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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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this is a lolita cord i wore a few month ago. i also hobolita i cant even afford bodyline. but what can i do to impove my lolita?

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the wig looks like a cosplay wig and the dress isn't flashy enough for a colorful wig. tone down the hair, i think natural-looking hair would look way better

don't wear black shoes with a light-colored outfit unless black is an accent color on the dress

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First of all please make sure that your petti isn't peeking out from under your dress, and get some matching shoes. If you absolutely feel like you have to wear a wig please get one in a more natural color.

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For starters you can learn to read, snowflake. I also don't advise this as a hobby for you if you are too broke even for bodyline.

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That dress looks better than most bodyline

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Because everyone else is a fucking retard in this thread, post your vendetta elsewhere.

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it doesn't seem vendetta-y to me, it's not even like she's setting herself up to be insulted, we're just providing helpful suggestions for improvement

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What is going on with your wrist?
Are you ok?

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It's obviously paint. And it's obviously saved from someone's FB page and a lame attempt at trolly bait which people are taking.

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Too broke for a $13 jsk? Have you seen their prices lately?

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At least this thread is about lolita

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why respond to me tho

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