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What is gothic fashion in Japan?
How is it different from Western gothic?
What are your favorite jgoth brands?
How is the goth scene over there (any experiences to share)?
Who are your jgoth style icons?

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is this for real?

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nice trips

the biggest difference is not in style as much as quality. despite being well-established as a subculture, Western goth brands are often costumey, and the better brands tend to only make women's clothes. Japanese gothic brands like h. Naoto, in contrast, have a huge range of styles in varying levels of formality.

another difference is that there is less emphasis on sex appeal in jgoth, usually. even with brands like alice auaa and Na+h, which can use very sexy silhouettes, the coords or fashion spreads i have seen emphasize sexuality less than their Western counterparts.

alice auaa is my favorite jgoth brand, followed by h. Naoto. if we include EGL family gothic brands, Moi-meme-Moitie has a special place in my heart. if we include defunct brands, Black Peace Now is the best.

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as for style icons, Mana-sama, Uri (featured often on street snaps), and Buttcape

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>implying h. Naoto isn't Hot Topic tier

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I can't tell if this is bait

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Sheglit is my absolute favourite brand, I can use a lot of the pieces for both lolita and more casual goth styles.

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You simply don't seem to know about quality, that's it. Hell why h.Naoto is always part of the ita threads.

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My h.naoto clothes are high quality. I've also never seen negative reviews or complaints about them. I don't look at the ita thread so I don't know. Could it be because their "decomposed" style doesn't fit in with most lolita's aesthetic?

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I love this! Haughty gothic ojou garments!

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Sheglit is godly. Have you bought from them, anon? I'd like to hear more about what the quality is like.

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Different anon, but I've handled quite a bit of sheglit. It's really nice! Not moitie/boz tier, but really good. IIRC BPN had really inconsistent quality, but sheglit seems to be much better about that. They've got a few pieces I'm after too.

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if you go to goth clubs, do you wear jgoth brands or emulate a jgoth style? used BPN, Ozz Croce, Algonquins, and the like put up with much vigorous activity, ime. Yosuke USA shoes have also survived my stomping around.

but the brands associated more with EGL, i would not wear them to a concert or club, even used. they are not made for much physical activity.

my h. Naoto items are excellent quality with amazing detail. you may be living in the past.

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All dat yellowfever in here.

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>my h. Naoto items are excellent quality with amazing detail. you may be living in the past.
Great quality if you are used to H&M clothes.

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I love this! Her hair really cute, I've been tempted to a side shave/undercut soon

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>yellow fever
>on a Japanese fashion board

from what superior Aryan fashion board have you fallen from?

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>How is it different from Western gothic?
In my opinion Japanese goth is less about the music and more about the fashion. Western goth seems to take more from the punk scene, having more DIY aesthetics and a musical focus. J-goth's is more about looking the part and having a stronger sense of a spooky aesthetic than its western counterpart. It's a bummer, because japan actually had a decent goth scene with some stellar bands.

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What do japanese goths listen to? Just metal?

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I wear a combination of jgoth and black clothes. I want to be comfortable when I dance, but still look good. I noticed other people will sometimes just wear regular black clothes because they're interested in the culture, but haven't really participated. Others will wear lolita and EGA.

What bands to do recommend? I'm always up to learning about more music.

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The ones I chatted with liked Hocico and Grendel, which surprised me.

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I'm not surprised at all. From my understanding, some of the clubs over there play quite a bit of industrial.

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I'm not saying they dont listen to the typical goth bands, I meant that the whole "you're not goth if you don't listen to x and y" doesn't seem to be prevalent over there as the fashion seems to be the biggest focus.

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style icon: gothmura

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I love goth fashion but I have never called my shit goth or tried to engage with a goth community of any sort because of this. I really don't feel like aligning my music taste with my fashion taste when I already have a very defined idea of what I like in music and it's nowhere near typical goth stuff. I don't even know if I can rightly call what I wear goth just because I have no connection to any of the other aspects of the subculture and it makes me feel a little awkward.

Here's another Sheglit coordinate to keep this more on-topic.

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you can call it gothic fashion, but might add the disclaimer that you are not "a goth," if that makes you feel better

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I own this vest and skirt from Sheglit. Really lovely quality and something different from regular bruando items.
>when people tell you that your corset is not in right place

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say "But my heart is."

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People seem to associate it with trying to be Gothic Lolita and are too dim to realise there is a difference between Goth and Gothic Lolita

>Western Goth vs Japanese Goth
I personally feel the difference is that Western Goth is also a complete living style. It's the music, general opinion, love of the morbid, dark romantic, 'soul' etc whereas in Japan it's more just a fashion choice.

If you just wear the clothing, you're not a Goth. You're just a emo/scene kid/whatever the young 'uns call them now, just making an attempt without actually feeling it.

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I wish we could just have an all encompassing Goth gen in /cgl/. In the past, I believe we've been told that "non j-fash Goth" belongs in /fa/, but nitpicking the differences is silly, as it's a street fashion that errs on the side of costume-y regardless.

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goth threads do go on /fa/ though. /cgl/ is a weeb board. them's the breaks.

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You can just say you like to wear dark clothes and leave it at that.

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>I saw someone say h.Naoto makes for bad lolita coords!!
>it must be bad in all jfash!!!
so glad to see fresh faces in jfashion. welcome, newfriend :)

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oooh, this is interesting. saved!

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I love this.

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i love coord snaps done by regular Japanese goths

you get so much more personality than brand adverts

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I didn't know this, my life has new meaning. I'll be in Japan in 2020, sooner if possible.
Industrial is what keeps me alive.
>can literally say I've rubbed every bald headed artist I've gone to see, which is a lot (except Eskil)

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There is really only one goth club in my area and they have events infrequently. When I go it's definitely a lot of industrial and basic synchronized dancing. I'd love to check out Tokyo's goth scene, but I don't really know where to go. The only possibility I have found is Department H, which holds parties once a month. Has anyone gone?

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this is one lady's take on different gothic flavors, helpfully labelled in English

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I love the gas mask in fetish. I think I like gothic (elegant) and military the best.

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That is good, I love more industrial or any dark electro artist rather than 'true gothic' music from the 80s. I always felt not goth because in the West most insist you have to like certain artists to be a true goth, I tried to listen to some of them and i'M not a big fan, I prefer music that is more electro with beats. And not dressing head to toe black 24/7, i love also sweet lolita and kawaii pink things. Many say in Japan the goth scene is very small, is this true?

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Woah, industrial isn't goth? My area must have fell off the boat somewhere.

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OhGr was in Japan back in 2008. I don't think he would've took off to Japan without a scene present.

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It's small, but it's there.

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>Military Goth
I think I'm in love...

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I've heard some Japanese normies consider a lot of other subcultures to be goth as well, like lolita, is also a style of goth to them?

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I wouldn't be that surprised if they saw a lolita wearing black and called it goth. I've been called a goth vampire by Japanese normies when I'm just wearing kuro.

As for people in the subculture, they don't seem as strict as in the west. I see classic or gothic lolitas, punk-visual kei guys, harlequin styled aristocrats, and the occasional shironuri at goth events. It's pretty open.

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There's other parts of the gothic subculture I think actually clash with lolita as well. I've been told some goths like their clothing handmade (?) and not store bought, like Hot Topic style, hence their hate for mall goths. I'm sure that's not as much of a thing now, since gothic clothing is so easy to find online.

Lolita is still a lot about brands with an emphasis on quality in materials and construction. There's definitely girls that sew their own lolita and do it well, but the brand worship within lolita is undeniable. I've never heard an emphasis on buying from high quality brands from the Western gothic side at all. It seems much more focused on music and almost a lifestyle aspect.

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My Sheglit blouse is the best one I own, very comfy and well constructed.

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I remember that. I got to see him in 2014, BEAST.

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a lot of goths i know appreciate a DIY aesthetic but aim to get the big bucks for fancy gothic furniture. they might splurge on something from a boutique brand to wear, but there is overall a more pragmatic focus on how to spend money (compared to lolitas).

they cut and dye hair instead of buying wigs, go to concerts and events instead of buying brand. might spend the same on makeup, contacts. but overall they spend less and would prefer glorious spooky furniture to a closet of brand-name clothes.

there is a reason "gothic room inspo" tends to jump from "Halloween sale knickknacks" straight to "vampire's manse" with no in-between steps.

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I'm both a goth and a lolita, and I interact with both communities about the same amount. I'm not any sort of authority nor am I well known in either.
For the most part I agree with you, but I think the core of both lolita and goth is the same, escape from boring normal life and be a part of a community that likes many of the same things you secretly, or not so secretly enjoy.

If you're goth on a club night or for a show on the Left Coast, clothing quality and look doesn't really matter too much, you'll attract different levels of attention depending on what you wear, but there's this overall impression I get 'I'm not here for you, you're not here for me'. When I'm dressed to the nines in expensive latex, I still have to work to get interactions but some people just want none of it, they are 'not here for me'.
LA goths and SF goths though, I'd say are different, LA is much more 'band and brand focused' and SF is much more 'lifestyle and look focused' so I think it really varies based on your local groups.

In lolita, more often than not my comm adores offbrand and indie focused coordinates. Brand is well adored, and everyone has something, but there isn't more attention given to anyone based solely on that alone. I can't speak for any other comm, but they're generally more interested in having lolita as an excuse to interact with others, friends and the newly met. Having and respecting Brand is like a marker for the people that are actually into it, and the only folks left out of that here are a couple of ita tagalongs and the random newbie. Most of the leaders and hosts are low key casual dressers during meets, and it's an interesting opposite 'I'm here for you to know about me, and for me to know about you (but mostly the former)' sort of arrangement.

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modern shironuri outshines typical gothic whiteface. do you incorporate it into your jgoth coordinates?

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that's a pretty cool distinction to observe

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