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Shiro and kuro lolita appreciation thread

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I don't have much desu

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I suppose this is as good a thread as any to ask. Has anyone tried riding public transport in shiro and how did you keep yourself from getting dirty? I'm going to have to take a train while in shiro this summer so it's not like I can just wear a coat over my coord.

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I have used an old scarf and plastic bag for it before

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fancy hankie

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I'm a newfag (just bought my first dress two months ago) but I've been lurking for a year and I still don't understand why this is lolita but if I wore something like this to a meet it wouldn't be lolita

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sounds like your comm doesnt know what old school is? its definitely lolita. where the skirt lacks poof the puff sleeves, lace trim, peeking bloomers, rhs, and head accessories make up the difference - who gives a fuck what people at a meet think?

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Because you have to wear lolita to a meet? So you can wear it like this as long as it's oldschool?

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go check out the local comm thread. comms are full of itas who dont know shit about the history of this fashion. old school is trending right now anyhow.
>wear it "like this" as long as its old school
yes but it literally has to be old school. youre not going to style milky swan like this because obviously that wouldnt make any sense. context matters

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With milky swan it would look shitty but why not style it like this with a new dress, if everything is suitable for lolita? That's the part I don't really understand. Why, with oldschool it feels so "all or nothing"?

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newer dresses tend to be chiffon with tulle lace. those dont match the weight of thick old school blouses, socks, cotton lace. if you can find a newer dress styled the way older ones are then go right ahead but i personally find the mismatching of new and old to be jarring. because old school was the birth of the fashion it does tend to verge on "this isnt like the new stuff, so is it really lolita?" the answer is yes it is lolita, but if you take away key aspects of old school lolita it would no longer be passable.
"everything suitable for lolita" from three different eras really wouldnt make sense. want to mix a newschool tulle lace covered bonnet with ott sweet era print with old school platforms from meta? you do you man but its going to look disjointed

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Thanks, this is actually really insightful

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im glad

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No shiro with this but it's one of my favorite kuro coords.

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i love coords like this, they really get me feeling all nostalgic and fuzzy inside.

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Obsixwi's wardrobe is to die for

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Wrong person, anon.

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This isn't oldschool, even though it looks oldschool inspired. It's obviously a more recent release from the make-up, photo quality and styling, they're wearing chiffon peignor-type things which is not an oldschool thing, and it's not even from a lolita brand.

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I'm pretty sure that's Darkxdelirium?

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theyre not wearing peignoirs theyre literally wearing cotton OPs pls get your eyes checked my guy. and it actually is pretty old but thanks play again sometime.

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Do these count?

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I'll have a little root around in my folders. Not a coord picture here, but still cute

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Bigger version.
Normally I hate untucked blouses but these coords look so comfy I can't not love them. Thanks for the dump, anon!

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