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At least they're taking a different approach on it? Is it too early to be optimistic with LeeAnna "The living titty" Vamp sitting there as a judge?

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Yvette Nicole Brown is pretty legit though. She fills this great niche of either a normie who has a comprehensive knowledge of nerdy shit or a gigantic fucking nerd who's socially adept enough to pass as a normie.

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When I saw the word melee my mind immediately went "whoa they're having people fight each other in cosplay" And then I realized no, they obviously aren't.

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I have hope for it if the HoC producers have nothing to do with this.

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It was cast by the same guys who cast for Face Off, so here's hoping they brought on other people from that team for this, too.

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Also I hope yaya sees this and gets salty

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Do we know anything about who's competing yet?

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Kinda disappointing to be honest.

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Jessie Pridemore is one.

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Marty Alice LeGrow a.k.a. the writer of Bizenghast is in episode one.

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My only problem is the "cosplayer" they have on as a judge is Leeanna Vamp.
Does anyone else think shes really just a model? I feel like shes only popular because shes ridiculously skinny with giant boobs. It also looks like shes never made a costume that required actual effort, unless its made for her, AND rarely posts anything cosplay related anymore. Its all just lingerie model pics or advertisements to give her money. From working at a con, I'm aware shes one of the few girls that actually has an agent to push to get her jobs like this. I guess its convienient for them that she lives in Cali but really she seems incredibly under-qualified?

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I think Yaya got tired of reality shows after HoC. Plus she's making enough money to not have to do that shit.

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There are so many mid-to-high popularity amazing cosplayers on Instagram. I hope they end up picking people who actually produce things of quality for the show instead of people who just have a "name" regardless of what they make. I'd be far more interested in seeing slightly lesser names compete than people like yaya. Hope her/her buddies never touch this show. Not that they could anyways, considering half of them just get their boyfriends to do all the work.

Drama is nice but I'd keep it minimal. The best part of shows like this is seeing the creation process and how they fix issues last minute. I hope they don't fuck this up.

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I literally have no idea who she is.

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The list I have so far of people that have posted they're contestants in it:
>Jesse Pridemore
>Lisa Lou Who
> Go Big or Go Home Cosplay
>Becks (Becka Noel)
>The Props Shop
>Fred Reed
>Dhareza Cosplay

That's all I've noticed posting about it.

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Jessie Pridemore has an agent. So it makes sense.

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From the trailer it looks like costuming and not cosplay as I don't see any characters that I recognize in there. Is it all original designs?

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Probably. It's simpler than getting collabs done with other companies clear to use their IP. Basically face off with more costumes focus and not fabrication/makeup?

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>>9360420 if it's like faceoff then they have a team in the back doing most of the work

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The Face-off teams do casting but the sculpting, painting etc is still up to the contestants. It's be lame if someone couldn't finish something because of a bad cast. It's still a TV show and they want to have eye candy for the viewing audience.

Also the definition of cosplay is really just about costumes it doesn't need to be based on a character.

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She's bragging about being on the show. She's not dropped.

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Who the fuck are these people?

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A lot of them are very talented people that don't get a lot of credit in the cosplay community. I think the only one I've seen pretty regularly is Lisa Lou Who, but that's probably because boobs and she's "friends" with Jessica Nigri.

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Jacqueline Boehner is apparently in it. She's known for that super skimpy costly that she always whines gets her banned or suit at cons.

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Exactly my thoughts.
"Crafter" is not the word that comes to her. If she does wear costumes anymore it's just the basic sexy bs.

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I can't see this ending well, even if they learned from their mistakes with HoC

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I really like face off and this looks just like it so that makes me happy. Hopefully it's not drama filled. It looks like OC do not steal costumes only so i feel like calling it cosplay is a stretch but I guess they're using the word as clickbait.

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I think they mean that they're not watching the show because she's on it

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I hate to put it this way, but if she doesn't have salt here and on lolcow, she's literally a nobody. Massive hate and frothing fanboys means you're pretty big for one of these titty cosplayers. If even /cgl/ has never heard of you, you're nothing.

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I haven't had cable in a long time. What was the problem with HoC?

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I didn't watch it, but from what i heard it was forced/fake drama. Not very heroic

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I have never seen it either, but from what's been said over the past few years the idea was to create this big cosplay themed show. So they went out and recruited Yaya, Monika Lee, Chloe Dykstra (who i don't even know if she cosplays or not, they could have just scooped her because of her family's reputation for effects), Riki, and bit appearances by others at the cons they went to. The show was supposed to be called "Cosworld".

Supposedly they also approached Jnigs, who deemed the show a waste because she was a big enough name who could make more money without sacrificing the time needed to do the show. In response, they had Yaya dump on her in the show to create this feud for dramatic purposes. To make things worse, at all the cons they filmed at they took over the costume contests held and relegated those not on the show to background people who had the "bad costumes" which caused a lot of backlash to the con management. The show was less about costumes and more about forced drama, which caused them to try and retool the show after the first season (most of the cast from season 1 quit at this point) but it wasn't enough and Syfy canned the thing

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She is very unfortunate. No wonder she got a boob job. It's so everyone would stop looking at her face.

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Should be called costume melee. This show has nothing to do with cosplay.

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Gotta correct a little. Monika and Becky dropped only. And that was because fan reaction to them was mostly negative. Becky to this day hasn't let go of her time on the show. She just recently shrilled that the guy that was following her around the entire time met his fiancee on the show.

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I heard that Jessica turned them down so she could do RWBY instead, not that it was a waste.

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A bit of that and her schedule conflicted. After all they could only get those certain cons to sign off on it. And the 6th con in the first half of the show canned their contract. They were smart enough to send some staff to a few of the other cons to see how it was handled. She was only at that one con.

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>Costume Melee
>Nothing to do with cosplay
>Cos=Costume Play=Roleplay

Why does everyone want cosplay just to be about official characters/designs?

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Her character barely ever talks that's a pretty poor excuse.

She probably wanted the cred of making people think she would be able to compete on an armor crafting show when in reality we have no proof she's capable of crafting anything.

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So it seems to be a bit more about making original costumes than "cosplay". Much like in actual contests, making an OC is pretty frowned upon

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Ocs are 9/10 times cringy af.

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Just out of pure curiosity, for those like >>9361184 >>9361149 >>9360415 who say that this isn't cosplay, how long have you been in the cosplay scene and have you ever seen Face Off?

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not them but while if you wanted to split hairs cosplay would be anything involving a costume, colloquially it is used almost exclusively when it is of an existing IP's designs. 99% of the time that's what people will think when you say cosplay and they recognize the word.

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with the backlash of how exclusive HOC was, surprised that people haven't commented that cosplay Melee only shows it in a competition light and only for people who make stuff. HOC was a piece of shit but least there was a more diverse group of cosplayers on there, from people who bought, chloe. Bought &modified, like Crabcats and others like Yaya who made all their own stuff.

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I mean it's by a different production company than HoC and done by the people behind Face Off so it can't be that bad can it?

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I have some hope but not a ton just to cautious. Face Off has avoided a surprising amount of drama even when a contestant dropped out

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I like face off but this seems nearly the same show :/

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Jackie Craft is in it too. I noticed her in the background of some of the clips

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Awesome. I know I am missing a number of people since it's 4 contestants each episode and I'm assuming it will be at least 8 episodes?

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I think someone mentioned 24 contestants, so my guess is probably 6 episodes

>> No. 9361994

There will probably be a couple of semi final and final episodes though with the people who win the individual episodes

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She really is nothing... the only reason I know her is because she was a guest at a a con I worked at and her manager made a shit about where her booth was located. Looking at her actual reach compared to her follower count, it looks like she bought her follower numbers in order to get booked at cons.

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Helps that she started this early on in the cosplay fame game despite being nothing

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I'M dropping the show, numbnuts

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With what money?

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>yfw Jnig guest appearance

>> No. 9365237

she's going to be on it too?

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Can you imagine the legal nightmare if it was them actually making and competing in cosplays? Of course they're going to go in the driection of original costumes. It's still cosplay.

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Show idea: Cosplayers just get into no-holds-barred fistfights, points are awarded for quality of cosplay, how well the cosplay holds up, how easy the cosplay is to fight in, and how well a fighter can stay in-character while fighting.

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Besides, what better way to showcase their total talent, or lack of, then to make them come up with something completely new. There's no relying on character designs that have already been created and fleshed out. I'm all for giving the show a chance, especially since I liked face-off.

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I like this idea, I wish to support it

>> No. 9365471

No its costuming.

>> No. 9365514

Costume Play

>> No. 9365563

more like costume competition.

>> No. 9365577

I would literally fucking LOVE to see some cossluts on there who insist that they "totally do all their own work!" that obviously don't.

Looking at you Jnig

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She is definitely a model. She's really always been a model trying to do her own thing while drawing in fans and followings from niches that mean something to her in some way, no matter how small AND manage to bring in the numbers.
She's also incredibly personable and kind in person, and you'd be surprised how rare that is in these types of cosplay girls.
Her being THE cosplayer judge completely throws me, though. There are dozens of competent, popular costumers and prop makers in the socal community. Pretty sure they all have contacts and connections that could have pushed for this. I think she will judge as honestly and fairly as she can, but yeah it would be nice to have some actual experience up there. I guess they wanted a sexy cosplay chick but someone not completely shitty.

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If I recall correctly, Jessie said competing on shows like this is lame back when HoC was a thing.

>> No. 9366240

Eh, it's known that she gets help from friends or commissions some pieces, but it's also known that she definitely makes a lot of her own stuff. Not as craft-focused as, say, Yaya... but it's silly to pretend she doesn't make anything of her own.

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keep dreaming, this show sounds so like "American Idol" but with cosplays, that you don't even need to watch any episode, to know what's going on

>> No. 9366331

That was then, now she's just desperate for attention and wants to stay relevant

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Am I just racist or is that the nigress from Community?

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Looks like the first episode is going to be Zonbi, Ebony Warrior, Vertvixen, and Fred Reed.

>> No. 9372351

does she even cosplay anymore?

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