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As Dark As My Soul v2 Yotsuba Green

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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Can we have a thread just for smoking hot, sexy and bonerfying cosplay?

Or will it inevitable be torn apart by jealous hambeasts and whales?

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don't judge me

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that is some interesting taste

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we'd rather you kept it to one thread rather than thirsting all over the board, so knock yourselves out

this does it for me in ways I don't fully understand

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I'm alright with sexy cosplay assuming the character's sexiness is canon and/or decent work has been put into the costume. It just gets old seeing sexy-versions of non-sexy characters considering tons of scantily clad characters already exist.

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Holy shit, thanks anon for sharing. I've wanted to see someone do Voldo for years now.

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She's cute. Gotta pass on the rest

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Kek my eyes are bleeding from the editing

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that is the best i have found. pls share if you find any voldo cosplayers who do not fleshtone suits or are not properly low-bodyfat %.

>it is even harder to find a good Scorpius cosplay without dadbod, pic related is not screen accurate but is hottest interpretation to be found

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Generally, no. /s/ is a better place for this.
You're going to get shat up by me toos that can't just make a fucking hot male thread and keep it to themselves.

Oh look, you beat me to it.

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OP never specified gender, so idk where you got that from

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pls no bully

at least one of those cosplayers is female and OP did not specify parameters for a hot cosplay thread anyway, beside that they be bonerrific, which these character and costume designs objectively are

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literally every /s/ thread on /cgl/ inevitably becomes a /hm/ thread because the gulls cant accept the male minority as being as thirsty as they are.

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Hotpockets deletes these threads despite breaking 0 rules

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Doesn't matter!

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You know damn fucking well it's only dudes that make these threads.
I rest my case

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Do gay guys not get boners?

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according to census polls, most people on this board are bi or gay so assuming men post women and women post men is newfaggotry desu

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of course he's a newfag, he showed up hoping to have us help him jack off to sexxiii ladies and got pissed when he found out we're a bunch of queers and lesbos

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most people on this board are bi or gay because only faggots use 4chan

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I'm more appalled that this is a word you would ever want to use. Are you 14?

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This thread is full of shit taste.

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says the faggot?

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It's endlessly frustrating to me how the Spiral Cats team never seem to want to use a high-resolution camera or something.

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She looks fine. What am I missing?

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