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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Other anons try to prove us wrong.

Been a while and I like these threads
Pic very related
It will never happen

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Never really seen a good petal cosplay from thatgamecompany's flower.

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Character is shit anyways tho

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Did you mean to quote OP or do you just have awful taste?

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>implying meruem is shit
fucking triggered
how the fuck is cheese a good character

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>tfw you will never see niche puzzle game yandere bunny waifu cosplayed ever fucking ever

why even live????

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Aww, I really like her design, anon

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Are you shitting me? The cheese is the best character on the show.

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Patchwork bunny witch with spiked bat is the best.

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I used to be really interested in playing that game a while ago, but I completely forgot and never actually played it. Thanks for reminding me of it.

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Why tho? She has a very simple design, unless you are talking about her mecha suit.

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>It will never happen
Not the best photo, but here.

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the toes.... the toes!!!

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Whoops. I'm retarded and missed the entire OP. Just read "Character's you've never seen cosplayed" without the "well".

Yeah, never ever.

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what's wrong with his toes? seems kinda nitpicking to me, when the rest of it actually looks pretty decent for a cosplay that's usually never done well

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There are too many.

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It's not exactly a popular show

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its not even possible I'm pretty sure.

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Meme aside, I'd actually love to see this cosplayed well. All I ever see is white females doing this guy. Never an actual asian guy.

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Name of the game please? I love the design so much

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I've seen her cosplayed but it's weird because I still people cosplaying the fan version of Charlotte even years after the movie came out basically negating it.

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I really want a cosplay of her.

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yo my friend looks just like him and acts like him too. i keep joking for him to cosplay phil for AX, but he's doing a basic ass luffy instead.

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Never seen any chara from Utena cosplayed well.

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Maybe this one?

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Any fucking Homestuck character.

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Every cosplay I've seen of Fran does stupid drawn on stitches with eyeliner, I really want to cosplay her and do proper SFX makeup stitches one day

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Irisu Syndrome.

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Is everyone sick of all the Madoka Kaname cosplay or just the bad ones? I've actually been wanting to cosplay her in the school uniform for a while. It doesn't seem like there are as many of her in uniform as the magical girl version.

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Thanks anon!

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What anime is this?

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Madoka Magica?

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Jack (the player character) from Bioshock 1

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That's one of those simple, but hard to do cosplays. It's a white knit sweater, pants, and the largest wrench you can find or make.

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You can't find a single good homestuck cosplay of the thousands?

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Those tacky cheap materials make my heart hurt....
So no, not good.

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Glay's Anthy is god tier

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too bad that kogumi isnt to par

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It's a popular fan design from madoka

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any of these love to see this proved wrong

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Boi if I didn't delete my HSG folder years ago I'd hit you with some great ones.

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i'm in love.

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She was completely unecessary, personality-less, obvious loli merch bait who threw off the balance of an already well-established group.

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Pretty good yeah, but it is needing an iron and probably boning so the lines (especially white) are clean. THAT would be god tier
Her wig doesn't look good from here.
Nor do the material of the tassels.

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Are you the same person from the last one of these threads that nitpicked every example someone gave? That's just you having ridiculous standards, not there being no good cosplays

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Nope, no idea what you're talking about. But I am ridiculously picky, yes.
Like I'll admit that Glay's Anthy is probably the best Anthy out there, but It doesn't strike me as perfect.

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Every character from HxH who isn't Gon/Kurapikt/Liorio/Kilwa.

Yes, that includes Hyskoa. No good Hyskoa.

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She's been on my list for so long. I really need to do her since I have the labcoat from another cosplay now.

That is ironed, and go figure fabric sits different on a human than it does drawn on a character. Also for that clean line you want in the middle she's need to have no chest at all for it to sit right, boning would not fix that. Also it's shitty lighting. Take the stick out of your ass, or self post so we can tear you apart for your shitty cosplay cause I can tell you're not a great cosplayer if you're this picky.

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>implying there has even been a good Gon cosplay

also inb4 someone posts Anzujaamu Pitou cosplay

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You'd assume it'd be embarrassingly easy. How can people be so bad at not wearing clothes?

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The Vocaloid/UTAU craze has really died down too (at least in the West), so I doubt I'll ever see her at all anymore

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Honestly? 2hus that aren't Reimu, Youmu, Marisa, Scarlet sisters, Cirno, etc. So many non EoSD or PCB Characters get no attention from cosplayers

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>get no attention from cosplayers

Und das ist gut so!

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There. U happy now?

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She's just rarely cosplayed. If her design were more popular you'd see some good/decent ones. I personally hate her design, even after the revamp. It's just ugly. That's probably the same thought a lot of cosplayers have, hence her never being cosplayed.

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Why did you reply to me? I already said that there were good Gon cosplays like that one.

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????? Vocaloid is the most popular it's ever been in the West. It's the East where it's just barely cooled down a bit.

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I didn't mean a clean line down the middle because I know that is incompatible with breasts considering how large mine are.
I meant along the edge of the base of the vest.

But I don't share my cosplays here because I AM so picky and know where all the mistakes/poor fabric choices/etc are. Duh.

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>proper, non-panne velvet
>"cheap material"
kek, try again anon

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Really? Pretty sure 2009/10 were peak years in the west. Don't get me wrong, there's still ebay bought Mikus and Mastroyka Gumis, etc. but I don't see much variation in characters or type of costume.
A Haku would be nice to see too

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bodypaint is awful, i cosplayed shyvana

i wanted to cosplay her before the rework, but then you'd just be seen as some weird bdsm OC which is why i didn't.
And after her visual rework i stopped playing and cosplaying league, plus after shyvana i never want to do any full bodypaint cosplay ever again

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Has anyone even tried?

>> No. 9365144

Definitely possible, but it'd be a bitch.

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It's pretty rare

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Looking through my old folder and coming up empty.

I guess by virtue of design, Mobius and Hadron count but that's not saying much.

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They're far and few in-between, but they exist.

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I feel you anon. I cosplay several UTAU and Vocaloid and I feel alone among the default Miku.

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