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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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I want to become a famous Cosplayer/living doll like anzu how do I do it

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Spam your pics casually on /r9k/ ot /b/ until it leaks out to reddit, 9gag and twitter.

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She's going to need to be loli enough for them to care.
ANd no I don't mean lolita.

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fourth post best post

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why would you want to be famous

wouldn't you rather just have money and be pretty

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>>9359624 well Its always been a dream of mine I rember I was bullied alot when I was younger I never really had many friends then I rember I found out about cosplay and I got really into it then I saw venus angelic on that my strange addiction episode and I saw that and knew that was the life I wanted I want to be recognized as incredibly beautiful that's why I'm trying to get a job so I can get plastic sugery and become cute and hopefully then I'll have a chance to finnaly get my dream and be happy

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Anon, you sound like you have major issues that you should talk to a professional about.

Also remember that with any kind of fame, however insignificant, comes a bunch of haters too so if you already have a fragile ego and need validation it's quite a dangerous path.

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>>9359648 Yeah ik I have some issues I have been going to therapy and the say I have body dismorfic disorder and I've been trying to feel better and I also know alot of people would probly be mean to me if I became famous but I really honestly do want this more than anything and I'm gonna try really hard to make it come true idk why I want this so bad but I do so hopefully one day I will be a famous Cosplayer

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Try sucking 100 dicks from eBay. You'll be a famous cosplay overnight.

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Are you even >18? Legit question.

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>>9359665 I'm 19

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You don't need surgery, just photoshop yourself until you're cute and thin and pale.

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deny that the Armenian genocide took place?

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...please explain

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anzu is a turkroach, their national past time is denying that in the death throws of the Ottoman Empire after WWI and in the birth of "modern" Turkey, they never killed and ran off the Armenians

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That's not cute.

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