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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread, the /cgl/ edition.

Pretty simple, there is no real topic here, just ask dumb fucking questions and then answer others if you can. I'll start us off.

So a buddy of mine had this idea that we would go to a convention as a Bancho Rocket - in a nutshell, a Japanese 80s delinquent bancho uniform with Team Rocket accessories and logos. He is kinda tough looking, so he was going to be the bancho, and I was going to be his spirit guard waving a giant flag with the Rocket R on it.

Except - and here's the kicker - I have no fucking idea where we could buy those jackets. I can make the flag no problem, but I dunno what those jackets are even called.

If you need an image to go with the idea, think Ouendan but they're all in Team Rocket.

Where can I pick up those jackets?

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To continue, lemme ask another question. I am finding out a lot about bodypaint for my Drow cosplay, but I do want to know - is there any way to put on bodypaint if you have a thick, bushy beard? Like, say, should I be dying my beard hair and then applying some form of makeup, or what? Or, is there no way to put on bodypaint while you have a beard?

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I'll ask one more question, just because the normal post requirement to start a thread is three.

So, I'm starting to learn how to sew. I have a few hundred dollars that I can drop on materials right now. What kind of cloth and what kind of designs should I be focusing on if I'm trying to learn how to make cosplay dresses and capes and stuff? Specifically, I'm trying to get the skills so I can eventually make a genderbent Lina Inverse cosplay.

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Get some muslin in the different hands that you ultimately want your final cosplay to be. Muslin is fairly cheap, so you can fuck up as many times as you want, and it won't dent your finances like fucking up costume fabric will.

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How about designs? I'm making a quick youtube playlist of sewing videos to watch while I practice, but ultimately, I dunno what patterns to practice with - or how to read them, really.

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No, you can't apply facepaint to a beard. You'll see your unpainted skin underneath.

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Where can I get a male bunnysuit?

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Most people make their own bunny suits.

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Buy some commercial patterns for normie fashion and give it a whirl. They're not that hard, I promise.

Even better, although more spendy, look at the indie PDF pattern market. Lots of the indie patterns come with super detailed photo tutorials, plus the facebook groups dedicated to pattern support.

I think you're a dude? so I'm not super sure where to point you, but Patterns for Pirates has a lot of solid stuff, and a couple of patterns targeted for guys.

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>They're not that hard, I promise.
Deceit. It's like looking at rocket science unless you learn how to deal with them. Being made flimsier than toilet paper doesn't help.

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Okay, that is what I figured . Not confident in my ability to do that but I'll look some more.

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How do I stay motivated?

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How is this different from the help thread?

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Seeing as people either can't use the catalogue or have somehow deemed this separate from the dumb question/spoonfeeding thread, I'm gonna just dump my question here too >>9400073

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You don't. Motivation is a lie. You make it a routine that you do daily. /fit/ knows all about this stuff.

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From what I can tell, it depends on the waistline. If you wear a dress that doesn't hug your waist, it looks more like you just slid into a big piece of cloth and makes you look short and stumpy.

Ultimately though, it also depends on the kind of dress. If it's an Ita dress, it may not have enough of that flare past your hips. Also, if it's Ita, anything over the waist should be as skin-tight as possible without being binding.

There are lotsa things to keep in mind about dresses.

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do you prefer the con state of today or 15 years ago

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Can someone give me what a good price for AP Honey Cake would be? OP or JSK.

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Any easy/cheap ways to tint a gas mask's lens?

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Does anyone know if another website sells these: New Twilight Yellow Horror Lens? I asked HoneyColor and they implied it'll be stocked in two months, but I can't wait two months (plus shipping) for these. They're for a Lucoa cosplay. Most lenses aren't close enough.

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I received a traditional Chinese dress, a ruqun, and the instructions said to hand wash with warm water. Am I supposed to use any detergent or soap? The material doesn't feel like silk, more like a synthetic mix.

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Blackface is un-PC

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Even just 7 years ago would be nice, before all these cosfamous wannabes (cosplayers and photographers) popped up.

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There is handwashing detergent, but I've always been taught that you can use a little shampoo. Its gentler than normal detergent.

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