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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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New worn thread!

I'm looking for toned down or more casual way to wear Day Dream Carnival like pic related.

I always liked the print, but I'm not a sugary pastel sweet lolita.

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Need Elizabeth bride of death jsk I photos that show the bodice on people of average size (around 88-90 cm bust, 68 waist) please!!

I'm afraid I'm too fat for it to look good. Can't tell how big this girl is but it doesn't suit her

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Looking for photos of actual lolita coords with the Saint Sword JSK because nothing I've seen worn has proper silhouette or accessories

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This jsk in any color! I've been watching this listing on lacemarket for a long time but can't find any worn photos and I'm worried that I won't be able to find a nice blouse to go with it... I really want to wear this in a bright, over accessorized punk coord.
Also I have some DDC coords that come to mind, if I can find them I'll upload them!

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Found them! This one has such a cute cozy/vintage feel

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kinda grandma-kei but if you removed all of those flowers it would look more casual. I could see it with a neutral colored beret and boots

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Slightly off topic but I feel like these will just not look as good when actually worn.

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Has anyone seen this worn?

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Agreed, this is a worn thread to see how cuts look on different bodies. Flat layouts are useless in deciding whether or not to get or look for a dress

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Requesting photos of anyone wearing Sweet Devil in the black colorway and the pink colorway that doesn't make them look like ita trash.

I have the black colorway but I'm debating on selling or keeping it because I feel like it's quite hard to coord without making it look trashy.

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Looking for this, I didn't realize I'd have so much trouble with a halter top. I'd take photos any halter dress worn well with a blouse.

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Worn pictures of Excentrique - Cathedral Christening?

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I think I've never worn my DDC skirt in a sweet pastel coord. I have lots of photos but I don't wanna spam with my face so I'll just share one that looks similar to the OP image. I also put together this coord >>9403448

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Sorry none of these are on a person but I figured they were better than nothing, anon. I used to own this JSK and these were the ones I had saved! Good luck

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Looking for worn pictures of pocket embroidery in ivory. Saw a few on CoF but struggling to find any others in this color

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ive never seen a melty whip chocolate coorrdinate and i really like the dress

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This is from the COF thread. I think it'should super well balanced, and might inspire you even though it's not the same colourway.

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Anyone got worn pictures of the Mercator Antique Shop OP (any colourway)? Pref. not on an AP model, just out and about?

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It's ok that they're not on a person, this is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!!

Are you asking for casual coords specifically? I have some worn photos that aren't on models but they're from events so they may be too ott

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