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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Previously, in our thread about cosplay and conventions >>9305621
>I showed my gratitude to all of you
>More stores for the community list. Have your own suggestions? Fill in the form at https://churi.nl/add-store
>Creepy prosthetic sheep noses
>Cosplay Patreons on how we feel about them
>WIP shots and our current projects
>Massage stand at cons brainfart
>Viencon, DynamicCon, YayCon and TomoTalks
>Foot fetish guy got busted at Tomo and how our cons are flooded with creeps
>Diffusing LED’s
>Cosplaying characters you don’t know
>If you’re having corset problems I feel bad for you love, I’ve got 99 problems but big tits ain’t one!
>Ironic TomoPosting and the eternal discussion us /cgl/ vs Tomo
>Cheap public transport solutions
>Anon: “I don’t see the point in having dealer rooms at cons”

Next five major events:
>Dynamic Con (January 29th, Eindhoven NB), another newcomer on the scene targeted at everything cosplay.
>Yaycon (February 19th, Amersfoort UT), yaranaika?
>Showmasters Comic Con Rotterdam (March 4th & 5th, Rotterdam ZH), a con exactly like ACC only in Rotterdam.
>Dutch Comic Con (March 25th & 26th, Utrecht UT), a con exactly Like X-mas DCC, only with more stands and people.
>VidCon (April 7th – 9th, Amsterdam NH), an overly expensive place to meet YouTubers.
The full calendar can be viewed at https://www.churi.nl/agenda

Friendly reminders
>Ignore shitposts and attention whores. Attention is what they want, so let's not give them any.
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and just move on.
>Sadly posts made in Dutch are against the global rules and will be removed.
>Posting WIP pictures or about your current projects is encouraged

The Dutch Thread companion site with our community store list and calendar can be found at https://churi.nl

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Is it me, or did that 'Comic Con Europe' in Rotterdam just came out of nowhere? I see it has the same organisation as CCA, which I heard mixed opinions about.
Wonder how itll go down. Will probably go myself.

>> No. 9316400

They announced it during CCA. And it will be more of the same.

>> No. 9316470

god in heavens, that guy is flooding europe with cons. wonder how long this will go well

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Figt me nerd

>> No. 9316882

For quite a while I would think. People desire more of the easy to consume cons like th comic cons but also like tomo. Events with the bare minimum of content to attract as many people as possible.
Festivals like AnimeCon and Abunai, which tend to focus more on content are something that require far more energy to create but also to attend.

Interestingly, I like both. The comic cons and things like tomo are simple, fast and easily forgotten. It is for having a nice weekend, nothing more, nothing less. But AnimeCon and Abunai are festivals I look forward too. Events that make me plan in the months before. They are intense, drain all your energy and wish they would last far longer.
I can't handle those every month though, nor would my boss accept me looking like a zombie for 3 days every month.

>> No. 9316895

Good explanation. The comic con kind of thing is not something I enjoy without having friends around, and even then I can feel pretty isolated. I guess it depends on whether I've got a good or a bad day. But yeah, they're pretty much big deallerrooms with *sometimes* an interesting guest. People like to think that i.e. London gets great actors in all the time, but it's not really like that. It's maybe one or two big ones, and the rest of them are B-list or less.

And I agree that Abunai and Animecon are festivals in that sense. But to me, they feel more relaxed than a comic con. It's because the people are more spread out and I never feel like I'm being squashed between the people, or get overstimulated by the crowd.

>> No. 9316928

I'm not defending myself I just try to point out how idiotic the reasoning here is.

we never intended to trash-talk animecon, but we want to point out that your beloved animecon has it's flaws as well. but apparently animecon can't do anything wrong according to you guys!
but when something happens at tomo, it get's blown up like a bouncy castle...

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>> No. 9316967

pls read:

>> No. 9316981

it's not about shit happening, its about how cons and their staff deal with the shit happening.

For example, if shit happens, and dealt with immediately, professional and with enough information that everyone who is involved with it. Nobody would feel like complaining or bashing.
If shit happens and it's dealt with in a very unprofessional way. Or in a way that people see as wrong. Then people will feel like complaining and bashing.

>> No. 9316995

If you really want to be gender-neutral and respectful, always use "~san". "~chan" is informal and for women/kids/kouhai.

Where did you guys look? When I searched a particular nendo in Japan, it was ironically more expensive than at Dutch dealers (and yes that was actually in Akihabara). And the random ones I saw at the airport were maybe around 4000 yen.

Have you been sleeping? There were tons of foreigners at the KOTOKO concert just to see her.

>> No. 9317000

I was thinking of going to Yaycon just so I got something to look forward too.
The only problem is that I'm not into yaoi, is it still fun for people that aren't into the whole LGBT thing and yaoi?

>> No. 9317004

I get a feeling this was Akuma posting so in that case,

Dear Akuma, could you tell us why animecon is showing their amount of visitors every year if they truly don't care about the numbers anymore? Could you please tell us why our bouncy castle incident, which was in no way our fault since we handled it well according the ambulance people and police, is mentioned by your staff and people whenever talking to Tomocon visitors?

>> No. 9317008

I'm not the anon you refer to but the mere idea of having a bouncy castle, which is something I haven't used since I turned 10, on a convention, is so... 'out there' that it's just funny. Not even what happened, I could care less.

I'd expect bouncy castles at children's and family events aimed at kids between 4 and 10. Not an anime convention of any kind.

>> No. 9317010

But Akuma, at the event itself it was used nonstop and Tomocon fans loved it. It was everything but a bad idea as we want to see our visitors have fun.

You also don't answer my question about the amount of visitors you mention every year at the ending ceremony.

>> No. 9317016

Because I mentioned I'm not the anon you refer to. I am not affiliated with Animecon. I'm not even in the Netherlands.

>> No. 9317018

Another anon here. Why are you referring to >>9317008 as Akuma, when anon said they were not the anon you refer to? It seems a bit childish and silly. Now I'm completely reminded again of why I can't take tomo staff seriously.

>> No. 9317019

I don't even know who Akuma is.

>> No. 9317022

Lol is it possible that this whole Akuma crap with his girlfriend was actually all Tomocon staff? As I read this it's the only thing I can think of right now.

This is getting better and better.

>> No. 9317023

one word: CAPACITY
the bouncy castle costs only €35,-. even if only 50 out of 3000 people use it, it's still worth it.

>> No. 9317024

Akuma knows Wilbert from Tomo staff. They arent against each other, stop making shit up. Everyone s always talking about the bouncy castle incident anyway. That trauma helicopter just got alot of attention.

>> No. 9317025

This comment is useless. Based on absolutely nothing. You seem to not know these people at all.

>> No. 9317027

But why?

>> No. 9317029

>Continuing the TomoShitposting that doesn't get anyone anywhere
This is going to be one of THOSE threads, isn't it?

>> No. 9317030

Why dont you place a poker table or an obstacle course at your con as well? Obviously people are gonna use it, and apparently it doesn't matter if it's got something to do with anime at an anime convention.

>> No. 9317038

I sure don't hope so... :)

>> No. 9317042

I don't think it's Tomocon staff to be honest. More like someone can't move over the fact that her ex has moved on. just saying. Don't forget that even regular people can be anyone here on 4chan.

>> No. 9317043

Anyone else going to Dynamiccon? The price is steep but they seem professional in their organisation and as someone from the south it's nice to have another con nearby.

>> No. 9317044
File: 1.63 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_9325.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Meanwhile, this is what my desk looks like right now. It's like I'm working for the Adams family.

>> No. 9317046

As far as I know Akuma and his GF dotn have any problems with Siasity. I dont think Siasity has problems with them either, might be a lost white knight.

>> No. 9317052

I back this up. Akuma and his girlfriend have nothing to do with Siasity and neither has Siasity with them. Anon has to understand now that flaming here on 4chan about someone who has done nothing wrong doesn't work.

>> No. 9317053

I'm interested, but after being disappointed one time too many I've decided to never go to a con's first edition again.

>> No. 9317054

I have been to tomocon without friends and if it wasn't for the good weather it would have been a hell. It's like lets stuff as many people together as we get allowed. Also the fries from the stand outside were horrible and gave me stomach cramps. They can't even keep the asian food at the right temperature I'm suprised I only heard one person that got sick afterwards. Don't get me started on the room for the cosplay competition. The only reason tomo is popular is because they are cheap.

>> No. 9317056

Yeah this is probably the same person who thinks Akuma did something to break up with Siasity, I can tell you thats not what went down. And it doesnt matter what went down either. Akumas GF has nothign to do with the whole thing as well and gets bashed for no reason. This should stop.

>> No. 9317066

Numbers = pontential sponsors = more money for Animecon = not or just slightly higher ticket prices.

>> No. 9317072

This is what has been bothering me as well. That girl ain't even ugly. I'd smack that.

>> No. 9317073

I don't even know what half this shit's about but I know there are quite some people who have to work out their personal issues, that's for sure...

>> No. 9317084

Silly Prop-Anon, spiders don't have hands!

>> No. 9317086

It's also pretty funny how some people assume other's that they are behind the bashing. But instead of asking if someone is actually on here. They just blame people who stood up for certain people. Who even helped others, who listened and gave advice. But yeah.

Who is excited for Animecon? I am not going to any small conventions in between as I am working on some cosplays and I gotta finish them on time! :p

>> No. 9317089

Me, will be running around in a red shirt all weekend :O)

>> No. 9317090

I don't even know what's going on in this thread right now.

What's this for? Besides awesome home decor, I mean.

>> No. 9317091

>Who is excited for Animecon?
Excited is putting it big, but I am definitely looking forward to it. It's a shame my friend I was going to room with bailed on me, at this point everyone I know already has a roomie leaving me with getting a room for myself (expensive) or rooming with a random person (possibly annoying). Plus my choice of hotels keeps getting smaller...

>> No. 9317092


Are you male or female? I got a room but I haven't heard anything from my roomies. Girl myself. The only thing that COULD annoy you is the big weapon in the room :P

>> No. 9317094

Sorta, I really look forward to it but I yet have to buy or make a costume and so far nothing is complete yet or the things I ordered don't fit

>> No. 9317101

Male, with one body armour if I ever figure out how to make the waist piece without giving up on mobility. Although I can perfectly understand if you'd rather share a room with another girl. If not feel free to send me an email at dutchthreadop@gmail.com as I'm not comfortable with posting my FB or phone number on /cgl/ for obvious reasons.

>> No. 9317108


I'll have to sculpt webshooters on these hands, we then make a 2-part plaster mould of the entire 'ensamble' and get a fibreglass cast out if it in the end, which we'll attach to the full-body-cast we'll be doing next week.

>> No. 9317112

I need to paint something on stretchy fabric. I can't exactly find what kind of paint I need to use on google. Anyone here has some tips?

>> No. 9317121

Been in japan, bought nendo's in Akihabara. And also using the official goodsmile site as reference.

>> No. 9317123

Stretch the fabric out, airbrush it larger than you want, let the fabric return to it's normal shape and it should be working. Make some tests first to see how it works out.

>> No. 9317126

Thanks! But this is my first time painting, are there any easier ways? I thought maybe wearing the top and painting it on but I'm not sure what kind of paint. Dylon has fabricdye but it's only for whole garments, I think?

>> No. 9317127

Yeah. I would think of permanent inks diluted with IPA or water. Dylon has dye, but make sure it's the right dye for the right fabric, natural fabrics react differently and tend to take colour easily, while synthetic fabrics are harder to dye.

>> No. 9317136

SOooooo made a horrible mistake at work today. Most likely getting reprimanded for this.
Who feel like playing some drinking games?

>> No. 9317151

That and people warned Tomo beforehand that a bouncy castle with hyperactive under age weebs who can't suppress their powerlevel is asking for broken bones. People love "told ya so" cases.

>> No. 9317163

Bring vodka and I'm in.

>> No. 9317165

I've got 6 different single malts, schrobbeler, a big bottle of Grand Prestige and the usual cheap stuff to mix with. Needless to say I'm in!

>> No. 9317166
File: 601 KB, 500x281, for (You).gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

A picture for the anon that a couple of threads ago was so adamant that 3D printing is cheating.
Got myself a cheap one as a Christmas/birthday gift to myself just for general playing around and maybe, later on, printing some accessories for cosplay and HOLY HELL is modelling kicking my ass. Mad props to anyone doing this shit in any capacity.

>> No. 9317183

If you do prefer girls, I'm still looking for a room as well. Hit me up at notagull@gmail.com if you're interested! But op deserves a room as well so I can't be mad if you give him priority.

>> No. 9317211
File: 336 KB, 933x1049, cgl_dutch_thread _bingo.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Have some OC gulls!

>> No. 9317219

>Tomo (free space)

>> No. 9317233

Haha nice

>> No. 9317247

For fabric paint (instead of dye) I recommend Pebeo Setacolor. After it dries you iron it and then you can even wash it in the washing machine.
I've never tried using it on stretch fabric, though.

>> No. 9317258
File: 8 KB, 240x180, images.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

For being more intelligent than the average tomo defense squad

>> No. 9317330

Thanks for the tip. But if you also bought nendos in Akihabara, can you remember where?

>> No. 9317347

if it needs to be stretch i mix acrylics with liquid latex

>> No. 9317972

Went into some huge brand stores, some smaller stores. Best one i could find was a really small store at the second floor. Address is a copy-paste from google. And dont know if the store still exist. 〒101-0021 Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Sotokanda, 1 Chome−8−7

>> No. 9317997

It's more cheating if you print design that someone else made. If you made the design yourself it is fine.

>> No. 9318011

Who the fuck is Akuma?

>> No. 9318014

Gods move on already and stop bumping up old useless topics.

>> No. 9318015

Street Fighter bad guy

>> No. 9318016

Player of the community. Cheats on his girlfriend.

>> No. 9318019

lol I don't know about that but he flirts a lot with other girls.

>> No. 9318020


Gotta love trolls.

>> No. 9318022

It's because he doesn't love his girlfriend. It's just to make Siasity jealous.

>> No. 9318026

Oh god the white knights are back help mayday mayday

>> No. 9318041

i want to go but i'm not sure if it's fun if you're not into LGBT/yaoi/yuri stuff

Any other anons who are thinking of going to Yaycon?

>> No. 9318044
File: 423 KB, 696x473, Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 11.29.42.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

HELP I just started a side project next to my armour and I'm already on like... 42% of it.
>pic related

>> No. 9318047

>To many answers on the same question in a short period.

Tomoanon, this is an unhealthy obsession you have for Akuma. You seriously need some counseling. Please don't get me the wrong way, but this obsessive compulsive behavior is something that you want to get rid of, as it will damage you more and more as you let it go unchecked.

>> No. 9318049

All friends of Siasity probably or Siasity herself.

>> No. 9318053

Those weren't all me actually.

>> No. 9318056

Akuma????..... the one from team cosplay at animecon? (Had to facebook that one) ja sorry im not him. Ive seen him like once so no idea, he is not an AnimeCon staff member btw.

>> No. 9318066

Thanks anon! It's worth a shot to check if I'm gonna be there again.

>> No. 9318070

Guys just stop. Akuma works hard and has done nothing wrong. He's really kind.

>> No. 9318074

I know this is 4chan, but man, you gotta be real sour to write this shit.

>> No. 9318131

Probably just one peticular person that is salty as fuck because of Akuma for some reason and desperately tries to break him here and failing hard.. Quite sad if you ask me

>> No. 9318133

So... Some Yandere who mistook his behaviour for flirting and now believes they are meant to be?

>> No. 9318139

I also have unhealthy obsessions with a person :((((
She makes me so insecure T_______T

>> No. 9318156

That's fine and all but he or she should discuss that with him. Akuma hasn't done anyone wrong and everyone can agree on that. People aren't responding on it for nothing.

>> No. 9318189

I totally agree with you. People should keep their personal drama off of social networks

>> No. 9318191

Changing the subject!
What are you guy's pet peeve this year?
Mine: bourdouir cosplay and casual cosplay.
I am wearing a wig and jeans does not make you look like the daam char!
That is just f'ing lazy.
Same goes for bedroom shoots, look at my titties now give me money on patreon. Oh but im totaly not for sale!

>> No. 9318195

They should especially keep partners out of personal issues.

>> No. 9318197

My pet peeves are more like... things I do wrong myself. Like packing everything and arriving, only to find you've forgotten a single but important part of your cosplay

>> No. 9318212

LOL I knew it.

>> No. 9318213

*cough* Jessica Nigri *cough*

>> No. 9318215

My pet peeve is probably progastinating shit like packing my stuff, finishing my costume, arranging stuff for the con, resulting into a stressed as fuck me in the morning and arriving too late

>> No. 9318224

>People who go full "YOU can't do it so don't even try" when you ask for advice or feedback on your plans
>People who don't even try at all and just blame others for not helping them make something
>People who get into cosplay and act like they're hot shit all of a sudden
>"I got mentioned on 4chan" posts, bonus points if they actually believe that makes them important
>That one passive guy in your con group who never seems to want to do anything at cons but still follows you around everywhere while looking bored
>People who go the whiskey tasting as a cheap way to get drunk. Go buy yourself some cheap mixing trash and give us whiskey lovers more spots already!

>> No. 9318229

Remember that local hobby store I am so proud off? The one that sells everything I could possibly need? The only one I know that has my favourite brand of paint in all colours and forms in stock? Yeah they're closing their main store for financial reasons. At least I'll still have their smaller store in another town to visit but still...

>> No. 9318246

> big/flashy costum, no makeup.
Your face gets sucked in by your costum.

> that one awful photographer that makes every cute girl look like a mentality challenged person.
There's a difference between starting to photography and posting those abominations.

>> No. 9318252

A lengthy post while waiting on the bus to visit prop-anon, since I feel it is needed. Guess I have to do this every quarter or so.

For those who believe they can discredit Akuma, you will not succeed. We, AnimeCon, have been working with him for a few years now and nothing of your words will inflict his status negatively at our convention. We trust him completely and he gives us the same trust back.

As for other conventions, they do their stuff, we do ours. Looking at the responses, we are doing our things quite well. Part of that is spending our energy in organizing our con, and spend not so much time on others. We thank you for your support and see you again this summer.

But what do I know. I retired 3 years ago.

>> No. 9318255

hah my big flashy costume has a helmet. I get away with it this time!

Pizza hut, dominos or do you want the toby carvery which is basically a buffet? All of them are down the road.

>> No. 9318261

I'm curious anon, is that photographer mentioned op cgl before? I can't recall any dutch photographer editing that bad.

>> No. 9318266

> big/flashy costum, no makeup.
Male make-up workshop when?

>Pizza Hut
I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the Pizza Hut for the first time. Friendly service at your table, free soda refills, good food that actually made me feel full all night and you get some damn good coffee in a pot. That and the pizza with some local sausage was heavenly! No idea if it's like that in the UK as well, but in Stockholm it felt more like a restaurant than a fast food chain. 10/10, would eat again. In fact, that goes for all the food there!

>> No. 9318272

>Pizza hut, dominos or do you want the toby carvery which is basically a buffet? All of them are down the road
Lets see when I am there.

>> No. 9318273

The chain in Boring Goring is only a take-away desk.

And I only know how to transform my face into a man's face, not how to do male makeup...but I guess the basics are simple; Base layer (primer), cover up red spots with a green or blue-ish spot-hider, add foundation, contour a bit and...the rest depends on the caracter I'd say.

>> No. 9318314

Same here, I'm interested in some lectures but I'm not into yaoi/yuri at all.

>> No. 9318318

Me neither. But I can recall Dutch photographers that seem like they don't do editing at all, and maybe that would be my pet peeve. Like could you photographers please smooth my face, touch up that hair sticking under my wig, and other minor malfunctions? If not, at least give me permission to clone stamp away that stuff myself, cause man, I can't with photos which have flaws that are too obvious for me. Over-editing isn't nice looking, but under-editing isn't nice looking either.

>> No. 9318320


Can't remember I was talking about his "status" but okay.

I'll just make that girl of his my primary target then. Hurts him just as much.

>> No. 9318331
File: 263 KB, 933x1049, IMG_20170113_201750.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 9318417
File: 121 KB, 736x725, 19db0fafa78fbd2323ee2f4c329f8fa9.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 9318443

well, I like yaoi lol but some of the lectures indeed look kinda interesting

>> No. 9318446

I believe he was mentioned one time briefly. He always spams the cosplay & anime modelling Nederland group and got some search posts in CosplayNL removed (not sure about the last though).

>> No. 9318461

I'm personally open to yuri but I'm kinda worried about running into crazy SJW's or faghag landwhales.

>> No. 9318463

can you show me some of his photo's?

>> No. 9318467

yeah that's what I'm worried about too,
I saw some videos/vlogs about older yaycons but jesus the social awkwardness is really cringy

>> No. 9318485

A cos I ordered from Taobao arrived today, going to edit some of the pieces I'm not 100% satisfied with but the price was a steal and I really wanted to try using a proxy for future reference anyhow.
I could post some WIPs if people would be interested?

>> No. 9318510

>Queering Hogwarts: Sexuality in Harry Potter Universe
>Dancing on Ice: Homoeroticism in Sports Anime
>Beyond Stereotypes: Ethnicity in Pop-culture
>Romance and Sex in Comics
>Let’s Talk about Asexuality
The only thing that sounds remotely interesting is "Romance and Sex in Comics" purely because you get listen the artists POV in all of this and the creative process that goes with it. But ranting about changing the Harry Potter lore to cater to the LGBT audience, a panel dedicated to Yuri on Ice, stereotypes in anime and having an Asexuals Anonymous meeting... that's really not my cup of tea.

>> No. 9318524

that's why i said 'kinda' interesting

>> No. 9318527

>I could post some WIPs if people would be interested?
Always! I love me some WIP and before and after pics. Little motivates me more than seeing people being creative themselves!

>> No. 9318533

But the firemen who were tipped to inspect TomoFair said we didn't break any fire safety rules, so it's okay. /jk

With that being said, I do wonder how people would react to a fire alarm at a major con. Having been through countless fire drills/false alarms myself I don't even take them serious anymore. I'll just wrap up what I was doing, gather my stuff and leave which in a way works better than going full PANIC.

>> No. 9318538

That is sick on so many levels, Tomoanon

>> No. 9318542

I know nothing about asexuality so that would be something for me.
Ethnicity could be kinda interesting for me if it won't get hijacked by SJW's.

>> No. 9318548

>I'll just make that girl of his my primary target then. Hurts him just as much.
Okay, I'll bite. What really is your issue with them?

>> No. 9318576

Exactly what happens at the drills I saw at the HBO studies I've followed

>> No. 9318604

Oh this is on my pet peeve list, people saying 'cos' instead of cosplay, and saying 'i'm cossing as /random person'

>> No. 9318617

Sexuality in Harry Potter Universe: doesn't fucking matter unless the relationship or attraction is in the story. Don't go 'dumbledore is gay' on me when it has been mentioned before or doesn't add anything to the story.
Homoeroticism in Sports Anime: it's all fangirl bairt, nothing special
Beyond Stereotypes: Ethnicity in Pop-culture: prepare your anus for social justice warriors
Romance and Sex in Comics: at least they don't sensor dicks like manga artists do
Let’s Talk about Asexuality: what's there to talk about

These are the reasons I should not go to yaycon, I'm going to be unable to keep my mouth shut and piss off a lot of people,

>> No. 9318636

Oh boy I need to learn to proof read, I intended to write cosonsen, intending to reffer to the brand(really popular store for pre made costumes)

>> No. 9318640
File: 123 KB, 500x310, 67728470.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Now that's what I call petty!

>> No. 9318657

I am a straight white CIS gendered male who likes doing manly things like boxing, rugby, and outdooring. And has little to no grounding in the whole webbo world.

I kinda want to go as a sort of weird adventure, although I'd swallow a fork beforehand.

>> No. 9318666
File: 398 KB, 880x675, backdoor_sluts_jp.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>Romance and Sex in Comics: at least they don't sensor dicks like manga artists do
Well to be fair that's mostly due to Japan's wacky censorship laws. It's okay to produce and distribute Bakku Doa Yariman Kyū in Japan, but show genitals or a single pube and you are crossing the line.

>> No. 9318688

I've been there as a cis ihavenoideasexual and the pro is, there are no cosplayers under 16. And no matter how much I like yaoi I couldn't shake off the awkward feeling of being at a 'gay convention'

>> No. 9318692

He did the fanastic styling himself: https://www.robpopfotografie.nl/20160825-lotte

>> No. 9318698

I sort of expected it to be jampacked with 16 year old girls and twenty something gays.

I mean shit, if not for gay guys who even likes yaoi?

>> No. 9318721

I was almost worried you guys were talking about me or something.
Holy keks even my amateur work looks better than that.

>> No. 9318724

I like his shoot with the 2 girls on the blanket with flowers. Otherwise the cringe-levels of his portraits are high, all though I wonder how much is due to the models.

>> No. 9319058

Isn't that the guy who keeps making very specific requests for models? (Female, 18-21, certain sizes, need to wear borderline fetish gear)

>> No. 9319089

Might be but his work is awful. Like, this is looks like a hobby person rather than an amateur. An amateur at least loves his craft. This looks like someone who hasn't really learnt to understand his camera yet as well as basic composition.

>> No. 9319095

So basically SJW bullshit - the con

>> No. 9319122

Eh in some ways it is, most young anime fans watch yuri on ice. I haven't seen many male yaoi fans though. I'm 25/female but I don't throw it out there that I'm into watching gay men getting it on.

>> No. 9319137

>Homoeroticism in Sports Anime
I wonder what exactly they'll try to point out, because most sports anime was never intended for a female audience, but accidentally got a huge one (like the classic, Prince of Tennis). And then there's Yuri on Ice, which purposely focused on that female audience.

Not very impressive indeed.

>> No. 9319153

some guy named Kazuya Meioh sent me a friend request on FB. does anyone know him?

>> No. 9319163

Lesbians. Don't ask me why, but for some reason every gay woman I know who's into fandom (anime or western) is all over the idea of twinky boys fucking. One friend of mine is a relatively popular gay smut fanfic author. She's been married to another woman for almost ten years and has never been with a man, nor does she want to. I don't get it, but whatever floats her goat I guess.

>> No. 9319181

Heard that guy has some stalking tendencies. Bothered friends of mine a while ago.

>> No. 9319183

Got a request from him as well, I have no idea who he is but I already accepted a long time ago, it's too awkward to remove him because I keep running into him every con. Fml.

>> No. 9319187
File: 13 KB, 300x226, SmokeUnderwater.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Pic related

I'm kind of puzzled by this... I mean why!? Although I guess tons of guys are getting the hots from watching two chicks go at it.

>> No. 9319233

I guess so, because I sure can't explain it. I've been into yaoi since I was 13/14 which has gone to the point of gay porn. And no, other anon, not 'twinky boys' but men built like captain america. A girl has standards haha.

>> No. 9319236

I mean guys always say it's "less gay, because there's not even a dude in there" which is sort of valid I guess?
Also it's good to know that when I get buffer chicks will dig me... it just sucks I have to take it up the bum for that.

>> No. 9319250

>Male make-up workshop when?

Can a con host this? I think it's a great idea.

>> No. 9319277

Note to self: always do a double check to see if your glue pot is closed properly before putting it away.

>> No. 9319286

missing the "lolita's can't talk about drama here" I guess. Even though it's cgl.

>> No. 9319301
File: 54 KB, 555x416, lol-dis-bitch.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>Even though it's cgl.
>Yknow, the board with the global rule "no singling out anyone for drama"

>> No. 9319309

Ouf, I know that pain.... I still need to make one of these:

>> No. 9319345

That's Evil Ted's glue pot, isn't it? Yeah it is! Awesome idea, although I would use a (disposable) plastic glue spreaders rather than a brush. Those puppies only cost €2 for 25 and knowing me I would totally leave the brush out of the jar long enough for the glue to harden.

>> No. 9319356

nayrt but there are quite a few Dutchanons who start screeching and shitting their pants as soon as someone even brings up lolita comm stuff, yet somehow have no problem with the cosplay drama and call outs that happen every single thread. Cosplay-related people are being singled out ITT. By their full legal name, in some cases. Did you report those posts too?

>> No. 9319391

I know him personally, bit of a weirdo but mostly harmless.
He also supports ANTIFA, make of that what you will.

>> No. 9319409

Yup, that's him. Although i find it more carnaval than fetish.

He basically tried to make us (note: we're strangers) babysit his mentality unstable, now ex, girlfriend at a meet. I don't have a good impression of him.

Just do it. I removed him and he still hasn't bothered me about it. I don't even think he remembers me.

>> No. 9319469


>> No. 9319526

That rule is in regards to making threads about certain people. You don't have threads about certain people on cgl like on lolcow.

I also noticed this, and it's stupid. I'm not from the lolita comm, but it just seems hypocrite to only care about these things when your own name could potentially be dropped.

>> No. 9319529

Well that's still a lot better than being alt-right, lol.

>> No. 9319539

I could be wrong, but I always got the impression that it was the cosplay (or general non-lolita con-goer) side throwing the tantrums whenever lolita comm anything is brought up. Most (sane) lolitas don't want the thread to devolve into petty name calling either ofc but they're not the ones going RRREEEEEE LOLITAS GTFO YOU DONT BELONG HERE
Like I remember seeing people comment on the Dutch thread surveys that they want less lolita content in these threads... even though there's hardly any mention of anything Jfash related at all ever. You'd have to actively search for it in the archives to see it. So what is these anons' problem exactly?

>> No. 9319540

Nah don't worry for me what I'm into lookwise when it comes to porn isn't what I'm into in real life.

>> No. 9319569

Not sure about the tantrums, but you're right on the surveys, since I can definitely remember reading that too. I don't think that's good either. We should just respect each others interests, whether that's cosplay, conventions, lolita, or other j-fashion (e.g. gyaru).

>> No. 9319602

related peeve: awkward con ppl that try to add and talk to you after con like you're their best friend but you're too nice to be rude and block/remove them or tell them you're not looking for 'friendship' i guess? Gotta learn how to strangezone people

>> No. 9319650

no you are right. I remember some anons talking about the Dutch lolita comm. And soon other anons started complaining that the subject was boring and they should stop talking about it.

>> No. 9319854

Sounds kind of retarded though, people talking about Lolita doesn't kill any kind of other conversation.
They could just talk about cosplay while people talk about Lolita in the same thread, all they got to do is start a new conversation.

>> No. 9319999

I'm totally fine with anyone adding me but often those are the people who are autistic and/or have issues. I talked to a guy nearly every day for years because I didn't want to cut him off while he was being creepy and posessive. And sometimes you gotta be nice to somebody because they are part of a group of friends and you don't want to start drama.

>> No. 9320027

I add just add people if I think they're chill and think it would be fun to interact with again. I think that should be pretty normal. If they accept it, I know it's an open person, and if not, I just assume they are the 'only close friends and family' closed person type. I wouldn't take the trouble to message someone though. But I guess people are just different like that. Just tell someone that you're a closed person is the best way to tackle your problem I think.

>> No. 9320041

Anyone that can tell me which brands of whisky were up for tasting previous animecon(s)?

>> No. 9320119

I'm not really a closed person at all, i'm just really not interested in what a random con visitor tells me about his life

My struggle exactly
Although I do tend to stop replying after a week or so and not years O.O

>> No. 9320203


I've recently gone through loads of people I 'knew' from cons but aren't friends with or in their group and felt like I didn't fit in and removed them all. Still got too many people in my list I feel, but it's at least less

>> No. 9320232
File: 31 KB, 474x209, CosplayClues.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

What the hell, didn't they work for minque?

>> No. 9320273

Yes, looking at their page they recently started this. Pretty good for us though, bit more competition will be better for prices.

>> No. 9320291

Was confused about this as well, but haven't seen them behind the Minque stand for a while and they are not listed as partners on the Minque website. (Paraluna, Pretzl etc are mentioned.) I do look forward to it as I love the coscraft wigs and I am curious on how they are going to compete with the other stores.

>> No. 9320295

I deleted a lot of the "OMG I am going to add every cosplayer in the Netherlands so I can be popular and brag about how many friends I have" people.

I do send everyone I can't remember a message asking why they add me as I tend to forget a lot.

>> No. 9320299

I had a few of those. And it just has me going "Do I know you?"

>> No. 9320305

I simply refuse all requests from anyone I haven't talked to and delete everyone who posts annoying stuff. Even then I use custom groups to divide people between friends, family, co-workers and con people. That way I can easily filter the posts that appear on my main timeline and use the privacy settings to easily hide posts from specific groups of people.

Not only price, but service too. Anyone who has ever ordered something at Minque probably experienced their "amazing service" where they don't notify you about an order being delayed or put on backorder.

>> No. 9320329

If people have problems with deleting a lot of people at the same time, this may help: I'm now looking at the upcomming birthday's this month and question myself why I should keep the people I won't congratulate. If I don't have a good reason, I'll delete them.

>> No. 9320333

They are all on the Animecon website, but here you go.

2011 tasting:
>Chichibu Peated, 2yo
>Nikka Aoba Distillery, 15yo
>Mixed age Pura malt
>Ichiro's malt Wine Wood Reserve
>Kawasaki 28yo
>Yoichi 15yo

2012 tasting:
>Nikka barrel blend
>Nikka Pure Malt Red
>Nikka Super Nikka Blend
>Nikka Pure Malt White
>Nikka Yoichi 10yo
>Nikka Takatsuru 12yo and 21yo

2013 tasting:
>White Oak Tokinoka Blend
>Mars Shinshu New Pot Heavily Peated
>Chichibu The Floor Malted
>Karuizawa Asama Final vintage of Karuizawa
>Chichibu Chibidaru (Cask Strength)
>Mars Maltage 3Plus25 28yo

2014 tasting:
>Takatsuru No Age
>Takatsuru 17yo
>Nikka Coffey Grain
>Nikka Coffey Malt
>Miyagikyo 15yo
>Yoichi 15yo
>Nikka Coffey Grain Single Cask
>Nikka Coffey Malt Single Cask

2015 tasting:
>Yamazaki Puncheon 2013
>Hakushu Bourbon Barrel 2013
>Yamazaki Limited edition 2014 (JP only)
>Hibiki 17 yo
>Hibiki Mellow Harmony (JP only)
>Kirin Fujisanroku 18yo
>Nikka Rita 30yo apple brandy

2016 tasting:
>Akashi Single Cask 5yo Bourbon Barrel
>Akashi Single Cask 5yo Sherry Cask
>Hibiki Japanese Harmony
>Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master Select
>Super Nikka
>Super Nikka revival
>Mars Maltage - Cosmo

2017 tasting will have:
>Nikka Blend 10yo
>Mars Small batch, the beauty of Shinshu: Rindo
>Mars Single Cask for LMDW France
>Ichiro's Malt Mizunara Wood Reserve
>Mars Tsunuki Warehouse opening edition Small batch
>9 Leaves Japanese White Rum
>Nikka Rita 30yo Apple Brandy

Also I'm 100% sure the 2013 tasting also had Chichibu Peated, I believe that was the same year they imported a few whiskeys in green tea bottles with Tinkerbell on it. Another year they also had to use a different whiskey or two because some asshole stole a few bottles after the first tasting on Friday so I have no idea if they changed that on the site or not.

>> No. 9320343 (Deleted) 

Also keep in mind there is a huge demand for Japanese whiskeys and only a small supply thanks to the global hype around Japanese whiskey. This is why they have been introducing drinks other than whiskey at the tasting in recent years. After all you can produce more today, but in the end there is no speeding up the ageing process.

>> No. 9320351

>>9320333 (You)
Also keep in mind there is a huge demand for Japanese whiskeys and only a small supply thanks to the global hype around Japanese whiskey. This is why they have been introducing drinks other than whiskey at the tasting in recent years. After all you can produce more today, but in the end there is no speeding up the ageing process.
Oh, and I do recommend getting in line for tasting tickets early as they only have 65 spots available. Let's just say I was really lucky last year by having some I know at the front of the line...

>> No. 9320364

My airbrush just died on me halfway through the paint job... Have to finish it by hand now. Damn it.

>> No. 9320456

RIP. What died?

>> No. 9320473

Some part under the main lever is my guess, it won't react any more at all. Worst part is that I've already diluted a large part of my paint so it'll take even longer for an even coat.
It's not that big of a deal though because cons are a long time away and it's not that much work.

>> No. 9320474

i had that too after i took out the needle for cleaning. I moved the lever and the needle didnt go in the right way so the lever was unresponsive. So maybe check if your needle is sitting right :)

>> No. 9320477

Thanks for the tip anon but that's not it.. I'll look into the exact source of the problem later, thanks for thinking along though!

>> No. 9320478

That sucks then. Goodluck

>> No. 9320567

They've not been partners with Minque over for 2 years now.

>> No. 9320575

Yeah I was about to say; take it apart entirely, clean everything, reassemble and try again. There's a spring-like mechanism behind the lever, mine got bumped sideways once.

>> No. 9320668

Just be straight up and remove them then.

People do that? Any specific example? I can't see what there is to brag about.

>> No. 9321324

>People do that? Any specific example? I can't see what there is to brag about.
Being "popular" of course!

>> No. 9321331

Adia Cosplay is one of those people who adds everyone to be popular

>> No. 9321345

which ones do you recommend?

>> No. 9321379


Isanami is just a fucking slut. That's all I'm going to tell you.

>> No. 9321380

Yeah her page is full of underwear pictures. Unliked and reported her right away.

>> No. 9321383

You really must have some sand in places it doesn't belong...

>> No. 9321399

She has a very specific face imho, but she is not ugly at all. If she wants to strip down you won't hear me complain.

>> No. 9321403


Didn't say she was ugly. Although she is.

Specific face= same as ugly.

>> No. 9321405

Pretty sure Akuma only has Isanami for her boobs lel because I wouldn't take her for her face.

>> No. 9321408

That only answers the question partly. How did Akuma manage put sand in you privates?
Also seeing your previous statement you seem to a bigger issue with Akuma than his gf. Yet when questioned you only mention why you don't like her.
It seems like someone didnt get a dick they wanted.

Nothing wrong with a girl in underwear. Kinda petty to report it when you probably have more nswf on your pc of fictional characters.
Suck it up buttercup.

>> No. 9321418

What did she ever do to you.. Pretty easy to go target a girl online as an anon when, for all we know, you can be just another fugly keyboard warrior behind your safe laptop screen

>> No. 9321419

Didn't know about her before, but she seems quite average Dutch cosplayer like, maybe she's just the type that wants to make friends. And else, she's doing it wrong, since spamming pages like cosplay circle obviously gives you more fb likes lol.

She's a nice person as far as I'm concerned. >>9321380 Those few pictures in the cat lingerie also aren't my taste, but who cares really?

>> No. 9321420

So, with all this drama and hate again, let's change the subject. I am really curious about this years participants for the animecon cosplay competitions. What is your opinion about the contestants?

Really curious to see what our c4 team will do during the finals!

>> No. 9321422

I wanted to join but theyre so freaking quickly full. And since it would be my first time going to animecon i drowned in the different types of cosplay contests.

>> No. 9321423

Hi, Isanami.

>> No. 9321425

Well hopefully something since one of the two hasn't even started on the costume :')

>> No. 9321426

Who do we know of that are competing? I'm also reaaally curious for the competitions!

>> No. 9321427

You mean fake boobs. Those are faker than my cosplay wigs lol.

>> No. 9321430

My problem doesn't concern you. I don't know Isanami personally but I have enough shade to make her crumble in a corner.

>> No. 9321431

Actually the anon is asking the million dollar question.
Why does one anon has a three as big as the empire state building up their ass that they feel the need to drag Akuma and Isanami down every goddamn time they post something

>> No. 9321432

You kinda make it our concern since you cant shut up about it.

>> No. 9321433

None since I have no clue on all of this. You could have better changed it to some general cosplay/convention subject.

>> No. 9321434

Pretentious as it might sound, I can't recommend you anything without knowing what flavours you seek for in a whiskey. If you don't know this yourself I'd suggest hitting a whiskey bar and asking for a tasting that covers all the basic flavours. I'm also heavily into the smokey and peaty stuff, so odds are I'm not the right person to suggest anything to you to begin with as the Japanese whiskeys barely have these flavours.

>> No. 9321439

You almost make me think you're Akuma since you get curious now that I'm dragging his ugly slutty girlfriend into this.

>> No. 9321443

I think there are some places left? Depending on what you want to compete for, maybe check the site, should be on there.

>> No. 9321446

Why is there so much salt thrown at Akuma and Isanami? It doesn't really make any sense.

>> No. 9321452

Was also going to mention her. Especially because she spend so much time in interacting with people. You know how Facebook shows you when friends comment on other friends statuses, 50% of mine are from her.

>> No. 9321453

Well I know I'm participating on all solo competitions on Sunday. I'll probably be stuffing myself with food backstage haha

>> No. 9321455

lol maybe Isanami and Ilunaneko did their boob-jobs at the same time to get discount hahaha

>> No. 9321459

Salt is only coming from one anon tho.
And nobody really knows why the anon has a problem. Only that it keeps coming up for at least 3 threads.

You have be a special kind of salty to keep that shit up.

>> No. 9321469

>You have be a special kind of salty to keep that shit up.
This. Now I'm fine with being salty or having a vendetta, but at least tell us why already!

>> No. 9321472

They as real as the salt of your sorry ass whining about something it can't have.

>> No. 9321473

lol those aren't all made by me so that means more people have "Vendetta" with those two.

>> No. 9321477

*high five*
Good one.

>> No. 9321478

They as fake are your white knighting. Believe me, my sources are trustworthy when it comes to that. Isanami's boobs are fake. That's all there is to it.

>> No. 9321479

Here I was thinking this thread was hopefully going to be about Animecon....

>> No. 9321481

Meh, I just can't be arsed to look up the contestants. After dinner dip and all.

>> No. 9321483

Rather be a white knight then have a stick up a salty ass.

And love to know the sorce of one who does not know her personally as to those who do

>> No. 9321485

It start with you.
At best the others are just 'trolling' but it seems like it is you personal mission to hurt them.
Or get their attention.

Just tell all of us your deal is and get some form of help because this really isnt healthy.

>> No. 9321487

Tomoanon, I am sorry but every time the topic comes up, a series of posts are spammed within minutes of each other, which you just pretend to be answering the posts before.
It is quite clear to all of us where the salt comes from. You really need some professional help for this.

>> No. 9321492

What makes you even think they're fake? wtf

>> No. 9321493

My source does know her and even touched her boobs, just saying,

>> No. 9321494

And then what? Fake or not, does it matter?

God what the hell is going on, half of the posts here are seriously disturbing.

>> No. 9321497

You know nothing John Salt and especially not the difference. Come back when you touch both real and fake so you actually know what you are talking about.

>> No. 9321500

If we're already talking crap about cosplayers, why not talk shit about actual cringy cosplay couples

>> No. 9321507

OK so she has fake boobs, and...? Seriously, who cares. I personally prefer small boobs, but if people want big boobs and get them, then good for them.

That said, I'm pretty freaking sure their relationship isn't fixed on her boobs anyway.

>> No. 9321513

What makes you say so? My source actually heard Akuma say that the only reason he was with Isanami is because he is trying to make Siasity jealous.

>> No. 9321518

Well point number two on which your source is wrong. Keep going

>> No. 9321525

Your sources aint worth shit if they have the basic information wrong.
Please check the salt percentage of your sources

>> No. 9321535

LOL my source ain't wrong but alright. I'll just wait until Isanami kills herself knowing she will never be loved by Akuma.

>> No. 9321537

Methinks you care too much about people who are not you.

>> No. 9321538

what the hell is wrong with you?

>> No. 9321540

Well in that case it's still not fixated on her boobs. But you're wrong on the jealousy thing too anyway.

I've seen them together, and she has a kind/cute personality. I could understand why he likes her. Your source is probably just a liar.

>> No. 9321543

What did you even try to achieve? What is your goal with this... or does it satisfy you to randomly throw shit around?

>> No. 9321544

Why don't you take your own advice and do us all a favor of not having to look at your salty whine posts anymore

>> No. 9321546

>Full of underwear pictures.
Had to search, found 2 in total. Exaggeration is an art as well, guess you finally excel as an artist.

>Normally I wouldn't complain.
The pictures I did find, were definitely a boner killer.
But as always is said about ugly girls, I am sure she is really friendly.

>> No. 9321555

Tip from prop-anon: Always check whether or not your paint is good for airbrushing or not. I clogged up my airbrush by not properly checking. Meant to take it apart and clean everything. Save yourself an hour of time and check first.

>> No. 9321557

I'll join you in the foodstuffing party

>> No. 9321559

My facebook page was covered with posts about people competing in the competitions though!
Hmm it would be a nice idea if they would announce the participants somewhere. So people can follow their progress and stuff like that.

>> No. 9321560

Ouch. Can i ask a tip from you prop-anon? I sometimes chip paint (airbrushed) from my prop if i take off masking tape meant to airbrush a different color/part. How do I avoid this? I use woodglue as primer but i guess it doesn't adhere paint as well.

>> No. 9321561

Hahaha, I am cracking up: "my source touched her boobs."
"My source actually heard Akuma say"

Is there a name of the world you make your spy fantasies? What is next?

"psst, my source heard she has some shady dealings going on. If you go to the docks and ask for "Lefty" he will provide you the details.
Sjeez, even Twilight was more believable than your anonymus ramblings.

>> No. 9321580

>My problem doesn't concern you.
Then why do you keep bothering us with it???

>> No. 9321581


Even this guy is agreeing on me how ugly she is. I'm sure many others can agree as well. Akuma should just dump her already and get something better.

>> No. 9321587

Use weak-sticking tape. Woodglue doesn't adhere well no, do you use a primer? Sometimes sanding it down and priming it first can help. However, sometimes the tape is stronger than the paint. There are special 'soft' tapes (famous blue tape, or yellow frogtape). Check, when you're buying painter's tape, which kind it is. The standard tape won't do well. I'm pretty sure there's an aisle/rack in the gamma/praxis/hornbach/multimate where there tape rolls stacked/hung up. You'll want delicate, 'soft' kinds that don't damage paint.

I hope that helps.

>> No. 9321588

Did Akuma reject you or something? You do seem awfully concerned about their relationship.

>> No. 9321589

Oh boy are we doing the whole GTST cheap drama gig again?

Can't we just talk about something fun, like rainbows, or snow shoots, or ketamine or something.

>> No. 9321590

AKA you? Akuma does what he wants. why does it concern you at all. Get a life and find a new fixation.

>> No. 9321592

Thanks. I saw the frog tape yeah, i'll consider using that! And some sanding should help too.

>> No. 9321595

Maybe fun for others, but I prefer to be able to keep a stable playing rhythm.

>> No. 9321596

I don't use a primer other than woodglue for foam, because i feel like gesso would just show cracks as soon as the foam bends a little, any recommendations for that? (other than having to order plastidip overseas)

>> No. 9321597

Heck ketamine can be super fun, though the side-effects are terrifying as Hell when you're in a bad spell.

I'm glad I no longer use it anymore.

>> No. 9321608

Well I use the latex with pigmentation. I didn't realise you meant it on foam though. Then the 'primer' question becomes the latex or woodglue yeah. But for solid props made from resin, wood, worbla or other solid stuff, you can spray primer on it (usually grey) and that's got a certain texture to it that takes paint a lot easier.

>> No. 9321609

Not Prop-Anon, but both acrylic and latex based primers are extremely flexible. As in, "it doesn't crack until you fold a thin piece of foam double" flexible. Also imo woodglue is just to seal the foam as painting/priming directly into foam would absorb so much you have to apply way too many layers to get an even coat. Also don't forget to apply a clear/satin/glossy cost to protect your paintjob.

>> No. 9321610

How do "dedicated lolita's" feel towards "incidental/casual lolita"? (A person wearing a cutesie outfit once.)

>> No. 9321620

I do have liquid latex but i use it for casting latex pieces, i don't think i'm ready to waste it on foam as a primer yet.
For solid props ofcourse I use gesso or other form of primer, then I have no problems with it

thanks, and yeah i do use a coating but i tend to apply it after im done with all the painting, I don't want to apply a coat on the base coat when I need two colors on the base coat yet, that's where i have the most problems with chipping paint from one basecoat when painting the other.

Any tips on where I would get a non-cracking acrylic/latex based primer?

>> No. 9321626

Liquid Latex is different from the latex I use. For the priming/coating/sealing of foam, I use 60% vulcanised latex, it can take more of a beating than normal liquid latex.

>> No. 9321635

I can't find anywhere to buy this... Got a link?

>> No. 9321636

There's actually a Dutch plastidip site

>> No. 9321638

Hotdamn, 2017 is starting to be a good year then

>> No. 9321643


I always order from them, no problems so far.

>> No. 9321644

I want to talk about jfashion that is not lolita, but I guess I'm better off in the other threads for that..

>> No. 9321647

Saw it, 10eu a can and some extra send costs.. I think i'll ask my boyfriend to bring some cans from usa for 7 bucks.

>> No. 9321650

>Any tips on where I would get a non-cracking acrylic/latex based primer?
I use spray primers for nearly everything. Pipoos sells different types of Edding primers that cover in a single coat, however they are overpriced and the smell is horrible and lingers. I've recently made the switch to Liquitex after having tons of good experience with their paints. I can't judge on the durability yet, but they offer twice the content for the same price and produce little to no smell. However I'm no Prop-Anon who had tons of experience with this stuff.
Just keep in mind that it's too cold to use spray cans outside right now. Your paint/primer will bind poorly greatly increasing the risk of it chipping, flaking or flat out falling off.

>> No. 9321652

I'd say go for it senpai.

>> No. 9321654

Thanks, ill note that too. Looks like a nice source for this stuff.

>> No. 9321697

Same anon. You can talk with me.

>> No. 9321709
File: 2.35 MB, 2711x1844, 20170116_215716-1.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question but what's the best way of covering pieces in thermoplastic that have some weird shapes? I need to cover pic related but I'm not sure what to do with the corners ..

>> No. 9321713

What styles?
I'm disappointed that mori seems to be kinda dead. I can still wear it of course, but it's harder to find new discussions and inspo on it and seeing other people be active in a style always motivates me more.

>> No. 9321727
File: 61 KB, 820x497, plastidip_safetysheet.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Friendly reminder: if you value your health you should ALWAYS wear a respirator with organic air filters while working with PlastiDip. Those fumes can do some serious harm to your body, even more so than spray paints which already require a respirator imho. I just thought I should mention this as none of the webshops seem to point this out.

>> No. 9321733

Discussion point are always harder with smaller, not store based fashions. I also want to talk more about Japanese Fashion in general. But because everyone likes something else, it's kinda hard.

>> No. 9321739

Obviously, but thanks for pointing out. The gasses mentioned are not as toxic but maybe i'm biased as post-chemistry student. That reminds me, i wish i had a zuurkast at home, that shit was the best thing ever.

>> No. 9321744

Silly return question, but wouldn't it had been easier to wrap each part with thermoplast before glueing everything together? That way you could had just reheated the overlapping parts to connect them without any glue and just fill up the seems (if any).

As for a (perhaps shitty) answer, maybe you could use the stencils you've used for the foam pieces to create one or two huge pieces of thermoplast with enough clearance for the folds. Mark down the centre on the thermoplast, place it on the centre of your helmet and heat up the thermoplast from the centre leading out or something.

>> No. 9321764

It's not just the gasses you need to worry about, but the main product as well. I don't think the alveoli (longblaasjes) would work that well while filled with what is essentially liquid rubber.

>That reminds me, i wish i had a zuurkast at home, that shit was the best thing ever.
While it's not as cool as a proper zuurkast, you could always made a DIY spray booth. I've been wanting to build one myself for a while but simply don't have the space for it.

>> No. 9321765


Not sure if this link works, it's so ridiculously long... 1L is more than enough to cover a costume (so far) and you can thin it down with distilled water.

I second this. A respirator is in fact the last line of defence according to health & safety regulations.

Why cover it with thermoplastic? it might be easier, and lighter, to keep the costume in foam. However, if everything else has already been covered in thermoplastic, >>9321744 makes a good point. Most thermoplastics also stick to themselves so...

>> No. 9321789

I second that plastidip won't do your respiratory system ANY good whatsoever.
I knew I was working foolishly, but I had to plastidip fabric following the shape of my face.
So I just sprayplasted my head covered by a layer of fabric. The next day when running, the vomiting urges were through the roof and the amount of mucus production from my lungs were ludicrous, I was spitting every 10 meters.

Be smart kids, not a retard like me ^^

>> No. 9321808
File: 184 KB, 586x577, 1480645488645.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>So I just sprayplasted my head covered by a layer of fabric.
At least you learned from it...

>> No. 9321815

I don't have any space either :( And I don't think my landlord would be very happy seeing that.

holy god thats some stupid shit rofl. Next time make a custom head

>> No. 9321817

Mori, gyaru, larme, menhera, or just anything casual j-fashion would all be fine with me. But yeah mori seems to be quite dead indeed. Apparently it still exists in Japan but as ナチュラルファッション? Like a more casual toned down version.

And yeah it is quite hard to find a general discussion point. Which fashion and make-up color tones do you all like recently? I was trying to lay off the pink and switch to a more mature style with other colors and reddish toned make-up, but somehow I always get attracted to pink again. When I look at these coords http://www.dreamvs.jp/shop/g/g523430 I also really like the pink coord, but the other coords are definitely more mature.

>> No. 9321820


Yeah it was a bit stupid of me to put it together. Al the other pieces are covered in thermoplastic so I guess I'll just have to try using a big piece.
Thanks for the advice anyways, I'll keep it in mind next time.

And it's a schoulderpiece actually haha

>> No. 9321828

thanks for the link anon. I don't see how its different from moldmaking latex but i guess its the 60% solid part? Also this seller only ships to UK but i'll lookout for this or resort to plastidip in the end. Plastidip is nice because it gives such an even coat compared to brushing latex, which is horrid in texture (although thinned its slightly better).

>> No. 9321835

Can OP make a new thread please. This whole thread is full of that Akuma Isanami crap.

>> No. 9321843

When you panic because your freshly soldered and adhered led circuit isnt working but it was just a battery not placed well.

>> No. 9321866

As much as I think the anons ranting on them were stupid, I don't think that discussion is anything to make a new thread over, since we never did that with the previous drama either. Just be active here, and it will hit the limit shortly.

>> No. 9321872

She might be wearing a push up bra for all we know. Those 2 size up bras make my boobs feel like foam boulders while my real boobs get squeezed out of the top of the cups.

>> No. 9321874
File: 1.02 MB, 2711x1844, wacom_is_love.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>And it's a schoulderpiece actually haha
If you say so...

Only 20 more posts Anon, just be patient.

>> No. 9321878

lol yeah you're right. Pushups are just like that

Great artwork anon

>> No. 9321887

Yes it's the 60% solids/vulcanised part. If you want, I can order it for you and send it your way if you pay me for shipping etc.

This is actually for everyone; if there's something available in the UK or only UK shipping, I'm willing to order it, as long as you pay me back.

>> No. 9321892

until brexit happens

>> No. 9321895

I always like those for the reason it makes my boobs feel more protected. Like if someone groping you, they're actually just groping the bra.

>> No. 9321904

I made fake boobs recently, its hilarious to poke it and then ppl look at you like you're retarded

>> No. 9321908
File: 37 KB, 400x300, blackadder II.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Great, now I want to do a Blackadder cosplay with the comedy breasts...

>> No. 9321916

I wonder if animecon would allow that lol

>> No. 9321922

I don't get how everyone seems to know everyone involved in the drama here. I'm assuming people go some time back, but that would lead me to believe you've grown up enough not to be petty enough to stir up this drama.
Like aren't most people on here about 21-ish? How have you not grown past petty highschool level drama shit yet?

Thanks for the help anons, took it all apart today and put it back together again and it magically started working again. I'm guessing some part of the spring mechanism was blocked. All good!

>> No. 9322280

Haha yesss
It's Iop armor from wakfu, all their armor pieces have these cute demon faces on them. Even the shinguards look like masks lel

>> No. 9322324

Makes it cheaper for you though. My tuition fees have dropped from €3300 every three months to €2990 (atm). But the amount of pounds remains the same....

>> No. 9322347

I'd join you in my sickest Flashheart cosplay.
All I need now is a woman in drag to love me and I'm golden.

>> No. 9322354

It makes it both more awkward and less awkward to get through the dealer room, I bump into everyone with my boobs but at least it's the bra touching people not my actual boobs. Plus hugging people is a massive fail haha.

>> No. 9322355

So it isn't available in the netherlands?

>> No. 9322394

It might be. I'll have a look later today. We're currently going over managing the 1st years, and after lunch I'll be doing a headcast of my teammate so I can't really do any of that until I get home. So that'll be between 4-5pm NL time.

>> No. 9322436

>Search ebay.nl for liquid latex rubber
>Sort by lowest price+postage

>> No. 9322550

Try this

You want to look for 'polygen liquid latex' and check the solid percentage.

>> No. 9322563

Anyone has tips for good make up easily available in the Netherlands?
mascara, eyeliner, lipstick etc.

or webshops with make up with low shipping prices for the netherlands?

>> No. 9322572

I'd just go to HEMA or ETOS or something. Although their lightest shades are still too dark for me.

>> No. 9322594
File: 3.94 MB, 4008x5344, IMG_20170117_173117271.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Best €1 ever, suddenly glueing things has become way easier!

>> No. 9322616

Did you try it? Because there's nothing that is even remotely close to what is needed. Only latex cat suits, pillows and tiny bottles for sfx makeup

>> No. 9322617

Prop-anon here, I tried and posted the link here >>9322550

That said; it is surprisingly hard to find Latex suppliers in NL.

>> No. 9322627

Yea i noticed but half of it is shipping. I think i'll just buy some at my local crafts store I know they have latex but I thought it was just for casting. They sell for a good price.

>> No. 9322634

Cool, take a look at their consistency, there are thickeners available if you need. Pro(p)tip: Pigment shows you where you've been already, and can create a basecolour.

>> No. 9322636

Thanks, yeah they got thickeners too so that's perfect, and pigments

>> No. 9322640

I did and found several listings including one that sells the exact same bottle Prop-Anon posted, hence my snarky comment. I also found several Dutch stores on Google that carry the product (different brand) for less, so there's that.

>> No. 9322642
File: 563 KB, 1200x900, IMG_9340.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Cool. Here's a test I did with some airbrushing on a test piece of foam with the latex. It's a gradient purple with pearlescent paint brushed over it. But this is the kind of finish you get without the clearcoat.

>> No. 9322643

And the brush strokes is from the latex brushing? Because if it causes a lot of brush strokes (which it does in my experience) I think I'll invest in plastidip.

>> No. 9322644

I'm all around with colours (except for some neons that look horrible on me). Some friends of mine complain that they don't get my closet hahaha.

My weakness are wine/dark berry red lipsticks. Like, I have the idea I have every shade out their, except for the perfect dup of my favourite lipstick (curse you L'Oréal for discontinuing Laetitia red).That's also why I find it such a shame that opaque red lipsticks are considered very formal in Japan and won't be seen much in street snaps.

Also, if you want to look more mature but don't want to lay down the pinks (yet): dusty/old pinks look really classic combined with black. Wear what you linked with a black pencil skirt, black heels and some accessories and nobody will think you're a childish.

>> No. 9322703

She's very nice in person actually.

>> No. 9322704

Yes, but I switched to foam brushes, that prevents brush strokes. And it evens out after a few coats. You can also spray it on if you thin it down with distilled water through a crittergun but I don't have one so I'm forced to brush it on. This was a test piece, so the brush strokes are more pronounced because I was a little careless.

>> No. 9322708
File: 546 KB, 1200x900, IMG_9339.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Here's a different angle, so you can see the more 'evened out' bits.

>> No. 9322712

Thanks! I would never recommend spraypainting latex, it will clog almost instantly. So don't try to!

>> No. 9322734

If you do it through a crittergun and properly thinned down, it's definitely doable. Evil Ted does it regularly

>> No. 9322891
File: 96 KB, 1021x573, Shenron.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

The current thread has (already) hit auto-sage. The new thread can be found at >>9322884.

Your wish has been granted! Come to think of it, I still need to make a wish in Xenoverse 2...

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