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Dutch Thread: "I Long for the Main Convention Season..." Edition

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Previously, in our thread about cosplay and conventions >>9305621
>I showed my gratitude to all of you
>More stores for the community list. Have your own suggestions? Fill in the form at https://churi.nl/add-store
>Creepy prosthetic sheep noses
>Cosplay Patreons on how we feel about them
>WIP shots and our current projects
>Massage stand at cons brainfart
>Viencon, DynamicCon, YayCon and TomoTalks
>Foot fetish guy got busted at Tomo and how our cons are flooded with creeps
>Diffusing LED’s
>Cosplaying characters you don’t know
>If you’re having corset problems I feel bad for you love, I’ve got 99 problems but big tits ain’t one!
>Ironic TomoPosting and the eternal discussion us /cgl/ vs Tomo
>Cheap public transport solutions
>Anon: “I don’t see the point in having dealer rooms at cons”

Next five major events:
>Dynamic Con (January 29th, Eindhoven NB), another newcomer on the scene targeted at everything cosplay.
>Yaycon (February 19th, Amersfoort UT), yaranaika?
>Showmasters Comic Con Rotterdam (March 4th & 5th, Rotterdam ZH), a con exactly like ACC only in Rotterdam.
>Dutch Comic Con (March 25th & 26th, Utrecht UT), a con exactly Like X-mas DCC, only with more stands and people.
>VidCon (April 7th – 9th, Amsterdam NH), an overly expensive place to meet YouTubers.
The full calendar can be viewed at https://www.churi.nl/agenda

Friendly reminders
>Ignore shitposts and attention whores. Attention is what they want, so let's not give them any.
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and just move on.
>Sadly posts made in Dutch are against the global rules and will be removed.
>Posting WIP pictures or about your current projects is encouraged

The Dutch Thread companion site with our community store list and calendar can be found at https://churi.nl