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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Logh cosplay thread

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Are you gay?

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I have yet to see a decent Reuenthal cosplay.

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would discuss LOGH with all night/10

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Same person. There's not a ton of material out there for this.

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Seems like most of it is either super old or kinda shitty

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Someone did the outfits from the musical. I'd make this but then I would go from a handful of people recognizing me to literally no one.

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I've been wanting to cosplay Reinhard for a while, no idea how to do that grey detail though. Like, is it metal? Is it fabric? Am I an idiot? I just can't decide what to make it out of

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Start by looking at other cosplayers for inspiration and see what looked best on them. >>9316319 used worbla or something and made it like armor, >>9316325 used fabric over foam it looks like, and all the others thread so far used plain fabric, it looks like. So start with which of those you prefer.

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I wish I had something concrete to contribute to the thread but unfortunately I don't. I cosplayed Julian some months ago but there's no pictures.
I'd like to do Mittermeyer too, as well as Reinhard from the new manga and the musical (same as in the >>9316331
). Too bad I'm a small 5'2 feet grill.

Other anons have any cospaly plans or dreams?

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I was actually the first Reinhard posted in this thread and am only a 5'4 grill, so live your dreams. (Also, planning to add his cape and epaulettes and stuff.)

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Well I liked the armor look but I'm torn on it, because why would that part be armor? I'm probably overthinking this

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