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>incoming blogpost
I feel like I became what i used to dislike about lolitas before.
When I was a newbie only owning AH,Bodyline and F+F I had so little but I was so much more into the whole lifestyle thing and it was so enjoyable even though I was frustrated to not be able to buy brand, travel to the city to attend the big events, or have more things to wear due to my young age at the time. I would dream about owning brand some one day, about being a true daily lolita and such. I would kinda look down on girls owning brand and buying so much things yet not being really into the lifestyle aspect/buying just to own brand/not wearing it so much.
Ever since I came back into lolita two years ago after a break, I bought my first brand piece and I became kind of addicted, more about buying lolita and less about living it,...Hell I only wear it once or twice every month because of how lazy I became. Every main piece in my wardrobe is brand now, i sold all of my previous things including one I still loved just because they looked "cheap" next to my brand. Sometimes I look at dresses I want and wonder "Would I like this less if this was offbrand?". It's not even "it" prints or anything and i'm not even popular at all nor do i want to be so why?
I just want to feel that daydream-y feeling that lolita gave me all over again.