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Let's talk meidos.

Which maid cafés have you been to?
Which western cafés don't suck?
What are the cafés like in your area/at your local cons?
Which Japanese cafés are a must-visit?
What makes a con café good?
Advice for people starting/running their own cafés?
Will maid cafés ever have popular appeal in the west or are we trying to make fetch happen?

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Since people ask pretty often in these threads, here's a list of UK maid cafés:
Maids of England
Marshmallow Dreams
Meian Maid Café
Maid In Scotland
Hanami Maid Café
Ai My Maid
Otaku Café seems to have rebranded as MAGO Café, don't think they've launched yet

Reply if I've missed any. Are there any in Wales or Northern Ireland?

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Dumping food + meido pics

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Pic dropped rip

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"Forget all bad memories you have"
cute as fuck

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Marshmallow Dreams' recent magical girl themed event

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Maid cafes in the US tend to be only ran 1 of 3 ways
>person chooses only their friends as volunteers
the most common, this is easy to spot because the maids are almost all ugly
>person chooses only their personal "type" as volunteers
also easy to spot, most common I've seen is, all maids are usually Asian girls- no matter the location (looking at you anime expo)
>person chooses attractive and diverse staff
so rare I've never personally seen it, but hey, SOMEONE has to be competent enough to do this right?

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Many that I've seen take online applications and do auditions for volunteers, which in theory puts them in the 3rd category. It quite often results in the second category though, or sometimes leads to a bunch of maids who look cute in photos but don't have the social skills or service manner for the job. Still fairly failsafe compared to the "hire your friends" approach though

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I forgot which California con last year, but there was a maid cafe where the advertisers were really pushing "non-binary serving persons" who wished to serve "people of any race, sex or gender" in any combination of "sexual and asexual orientations".

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>Will maid cafés ever have popular appeal in the west or are we trying to make fetch happen?

i hope not they really don't fit into western gastronomy at all.
To be honest it's kind of creepy and people who use it seem like creeps also.
I'm all for cute food but I suppose I just don't like spectacle that much.

I don't really see it nestling in well at all. And the creep factor at maid restaurants is overwhelming.

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>Work in a restaurant
>Servers are encouraged to wear costtumes
>Bring up maid cafés
>Mention I'd like to dress-up as a maid (specifically say "not a sexy maid, it'd be very conservative and cute")"
>No one understands
>"Man, maid cafes are such a sexy idea, why don't we have that here? I want hot maids in skimpy outfits to serve me!"
>Go as a witch instead

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Going out on a limb, all in london?

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I do think they can be a bit creepy, but if somewhere did it as a once in a while event that'd be fine.

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Only Maids of England and Ai My Maid are London based.
Marshmallow Dreams & Maid in Scotland are Scottish.
Hanami is Manchester based I believe?
Meian is based Manchester to Newcastle.
Don't know anything about Otaku cafe/MAGO cafe

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Sad but true. Maid cafés don't have to be creepy, but I've yet to see one without creepy stans and as long as the "Japan is weird and perverted and gross and they all bang schoolgirls" stereotype exists over here maid cafés won't be brought into the mainstream.

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MAGO are London based too afaik

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Is this even a maid cafe? Just looks like a bunch of random lolitas to me
Like, atleast have SOME uniformity, it's called a uniform for a reason

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>First.Forget all bad memories you have.

they make is sound so easy

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A local cafe has a uniform very like these (top row, 5th along to be exact) I kind of though tit was kind of nice how they still have a uniform - most cafes or coffee shops just go for the store t-shirt and jeans look these days.

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This is MOE, right? They usually have a pretty neat uniform, not sure why they decided to post one without it.

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Peachy looks so different here.

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It's MOE. They sometimes do themed slots out of uniform for their events.

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>bodyline wa-lolita dress
i'm triggered

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They will probably have the same rep as hooters, more or less.

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Yup, it's MOE's Valentine's Day lolita themed slot. On their event days they usually do one in uniform and one in themed outfits or cosplay.

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I don't think they'd have the same rep as hooters unless they went the skimpy fetish uniform route. They'd be considered sleazy but in a different way, more likely associated with paedophelia and the "Japanese businessmen hiring out schoolgirls" kinda vibe. The comments on media articles about maid cafes tend to have that tone.

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There's a normie cafe in my hometown with a uniform like that too, similar to the top three on the right. It's a super traditional tearoom kinda thing and they wear headdresses too, it's cute as fuck

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food from Uncle Tetsu's (taken from twitter), looks real fucken good but not very kawaii desu desu neee

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>No one understands
Then you haven't explained it properly

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It's not moe cute like maid cafes, but it's very aesthetically pleasing to look at, which I personally tend to enjoy more with food places.

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The pastries and lattes are genuinely good and kawaii. I didn't realize until now they had another bakery open in Union Station!

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What kind of customer do you THINK visits maid cafes?
What kind of customer do you WANT to visit maid cafes?

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>What kind of customer do you THINK visits maid cafes?
Weebs and lonely men.
>What kind of customer do you WANT to visit maid cafes?
Everyone. Young, old, male, female, weebs, normalfags.

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I think the problem is that cuteness is nothing desireable in the west. It's okay if you are a pre-teen but after that you are seen as childish. In Japan cuteness or being cute is more accepted, as youthfulness is important to them.

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Where are good places to buy maid outfits? I want something high quality. Is it best to have that kind of thing commissioned or are there stores that sell them?

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Milky Ange? That's the only one I can think of.

On another note, have any maid cafes survived in CA?

>> No. 9403240

Its kind of awkward that the photos of maid cafes that tend to come to the west involve obese sweaty mean in XXL t-shirts awkwardly posing with a girl that looks uncomfortable.

>> No. 9403296

Then maybe the girl should act like a professional and not look uncomfortable?
It's her job after all.

>> No. 9403349

There's a few. There's one in Socal that's been running constant events for the past 9 years

>> No. 9406452

Yeah it's MOE. They were recently recruiting so I applied. Got a rejection email today ;____;

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The sauce art they do is really cute too. Wish I didn't get rejected.

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They have a super cute butler too.

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>tfw can never forget the feel when no gf

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That was truly an awful maid cafe, if you could even call it that. No wonder they closed.

>> No. 9406749

How was it? Did you ever go?

>> No. 9406753

I went twice. The maids were not friendly, you basically order at the counter and they just bring you the food. That's literally it. They just put it on your table. It was served in a plastic plate with plastic utensils.

The other half of the cafe was selling anime merch. The girl working that didn't really give a shit and was either on her phone or away from the stand just talking with her friends. I ended up not even wanting to buy the thing I was checking out.

>> No. 9406757

what even are the criteria/how does that work? be relatively cute?

idk nobody in >>9398594 looks especially great and all of the people here >>9398609 look dumpy, do they have really great personalities or something?

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I went to MaidDreamin about 2 years ago (almost to the day today actually).
Me and my husband wanted to go to a maid café before we left Akihabara and so we decided to just go to whichever one had girls handing stuff out at the moment. So we ended up at MaidDreamin. It was super busy so our maid couldn't really spend too much time with us. We got sat by two drunk guys and honestly the drunk dudes were more entertaining than what any of the maids were.... lol maybe maid cafés just aren't for me. It was kind of bizzare. I talked to someone else that went to another café and they said they had the same kind of experience though. Maybe I would enjoy more of a traditional style maid café?
My dinner was adorable though. Here's the photo I took of it. I had a butt load of sauce that came with it.
My local con is currently discussing how they're going to handle their maid café this year because apparently it was a disaster last year and they lost a ton of money. The con chair brought up that they would have to have some kind of charge this year and everyone lost their goddamn minds. One chick mentioned that she would like the tickets to be in the $1 range. It never ceases to amaze me how penny pinching people can be. They think getting food and a maid café experience should just be covered in the badge price and then they wonder why the café gets canceled or it sucks.

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Seconding this. I was super happy to go visit a maid cafe in the states only to be really disappointed.I didn't have any interaction with any maid there but at least their dessert was cute.

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I thought this was pretty funny.

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His acting is on point. He has an android butler persona and I've never once seen him break character, I'm not there for the butlers but he's genuinely funny and endearing. That's one of the things that sets MOE apart imo, their current staff stay in character super well at events which makes for a really immersive experience.

>> No. 9407281

looks like she gained weight

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>Which maid cafés have you been to?
I've only visited Maidreamin's Thailand branch, before it expanded/moved to MBK. It was amazing though and definitely got me hooked!

>Which western cafés don't suck?
I wouldn't know. MOE looks good. Tbqh they're doing a great job. I find them borderline cringy, but that might be because of how all the master/maid roleplaying sounds in english. Not because of their acting!

>What are the cafés like in your area/at your local cons?
We have 2 local convention maid cafés.
One of them is really cute and bubbly, with light blue/light pink colored uniforms for the maids.
The butlers wear black vest/dresspants, white shirt and light blue/light pink neckties.
The convention logo's pink/blue hence the pink/blue uniforms.
They're an entertainment café, close to the actual maid café concept from japan. The assigned maid/butler will perform food magic, stay at your table and talk to you and play games that the café provides. The desserts and drinks are nice too. Not amazing but not bad!

The other café is closer to a regular café. The uniforms are the classic black/white with pink neckwear for both maids and butlers.
Convention logo has a pink cherry blossom in it, hence the pink.
There's not much entertainment involved in this café.
Last year there were a few phrases here and there and some maids did food spells. But besides that, it was just a regular café.
Their bread is fantastic. Very nice quality, and even though it's a bit pricey, you don't feel cheated when buying any.
The tea is really good too. It's overall a relaxing experience.

I work for both cafés and I'm really determined to get both cafés their own distinct concept!

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Any recommendations of maid cafes in Osaka or Tokyo? I'm going with family and they've mentioned wanting to experience one but I'm afraid it'll be too weird/awkward for normie parents

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>What makes a con café good?
Trained and outgoing staff. Cute uniforms does a difference, but it can't carry the concept by itself.
The food and pricing has to go hand in hand. The food doesn't have to be amazing, but then the pricing has to match.
A cute and varied menu is a plus.

>Advice for people starting/running their own cafés?
Stay in the bigger cities. Start small and open only in summer when there's a lot of tourism.
I'd imagine that cute icecream desserts and cake would be easy to sell with the concept.
Smoothies, milkshakes and bubbletea as well! Low production value, very trendy and easy to sell for $$$.
I think it's weird to use japanese phrases, if it's not in a convention-/japan-related venue.
Translate phrases properly. "Master" might throw people off. "Your highness", "My lady", "prince", "princess" are better in english imo.
If some words are better in your native language, use it as well.
For food spells, make actual 'magic' words. Instead of "Oishikunare" use something like "Delicioso".
Get inspired by spells from Harry Potter and 'magify' words, while still keeping the meaning of the word intact.
If you're going for an entertainment café, you must remember to hire staff with a nice and welcoming appearance.
I don't want to say "Only hire pretty people!!", but make sure that they know how to smile and make customers feel relaxed yet entertained.

>Will maid cafés ever have popular appeal in the west or are we trying to make fetch happen?
Maidcafés in the west is kinda.... out of place? Tbqh I don't see them going well here. People doesn't want to be entertained while eating. People go to cafés to study and/or to hang out with friends. Maybe there'll be music of some sort, but cutesy maids that treats you like 'royalty'? That's not the ideal over here.
At most, I think a victorian-style teahouse with Wonder Palour/Schatzkiste aesthetic would work. But then again, the entertainment part of the concept would be lost.

>> No. 9409021

@home maids has english lessons. It's the most cutesy café there is though. Even if it's awkward and different. It's probably fun to experience! They said themselves that they want to go.
Here's their english website:

>> No. 9409051

I know this seems jerky but I kind of have to agree. People go to these places for a certain kind of experience and acting like you don't want to be there or are absolutely miserable ruins the illusion of what they are going for. It's a service industry. You just gotta deal with gross and shitty people sometimes.

>> No. 9409512

What are the names of the local maid cafes you mentioned?

>> No. 9409865

Genki maid café and J-popcon maid café
Both in Denmark

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>Will maid cafés ever have popular appeal in the west

No, socially adjusted people already go to places were the maids serving are much more attractive and you can be as loud and rambunctious as you want to be. You can let yourself go and have fun away from the office where you to be emotionally constricted all the time. A crap place with ugly waitresses who act dumb and you STILL have to act constricted because otherwise you ruin their dumb act? Ew, no. I'm not wasting my time with that.

>> No. 9410002

that HAIR! love it

>> No. 9410042

Being cute is desireable in the West. But it's a different kind of cute, more natural I'd say. I'm not surprised that the over-the-top childish cuteness that weebs and Asians love so much turns away most normal guests.

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Please go

>> No. 9410046

Why should they go? Can't you understand that western and eastern cultures aren't one and the same thing? Maid café is not a bad thing but does look out of the place when opened in the west.

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Dumping cute maids

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Nanaho is love. Nanaho is life
(Far right)

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Those extreme thin legs I like skinny Girls bit that just creeps me out

>> No. 9410810

I think they meant they wanted anon to go away

>> No. 9410824

>why isn't my creepy niche act popular?!
>because it's creepy and people would really prefer this and this instead
>waaaaaaah you hurt my feelings, go away!! ...why isn't my creepy niche act popular?!

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I think I just became a lesbian
(please ignore filename I made my gif folder at age 11)

>> No. 9411231

Koko is amazing. Her looks are always on point and she's a great performer/dancer. She' also able to speak Thai, Japanese, a bit Mandarin Chinese and a bit English!

>> No. 9411410

>3 ceLemony
>4 Before you eat maids.
>5 if you no like, you no pay

>> No. 9411418

i went there. they dressed my wife up in one of their outfits. they thought she was my daughter. it was one in Akiba.

>> No. 9411433

Sssshhhhh sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

>> No. 9411437

I've been to Pinafore and Mai:lish (the real cafe the one in Stein's Gate is based on, though I was there before SG came out), both in Akiba, and both times with friends. I wasn't really into it. The uniforms are cute but I don't like being patronized and the food sucks.

>> No. 9411449

I've only been to small cons with maid cafe's that are just order and carry your food to a table.

I've never even heard of food magic or that maids do magic tricks

Could you give some examples?

>> No. 9411455

>they thought she was my daughter
Anything you'd like to tell us?

>> No. 9411581

I've only ever experienced Maidreamin first-hand, so the way I do things is heavily inspired by their concept.
'Oishikunare' basically means "Become delicious". That's why I thought it'd be cute to exchange it for an english-sounding spell, IF you wanted to open an actual Maid café.

At the convention cafés I work at, I always introduce my guests to the concept of food spells and ask them if they're interested. If they don't want it, we don't do it.
If they DO want it, I make sure to explain how to perform the spell before actually doing it. I always encourage the guests to perform the food spells with me(But if they don't want to, I just perform the food magic by myself).
Basically, like this:

Since I'm into maid cafés(I mean, REALLY into maid cafés), I try to encourage my colleagues to perform food spells like this.

>> No. 9411586

I found this video for you anon! Enjoy!!

>> No. 9411589

Ah, I tried to link the video where they're performing food spells, but the 4chan embed function doesn't apply that.
Food spells are performed at 5:50!

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>I've only ever experienced Maidreamin first-hand

Hey that's the place this guy was talking about. Can you get your money back when the food spell doesn't work and the food tastes like shit?

>> No. 9411632

Probably not. Everyone got different tastes, if you don't like the food, stick to the drinks and desserts.

>> No. 9411723

Really? What a scam.

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That's so adorable

>> No. 9412337


My god, it's like somehow Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe had a baby.

>> No. 9412375

you realize you have the power to rename files, right

>> No. 9412714

Sage for OT, but does anyone have a link for quality looking maid uniforms?

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