit more. She has a lot to improve on still, but at least she's doing better.

>> No. 5961176

See, I thought that the striped dress made her look like she was the same weight from 6 months ago, not fatter nor smaller. She does look smaller in some of the other photos though, and I agree about her hair.

>> No. 5961206

her makeup is great here and she looks like she lost weight in her face. :3

>> No. 5961280

Someone should shoop these.

>> No. 5961290

There were only like 3 people who said she looks bad, and I doubt they were the ones wanting her back. calm down.

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>> No. 5961329


>> No. 5961416 (Deleted) 

haha oh wow

she has a photobucket account? have you guys busked it yet? i'd be happy to try, link?

>> No. 5961439

running a fusker to see if she has anything hidden

I don't really care, but it's nice to see you guys happy, I know you all really missed her

>> No. 5961475

the only reason they "missed" her is because they lost a constant stream of stupid to pick apart and discuss over and over, multiple times a day.

>> No. 5961502

Why do you want to give her a huge?
Because of her lying about her weight or lying about being asian?
That she blurs and shops her photos?

>> No. 5961516

People only liked her for the drama and miss the drama when she comes back they will see it's the same when she was online, nobody liked her or her lies.

>> No. 5961527


>> No. 5961606

She should. And some anon should upload more pics of her in lolita.

>> No. 5961688
File: 510 KB, 1300x1778, 1312472558960.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

This is the only one I've got, but it's my favorite picture of her

>> No. 5961704

When she had red hair! I always kind of wanted that issue of GLB.

>> No. 5961719
File: 37 KB, 337x450, Picture3233_small.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I lied, I found a few more. not sure if they're actually lolita, but it's a good picture of her!

>> No. 5961723
File: 844 KB, 530x800, Sarah-Rose-Loli-041-1.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 5961724

I'm still not convinced about her legs in that one...

>> No. 5961730
File: 31 KB, 450x338, Picture3226_small.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 5961747
File: 31 KB, 310x500, Sarah_Music_loli_032_small.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

lolwow I just noticed that
i think it miight have been photoshopped..


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File: 51 KB, 450x600, 1311838385981.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

aand that's all I have

>> No. 5961840

I really want that white dress she's wearing. It's beautiful. If someone knows where I could find that or similar I will love you forever!

Also, I really think she looks rather nice in most of these photos.

>> No. 5961872

are you new? she has always had t-rex arms.

>> No. 5961874

So her blue eyes in these recent photos aren't circle lenses? I thought they were.

>> No. 5961876


This one?
Looks like bodyline.

>> No. 5961918
File: 40 KB, 500x625, 1336800430280.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Thanks to the person about the dress :) I'll have to check it out.

>> No. 5962249

IIRC, that dress is actually a brand piece that she borrowed from a friend for that photoshoot. The same friend also did her hair and makeup. If only I could remember what brand it was though...

>> No. 5962871

>I don't understand the human brain!

>> No. 5962879

I thought she'd changed for the better. I had such high hopes for her.

>> No. 5962883
File: 82 KB, 683x1024, Img_2662-2.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

This isn't too bad.

>> No. 5962885

I love how everyone has forgotten why they disliked her in the first place. Her constant lying, her bitchiness, her general attitude, her laziness, her inability to accept any bad criticism, her inability to care for anything but herself and all things kawaii.... And that's to name a few. Well, I'm sure if she were to ever come back you'd all remember eventually.

>> No. 5962896

She thought earthquakes were cool and uguu kawaii desu.
Soon after the tsunami disaster in Japan she was all 'I want to experience and earthquake uguuu~'

>> No. 5962913

This is a lovely edit. I just wish it was a bit higher res.

>> No. 5962917

Except the buttons on the shirt are all about to pop off

>> No. 5962958

She looks like snape in the first picture.

Other than that she's looking good.

>> No. 5962983


She looks pretty cute in these pictures. My only complaint is that a near 30 year old really shouldn't be dressing like this in my opinion. It's a little weird.

>> No. 5963006

urgh, cultural appropriation much?

fucking weaboos offending everyone and not caring cos the culture is ~so special to them desu~

stupid honkey bitch

>> No. 5963283

Pixyteri is part Japanese you dolt.

>> No. 5963290

Windchimes make it so.

>> No. 5963322

ahaha hahahah hahahahaha

>> No. 5963339
File: 214 KB, 600x950, 1331337194709.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 5963342
File: 327 KB, 417x518, 1331337070216.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

The infamous Windchime-sama!

>> No. 5963358
File: 759 KB, 1711x3184, 1322974207657.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

The whole Windchime thing was probably the one thing that made me ever question whether or not PT was trollin' all along. It was just so out there, even for PT.

>> No. 5963382

It sounds like the plot of a shitty '90s magical girl anime

>> No. 5963394
File: 2.82 MB, 2746x1820, wind-dandelion.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Everytime the wind blows, she can hear her father calling to her.

>> No. 5963547

Is it weird that I kind of missed her?

>> No. 5963559

What a massive (in more ways then one) fuck-up.
It's unbelievable that people are defending her.

No wonder they call /cgl Hambeast HQ.

>> No. 5963814

Yeah, but that's not her fault. They just sent her the wrong size and she couldn't find another one in time.

>> No. 5963822

She looks really pretty in OP's picture.

>> No. 5963836

Yeah, pretty awful.

>> No. 5963851

Ever since JNigger took over we've become Crispy Old Butterface HQ.

>> No. 5963869

The Queen! She is back! She looks somehow.. healthier. I missed her, i really did

>> No. 5963899

While its good to see she's out of her target job and she's looking nicer, I think /cgl/ needs to back off her. She's not posting any rants and she's enjoying herself, If anything I'm glad she's staying to herself, just posting decent pictures & not responding to anyone from here.

>> No. 5963904

She took the password protection off her photobucket. She pretty much wants us to find them, she always liked the attention.

>> No. 5963935


So she's suppose to live in fear of the Internet because angry seagulls will find her? Some of the pictures look nice so why should she have the password on it, all I'm saying is seagulls shouldn't try and troll her and leave her alone. And I don't doubt there have been seagulls already trying to do so, considering someone already suggested that we call her job and try to get her fired.

>> No. 5963983

What I'm saying is that she doesn't care if people find her or not. The main reason she quit the internet was because of her mother. People have threatened that stuff for ages, are you new here? You sound like everything you know about PT comes from her ED page
>inb4 no way, I've been her since 2007!

>> No. 5964004

A few weeks back someone posted about her new job and how she's been avoiding the internet and apparently not doing gravure photoshoots. Everyone was unanimously happy for her and felt the issue was settled. Most people in this thread, even, are saying she looks cute and are happy for her. Very few people still want to harass someone who we basically harassed into changing her weebish ways.

>> No. 5964265

She left us and everybody suddenly loves her.

I'm not criticising, I love her too.

>> No. 5964319

Doesn't mean we should harass her or bother her. Its nice for watching, especially now she is slowly progressing instead of being a constant trainwreck. And I don't want to miss this blossoming, because some people start bothering her again and say that 'She deserves it because she wants to be seen'. Specimens like Ashlee won't leave the internets, as they won't change there ways, but with PT you gotta be careful man.

>> No. 5966148


>> No. 5966749

She's got no idea how the real work works. She still expects everyone around her to bend to her will. She thinks she's important enough for them to change their rules for her. Then throws a tantrum and whines and cries that things "aren't fair". That's not the way an adult usually acts but she is still developmentally stuck at age 15 and refuses to grow up.

>> No. 5966752

I don't get how she was hired after apparently they do extensive background checks for the job she has. Wouldn't that reveal all the internet drama surrounding PT?

>> No. 5966756

Who wants to bet that when she ends up complaining enough to get herself fired she will still come up with excuses as to how it wasn't her fault.

"the elements are always against me desu!"

>> No. 5966765

They must be pretty nice people, giving her a chance and all. If she screws up this job with all her personal issues then she hasn't changed a bit.

>> No. 5966788

They do criminal/credit checks. Naked pics aren't illegal, and I don't think she had any credit at all? Her parents paid all her bills and she went to community college, and even so, student loans don't usually count against you. PT's never been arrested. Google searches aren't part of background checks.

>> No. 5966792

She's actually looking pretty decent in some of these.

I really hope Ashley takes note.

>> No. 5966798

Even if the internet drama showed up in a background check ( which is redunk) it would only reveal the constant times that she was "cyber bullied".

>> No. 5966804

Ashley doesn't have Miyu to help her.

Anyone have an extra Miyu laying around? We should send her one.
Captcha: homeless rageNe

>> No. 5966824

I'd fund it.

>> No. 5966825

how's Peter doing these days? Still a shadow of a man because of you?

>> No. 5966840
File: 12 KB, 400x224, tumblr_m3t61tTHy01rv4qxxo1_400.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I don't understand. One second ya'll are berating her, now you "LOVE" and "MISS" her? Is it because Ashley is your new plaything?


>> No. 5966844

She is our abused girlfriend and we will treat her as such.

>> No. 5966860

People miss her cause she was much more fun to pick on and laugh at.
That is the only reason.

Missing the daily making fun of PT thread where everyone bonds threw laughing at her.

>> No. 5966916


Yes. We throw our laughter at her.

>> No. 5966957

Oh. Now I get et.

Disregard me I suck dick.

>> No. 5966964

Today is my birthday.

>> No. 5966986

... I fucking love that outfit. Fuck

>> No. 5967044

Yeah me too. Tbh Pixyteri has pretty decent taste in coords. Most everything she wears is adorable, but won't ever look quite right on someone who's even slightly overweight.

>> No. 5967077

I do miss her. I think she has grown up, at least a little. She hasn't said anything stupidly offensive in over six months, has a real job now, nice haircut, losing a bit of weight. She's starting to look old, but I think that's because her mom forced her to go tanning when she was younger.

Of course, if she does something weird or creepy again I'll gladly laugh. That is why she's the true queen of /cgl/, after all. But as long as she acts like a normal person, then more power to her. Cute little Sarah-chan~~~~~

>> No. 5967642

She looks old because she didn't take care of herself her whole life up until just recently. With proper nutrition and exercise she might be able to tighten her skin and turn some of that around.

>> No. 5968017

She was $3000 in debt, though if she had got her act together while she was away, she could have paid it off really easily.

>> No. 5968185

I'm happy for her. She looks so much better! I just hope she doesn't mess it up with getting back on the internet.

>> No. 5968248


>> No. 5968257



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