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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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>> No. 9358935

No one gives a shit about your schooling as long as your portfolio is strong.

That being said, it depends on what you're showing in your portfolio - what kind of job are you aiming for? If someone's looking for storyboards, they're not gonna be impressed by your paintings, and so on and so forth.

>> No. 9359024

What time period do you consider to be con season? I sell a lot of cosplay items and had a great holiday sales season but it's dropped significantly. When does con season in the US usually ramp up? May?

>> No. 9359047

I'd say april-october is prime con season

>> No. 9359220

Just realized AWA applications opened yesterday. Ugh, I thought they said they were going to e-mail past artists to remind us about it or something.

Eh, just depends where you live. My biggest cons are in January, May, june, and September. As far as Etsy sales go, January - April are always my worst months.

>> No. 9359234

I consider it to be March - September

>> No. 9359278

Does anyone actually reference the convention list? I've been updating it with info and let me tell you, some cons are awful at having an easily accessible artist alley/exhibitor tab in their navigation...

>> No. 9359301

I have been, thank you for doing this for everyone!

>> No. 9359303

It's a great resource! Thank you for putting it together after the last one got lost.

>> No. 9359333

I've updated it some too. I think state and city should be switch though so that way we can organize by state. Thoughts?

>> No. 9359479

I changed it so it can be sorted by State!

>> No. 9359488

How'd everyone do in the grab for AX hotels this year?

>> No. 9359571

has anyone heard back from A-kon regarding AA acceptance yet?

>> No. 9359637

Results come out March 15th.

>> No. 9359923

Terrible. I'm mad they didn't include artists with the vendors for early booking.

>> No. 9359934
File: 2.80 MB, 4160x2340, 20170217_143603.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Just got these from vograce and as you can see theyre off centre, will they replace them for free? Or will i need to pay

>> No. 9359937

Here's an idea: ask vograce.

>> No. 9359938

you get what you pay for

>> No. 9359961

Im sorry you over pay for your charms

Heres an idea: I already asked but I wanted to know peoples experiences in case they tell me incorrect info or try to fob me off

>> No. 9360050

vograce is the reason why some customers will say their charms scratch and they aren't sure if they should get more lol

>> No. 9360082

Where's your evidence? Are you the same salty racist anon that won't use alibaba anymore?

>> No. 9360108

Different anon, but there's plenty of evidence that the print chips easier than acornpress, inkit, etc. I use vograce and even I'm not going to dispute that. In chipping/print quality, you do actually get what you pay for.

>> No. 9360171

I use alibaba for other things, just not charms.

>> No. 9360225

Vograce has definitely had a inferior phase re: printed acrylic charms in the past but not so much anymore. I remember getting one of their earliest samples and being able to scratch the ink off with a fingernail. I have some recent 3 inch Vograce keychains from friends and the ink is pretty comparable to ZapCreatives - even on a huge surface area. I haven't had chipping either.

Plus, Vograce also offers double-board and glitter epoxy options that protect the ink if you're really anal about stuff scratching off.

>> No. 9360414

Hi anon, different anon here. I get a lot of charms through vograce, and when I have misprints, they usually ship the amount misprinted for free with your next order. I'm not sure if they do re-ships for free.

Also, yes the single sided charms do seem to have a flaking off tendency. Not scratched off, but over time, it looks like the paint will flake off in small specks. I bought a friend's charm who ordered through them about 10ish months ago and it does this.

>> No. 9360449

I've had three complaints that my 1.5" charms have had paint chipped off the front and scratches along the back. I'd rather just go with durability and spend the extra like 80 cents per charm with acornpress.

I do wish acornpress could do a lower MOQ like 5, but I understand why they can't.

>> No. 9360541

Anyone at katsucon? How did you do today?

>> No. 9360567

oh dear thats frustrating because it's gonna be ages until i reorder, i hope theyll do a free reship since its their own fault....

>> No. 9361239

anyone ever been to dragon con? Whats it like? With just a normal pass costing $115, do people spend much there?

>> No. 9361276

I am looking to get a relatively small batch of charms made, what is acornpress' how low is their moq

>> No. 9361328

google acornpress and look on their tumblr, please make some kind of effort jfc

>> No. 9361679

Does anyone here sell space dandy merch? I was wondering if the fan base is still around at conventions.

I know most people base their products on their own preferences, but I figured I'd see if anyone here has experience with the series and gauge interest.

>> No. 9361691

>Im sorry you over pay for your charms
But it's not overpaying if you're getting a product you can actually sell. Vograce has that dumb free with your next order policy so I would suggest (if you don't want to do a second order anyway) making a fuckups pile and mark those charms down by $1 or $2. Trust me. Someone will buy them. I don't know why, but customers seem to be blind to misprints.

>> No. 9361771

Any canada AA-ers here? I'm a vancouver local and I do most of the cons in my area. I've been doing well enough recently that I'm finally considering taking the plunge and traveling (canada only) to attend other cons.
What are some of the larger canadian cons...? Is anime north a big one? I only really know the cons that get posted here as threads sometimes.

I would consider traveling south to the USA but traveling with merch across the boarder kind of scares me, im so worried of them seizing my cargo. Plus is it considered illegal since you are technically "working" in the USA? Idk really what to Google for this to find answers

>> No. 9361779

Most of the Canadian artists I've talked to just mail their stuff to the US ahead of time (whether to a friend or to a UPS store) and tell the border agents that they are visiting for pleasure/fun and attending the convention. You can print most of your posters here anyway. It's the bigger/3D merch you have to worry about like keychains.

American artists also do the same thing when they go sell at Canadian cons.

>> No. 9361781

it's not really over paying when the quality is 5x better and more reliable tho

>> No. 9361786

Not that anon but you're paying for the ease of service honestly. With western-based acrylic companies you don't have a language barrier and they're expected to stick to the turnarounds and guarantees made on their site. With direct-to-factory manufacturing, you're getting the lowest prices but at the cost of the language barrier and about a ~10% defect rate is seen as acceptable/normal. (The defect rates being normalized in mass production is something I've seen both in a professional industry setting and in amateur productions of other merch like enamel pins.)

I own and have produced charms made through both Vograce and western companies and honestly, the difference in quality is not that big. The only real difference is that Vograce does not offer the gloss option that places like Ink It and Zap do. But they do have an array of option not offered from western companies like sparkle/glitter epoxy, double-boards for clear acrylic, and even gold printing. If you want to stick to western companies because they're easy and safe, that's fine - but claiming that the quality is 5x better is kind of laughable.

>> No. 9361790

>Plus is it considered illegal since you are technically "working" in the USA

I've always wondered about this. Do people just do not declare their taxes? What about cons that ask for a sale permit?

>> No. 9361796

Vograce also does not offer multiple white layers afaik. I would use them more if they did I think.

>> No. 9361878

I mean, if you can't tell the difference in quality that's on you? I can and so can my customers. It's not even ease of access for me (i'm chinese). I've used vograce before and I'm just tired of people defending the shit out of them because they're cheap. It's fine if that's where you source your charms and you're going for maximum profit but don't act like they're not inferior products. That doesn't mean they're bad, but I would rather happily pay the extra few cents per charm and get a. ensured quality b. flexibility in file design and material c. extras (every single western company i've ordered through has given me extras, while vograce has only ever matched the exact amount i ordered....with that 10% defect rate.)

take with a side of salt because I also had an order fucked up like anon's upthread - except my order was 500+ charms and it was multiple designs - which made me stop using them entirely. It's fine to want to use the cheapest manufacturer possible - i'm well aware a lot of artists are only in it for the profit, but I care about the quality of my products.

tl;dr: the comparative cheapness of vograce isn't worth the cons (for me).

>> No. 9361992

I care about quality, but I also have the reality that charms are not a big seller for me personally. If other companies had a low minimum order I would be more inclined to use them, but it doesn't make sense for me to pay more per piece and get more of something I know I won't sell much of and don't want leftover stock forever. If you're a popular artist, though, I don't think you have any excuse to be using vograce outside of maximum profits being your only priority.

>> No. 9362033

good to see i'm not alone. I could save maybe 5k per year if i switched to vograce (from inkit) but i'd feel like shit offering customers an inferior product. I mean i get it if you don't sell many charms like >>9361992 and it's just too risky but i can afford it and i would just feel scummy maximizing that profit when i can afford to give the best.

I also love seeing people show me their charms from several years ago with not a single scratch on the ink and how happy they are about that.

>> No. 9362148

I buy a lot of prints but run out of wall space pretty quick.

On a related note, anybody have any suggestions on how to hang prints and have them removable without damaging them?

>> No. 9362167

I feel you. I recently took down all my prints (40ish? most of those are a4 or smaller though) and rearranged them to free up more wall space.

if you've got the money to blow you could frame them? lol
I personally use clear painters/masking tape and fold it so it's double sided. it's not super secure so I wouldn't recommend it if you constantly have windows open or something but it doesn't damage walls or prints.

>> No. 9362215

I've noticed most of the AANI are kinda weenies. I mean, I just commented that there was historically inaccurate pants on a Hamilton fan art (that used a historical portrait for a reference) and the person deleted their post.

>> No. 9362221

i mean noone on here even dares to post their art for feedback/critique so?

>> No. 9362238
File: 40 KB, 512x188, Notyourblog.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

AANI is not your fucking blog

>> No. 9362358

Lurk more, people do and good cc is usually given.

>> No. 9362367

They do all the time. I even posted some art in an AA thread and anons helped me improve it.

>> No. 9362382

I brought up the 10% accepted flaw rate because that's an industry standard not because I personally expect Vograce to send me faulty items. Vograce has only fucked up about 3 times in my 3 years of ordering from them and one of those times was because of the language barrier and another was because one of the people in my group order formatted their files incorrectly. All three times, they promptly offered a discount or a reprint.

I'm not denying that there might be a slight quality difference between the charms. I'm saying that claiming that Western manufacturers are "five times" better than Vograce is fucking ridiculous. By what standards? What sort of measuring system are we using to get that "5x" number? Vograce's printing has come a long way since they first started offering printed charms. I've had charms from Western companies chip. I have Vograce charms from friends that are three times the size and have never chipped once.

Also, if you can speak the language, you can request double white layers and other specifications. I know of at least one fellow artist who has gotten Vograce to do things that they normally do not offer to English-speaking artists.

If you can speak the language or take the time to follow up/ask questions B is not a problem. (Vograce offers colored acrylic, double clear boards, glitter epoxy, and other things that Western companies do not. They're not lacking in materials.) C - although may have been true for you, is not the case for everyone. I have gotten extras with every single order I make (and I generally order at least 300-500pcs with my highs hitting up to 2k+) as have all my friends who order from Vograce.

The argument that if you use Vograce you must not care about quality is reductive and played out, sorry. Enjoy your "superior" charms though.

Off the top of my head, the nummy bunnies anon and the playing card style LOL anon have all posted and gotten good critique. It happens pretty often.

>> No. 9362389

Whether it's 5x difference or "slight" you sound super pressed that your cheap charms are being called out for being cheap. Just deal with it, you're already making a much larger profit margin why do you have to be so defensive about an objectively inferior product yikes.

>> No. 9362400

My entire point is that it's not as "objective" as you think it is from having run several huge group orders for acrylic products through both Western venues and through Vograce. But you seem to be getting off on your own superiority complex.

>> No. 9362402


This. I had some prints where I guess when I made the jpeg I dragged my pen across it and there was this glaring, huge line across a character's face. I made a new print run but wasn't sure what to do with the mistakes other than just recycle them. I marked them down to $1 (these were postcard prints, too) and sold all of them. Even when I told people "I have clean ones, but there's a huge line on this guy's face" they still were fine with the misprint probably because it was so damn cheap.


When you talk about defect rates being normalized, it's not so much that a certain percentage is okay to be sent out defective, it also is going to depend on what Vograce considers a defect. I work as a packaging designer and there are times we get boxes that are technically within the specifications/margins of error that our printer deems acceptable. So while we're looking at a box that leans at a 5-10 degree angle, it's not considered a defect because the printer has stated ranges of imperfections. A lot of commercial companies have this defect range and a lot will make fixes anyway but one person's defect is another person's "within spec."

>> No. 9362410

I have this photo hanging thing that I bought at work (I think the brand was Umbra?) that I use to hang all my smaller prints. It's basically just a clothesline with clothes pins which I like a lot. Cheaper than buying a bunch of frames and the prints still don't get ruined.

>> No. 9362444
File: 34 KB, 542x165, Capture.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>go look at commissions
>mediocre cotton stuff

>> No. 9362452

I posted some stuff ~2 years ago, and got really good critique. Looking back, I agree 100% with what that anon said and am still willing to buy them a drink if I ever met them. I've seen other people ask for and receive feedback recently too.

>> No. 9362457

>tfw I actually know who this is

>> No. 9362494

I think people pussy foot around too much. There has been some AWFUL art on their and nobody has the balls to say anything. It's created an oversaturation of garbage work.

>> No. 9362515

Laminating em has worked well for me

>> No. 9362555

Oh I always tell people here if their art is shit or not, don't worry about that.

>> No. 9362654

I posted art last year to get charm and print critique before my con season. Everyone was generally helpful and honest enough that I got good feedback. You just have to be confident and have thick skin.

>> No. 9362747

this, it is an anonymous board so occasionally people get random troll-y or bitchy replies but the majority are helpful. you just have to recognize when someone's trying to be a cunt and get a rise out of you and just ignore it.

>> No. 9362775

Do character-themed scented candles sound lame?

>> No. 9362787

Yes...and I would eat that shit up in a fucking heartbeat

>> No. 9362796

Yeah, different anon, but I've posted a few different times in these threads. The very first time I posted was an "Am I good enough?" which the resounding response to was NO. That was followed up with good suggestions of things I should study before applying for AA tables... as well as several implications that I should kill myself, which were less useful.

Just take the advice here with a thick skin and a grain of salt and you'll be fine.

>> No. 9362801
File: 44 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.965264974_87qc.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

A long while back I wanted to do something like that. Like a whole room care weeb scene with character robes, scented candles, character soap, anime bathbombs.

I never got around to it and now character robes have taken off. Don't do what I did, take my idea and run with it. Do the thing. Make me proud.


>> No. 9362921

this brings back memories of that aa artist 2-3yrs ago, whose name would pop up randomly and raise a twit storm lashing out back in this thread lol. ferget the grills name but something but about a blog being angry at aa which is ironic.

>> No. 9363143

searching for angry artist alley will bring up her name

>> No. 9363329

rofl, i remember her. and I remember a couple 'anons' who got salty they got honest critique (remember that 'boobies' sticker girl who threw a tantrum and went whining to aani...? lol)

>> No. 9363388
File: 293 KB, 1008x792, tumblr_nxfjb8o4w11r8byglo1_1280.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

She's still at it.

>> No. 9363397

Was this website designed with Geocities
What the fuck

>> No. 9363407

Her art is painful to look at.

>> No. 9363598

I was being sarcastic about not mentioning the name by saying a blog about being "...", anyway I didn't want to dig up a graveyard story but hmm guess still lurking around the convention aa's
>tfw I avoided reading artist alley thread before like a dengue outbreak

>> No. 9363612
File: 106 KB, 660x784, 1471580405782.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Why in the fuck is her black font against a black background??

>> No. 9363617
File: 119 KB, 540x274, tumblr_inline_ntymz0W6Cx1qfmg4i_540.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Oh that's what it is.
I could not figure out what the fuck was wrong with the page.

>> No. 9363927

Is there anyone here who sells their stuff professionally, like as a job?

>> No. 9364019

Fucking hell I want that five minutes of my life back, fuck my curiosity.

>> No. 9364189

>What are some of the larger canadian cons...? Is anime north a big one? I only really know the cons that get posted here as threads sometimes.

I can only attest to the cons here in Ontario, but Anime North is the big one here. If you have things that you think would sell well at a more comic-con themed even there's also Fan Expo. But Fan Expo is way more expensive to table at than AN, just a heads up.

>> No. 9364200

I was looking through anime north and they really seem to split up the artists by what they do. Like comic market, crafters corner, etc. Do some areas get overlooked by attendees ? Im a 3D artist and I don't know if the crafters corner is something that some attendees would be interested in pursuing

>> No. 9364218

That awful site design took me straight back to the 90s.

>> No. 9364240

The last couple years the crafters corner has been right beside the comic market. And they're about as busy, maybe a little quieter.

The big problem with crafters is they don't have the giant print wall some people in the CM have to entice attendees over. So a large banner behind your table and/or fun table setup may help.

>> No. 9364648
File: 937 KB, 1076x1864, cushion comparisons.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Hey, guys! There was some interest in the last thread about custom cushions. I got my sample in today and figured I'd do a quick comparison between the alibaba seller and GetMeds.

First off, the seller I communicated with is called Wuhan Yi Bo Texture Technologies. If you search "custom character cushion" or whatever, they have a bunch of Love Live characters as their samples so you know they're down for that weeaboo shit.

General verdict- They're pretty different products, so you should go with what you personally prefer. That being said, there is a pretty significant price difference. Wuhan quoted me at $4.50 at MOQ (20 pcs) while GetMeds is $10/per with a MOQ of 10 pieces.

Printing: Quality on both was pretty good. Wuhan's was a little darker and warmer (idk if you can tell from my photos-- apologies for the quality), while GetMed's was a little crisper. Might have to do with the resolution, though.

Size: You can tell that Wuhan can print way bigger than GetMeds. I think the max for GetMeds is 28cm vertically, or 25x25 for a square/round shape. Wuhan can print up to 45cm. I tried to maximize the size of my design. At it's longest length, though (diagonally), I managed to get mine to about 47cm.

Bleed/shape: I may have fucked up the files on this one, which is why the shapes are so oblong (protip- make the bg as round and "blobby" as possible so your actual character/design can lie flat after its been stuffed). In any case, Wuhan was able to print full bleed so that the light green on the front ended and the dark green on the back started. GetMeds wasn't able to do that-- I ended up getting a bit of white between where the green on the front ended and the pattern on the back began. A little disappointing. Important to note if you want to give a background to your design on the front.

(cont'd- 1/2)

>> No. 9364649
File: 7 KB, 150x137, 1444673019858.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Okay! Thanks so much for the info. I was a bit worried they would be hidden away and not noticed as much.

>> No. 9364666
File: 273 KB, 1492x698, cushion formatting.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


Texture: My friends have cushions and I really liked the soft, minky fur feel of them so I opted for that option when ordering from Wuhan, which offers a variety of materials/textures. The texture is super nice and I kinda like the slight sheen/shimmer it has. GetMeds has a default "peachskin" texture which is also pretty nice. It's smooth and crisp and has a similar texture to twill, but softer. Whichever you like more is just personal preference.

Communication: Both were really straightforward. Wuhan was very prompt in responding and seems to have pretty decent English. Wuhan takes JPG and GetMEds requires a transparent PSD.

Turnaround time: GetMeds is on a schedule, so they'll obviously take a bit longer. I think mine was about 3 weeks-a month? Wuhan was pretty fast. We took about a week to go back and forth to answer questions and stuff, but the actual sample got done in like 2 days, and it took about a week to ship. They told me that they can finish printing/manufacturing an MOQ within a day.

File formatting note: Make your bg designs as blobby as possible, as I mentioned before. Something like this will probably come out better than mine. I think the bg color ended up being too close to the design edge, so when my design printed, it ended up getting a little warped at the corners. I didn't have this issue with GetMeds, but like I said, I ended up with a strip of white between my front design and the edge of the cushion.

oh, also, Wuhan does doublesided printing.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if you're interested in ordering cushions!

>> No. 9364727

Thanks for the review! Just wanted to say that the Wuhan print might not be as crisp as GetMed's because of the different fabric types. Peachskin prints detail really well (they use them for oppai mousepads I think), whereas minky tends to get fuzzier printing because of the grain and texture.

>> No. 9364745

Thanks for the review! Definitely going to consider this for an upcoming con.

>> No. 9364748


Thanks for a great review! I'm definitely interested in an order if you decide to open them.

>> No. 9364763

>that PTSD from recognizing this is the AX AA and how crowded and hot it was

>> No. 9364782

Was at Katsu, best con I've ever had. I had a good spot in the front tho

>> No. 9364803

Yeah, I figured that too. The quality isn't "bad" necessarily, and I like that the colors are a little more vibrant than the GetMeds Peachskin ones. I also stretched the resolution on my original image to take up more space on a 45cm canvas, so that definitely could've factored into it too.

I'll be popping in and out of these threads to let people know when I'll be putting in my order. Again, just shoot me an email if you're interested!

>> No. 9364894

isn't this tim's email? I like how you stopped tripfagging in these threads so people will treat you nicer lol

>> No. 9364903

Does anyone know where to get die-cut BUSINESS CARDS?

>> No. 9364925

Yep. I stopped namefagging because all it did was draw out drama that these threads don't need.

>> No. 9365277

The sheer volume of the pillows make shipping costs increase pretty astronomically if you try to order any more than you've listed. With air shipping, the shipping alone costs more than the cost of the pillows. You can choose to do sea freight but that's a 30 - 45 days wait (in addition to production time) for your items. I've gotten a quote from this supplier before with a pretty big order quantity and because the pillows take up volume unlike smaller goods, it would have honestly worked out to $7.50 per pillow JUST for shipping. That's $7.50 on top of the production costs, not total. The $4.50 base cost is a misrepresentation if you're seriously trying to produce large quantities of several designs.

If you're planning on running group orders, you need to take into account how big the shipping costs will get because it's not just the cost of the shipping from China to you, it's also from you to the people in your order. This isn't even counting the possible import taxes you might be hit with on group orders. Honestly if you factor in shipping costs, it's comparable to, if not more than GetMeds.

Not to be a party pooper but I found the review well-intentioned but a little misleading.

>> No. 9365300

I've ordered from wuhan before and to be honest they're really inconsistent. I used the same pattern for their different cloth options and the colors were really off. Like in the picture shown, it's really faded. Some of the bags he's printed have been blurry like artsmoo so they're unsellable to me.

Plus, he lied to me about shipping times. I got them 3 weeks later than I was supposed to. He said they were shipped, then sgave me tracking a weeke later. also charged me more for shipping than I'd like and used the wrong shipping service, I requested fedex. shipped through dhl which took much longer than I wanted on top of being late on producing my products. I really don't like using this guy now :/ He may be good for samples, but when it comes down to ordering he's been a shit

>> No. 9365305

Good to know! I was just relaying the quote he gave me. Since I didn't have an estimate for a group quantity, I didn't put in a group quote.

That's super good to know. I honestly think the faded colors are because of my phone camera, which is complete shit, but the inconsistency is alarming. Unless someone I know is doing an order with a trusted manufacturer, I might try them out for one order, but might actively look for another seller if I decide to continue making cushions.

Thanks for the feedback!

>> No. 9365313

sorry 4chan won't let me upload my pics for some reason>???

>> No. 9365316

actually, my first really tiny run was really good when the order got bigger ( just by myself) the print quality got really inconsistent like i reprinted the same bag and it came out all bad

>> No. 9365317

Yeah, I was wondering if maybe the first order would come out good because he's trying to make a good impression? Maybe after he feels like he's made good he lets it go to shit because he figures he has your loyalty or something, idklol.

If you don't mind me asking, how much did your cushions come out to with shipping?

>> No. 9365328

desu i did his other stuff like bags, but after the drop in print quality im afraid to do plush pillows because I want my stuff to be very cute and accurate enough to sell yno? first time shipping i was a dumbass and last minuted it so i paid ~60. second time i paid over 200 and it still didnt come on time -_- idk why his ship rates are so high

>> No. 9365331

I also did an order with Wuhan and I feel horrible two other people had almost the same exact issues I had.

I had a convention coming up and I gave him the files like almost a month in advance and he told me he’d totally get me the items before the convention. I dropped almost 100 bucks to get rush shipping, needless to say he kept giving excuses on when he was sending it, even one point saying he shipped it, but he didn’t send me the tracking info till the last day of the con. He sent it DHL, which I wish he didn’t do, because DHL always hits customs, which it did this time. I paid the custom’s ransom and since I was expecting this package to arrive by the time of my convention…I had it shipped to my friend. So my friend had to ship the package to me…Long story short, any monetary gain I got from getting my merch made in china was eaten away by shipping.

So then I get my stuff, one pattern was too dark, like overly contrasted, and I agree with one of the past posters that the printing on some ended up too blurry, in some of my patterns the fine details were lost. I sold a few things at one convention, but overall I haven’t paid off the amount I spent buying and getting the items to me. I won’t be ordering from Wuhan again, and I honestly don’t really suggest anyone else, since it seems he can’t be trusted with even shipping on time.

PS: I asked for a refund on the rush shipping and I never got it.

>> No. 9365333

I was quoted "over $1500" on shipping alone for 300 pillows.

>> No. 9365336

Jesus Christ, anon. I'm sorry. One of my packages from Wuhan got hit with a customs fee because of DHL as well. I had to pay $350 out of pocket to reclaim my package.

>> No. 9365357

Yikes yikes and yikes. I'm assuming you are all in the US? I feel like that many negative stories from one region is pretty suspicious. Maybe he has a million and one other good reviews, but a recurring problem like this is kind of a red flag.

I'll keep shopping! Thanks for the heads up!

>> No. 9365388

But it's not AX AA? Completely different con.

I think it'd be kind of cool if you could make the candles with some sort of mold to suit the series. But then again when you start to use them, the shape will warp..

>> No. 9365709

So got my first DMCA on Etsy, which is infuriating because I take care in staying away from logo's or iconic symbols. Has anyone had any luck fighting those? Either way I'm probably just going to let it go since the items weren't that popular.

>> No. 9365834

Anyone ever been stuck next to one of those giant cow-titty barely SFW "covered the nips with a sticky note" animu pinup artists, and did it affect your sales? My art is all really cute stuff, so I am a little worried that my audience will be so eager to steer clear of tit central they will charge right past me, too.

I've only had it happen once and didn't think it was worth fighting because in the end I can't deny it's fanart/I don't own the content. Just consider it's always a possibility even if you've tried to stay pretty safe!

>> No. 9365865

It's not about logos or symbols. They check for using character names and series names in your titles and tags. That's it.

>> No. 9365868

yep and it was worst sales i've ever had at that con. A lot of people aren't comfortable hanging around softcore and pretty much my entire younger customer base avoided the table (and thus me.)
Doesn't help that usually the 'lewd' artists are creepy older men, at least in my area.

>> No. 9366026

Yeah I sat next to someone at one con. But I didn't find a dramatic change in sales at all desu. They were pretty nice too.

>> No. 9366089

this >>9365865
Thats how most people get their stuff taken down, by using copyrighted words in the title or tags.

>> No. 9366151


I've never tried to fight it because even if it's just fanart with no logos, I am in the wrong on those cases. I'm guessing it was Titan? I had stuff taken down today and I guess I was just lucky in other sweeps.

I'm curious, does anyone have stuff for titles like Titan or other Funi properties up and just not tag them? I had considered taking down the tags a few months ago but wasn't sure then about how well they would be found if I'm not tagging it "Attack on Titan." Do y'all just not list problematic things like that at all?

>> No. 9366187

Funimation is notoriously hard on anything even remotely copyright related. My only suggestion to you is just not listing your Funi property stuff on Etsy, because they can and will find it.

>> No. 9366188

dude get over yourself. it's fucking fan art.

>> No. 9366206


>> No. 9366216

the person who runs getmeds is fucking money mongler, china ftw

>> No. 9366218

I heard people got banned from katsucon AA and other drama went down with the AA head, can anyone confirm/deny?

>> No. 9366226

what's rude is profiting off of someone else's IP and then getting mad when they don't like you doing that

>> No. 9366265

got agree with you (as someone who self primarily fanart myself lol), its one thing to be upset about having to take products down but getting mad and asking how to 'fight' it when you should be grateful it's not further legal action is kinda ehhh

>> No. 9366269

at least getmeds isn't as horribly overpriced as jimi but you're right. getmeds is just for people too lazy or too white (in the sense that dealing with foreigners is scary and risky!) to work out how to go direct

>> No. 9366346

While we're on this topic, I have a situation I'd like some advice on.

I'm a webcomic creator. At artist alleys, I sell a mix of merch from my comic (charms and the like, not actual print versions of the comic) and just some totally original stuff (no story or relation to the comic whatsoever). Recently, I was made aware of a handful of other artists selling fanart of my comic both in artist alleys and online. I am not comfortable with this. I did not release my comic for free so someone else could make money off of it, but at the same time, I don't want to stir up drama over this. Would I be in the right to ask artists to take their fan merchandise down? What can I do about the artist alley stuff? Am I being overdramatic? This comic isn't really super popular so it does kind of hurt to have that competition.

>> No. 9366348

Well take a look at Undertale and Homestuck. I think it'd be a waste of time and cause a lot of drama if you target artists specifically, but if you make a general post about it your fans will inform/shame those that continue to sell fanart of your work.

If they make a stink about it, they become the bad guy, not you. Just flip the perspective and play your cards right.

>> No. 9366350

Honestly, it's your intellectual property and you should have complete control over what you made. People generally listened to Andrew Hussie when he forbade people from selling Homestuck merch and he's a millionaire or something, so you should be allowed to set boundaries for your creation especially if your comic is small.

>> No. 9366351

Have you ever managed artists? Because after I did for a 6-month project, I can't be paid enough to deal with that shit ever again.

Whatever extra money getmeds is pocketing won't nearly cover the amount of resentment working group orders with artists creates. And keep in mind, if some/many of the artists are the type that can't/won't do the sourcing themselves then they're another tier of needing to be spoonfed and babysat as well.

>> No. 9366362

I don't think your experience applies to getmeds though. Getmeds is acting as a business front, if you pay that much but get mediocre service and slow processing times, aren't customers rightfully allowed to be upset? The products are fine I don't deny that.

Also this is unrelated but I thought that getmeds' group projects had profits spread evenly among participating artists but they're not. That rubs me the wrong way.

>> No. 9366371

I know quite a bit about the getmeds business and their service and I'd have to agree that people are getting mediocre products/customer service for amount of money they pay. I won't deny that doing overseas group orders are extremely stressful (especially with the amount of slots they offer), but I have had several friends get screwed over from their lack of communication and professionalism. Some people justify the prices because they don't have the time to find vendors and have ongoing conversations about quotes and shipping. I just don't think it's worth it after hearing all the poor reviews and experiences my friends have had...

Also yes. From what I understand the person running getmeds keeps all the profit for themselves unless they have stated its for a charity project.

>> No. 9366382
File: 1.92 MB, 1800x788, IMG_0264.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

If we're still on the topic of the quality of vograce charms, I had some produced for the first time last month and both of my personal use ones have already began chipping over the past week. I haven't been contacted by any customers, but it is concerning.

>> No. 9366386


If your webcomic is pretty small what those artists is doing may be considered free publicity that could attract new people to your comic. If you feel that strongly about it though then don't go to the artists, just politely say you'd rather people not sell prints of your work. Going to specific artists and being aggressive will only cause needless drama.

Worth noting Toby changed his mind about Undertale merch and Hussie only got serious about enforcing the intellectual property stuff when his girlfriend got involved and What Pumpkin actually got off the ground, ie years into when Homestuck was popular.

>> No. 9366388

Honestly, I feel like leaving on the protective plastic over the paint layer is best with vograce charms...

>> No. 9366389

i kinda agree with >>9366386 and also is it really competition if they're selling in different cons/states ? online i understand fully

>> No. 9366392

Of course customers can complain if the services/products are lacking, that's their freedom and right to do so. And if that makes getmeds adjust their pricing or services accordingly, all the better. I'm simply stating that I understand exactly why they'd want to charge an arm and leg given my personal experiences. The caveat is, if people are still paying them for their services as things are right now, not much is going to change.

I actually don't know anything about their group projects, so that part is pure bullshit if they're not sharing profits evenly minus actual (not their markup) production costs.

>> No. 9366396

You should pay for an acrylic layer over your charms. Personally I like the smoothness of it and it'll protect your charm!

>> No. 9366397

I think vograce offers clear double acrylic board? (I think that's what it's called) so that instead of the image being printed on one side and prone to chipping, it will be sandwiched between two clear acrylics and no more chipping!

>> No. 9366398

try the double acrylic board if you have some extra cash in your pocket! it will seal your art with a small board of clear acrylic on the other side. it's worth it imo!! I stuck to the nontransparent charms forever since their clear charms chipped quickly, but I've been doing clear charms more now since they offered the double board technique! I have heard of people coating their charms with nail polish too if they don't want to spend the extra money for another acrylic board

>> No. 9366405

I like the double acrylic board with the epoxy on top. A little bulky, but not that bad, and super, duper sturdy. I have two, one from a friend, one that I bought, and they go through all kinds of shit on a daily basis but they hold up just fine.

>> No. 9366410

I hang them up with thumbtacks, but without piercing them. Stick em around the edges.

>> No. 9366502

You guys are just starting rumors about Getmeds for fun huh? I have a friend who's been in their projects and they got paid a good chunk. I don't see any problem with the person organizing it taking more of the share even if that part is true, because shipping out stuff on that magnitude takes a lot of work.

>> No. 9366540

Do you think you could license it to those people, where they can still sell stuff with your IP but they have to pay royalties to you? Others have said it's free publicity, but you don't get a cut.
If you worked out deals with those artists and made your general licensing terms public, it could turn out kinda neat for you.

>> No. 9366611

Just asking what people's experience was, I have no intention of fighting it since Etsy has a track record of banning sellers for any little thing.

>> No. 9366668

all i know is that a lot of petty artists reported each other to the staff lmao

>> No. 9366716

just switch to storenvy or tictail

>> No. 9366718

Hey guys I've been shipping internationally for a lng time now but for the first time a customer in the UK reported that they have a customs charge of 11 £. What causes something like this and what should I do? It's just plastic jewelry

>> No. 9366722

That's international customs. They have to pay for it, you cannot pay for it.

If you want to you can mark your item as less than 20 pounds in the future so they don't charge as much customs, but this could get you into trouble.

>> No. 9366735

I saw a couple of crafters being asked to take down merch that had logos on them (like pokemon go team insignia or iconic trademarked stuff)

>> No. 9366741

Was in the AA and noticed 0 drama, but I'm all original and was tied to my booth all con because I had no helper ;_;

>> No. 9366742

What could you report other artists for though? The fanart thing like >>9366735 said?

>> No. 9366751

I never saw any artists reporting anyone or talking about reporting anyone, I just thought the AA staff were making a compliance sweep of the place. Generally cons won't let artists sell anything with a logo or trademarked insignia on it. I did see someone selling some crafted items with a starfleet icon on it for the duration of the con though, something I thought would have been pulled.

>> No. 9366849
File: 64 KB, 498x563, Capture.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I'm a bitter bitch when shit like this gets posted on AANI and people basically just lick their asshole.

>> No. 9366871

You're... mad that someone is getting positive attention by actively engaging their audience? I don't see what the problem is here, anon. You're right, you are a bitter bitch. If you want attention so bad, do free sketches yourself.

>> No. 9366879

Also not seeing the problem here. Are you upset with the subject matter? The style? That it's just headshots? I'm not gonna say it's foundationally solid but there's at least some form and structure happening, especially if that's what they're practicing.

>> No. 9366903


Get used to it? There's all kinds of shit posted on AANI that I don't care for at all that people think is the greatest thing ever. If I got pissed about every time I saw something I didn't like that other people did, I'd be mad 24/7.

>> No. 9366915

people were banned for not following the rules re: table sharing. didn't cause any problems beyond that.

>> No. 9366922

tell them to take it down, for sure. It's not you being stuck up or overprotective at all.

I think it's immoral to sell art of small indie IPs, especially ones where the creator isn't getting a lot of money off of their IP and providing it for free.

>> No. 9366928

Boring as fuck style.

>> No. 9367093

I've been waiting on an etsy order to ship for 4 weeks (should've been sent within 1-2 weeks). I messaged the seller over the weekend, and they responded they'd mail it out by tuesday with an added freebie. Two days later, it's still not dispatched according to etsy.

Is there an etsy refund time limit (like paypal's) that I should be worried about lapsing? Couldn't find any info on etsy's FAQ page, and the seller's shop policies are completely blank. I'd appreciate any help!

>> No. 9367105

idk about etsy but if you paid through paypal you can charge back through paypal regardless of what etsy says. how i know: some fucker scammed me this way :)

>> No. 9367109

What's the problem here exactly? You sound pretty bitter

>> No. 9367113

ask the seller for a refund. If they don't give you one, you might have to message etsy support. You must actually ask for a refund before doing anything else though.

>> No. 9367131

Maybe its just me, but being a young man with long hair wearing cheap clothing going into a bank to deposit thousands of dollars in cash every few months feels somewhat awkward. There probably aren't very many legal reason why someone like me would be dealing with so much cash.

>> No. 9367137

Is there anyway to get past the sales tax id shit when signing up for cons? Like is there a way to just get a temporary one? This shit is so confusing.

>> No. 9367138

your bank doesn't have ATMs that accept money?

>> No. 9367139

My credit union always has someone who asks, I just tell them that I was selling over the weekend at a comic convention and they're like "oh ok" and that's the end of it.

>> No. 9367140

I finally just bit the bullet and got one a few weeks ago. I'm applying to more local shows and almost all of them require a state tax id number.

You should be able to find your state's department of revenue online and the form is pretty straightforward. Really depends on where you live though.

>> No. 9367145

there's a difference between a tax ID and having a sales tax permit. usually if you're a sole-proprietor, you just use your SSN for a tax ID. usually and EIN is used if you have employees, or just dont feel comfortable using your SSN sales tax license depends on the state you're vending in. seriously, just google '(state) sales tax license craft shows'' It's not that hard. if you do cash in and the con doesn't really check, you could probably get away with not having one.

>> No. 9367148

what I don't understand is why some cons collect tax at the event, and other don't. Wouldn't it just be easier for everyone if they just always collected the tax at the event?

>> No. 9367152

fuck that. that requires figuring out totals. I wouldn't trust the con for shit for filing taxes

>> No. 9367155

is figuring out totals difficult? Just count your money and see check how much you made with card transactions.

>> No. 9367169

Sweet thanks, I did go through paypal! Sorry about shitty scammers.

I'm hoping to hold off on a refund because I really like the pin I ordered, and their etsy is only positive reviews. Just wanted to be sure I wouldn't get fucked over if I waited another week or so. I'll definitely DM the seller first, thanks for the help!

>> No. 9367187

It varies based on state. None of the CA cons I've done collect tax at con. A lot of the midwestern cons I've done do.

>> No. 9367188

I kind of agree that I dig just paying the con, so you don't have to file the sales tax on your own later. You've gotta figure out a total anyway, just take ten minutes after closing up to count it. But yeah, big cons would be collecting bonkers amounts of money and filing some crazy shit so I can see why they'd just want individuals to do it themselves.

>> No. 9367197

I think it's fair for you to request people not do it. I agree with the other anon that it's pretty immoral to make money on others works when that original artist is not making all that much to start with. Saying they're promoting your work is bullshit; they can promote the work better by just making the fanart, they don't need to sell it too (and if the fact that they can't sell it demotivates them from making it, then they're fucking not an actual fan of your work).

>> No. 9367218

those are so basic....

>> No. 9367223

Man this picture looks perfect. Not too many people and you can go browse other booths with lots of space and time.

I'm planning to go to Sakura con, does anyone know how their artist alley is? Would day 1 (which is Friday i think?) be the best since there would be less people than Saturday but there would be less things sold out than the last day, Sunday? And i hope this also applies to the dealers hall too

>> No. 9367382

What's the problem? They're not particularly interesting, but they're not bad either.

>> No. 9367604

Do you guys usually offer the same print in multiple sizes or strictly in specific sizes?

I'm looking to do 4x6, 8x11, and 11x17 but I'm afraid it might be too much.

>> No. 9367608

of all the artists to imitate they couldn't have picked a more interesting one than cyarin? lol

>> No. 9367609

i would advise against doing multiple sizes for one design, people will almost always buy the smaller size and it overly complicates stock keep. Just keep your more detailed prints 11x17 and portraits/simpler stuff 4x6

>> No. 9367632

this cyarine looks like an imitation of loish so this aani person is an imitation of an imitation? i mean i don't want to encourage bashing of a random artist i just thought it was funny that you could base your style on an already copied style.

>> No. 9367690

for sure, i was referencing trying to ride off instagram popularity by doing free follower portraits as well. Cyarin is a much, much more watered down loish.

>> No. 9367751

Rootis is a very nice person. You don't have to like the art style but bashing someone for using instagram and promotions to gain followers is pretty dumb.

>> No. 9367946

The only thing that bothers me is that these are finished works posted on weds

>> No. 9367948

It's hardly 'bashing'. I could care less about her - i never heard of her before she was posted up thread - but it's pretty damn blatant she's riding the tails of another artists popularity. god knows its hard to get an audience with how oversaturated it is nowadays but at least have some pride to not be a knock off

>> No. 9367960

Yeah she's always been really nice to me too. Maybe a part of the popularity of her posts is her overall positivity.

>> No. 9367973


what >>9367609 said

i used to offer every design in 3 sizes and 90% of the time people would spend a minute admiring the large size and then they'd notice the postcard size and buy that one instead.

on rare occasions i get people who take a look at my postcards and ask for larger sizes, and i feel bad not having it available. but desu the significantly lighter suitcase is kinda worth it

>> No. 9367983

Complains about an artist 'riding on the tails of another artist's popularity' in a group that's almost entirely fanart....

>> No. 9368008

Do you even know how many art styles look similar? I can scroll through instagram and see a ton that look pretty similar to one another. It's rare to see a style that doesn't resemble at least one other person's. Unless it's a blatant copy (which this isn't), I don't see what you're going on about. I'd rather you just say you don't like that style than try to make some excuse


>> No. 9368015

yall are taking the fact that i made a couple 'mean' comments about this random artist very personally. I said what came into my mind when i saw the screencaps, it's not some horrible slight against you. i would say the same about any generic instagram artist that got posted. chill.

>> No. 9368020

....Moving along from petty banter, what are you gulls predictions on artist alley fads this year? i'm feeling dakimakura becoming oversaturated, as well as heart pins and titty mousepads as people overcome their fear of ordering overseas (or more english fronts/services a la getmeds and jimiagency appear).
Enamel pins go without saying, it feels like they're becoming as common as acrylic charms now.

>> No. 9368034

How closely do texas cons look at sales tax IDS? Is there a way you can borrow someone else's who isn't attending the con?

>> No. 9368058

Why are you trying to skirt this? Texas sales IDs are granted almost instantaneously, don't be a sketchy asshole

>> No. 9368070


I definitely see customers turning away from prints more and more, as the trend has been going, and I think that artists are really going to have to struggle to have interesting/unique products as the standard things become more accessible through group orders/shopping services/English-speaking Chinese merchants. I don't know what the next big thing is going to be, but I am guessing there will be a totally new product type this year that someone manages to make popular enough that everybody else starts going for it.

You are a moron. No. Don't do it.

>> No. 9368087

If it's a big con, pretty closely. They check if they are valid and if names match. Just get one and don't be a ass.

>> No. 9368093

It's easy to get, just do it, email them immediately afterwards to ask to be removed from their public list, and ask to file taxes yearly instead of quarterly so you have less paperwork to deal with.

>> No. 9368101

I wouldn't mind seeing more dakimakuras in AA if the art wasn't ugly as sin.

>> No. 9368114

Lots of charms/pins. Been seeing a lot posted on SPS. Tons of Overwatch and YOI.

>> No. 9368145

Going off the loads of ovw and yoi stuff, I can see overwatch going strong because of the constant events and updates, but do you guys think yoi will fade out by late summer until the next season rolls around?

>> No. 9368152

I think YOI is the new Free, the fans are going to be persistent.

>> No. 9368199

OP here, I don't give a shit about the artist. I just bugs me that all the images are of generic white girls with piercings, dyed hair, under cuts and huge eyebrows. They barely look like the subjects and subjects are all similar.

>> No. 9368218

Why couldn't you have just said that in the first place? It would've made the discussion get to the point way the fuck faster, we're not bloody telepathic.

>> No. 9368234

uh huh, anyway, I've moved on

>> No. 9368240
File: 179 KB, 1500x1043, 535bb180eac68_63499b.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Do you gulls think die cut memo pads would be a thing people would buy. Or cute stationary in general?

>> No. 9368242

Depends on your price point. I see them kind of like washi tape, it's a more specific item that might not be a huge seller, but the people who like it really do.

>> No. 9368244
File: 12 KB, 319x271, 16938824_10155022114428894_4586303468758883197_n.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Most of the time when people say they're selling "cute" things it's shit like this, that or that obligatory big eyed "kawaii" anime girl posted every sps or wpiw. Just come up with something different, for the love of god.

>> No. 9368246

By "cute" I mean the product itself as opposed to the artwork.

Maybe "neat" stationary is more what I mean.

>> No. 9368278

yeahhhh it's not looking promising. There was already that godawful mercy dakimakura on AANI, and i've seen some other shoddy overwatch ones.

I think yoi may have some staying power given the promise of a season 2, will keep fans between the break.

I feel like stuff like this would do ok if you were doing stationary sets or something, but by itself might be a little bland.

>> No. 9368363

What's the point of selling it if the artwork isn't god????

>> No. 9368367
File: 143 KB, 543x522, 1458663263689.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>if the artwork isn't god

>> No. 9368372
File: 187 KB, 1252x1252, 0mPvOGbB.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 9368392

Now I want to know what a religious con's artist alley would look like.

>> No. 9368395

I'd like to see something like this is just for variety but I do agree that it should be a set, not just a notepad. And definitely try to make something that's not like >>9368244

I personally would love some food themed stationary sets

>> No. 9368401

This picture was taken at Tekko. I love the layout of their AA/Dealers Room.

>> No. 9368404
File: 130 KB, 800x600, Shadow_Finds_Salvation_by_DCLeadboot.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I imagine an abnormal amount of Sonic fanart

>> No. 9368408
File: 207 KB, 750x750, 4-Pcs-lot-font-b-Korean-b-font-Cute-Stationery-Kawaii-font-b-Stickers-b-font.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I definitely have a set in mind

Notebooks, memo pads, stickers, washi tape and those page flags(pic related) is something I've been thinking of.

Alibaba seems to be the only place that I found that can make them.

>> No. 9368465

I love these and always get them from Daiso. It would be great to see them with cute fandom art in AA.

>> No. 9368493

ooooooooh dont get me started on this bitchhhhh her art style is pretty but her personality is so fucking nasty in person and even worse to table next to

>> No. 9368506

She seems like she's just copying digit's chibi styles. Annoying.

>> No. 9368533
File: 124 KB, 1200x800, are you blind.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Not to whiteknight but their chibi styles are pretty distinct. Plus afaik she and Digit are friends irl so I'm sure if Digit had a problem she would have brought it up to her already. I've met her briefly at a con and she seemed pretty pleasant. This just smells like vendetta.

>> No. 9368546

Anons keeps going back to that post after other people try to move on, I kind of agree.

To move on, what cons are you guys looking forward to soon? And to anyone who tabled at katsu, were sales good this year?

>> No. 9368675

Sales at Katsucon were really good. I pulled 4100 after sales taxes were taken out. Went home with about 45 lbs less stuff. I didn't even have a good AA location

>> No. 9368686

Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely try it out my next order.

>> No. 9368702

There was someone at a local con doing candles and I bought one in an instant.

>> No. 9368711

Any horror stories of AA neighbors?

>> No. 9368713

Not really horror, but once I got some popular artist next to me. Half of my table were time to time blocked when people were lined up to her table

>> No. 9368727 (Deleted) 


Katsu expenses were high for me coz I flew, but pulled in about 7.3k gross.

>> No. 9368739

I had a con where the two people sharing a table next to me got into a pretty heated argument during the last two hours of the show on Sunday. I couldn't really tell what it was about as I was trying to avoid it and focus on the people that were coming back to me for last minute purchases. It got really awkward though.

>> No. 9368747

was sitting next to an extremely obese couple that smelled absolutely horrible the entire time. I had to keep getting up from the table just to get fresh air.

>> No. 9368773

Once had a neighbor smelled like onion-BO all weekend, and I mean BAD. She sold really bad fantasy fairy artwork and homemade "jewelry" made of floral wire and glass stones...which o course were not selling so she was trying to chat me up all weekend. I ended up having a friend buy me a car air freshener which I taped under my table so that my plushies wouldn't stink and I could get some relief.

Bonus: not about a neighbor, but I was sharing a table once with a friend who I found out later was actively talking people out of buying my things in favor of hers when I would step away. Never again.

>> No. 9368794

Waitlist emails went out for a few people for Animefest? Has anyone gotten a email for rejection, waitlist, and acceptance yet? Waiting for a email still?

>I'm waiting for a email

>> No. 9368811

I got an acceptance email at like 1 am on Friday. Hope you hear from them soon!

>> No. 9368824

had a 'marvels next big thing' (self proclaimed) sit next to me for one con and be intensely salty about me making 10x his sales and loudly make comments about how much worse my art was.
his art was reminiscent of those 'how to draw a comic hero' books

>> No. 9368830

Not a real horror story but awkward
>sharing a table at my first con
>not expecting to make many sales but excited regardless
>actually get people interested in my stuff
>girl I'm sharing the table with isn't doing so well
>decide to leave con on Sunday since it's actually much slower than I expected
>girl looks extremely relieved
>"maybe now I'll actually have a chance!"
>awkwardly laugh and keep taking down my stuff
How are you supposed to respond to something like that? I was friendly to her and I felt bad that she was thinking that the entire time.

>> No. 9368871

My only bad horror stories involve neighbors strewing their shit all over the back aisle and blocking the exits with luggage. Oh, and sitting next to "that one artist with a million cosplay friends who use the space behind the table to hang out, chat, and adjust their huge dumb costumes".

>> No. 9368881

fuck those artists. I really wish more cons had a public 'maximum 3 people behind table' rules or whatever. Had some stock ruined before because some artist's dumb cosplayer friends bought food behind the table and spilled it everywhere. Looked blankly at me and then left.

first con ever I had a kid who sold literally nothing in the table next to me. one of the cases where her parents or friends must've told her shes a lot better than she actually was. Think traced pixel base kind of 'art'. end of the weekend we were all packing up and she was crying because she hadn't made a single sale.

>> No. 9368882

>desperately need to fill up table space
>struggling to come up with new prints that arent my current big fandom

it's reached the stage where I'm making a small (~postcard sized) print of a niche pairing from a mostly dead fandom just to have something on the table that isn't fucking Overwatch. hopefully Saint's Row fans are just as thirsty for merch as the Mass Effect fandom has been.

>> No. 9368947

I was gonna post the same. All my horror stories are attendee related, the worst neighbors have just no regard for being polite about their space. Or some how kinda worse, they apologize but don't actually address the problem so you can't quite publicly get mad at them yet you still have the god damn problem.

>> No. 9369074

Maybe focus on your table design instead? There's a lot of little shit you can do to fill up space instead of prints if they're stressing you out and especially if they're not turning out great.

>> No. 9369077

that's a good idea anon, thanks. I still need more prints because I had to ditch a bunch for being shit compared to my current work, but filling gaps with knick-knacks will take a little bit of pressure off.

>> No. 9369093

Fuck, guess I didn't get in, then, since I still haven't heard anything.

>> No. 9369136

Better to just focus on making a couple good ones than a ton of off ones. Do you still have left overs though? You could always put them in a bargain bin thing. Never know who will pick them up even if the art is old and weird.

I love seeing knick knacks on tables though. They take up space and give it some extra personality. I keep a couple of figures on mine and besides an occasional "is that for sale" they're an easy way to start conversations with people.

>> No. 9369154

Are you confusing her for someone else? Her art looks nothing like Digit.
Vendetta detected.

>> No. 9369160
File: 156 KB, 580x654, Capture.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

One of the Night In The Woods devs was going off about fan merch on twitter. Of course they totally have every right to ask people not to sell stuff of their own creations, but it looks like it goes a little deeper than that too.

>> No. 9369168

It's weird to realize that some people don't understand the difference between doujin fan merch culture and mainstream merchandising culture.

>> No. 9369170

I mean, they're not wrong, especially looking at fan merch now. It's gone way beyond prints and hand-laminated paper charms. Now "fans" organize group orders from factories in China, design rubber straps and acrylic standees, and basically compete directly with official merchandise. To be completely real, some people have let it get so out of hand that they look just as shady as that one asshole in every dealer's hall selling bootlegs.

>> No. 9369174

>To be completely real, some people have let it get so out of hand that they look just as shady as that one asshole in every dealer's hall selling bootlegs.
I have to agree with this. You can sell fan merchandise, but the second the creator asks you to stop, you need to stop. Don't try to dodge it like >>9365709 and don't bitch about it. It's a very grey zone legally and there are a million other things you can make merchandise of instead.

>> No. 9369178

Is anyone else here selling at ECCC? How do you feel that the move to the 6th floor will affect the artist alley?

>> No. 9369179
File: 54 KB, 604x289, Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 4.58.23 PM.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Different Anon than OP.

What's getting to me is that my Twitter is now covered in people discussing how horrible "Yoink Art" is. It's not just people saying, "Hey, please respect indie artists and let them make money off of their IP". It's a discussion saying that fanwork has no place as a commercial venture.

So the idea is basically,
> there are a million other things you can make merchandise of instead
That you shouldn't be making money off of any of those millions of things.

That art has no place being sold if it isn't an original property. Which I disagree with both as an artist and as a consumer. I've always loved purchasing things from Artist Alley, which is the whole reason why I decided to apply myself, and now this is my first year as a seller. I guess I'm feeling attacked that the very thing I am working my ass off to get into right now is being considered morally reprehensible by a notable number of creators I respect.

>> No. 9369185
File: 196 KB, 565x271, 2016-10-27 18.42.28.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I don't know about you guys but I like going to anime cons cause I like anime. 100% of the time I'm in the artist alley looking for things related to said anime. Sometimes an original work might interest me but that's not why I'm there. Please let me weeb out with other weebs and throw money at them for bringing me such joy.

>> No. 9369200

>Now I want to know what a religious con's artist alley would look like.
>>>9368404 #
One time I tabled next to a guy who kept interrupting my customers and calling them over to advertise his work.

>> No. 9369201

Sorry I dunno why my phone glitched out and quoted two posts

>> No. 9369216

Can you explain why you have the right to make money off someone else's creations and hard work first?

On what moral basis are you justifying the ability to use someone else's work to boost your own?

>> No. 9369227

I'm the anon who made this post because I had a horror story happen to me last year-

I had a neighbor who told me to "burn in hell" because she didn't like my cosplay. There was one point where I laughed too loudly and I apologized for being loud and she told me to "shut the fuck up" and continued to do her makeup as customers looked at her art. She even insulted me to one of her customers??

>> No. 9369258

Fan art is always going to be a grey area but the creator's wishes should always be respected and you go into it knowing that you're profiting off of someone else's work/ideas. I don't care quite as much when it's big companies like Disney but when it comes to small indie games and the like, you have to be mindful of how much fan art could hurt the creators.

I've gotten into some new fandoms recently so I have been working on some fan art here and there but I still primarily focus on my own work. I feel like fan art is a good money maker but you've gotta understand that a lot of people don't like it.

>> No. 9369259

Good lord what was their problem geez
Sure you don't like their cosplay that doesn't mean you have to spit vile jesus

>> No. 9369261

Related question on the fanart issue--what do you guys do when you're going to a con where a guest is the original creator of a game/manga/anime series you sell fanart of? I do mostly original plush art, so it's not a big deal for me, but I've always been curious about people who do fanart of big series and then go to cons where the guests are the manga/anime creators themselves. It seems pretty ballsy to me to have merch up of something where the creator themselves could walk by at any moment and see you making $ off their creation.

>> No. 9369276

If they're from Japan, they have a fanart-friendly culture over there and encourage selling fanwork. They consider it free publicity.

If they're Western? Then it's a coin flip, some people are totally cool with it and wanna buy it or check it out. Some I guess would not be okay with it? But I've heard of more cases that they're excited by it rather than being disgusted.

>> No. 9369283

Depends on the creator. I've meet some japanese manga artists and animation directors/artists at many cons while vending, and they tend to like it, or compliment it. I gave some sets of buttons and charms to some animator guests from shows they worked on and they got so excited. They asked me who my fave character was from the series, they told me who thiers was or least fave drawing was as I got their autographs, and the sweetest was all of them wore the buttons on the spot. Japanese creators tend to be more lax I guess? idk

>> No. 9369322

I just got a waitlist e-mail, and I applied the second applications went up. Last year you could fill out the app long after it went up and still get in. It was still FCFS this year, right?

>> No. 9369323

Japanese anime/manga industry people don't give a fuck, that's why Comiket, fan dj events, etc. are all allowed. They're happy that people like their characters and usually are enthusiastic about it. Their corporate overlords like it too as long as the fanmerch isn't an imitation of their own products (i.e. Kotobukiya rubber straps). Might also have to do with them not fully understanding how much bank Western artists make (since Japanese fans rarely make profit or care about that) but I still doubt they'll care.

For Western creators? No idea.

>> No. 9369355

I believe it had more of a jury this year. Last year was semi jury as well, but the signups filled up REALLY quick this year. Last year they kinda just put it up early and no one really knew so signups might of been slower to fill because of it? It was weird.

>> No. 9369364

How do I tell someone to stop filming my table at a con??? Had one going last weekend and saw someone walking through filming people's tables with a camera, but I didn't know how to address it, what's your take on filming AA tables?

>> No. 9369365

why do you care?

>> No. 9369370

I think it's because word of mouth is getting around? I hadn't heard of AFest before but a couple of my Texas artist friends told me that it would be a fun con to check out.

Not that anon, but I know some people don't like it because their art is going to show up w/o permission and because of the legality of fanart? I've had film crews shoot near me at cons a couple of times but every single time they came by and asked every single artist whose booth was in the shot for permission.

>> No. 9369371

Keep in mind that Japanese fan merch is mainly prints, doujinshi, and your occasional art book. Western fan merch is some straight up bootleg territory these days. Rubber straps, body pillows, plushies. Your love for the series does NOT suddenly make it okay to sell fan merch against the creator's wishes.

>> No. 9369374

you are at a convention, its often literally on the back of your badge that you acknowledge that people will take pictures of you.

>> No. 9369377

I have a hard time thinking it was more juried this year because I really don't notice any kind of difference in quality between accepted/rejected artists. But then again, I find myself saying that for a lot of juried con results I see...

>> No. 9369383

They're probably not even going to upload the video or actually get more than 100 views depending on how big the con is. I'd try to not worry about it so much. If it's really bothering you that much you have to not be a pussy and ask them to not film your table.

>> No. 9369395

I personally don't have a problem with it so I don't know why you specifically replied to me. I'm not the original anon who asked about it.

Not all conventions have that clause on their badges. Recordings are different from photos in the first place because most people take photos for personal use at cons but videos generally end up online somewhere for public consumption. There's also the fact that some people don't even like people taking photos of their table.

Anyway, not disagreeing with you anon - just providing a reason for why some people might not like it.

>> No. 9369413

>Keep in mind that Japanese fan merch is mainly prints, doujinshi, and your occasional art book.

Not... really though? I follow Korean and Japanese artists on Twitter and they frequently run preorders for acrylic charms, standees, dakimakura, wallscrolls, and plush pillows. My friends have attended anime events in Japan and brought back fanmade 3D goods as well. There are Korean forums/sites dedicated entirely to fan created "goods". East Asian artists have been making things you would consider bootleg for years before similar merch made it over to the U.S. con circuit.

>> No. 9369436

????? No one knows as a regular artist who all got accepted or rejected yet, so hard to tell the quality increase or decrease yet????? I say give it a few days and get a roll call? Unless you're on AA staff for afest, then by all means I take it back. : c

>> No. 9369440

What are you talking about? Tons of people post on social media saying if they got accepted or rejected to cons, so you don't have to be a member of staff to immediately see who got in or not and check out their art. It literally just takes a 5-second search for the con name on the day results for things get announced.

>> No. 9369446

They are still sending out emails to artists on the A/W/R lists.

>> No. 9369454

Broadly speaking, the actual artist/creator of something for a big fandom a thing doesn't actually care. For example, the artists or writers on dragon age would more likely be flattered by the fanart than angered.

The people who care are the ones tasked with making and selling products for the franchise. The people going around enforcing funimation's rules aren't the creators, but they are there to ensure their company continues to make money.

So when a big name VA or artist goes to a con? I give them all the merch i have that pertains to them. I even gave an artist a print as they walked past my table, they tweeted it later knowing full well i sold it. Fun times.

>> No. 9369458

It sounds like part of their issue is when people immediately start making plans to sell fanmerch when the game drops so they can jump on the bandwagon while it's still being talked about.

I'm not against selling fanmerch, but I do think if the creator says not to people should abide by that, especially from indie creators that aren't making buckets of money in the first place.

>> No. 9369467

Their e-mails said they'd be telling everyone by the 25th, which is over.

>> No. 9369473

My reasoning is them doing it without permission, I'd be fine if they asked to film first, but other than that its just irritating.

>> No. 9369480

They don't really need your permission though.

>> No. 9369483

3D goods are a REALLY small part of the japanese doujin scene though, and even then things like outfits for plushies are vastly more popular. You only need to go to something like comic city (or hell, visit an ikebukuro store) to see the amount of doujin vs 3d goods.

>> No. 9369506


I lived in Japan for years and have been to doujinshi events. Most of the 3D/non-print goods that Japanese artists have are included as freebies with the doujinshi they're already selling for basically no profit. It's not exactly the same thing.

>> No. 9369518
File: 388 KB, 675x900, pic.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Japanese prices for doujin merch is also stupidly low, possibly because there are companies dedicated to doing low runs of doujin merch stateside for them.

Even original shit is low priced, see pic attached. Try telling any of us who do AA in this thread to sell something like this for $1.50 and see how fast you get your head bitten off. I imagine that may be part of why Japanese companies turn a blind eye to this sort of thing, because it's clear that the doujin makers aren't making a killing off their properties.

>> No. 9369519

I think it filled fast this year because of the big name YoI Japanese guests giving a lot more publicity to the con. I had never heard about it before (I'm many states away) but would have applied this year if it weren't for a conflicting local con that weekend. I have friends planning on attending just for those guests. I'm sure YoI merch will make bank.

>> No. 9369533

This is a really good point. My uneducated guess is that Japanese fanartists don't generally make a living off of their fan art? Wheras there are quite a few wester AA sellers who do AA as their main job. The first is still clearly a labor of love, the second is debateable.

>> No. 9369566

Yeah, once upon a time they used to be pretty similar. Now a lot of Western artists aren't even fans of what they're selling. They're just selling what sells, which is where we get back to the fan merchandise vs. bootlegs debate.

>> No. 9369584

the uptick of salty posts on SPS about those lazy, awful fanartists amuses me, because how deluded do you have to be to want to ban all fanart from every artist alley? These people realize getting merch of favorites series and characters is a HUGE draw to the alley, right? artist alleys would be dead if it was original art only. I sell 75% original now that I have my own brand to promote but you only need to attend crafters markets and fairs and see the difference in sales. Anime/Comic cons are FAN celebrations.

>> No. 9369646

looool name and shame her

>> No. 9369709

Shut the fuck up, Ana.I wouldn't be saying anything when you're one of those bandwagoning """cute""" animal artists.

>> No. 9369734

i'm not your friend anon, lmao. not everyone who posts is someone you know irl.

>my brand is horror based

>> No. 9369742

This. If a Japanese artists does 3d fan merch, they commonly charge the base price of getting that item done because they feel uncomfortable profiting off of their fandom.

>> No. 9369755

Nobody would want to be your friend with your bitter ass personality.

>> No. 9369757

ouch, my feelings anon
i'm still not 'ana', though

>> No. 9369761
File: 103 KB, 845x960, 17021564_10155917551480550_5000190560410836971_n.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Everytime I read "Good morning sexy AANI peeps" I feel a year shedded off my life expectancy.

>> No. 9369764

this...isn't that bad compared to some of her other art. but yeah, the mile long rambling 'obscene=funny' statuses she posts with them are so embarassing.

gotta love the people in every single fuckin' titty mouse pad post 'where did you get them made'?

>> No. 9369783

You're one to talk, anon.

>> No. 9369922

Not nightmareish, but had a neighbor who was selling original comics (fanned out across the table, nothing visually engaging as a table display) made the comment to me:
>wow anon, you've been so busy and I barely made -any- sales!
I just nervously chuckled and said something about it comes with years of experience. Otherwise how else to respond to that tactfully? And why do people not realize how awkward that sort of comment is?

>> No. 9369965

>bandwagoning """cute""" artist
Since when has drawing cute animals NOT been a trend? Even normie art communities are full of these people. But if you don't like it, that's fine. You can easily see I don't even draw that stuff the majority of the time, nor do I actually sell it. Why don't you tell me who you are, so I can be sure not to trigger you with my bitterness in real life? Or are you just one of those toxic people that likes to talk down to others instead of actually creating something of their own? Also, to make it clear, I'm not the person who wrote the post you're quoting, and it's the first time I've even posted in this particular AA thread. Nice try tho.

>> No. 9369971

Doubt it was fcfs, I applied several hours late and got in.

>> No. 9369973

Wow, you must be so steamed over this you felt the need to reply after the conversation died down, nice try, Ana.

>> No. 9369983
File: 51 KB, 404x394, youcantbethisdumb.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

im the the anon you were originally getting mad at check urself b4 u rekt urself

>> No. 9369986

>just woke up
>see thread

But okay boo. You've got enough of a vendetta to reply to my comment within 10 minutes of me posting it. I'm not going to feed a nasty little troll like you, so you can stay shy. I'll be sure to draw more things for you to enjoy disliking tho :^)

>> No. 9369987

I've had this kind of comment before, and yeah, it's like.. how do you want me to reply? give you some of my profits? lol

>> No. 9369992

>Two replies in less than ten minutes
You sure are bitter

>> No. 9369997
File: 40 KB, 500x426, 16143082_10211149525949569_6529993696229899161_n.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 9370001

I bought charms from you and mine haven't chipped yet, but I also keep them on my itabag. Just as a heads up!

>> No. 9370063

Great. Guess this is another con with a vague jury system with no way to tell what they want or how they're judging.

>> No. 9370139

why is all of her work so unnecessarily shiny? It hurts my eyes

>> No. 9370194

How long does Vograce take with orders? (smaller, maybe 100~200 charms) Would it be too late to expect something to arrive by mid-march if placed asap, or would late march be a better ballpark?

>> No. 9370223

Cyarin is a shallow Loish ripoff anyways so who cares.

>> No. 9370290
File: 698 KB, 1440x1067, 20170226_134629.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Oh god. It looks like something you'd see like 1st graders draw. She's trying to charge $5 for that thing on the left.

>> No. 9370297

i always get a little salty when i see things like that, things with the typical desu desu eyes slepped on something already mediocre, or things that are essentially stick figures with rectangle bodies selling at conventions. and seeing people older than 12 buying them.

>yes im bitter

>> No. 9370303

I'm pretty sure that this person, based on their previous posts, is slow or young.

>> No. 9370313
File: 59 KB, 503x547, lol.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

ok just slow. slow enough to not realize her posts are public.

>> No. 9370331

dead thread rip

>> No. 9370335

rip. i just clicked "view more comments" too...

>> No. 9370336

>mfw she got called out on her personal facebook post for being a rude brat.

>> No. 9370337

I got in and also applied within seconds. Thank god I was familiar with their long ass application but it's interesting to hear that it might not have been fully FCFS which actually doesn't surprise me.

A-fest is a great con and will try to be transparent, but in reality just does whatever it wants (look at the way they do panels). It's best to just know that, though it doesn't really help you have a game plan for next time.

On the one hand, I'm happy hearing that more people might go so that there will be a bigger chance for sales, on the other hand I'm not really looking forward to fighting this sudden increase in attendees to get autographs and go to panels. That's me just being a selfish YOI fan though.

>> No. 9370342
File: 277 KB, 611x1231, AA_adoptables.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Damn I wished I clicked view previous comments before it got taken down, it wouldn't load for me.

I can barely understand what she's trying to say.

>> No. 9370347

this has to be a kid

>> No. 9370348

I recieved a message saying she's special needs and I need to take it easy on her.

>> No. 9370353

who introduced her to artist alley....? i cannot see this ending well

>> No. 9370354

i dont get this attitude. how the fuck are people meant to know from a single post whether someone is genuinely mentally special, overly egotistical, or just really stupid.
if people keep going afterwards, yeah that's a dick move.

>> No. 9370371
File: 18 KB, 616x178, aa.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>telling someone they may need to spend actual time on something they're trying to sell is dickish in a networking group
The admin's intention is nice, but it's still pretty stupid. She's trying to sell her art, you weren't even being that mean.

>> No. 9370379

little did we know that AANI actually stood for "artist's asspats network international"

>> No. 9370380

It was one of her friends. Not an admin.

Also she completely missed the point. Everybody was giving her advice and I called her out for being rude and calling the person she insulted a "joke". I told her she was doing a diservice to herself and anybody that was helping her by running off and complaining and insulting people that were trying to help her.

Neither I nor anybody else told her to quit.

Also pretty sure she blocked me after I called her out.

>> No. 9370385


I admit I'm mad at how there's no knowing what Afest did at all to determine who got in, since it sounds like it wasn't actually FCFS and it wasn't actually a proper jury? And what was the point of them saying they'd stop taking applications after a certain number if they didn't do that at all? Instead, after the cap was reached and they had already closed apps, they still took on people who contacted them afterward and let them get on the waitlist. People who applied on time but didn't get in are on the waitlist the same as people who didn't even technically get an application in while they were open. It's kind of baffling.

If they had been clear about how they were doing things, I would've been cool with not getting in, but as it is I feel like there's no explanation, and it sucks.

>> No. 9370397

I feel like the group needs to be more selective for this reason. Most of the other art groups I'm in have decent quality work with maybe one or two people posting crap. AANI is almost the opposite

>> No. 9370466

>If they had been clear about how they were doing things

I really sympathize with you anon, but unfortunately A-fest is never clear. It's not a direct comparison, but for years they've had a system for panel voting to let attendees vote on the panel submissions. Theoretically, they'll take the votes into account right? Wrong. It's still a "we take what we want" system but the panels submitted are just more transparent. The votes don't matter at all. Knowing all this from doing panels with them for years, it doesn't surprise me at all that the AA process is a weird mix of FCFS and "jury" and by jury I mean probably the art THEY want to see. It's a real crapshoot.

If you're local though, it can be easy to get a table at the con. Then again, I've had friends show up and point to empty tables and be told they can't have them even though it's day 2 and the table has been empty all con. Again, it's a crapshoot.

On another front, how about that San Japan fuck up? They really needed to push sign ups back a week, not just an hour.

>> No. 9370477


If San Japan's signup filled in 3 minutes last year, I expect it to fill up literally instantly this year, if over 1000 people were on there at once trying to get in. I feel like this past year AAs have suddenly had way more competition than before.

>> No. 9370485

Someone brought up a good point on Twitter that it's likely artist had multiple tabs open just in case it wasn't working on a certain browser. It's likely that also factored into the pageview count instead of it being 1000 individual artists.

>> No. 9370487


Which is ridiculous. Has AA really boomed that much as a hobby/way to make side income? I have to wonder about why everyone is trying it all of a sudden. I know SJ is a good mid-to-large size con but seriously 1000+ people trying to get in?

>> No. 9370493

Just going off of personal experience with friends - I know there are a lot of artists who attended cons but were too scared to try out tabling and artists who only did local shows because they were afraid of breaking even on travel costs - and it looks like a big chunk of them are finally getting the courage to make the leap. In a lot of cases, they were already in the art community/friends with artists who do this regularly and friends tend to tip off other friends on whether a con is worth going to, etc.

>> No. 9370535
File: 18 KB, 590x172, 300.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

It's 1000+ pageviews, not individual artists.

>> No. 9370540

I definitely regret trusting SJ official when they said it would go up at exactly 6:30 because people got theirs in at 6:29 and I waited until when they said it would be open like a moron.

>> No. 9370555

The email says 6:29 for some people, but the form/time stamp confirmation page only gave times after 6:30. The email form is probably coded to round up/down, so if someone got 6:30:29 it would go down to 6:29 & etc.

Also skimlines is making a shitstorm on her twitter page & the con page, as usual

>> No. 9370584

Oh, that makes a lot more sense! Still means I was way too late though, shit.

Skimlines is crazy and it is annoying to see her go off on a tirade every time she doesn't get in to a con, but I do think she has a point about FCFS not being a great option when the AA is at this level of competition/popularity. My dream is for more AAs to switch to 50% jury 50% something more luck based, but I know that's not very common.

>> No. 9370609


>> No. 9370625

just google skimlines twitter. she's a korean american artist who thinks any con that rejects her is racist and that non-asians shouldn't be profiting off of anime. she suggested that a certain percentage of AA should be dedicated to asian artists or some shit last time she got rejected from some big con.

>> No. 9370641

Maybe not a horror story necessarily, but I got super annoyed by this guy so.

Just came back from a con, was sitting next to a novelist. He started bitching to me about how his sales were shit middle of the day Saturday (mine were decidedly not shit). I tried to talk to him so he wouldn't feel bad, since bad shows suck and I know that feel, and I thought we were cool and we moved on.

After that though he got pissy when he noticed people kept looking at my table and complained about 'what's the big deal with all your stuff?!' and was just acting super salty to me over the fact that I was doing well? And he was getting super salty with people who came to our tables and complaining that 'nobody reads books anymore!' and just. Nobody goes to comic cons for novels my dude, get the sand out of your ass and don't take it out on me? Guy was in his 40s and I'm in my 20s; dude should really know how to act by now.

Him and the other three people in my aisle that were selling shitty soap and making no sales also decided they all wanted to leave their tables and hold a cartwheel contest in the middle of the walkway too. I was livid since they were blocking a lot of traffic to my table and to everybody else in our aisle. I still made good money at least but I'm super bitter about his behavior.

>> No. 9370657

> she suggested that a certain percentage of AA should be dedicated to asian artists or some shit last time she got rejected from some big con.
What is the logic behind that? Anime is Japanese so you should let ALL ASIANS in? The fact that people like this exist is so bizarre.

I once had a neighbor try to steal merch before. When confronted, she claimed she just wanted to see my stuff up close. Awkward weekend.

>> No. 9370658

It was like that at the beginning
>people start posting crap
>admins don't enforce no-crapping rule strictly
>good people leave because of all the crap
>crap gradually overwhelms quality

>> No. 9370682

can you take it to the lolcow artist thread? You're just making an echo chamber of yourself right now and it's kind of sad

>> No. 9370684

Not my story but I saw Akashiro and some random crafter fight at AX, the girl took down akashiro's prints that were on her side of the table, akashiro took creep pictures of the girl to post online and shit talked about her on twitter. It was a really funny event

>> No. 9370692

For me, the horror wasn't my neighbor but actually his helper. I tabled next to a D-list comic book artist at a comic con once. He was an old white dude - quiet and generally very pleasant. His wife though? She was another story.

She looked like she was in her late 50's/early 60's - had really awful dreads because she considered herself a cool hip grandma! She was pleasant enough when we were setting up but soon realized that her husband was making barely any sales while my table was super busy. She proceeded to call my art crap (followed quickly by "oh oops I meant CRACK because so many people are buying it like drugs!") and aggressively kept on asking me how much money I was making. She kept this up the entire weekend because she just couldn't believe how many people were buying stuff from me because she didn't understand fan/con culture. (Most of my customers were younger and wanted to talk to me about shipping and the like.)

By the last day of the con, I think her husband got tired of her being negative as well. He brought his grandson as his helper instead. With his wife not there (and grumbling and scaring his customers away) it looked like he had a nicer time talking to the people who were actually interested in his work. He used to work on the Tick comic so he got a fair amount of people who stopped by to chat him up once his wife was out of the picture.

I just don't understand how she thought it was okay to say all those things either directly to me or loud enough for other people to hear? It's not like I was the only one with fanart in that AA either. She had absolutely 0 self awareness and actually hurt her husband's table instead.

>> No. 9370693

>Anime is Japanese so you should let ALL ASIANS in? The fact that people like this exist is so bizarre.
That's the funny part. She's not even Japanese herself but she bends her own logic to benefit herself.
Anyway, she's old drama, we've discussed her in the past.

>> No. 9370703

So the crafter took down akashiro's prints that were facing her table? Actually, what's the consensus on having double-sided walls of prints? As in the back of the table will also have prints facing out so people on the other side of the aisle can see it, etc.

>> No. 9370708
File: 1.10 MB, 1000x1000, milkrip.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

did this chick just trace a sakizo pic for her "coloring book"?

>> No. 9370722

If you have a corner table, it's fine. You're not hurting anyone because no one else paid for that space. As for inline tables... I think it's mostly a case by case basis. If your neighbor doesn't mind and the con's rules don't say anything against it, you're fine. If your neighbor asks you to stop/take it down though - then it's common courtesy to comply. I just read through Akashiro's tweets and it sounds like they were at fault. The crafter asked them to remove the prints and had to call the staff to intervene?

>> No. 9370727

back facing is fine as long as tables aren't like 4 feet apart in which case people mistaking walls for the other person's table becomes very common. obviously if they have their own wall it's whatever, who gives a shit then.

side facing though (as in they are sharing that side to your left or right) you should really ask the other person first, at the very least say you will take them down if they have any problem and they can let you know any time.

>> No. 9370730

Thanks, I'm finally churning out enough prints and was wondering how to go about for back/side facing. I'll definitely ask about side facing with the other table(s) but back facing should be fine since everyone seems to do it.

And yeah seems like akashiro was in the wrong.

>> No. 9370731

Yeah, from my understanding people bothered the girl about akashiro's prints constantly and asked akashiro to put them down but was ignored. I think out of courtesy, you shouldn't double back your prints because it causes confusion

>> No. 9370734

Holy shit what? Are the pics still up?

>> No. 9370737

link to the tweets?

>> No. 9370745

This is her twitter:

the tweets happened during AX weekend, just scroll down. I don't see any of the pics anymore but she complained a lot about it

>> No. 9370750
File: 1.27 MB, 867x1000, rip.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

A bunch of her stuff looks like it's ripped from Sakizou, either the design/style or the pose.

>> No. 9370751
File: 17 KB, 583x128, 53d09a45fe2ec81bda06669f2d1ad8d0.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Wow. Less than an hour ago. This girl is a joke.

>> No. 9370752

I would honestly be careful with back-facing prints too. A lot of cons actually have rules against that. My friend had a table neighbor who had side-facing walls as well as back-facing and she asked them to take down the side-wall facing her. The neighbor refused to comply and she had to go to con staff. But when the con staff came they noticed her back-facing prints too and made her take her entire display down to get rid of both the side and back facing walls. None of the artists were bothered by the back wall but it was still against their rules.

Honestly, if she had just listened to my friend, she wouldn't have had to redo her entire display in the middle of the day.

>> No. 9370761

If a con has rules against back facing (fanime for example) yes i agree absolutely do NOT try to skirt the rules and put back facing prints! But at cons without those rules i don't think it's a big deal. 98% of the time you're at a con where there's either enough space between tables or everyone has walls anyway.

I don't know that there's a 100% concensus about back facing as there is about side facing which is clearly rude without talking to your neighbor.

>> No. 9370764

Did the thread get deleted? Can't find it

>> No. 9370774

Yeah, someone posted the Sakizou picture in the comments. She must've flipped.

>> No. 9370783

Yeah, definitely. The only time I've seen people get upset with backfacing prints is crafters who don't have the height to compete with print walls.

>> No. 9370787

I have a few prints that I really like from her and now seeing her attitude makes me feel kinda "meh" for having them....While FCFS is stupid it's also stupid to think you're entitled to get into any con because of your race..

>> No. 9370833

im interested in going to SacAnime this year as a seller, but i read on the facebook page that sales have been kind of shitty for the past few years. thoughts?

>> No. 9370842

I showed this to my SO and even he could tell that she traced the legs. If not fully traced then she heavily copied it.

>> No. 9370875

Yeah, looking at her stuff I really think her pottery is lovely and her art is nice too, but this attitude is atrocious. Knowing how she behaves online, I'd definitely avoid buying anything from her at a con. Plenty other artists out there to support that don't act like a child.

>> No. 9370885

She doesn't want white people making money in the AA, but she's probably all to happy to take their money.

>> No. 9370902

I told them I was in a rush for about 100 this past January, and received them, from time of payment, in 8 days.
It was my first time ordering so I'm not sure how rare that is though.

>> No. 9370932

I haven't experienced it. I know a lot of people complain about how it's all fanarty and a flavor-of-the-month sort of market, or some people might complain about table placement, but for the last couple of times I've sold at SacAnime, I've been seated pretty much in the back, sold semi-niche (although still admittedly fanart) stuff with a splash of FOTM and have done really well each time.

The big difference for me at the most recent winter SacAnime was doing mini-prints for really cheap. Because SacAnime does have a relatively young fanbase, it helps to have small impulse-buy items. That'e easily a couple hundred more if you've got a good variety or have really great art.

>> No. 9370976

New thread: >>9370975

>> No. 9371010
File: 75 KB, 800x532, Made by Joel Cardboard Cutouts 3.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>how do you want me to reply?
>Otherwise how else to respond to that tactfully?

What you said in your comment was tactful.
>nothing visually engaging as a table display

Just say, "Well I find that customers like a good solid visual to attract them. It's like being a carnival barker for their eyes or artfully putting food on a plate so it looks appealing."
"Next time try propping up your books and getting/making a cardboard cutout of one of your characters saying something to promote your book."

>> No. 9371135

Saw her at Katsucon and her helper was white. What does it meaaaan

>> No. 9371331

Ahh thanks, that's helpful if they are open to advice.

>> No. 9371435

I don't know whats making you have ants in your panties but I read that as mild sarcasm...anime ~ asian americans,,like wut does asian americans have to do with anime other than being the consumer of anime from japan.

>> No. 9371480

I think that's her husband/boyfriend

>> No. 9371966

I've been there three times now, twice for Summer and once for Winter.

Winter is rather slow, but Summer picks up and I've done pretty well there, it was a good introduction to me as a first time con, and I try to go every summer because I consider it a "home base con" however, I did notice foot traffic being reduced this past summer, but my sales didn't dip or anything, so I'm not sure.

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