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As Dark As My Soul v2 Yotsuba Green

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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Post some:
Top tier craftsmanship
Competition winners
Cosplays you love
Cosplays you look at for inspiration
Cosplays that make you laugh

Just try not to be a nitpicky douche about it.

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thought the red feathers were dicks in the thumbnail 10/10

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I absolutely adore the live action Cruella. I'm so happy to see this.

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>LITTLE sister larger than BIG daddy

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It's probably a big sister (little sisters that grow up) and a little sister

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That's a big sister you fucking retard

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Steampunk Link

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I love this so much

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That looks like taken straight out of a Kingdom Hearts game. And I don't mean that in a good way.

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The ultimate dream ;_;

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why do people always think
steampunk = brown, belts, and goggles?

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One of the local cosplayer I look up to for my motivation.

This guy is the reason why I decided to pick up cosplay back at 2014(Couldn't start it before 2016-17), but yes, I love his dante cosplay, infact most of his cosplay.

His name is Vijay Sinha Cosplay btw

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looking forward to see this posted all fucking over

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where is this from?

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>>clicks thumbnail
>>still see dicks
idk man

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Rose of Versailles

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Holy shit that make up to look like the actor. Absolutely fantastic.

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Because it is. It's just another dorky substyle. Getting butthurt about it is about as effective as getting butthurt over some kid at the mall calling himself Emo when he only has 25 belts hanging off his skinny ass as opposed to 45.

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Let's be taco bazooka sisters

>be a teen and in the east coast in 2005
>California cons swarming with takarazuka cosplay
>be not a teen and in the west coast in 2017

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This is just too adorable. Thank you for making a good thread.

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Everything she makes is perfect

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This is a great one
>too bad his homeworld just got destroyed by a big red cuck

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get your minds out of the gutter, gosh

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It's like its straight out of the tv!

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Is that ever meant in a good way?
Kingdom Hearts has some of the most retarded designs in, well everything

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You have terrible taste, that cosplay is shit.

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>Iron Fist



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damn!!! this is fantastic! the cosplayer looks exactly like Redmayne!

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Pretty surely an sjw lesbian, so points of from it then.

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Really? Points added hell yeah.

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fuck i feel this feel so hard. i have so many cosplays planned because of all the beautiful costumes, but no motivation to do any of them because so few people in the US know or care about takarazuka anymore.

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I only care that they look like Newt Scamander!

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>When yo shoop too heavy

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how do people even do these
more hq sakizou cosplays, please
and/or tutorials

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This is the first time I've seen the epaulet cords or tassels (? sorry don't know the proper term) done correctly. Does anyone know what kind of cord they are? They look more like coils instead of braids or regular twists.

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i like the fit and the quality of the suit but vinyl was a terrible fabric choice for the black parts of the costume. it looks kind of like fetish gear and violet's character is a teenage girl which makes it kind of creepy

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I was thinking of doing a violet myself. What fabric would look better? Something matte is kind of boring and less shiny but still shimery fabrics often look cheap

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What character is this?
I'm really impressed by the paux shirtlessness.

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Lol this is also in the bad cosplay thread.

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They shoop their tits off!

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wet look spandex is a good option, its not as tacky and shiny as vinyl or cheapo fabrics. you could also try moleskin spandex it has a bit of a natural shine to it despite usually coming in matte.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

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A Violet cosplayer built like Helen gotdamn

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Anri from Adekan.

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