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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Any news or gossip in the aus cos com? Post it here!

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Its not exactly con season, so it's probably a bit slow right no.

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neonpop is coming up - get ready for an influx of shitty love live groups performing at the cosplay dance competition.

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i can't wait

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please tell me someone grabbed screenshots of the guy in mcc complaining about someone bullying him, then said he understands people because he can talk to dead people. It got deleted before I could

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holy shit what

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who's is this?

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Max is staring into my soul.
Apart from that it isn't terrible, just another LiS couple.

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Beethy. Charging for shoots at Supanova Gold Coast.

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Nothing new there. He'll keep scamming people out of their money and not returning photos, and KrisEz will keep complaining about it.

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OzComicon Adelaide and Perth tickets have gone on sale...with only two guests confirmed.

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Pretty sure everyone he's done paid stuff with has gotten their photos back otherwise you'd see people complaining about it on Facebook.
Are you Krisez?

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Pretty sure like all his paid endeavours including Journey beyond, this one is a scam as well.

Keep it classy beethy

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Do you reckon he's worth it? Surely there are other Brisbane based togs that can do a similar job for cheaper if not free

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There's Carlos and people seem to have weird opinions about him.
Then there's Lorenzo who's now a registered sex offender.

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>Max is staring into my soul.

Must... save her... from ... worst girl...

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Krisez is a fucking coward, he tried shitting on Leigh for his GoFundMe yesterday on FB but deleted it as soon as he caught shit for it.

At this point I think he just looks down on anyone who asks for money no matter what it's for.

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carlos and lorenzo are both really nice people and good photographers in my opinion. However, its more finding someone who can photoshop like Beethy does which not many people do

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Hi Shiiva

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Pixelj photography was really good with photoshop as well, he shot project alices gnar which was on par with beethys shot of her

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Dropped pic
Pixel on left, beeth on right.

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Pity that Beethys good photoshop skills don't come with a good personality.

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Can someone make a list of decent Brisbane photogs

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I don't think he's active anymore. Hasn't posted anything in almost a year.

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What did Lorenzo do?

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That convicted pedo crap sounds like something krisez would make up. wheres teh evidence?

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tl;dr groomed a 14 year old girl and generally creepy towards some cosplayers.

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So he's in jail?

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Hes always been fine towards me i never once felt uncomfortable around him

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Theres not many desu

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That's like saying oh that convicted murderer is fine around me, never felt uncomfortable. Lorenzo will likely not even be allowed near any convention from now on since there's children there.

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great input, anecdote annie

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Lorenzo defence force has been deployed

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Looks like people are starting to post about Lorenzo now. Took long enough.

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Shiiva cosplay sure has downgraded from her ex Kyle. Anyone know why she and kyle broke up anyway? I heard rumors he met someone else...any confirm this?

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Holy shit you're salty. This isn't even about cosplay! Take your shit elsewhere and leave Shiiva alone

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How about you find a cute boy to date and post pics of yourself before you judge people for almost no reason at all.
Don't stir uneccesary drama. Everyone is entitled to a private life.

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Get over yourself both of you. Everyone know 4chan threads are full of gossip about the cosplay community rather than cosplay itself.

It's nothing new and it still suprises me tht people get pissed off when friends of theirs get posted on here.
Read the first post. It's asking for gossip in the cosplay community so I delivered some.
Go have a cry if you dont like it. It's not the worst thing that's ever been said about shiiva on here so stop being so sensitive about it

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Probably because Kyle is a massive man slut? Even during his panel as OZCC he was talking about how cosplaying gets girls. There's more to being a good boyfriend than happening to look kinda like Captain America.

>> No. 9328020

Maybe the reason why the community is dying is because of that shitty attitude though. Gossip about the community not the fucking love lives of one somewhat prominent cosplayer. Talk about costumes or gossip about con news and whatnot. God damn. At least try to make yourself look less like a needy 60 year old woman.

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It hilarious how worked up you're getting over this lol
You need to chill out and stop making yourself look like a desperate white knight.

The whole aussie community needs to chill out really.
Everyone wants to be cos famous but no one is prepared to have their lives in the spotlight once they are. The two go hand in hand, either accept it or don't try to get famous for playing dress up.

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I know kyle personaly and she sure isnt downgrading hes really selfish cheats on girlfrends while dating another hes literally the most egotistical person you can meet and honestly when you know him like i do you would never find him attractive i know all his secrets and who he really is deep down please stop fantasizing over him especially if your not close to him

>> No. 9328196

I don't know him that well, but when I talk to him, he still treats me better than most of the other stuck-up "cosplay celebrities" that only care about you if you can benefit them financially or with attention

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How about we post something nice like who are some cool cosplayers to follow or cosplay ideas or something?

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