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Where does /cgl/ stand on the growing trend of ahegao selfies?

Cute? Lewd? Harmless fun or totally idiotic?

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usually tacky as fuck and specifically made for men.

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I had to look this shit up and immediately smacked my head into my desk when I did.

Like, I imagine the excuse for this stupid shit is something along the lines of
>what? no im not being a complete skank whos making an ass of herself, im just being silly and cheeky and random tehe

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it's super fucking lewd
i find it really adorable though, but i just can't imagine publicly posting a picture alluding to getting the good dick

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as a virgin, I wonder, are women really doing the ahegao during orgasm?

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Yes. All women do this, no exceptions. Trust me, I've had sex at least 1 times.

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To be real and cringey as fuck, I have ONCE because dick was too good and I was getting choked.

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I guess, it was cause of the choking

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If you dont mind guys jerking it to the picture then go right ahead

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I've seen it done for western manwhores, that's a good use of your ahegao IMO.

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i do it all the fucking time and i'm not sure if it's because of my exposure to hentai or what

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Really who cares? To me it's whatever

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it's dumb but no more dumb than the staged panty flash cosplay shots, or groping other cosplayers, or any other of the cringey weeb shit that mediocre cosplayers shit out

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Really? Because usually women make a face during orgasm like they stubbed their toe.

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It just weirds me out when 12 year olds do it.

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This. I think it looks pretty stupid. Fun in some contexts, but mostly stupid.

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You ever hear the limerick about the man from Nantucket, anon? it's creepy to see a 12 year old anime girl sneezing to an adult, but to them its just some dumb sex joke.

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> There once was a man from Nantucket
> Who kept all his cash in a bucket.
> But his daughter, named Nan,
> Ran away with a man
> And as for the bucket, Nantucket.
I don't understand, anon.

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My girlfriend and I NEVER make ahegao face, I think tongues sticking out during sex is really stupid and messy; and if we're gonna get messy we're gonna do it properly.

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Lol, I have been told my faces are hilarious/cute in a derp way often.

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It's fucking dumb, just like everything else in this fucking dumb hobby. Everything has gone to shit, and is ruined.

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>mfw you find your friend selling ahegao selfies and nudes for $8 on tumblr

on topic, it's dumb and attention-seeking.

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No, seriously. I'm ESL and never heard of this before.

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Nan took the bucket of money. Nantucket also sounds like "Nan took it"
It's a rhyme that usually involves the word "fuck it" too

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>Nantucket also sounds like "Nan took it"
Depends on your accent. I'm a native English speaker and was equally lost.

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Ohh, I see now. Thanks for explaining.

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Then leave?

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It's shameless neckbeard-pandering and I think less of any girl or woman who does it.

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Ahegao is the next duckface. Y'all can jump on this train or get left at the station.

This will be the only chance /cgl/ ever gets to be avante garde, don't miss it.

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Done right, it fits in that golden zone between cute and sexy where waifus are made

Done wrong, it looks ridiculous and brings shame upon you and your family

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There once was a man from Nantucket
Whose cock was so long he could suck it
Said the man with a grin, as he wiped off his chin
If my ear was a cunt, I could fuck it

this was really popular in middle school, a kid these days knowing ahegao isnt that shocking

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Show me your worst examples of this. I want to see agehao cringe.

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>the bucket is filled with a yellow liquid.

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>thread about ahegao selfies
>nobody posted any ahegao selfies yet
Worst board

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>"I've never actually cosplayed, I just throw hissy fits on /cgl/."

>> No. 9360786

Helps me figure out who's easy to lay during the after parties.

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My gf only does it if she has her hitachi on full blast. Also, the foundation of our house shifts.

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Yeah, this.

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It all makes sense now

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Lose some weight

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W-wait. Can women really do that?

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Look up some cervix gaping videos and find out.

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That is one of the least sexy things I have ever seen...

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Ditto. I think it's lewd but cute and fine especially if it's in character (e.g. hana from prison school)

A strawpoll would be fun, I'd be interested to see the results.

Also what are thoughts on guys doing it? I haven't seen anyone do it but I'm curious on if /cgl/ finds it any worse than when girls do it.

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I posted this in a thread a while back.

its only good if there are two V-signs

if theres only one, its shit.

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I had to look it up, too.

Some of the faces are cute. I feel like this is something young, sexually inexperienced girls do because they are trying to make people think they are sexy while dressing modestly. It's not the worst thing ever.

But I think the faces people actually make when they have sex are sexier and more interesting.

Also, this is the best thing tagged ahegao on instagram.

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>Also what are thoughts on guys doing it?
Only if they're cute traps being dommed. Breaking the resolve of a trap that's loyal to the D is my biggest dream.

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I think its an ugly af expression so I just have my eyes closed whenever my bf makes me cum.

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Really glad to see nobody's dumb enough to actually post an ahegao selfie on here.

What with the constant sexy-cosplay-shaming threads (disguised as patreon threads, popular cosplayer threads, etc) you'll just know you'll end up being next week's dumb slut being dissed all over 4chan.

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OP here, thanks for the replies

So in conclusion:

Ahegao + 0 peace signs = cute and adorable
Ahegao + 1 peace sign = sexy and silly
Ahegao + 2 peace signs = lewd and slutty

>> No. 9363246

All I know is if it's good, my eyes will roll back into my head
>There's never been anyone else to confirm this though

>> No. 9363320

Man I fucking love limricks.

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