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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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New England thread?

I'm kind of new to this but would like some sort of thread like this. Discuss any cons or cosplay scenes in or nearby New England (East Canada and East NY welcome).

I can start. Anyone else going to Anime Boston?

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I might go to AB, but I doubt I'll make a weekend out of it.

Me and some buddies are saving up for a trip to Japan, and the past two years kinda sucked. Long lines, an increasingly irritated volunteer staff, and the crowd seems to get younger and younger.

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Seems like all the staple cons are running into big problems. Connecticon blew last year and why even go to AAC when they're threatening to kick people out for room parties?

I want to love AB since its run well but their venue sucks so bad... Security is just making it worse every year. When is it moving to BCEC?

Also Arisia is coming up this weekend, any gulls planning on going? Probably going to to for Saturday at least.

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Going to AB but just for Sat. I tend to enjoy the cons even if they seem to be getting more and more like line con but then again I'm usually there in lolita and usually there to shop and for panels.

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Anime Boston is stuck in a contract until 2025.

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Go to AB because it's local and I love their programming, but I'm getting frustrated with security and the Pru. (Able to deal with young folk pretty well.) As for it moving to BCEC, staff claims that it wouldn't work with how they run the con.
Yeah I haven't hit up CTcon in a few years because they overcharge their badges, young crowd, no places to eat, and so much theft.

Portcon is good for parties/socializing but there is still a prominent young crowd. Don't do Animaine. It's a staff circle jerk, and in a tiny hotel.

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Why does the NE Cosplay Community suck so fucking much?

I'm going to Pax East, as Oscar Of Astora from Dark Souls.

AB as well, my current lineup being Big Boss from Peace Walker, Oscar Of Astora, and Ash from Evil Dead 2

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BCEC has the same security mandates actually... it just sucks a lot less because they get to use more staff and machines.

It really grinds my gears that Anime Boston and PAX East are the only MA cons that have to follow these stupid security theater rules. No other convention seems to have to confirm to this bullshit... only nerd cons.

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Are there cosplay or vidya/weeb groups in NE or sites for meeting people like that? Also could you make friends or meet people at a con? I ask because a friend of mine who told me he would go with me got a job in NC. Its my first and would have been his first.

>>9316814 Yeah, I spent a bit of time just now looking for a NE Cosplay Community online, though I'm a bit new to it.


Uh oh. Too bad I already committed.

I'm in Western Mass so nothing is near, but hopefully the programming is good.

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Heading to AB myself. Last year was going to be my last with how poorly everything was handled. But the theme this year made me hopeful for some fun stuff. Maybe some decent nostalgia guests. Guess I'm a sucker for punishment

Well I'm located in Mass and tend to find the one giant meetup group here the drama starters. Can't go a day without them starting some sort of bullshit, or fucking someone over and airing it all over the place..Their events blow, and their bullshit spills over into cons.

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Damn I thought it was 2020. One of the big selling features about AB for me was that the mall was kinda an extension of the convention, but the prudential managed to kill that.
The biggest issue with CTCon last year was the convention center changed hands/they tried a new strategy to deter drunk normies just there for riverfest. But, now that Hartford is essentially broke they can't afford to run riverfest and things might be a little smoother this time around. Also, pre-registration worked like a dream: I think they underprepared for the influx of people they got during the main con. I preregistered and had an awesome time personally, but I get there were issues.
As for AAC the hotel changed hands so y'all are fucked unless they change location. AAC has turned into a lot of the same imo anyways, unless you specifically know people you only see that weekend it gets boring quickly.

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Also >>9316323
CTCon actually has had decent food recently due to a food truck festival running concurrently. No word on whether that's extended to this year though.

Alright I'm done defending my shitty home con. I don't think AB would be large enough to fill the BCEC, they would have too much floor space and not enough panel space.

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True the Pru are going out of their way to fuck over anyone that isn't their preferred shopper/ the apartment owners upstairs

Had one of their security guys try to force us to walk around the outside to get into our hotel the Sheraton....At the damn Sheraton/Pru entrance. Though I heard the Sheraton put an end to that once complaints reached them. Guess they weren't too gungho on the whole screwing over their guests part to suit the Pru's wants

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At least the Sheraton stepped in. I don't get why the Pru has a giant stick up their ass especially since conventions are known for increasing revenue around local businesses.
I was so disappointed with the Sheraton last time I booked, amenities-wise and even room-wise it was low-end for what you pay. That and the absurd parking. It's almost like the Prudential doesn't want out-of-towners

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I'm curious about that BL convention that will be in Rhode Island (it feels like time flew since it was announced), it'd be nice to be around an older crowd but simultaneously it could be filled with wackjobs and it's also being hosted by DMG.

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Thanks for the CTcon update. Last time I went was 2014.
I wonder how this year will go with security checks and traffic flow. I know some people won't be coming this year because of the line being outdoors for hours? They even opened a side entrance on Dalton St for a bit.

I'm heading there. I like to try out new cons. I like how it is 18+, but there will always be degenerates to deal with. Their AA looks great.

>> No. 9318835

Because they want the 'right' kind of out of towners. It's why they stupidly threw out the food court for that overpriced Italian place.
They think it's gonna draw people in, when in reality if you're coming to Boston for Italian food you aren't going to head to the mall.

I feel you on the Sheraton, only reason I'm booking with them again is I got a great discount because of the bad room they put me in last year.

>> No. 9319270

Good luck with elevator hell, I kinda hate how the only stairs available at the Sheraton are technically meant to be "emergency exit". They didn't think that one through when they designed the hotel.
Also joke's on the Pru for not realizing all these congoers had to somehow afford getting to the con in the first place: some of those people are established adults that are now going to avoid the Pru and their shit attitudes.

>> No. 9319505

Well I mean the Pru fucked over all the workers with the Food Court thing. Truth be told, I don't see it making contract very well. I think it'll peak with opening and just sorta tap out from there.

I mean they are building a new food court though that's another I think 2 years out? So I think even the Pru understands removing it was a stupid decision

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What group?

I've kept my head down for a few years while I've been busy with school and work, but I'd like to get back into going to multiple cons a year and meeting people. The only con I've consistently attended recently is PAX East.

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They call themselves New England Cosplay Community. It's pretty much just a clique group that runs events in Boston. Not very good ones, they are just the only group that does them as they start shit with everyone to the point no one attempts.

Went to their picnic this year, nothing says look how cringe we are. Like blasting Anime Lady Gaga remixes across the Commons.There's plenty of other issues I kno of but I won't derail thread.

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I'm likely to stop by myself as RI has shit for all con wise. RICC is a massive clusterfuck every year as is. Heard they brought back Terror Con but I thought it was shut down cause of fraud or something like that.

>> No. 9324590

The rumor is the AAC hotel got bought by the company that owns the Katsu hotel... and after the shit that happened last year they cracked down. It doesn't make fiscal sense to the hotel to host the con if they have to spend a bunch of money fixing/replacing things that were broken by dumb drunk revelers.

As long as you don't get too rowdy, party it up, but the problem is a lot of the people getting fucked at cons don't know how to do it on the DL and are the reason why it all gets shut down.

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