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Last one autosaged.

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Just want to say thanks to the NYC mod who started making public meets. I know the NYC drama thread was a shit show but we really appreciate you putting in effort into making this comm better.

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Does anyone else have that one group in their comm that only seem to go to meets to take pictures for Instagram and then take turns to all compliment each other. I think some of them refer to each other more by their Instagram names than their real names.

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Not in my comm but it does remind me of that scene in Deerstalkers with Milkyfawn.

>> No. 9399487

Almost everyone I know posts pics from recent meets on Insta, but I don't think they go to meets just to take pictures. Our comm is not huge and we all follow each other. I think it's just nice to like or complement each others coords, builds a good comm atmosphere.

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I mean the first one was a crowd of the usuals at the tea party. But the second one sees friendly. Just sucks they needed to feel warm under the peter pan collar to get their shit together.

Their obligation to their image as this perfect comm still outweighs any motivation to make it a perfect comm.

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Any fun, non-traditional meet ideas? My comm is getting a little tired of the cafe/high tea/museums/themed party/movie circuit.

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>first one was a crowd of the usuals

Yeah makes me wonder if they planned it, but its probably just because those are the rich girls who can drop reservation $$ instantly on a spot.

Like I'm just glad Y is making an effort. I don't know how much she actually cares for the comm vs her image, but she seems to be the only who is doing something vs just whining.

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Does anyone know anything about the Los Angeles Lolita community? Is it worth getting to know them or is there a lot of drama? For a big city I don't hear much about them, which I suppose is a good thing.

>> No. 9399535

This gets asked every fucking thread. Check last thread and the archives. FFS.

>> No. 9399536

The tea party was sold out in under an hour. I'm thinking it had to be pre-announced to that inner crowd.

That aside. I'm looking forward to SM. Was hoping to run to to NY local gulls and lone lolita rather than the usual cliques

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Join the fashion show. Lots of people say it's cringe but it is the best way to meet a lot of lolitas and make friends. Yeah there are some itas every year but also some amazingly dressed girls. I find that is where a lot of the cliques intertwine.

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Ok I'm glad I'm not the only one who had that suspicion.. Like "see we made a public meet but I guess its only our friends that paid and want to go"

>> No. 9399569

Mod of an average-sized comm here! I'm giving you a few suggestions at the top of my mind of things that have been done in my comm or that people have suggested we do in the future :
(sorry about the long post)
Karaoke (ideally with private rooms)
Laser tag
Treasure hunt or photo-rally across the city
Indoors ice skating
Escape room
Go apple-picking in the fall
Playing board games or card games (lolita-themed or not)
Craft/sewing meet. You can either have someone teach everybody a new technique (embroidery, felting...) or make the same item (writcuffs, beret decorating) or each bring your personal projects to work on
Going to a shooting range/archery range/axe throwing range
Hair/makeup workshop where you all teach each other your tips and tricks
Botanical garden, aquarium, farmette or zoo visit
Ghost tours
18+ : visiting a winery/brewery, going to a burlesque show in ero lolita, have a drink at a place with cute cocktails
Swap meet to buy, sell and trade dresses
Going to a fair or festival in your town
Keep an eye out for the public events hosted by other street fashion communities in your area (other j-fashions, goth, steampunk), a lot of the time they will be happy to have you and it makes a great excuse for crossover coords.
Also, themed meets depending on the place you're going and the time of the year can always be fun! (making the theme non mandatory so that everyone can attend)

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Really am tired of SQ in HLC. She got into a bitch fit because the other Houston comm scheduled their meet the same as their Easter meet up. I was so uncomfortable at the meet and greet she hosted as well. She has fucking ADD or something because she kept missing at the mall and forced us to play in the cold. We're freezing our asses of playing stupid games...

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My comm has meets where they do end up being a photoshoot. Everyone asking for their photo to be taken and to take selfies. Can last an hour or be the whole meet depending on where and what the meet is.

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New tag... I'm taking these ideas :3

I'm sorry anon. I heard about this. :( I hope next meet treats you well. I don't think there's any conflict going on but I have been hearing rumors that Stevie is being a cunt. Not just towards HLS mods but others too.

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I've actually done it before and was planning on applying in a few days when I get my camera lol

I did it two years ago and the only person I could talk to was a girl who didn't exactly know what lolita was at the time but she was very sweet and eager to learn via the show. Other than that it was awkward jojo posing from the cliques and loners who knew better and kept to themselves.

There's no way it couldn't be. As a mod I'm sure she pitched the ideas to her friends first who immediately put up the money. Save like the last few seats, the waiting list is everyone who caught the post in time and could immediately pay up.

I don't care either way. I can't go to these first come first serve event because my last sale on lacemarket fucked up my PayPal til may. Which made me realize how unfair it was to those without PayPal but had money.

>> No. 9400240

They wouldn't allow venmo or anything? Unfortunate

>> No. 9400252

What's SQ doing in Houston? Doesn't he play music on the internet on a show called Midnight Snacks?

>> No. 9400262

wrong SQ. nice attempt at a namedrop tho.

>> No. 9400279

Who is this?

>> No. 9400387

No you're thinking of Goku Sanchez

>> No. 9400453

This is why I stay in the other comm.

>> No. 9400494

Her attitude is so annoying. She's much older than the other comm members and feels like she has to be bitchy towards everyone. You would think an almost 30 year old woman would have better things to do than boss around younger high school/college age people.

>> No. 9400506

We certainly have this group of girls who are popular online and care more about doing photo-worthy things than actually interacting with the rest of the comm. One meetup organised by one of these girls we ended up spending two hours in front of a building taking coord shots and selfies - yet no group shot. The building was right at a very busy street in the middle of downtown and we were super exposed to the midday weekend foot traffic and kept being approached by random people asking wtf was going on and taking photos without asking. I'm not someone who cares about posting to COF and was standing to the side in a rather toned-down outfit so I was the one constantly being approached by curious people asking for an explanation. When I go out in lolita alone I never get this much attention. It felt kind of like being roped into a street performance against my will. It made me so uncomfortable and, being super introverted, I was exhausted before the meetup even really got started. At least some girls got a coord picture with a fancy backdrop, though.

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Aquarium, laser tag, at our recent meet we got together and played Pokémon go.

>> No. 9400517

Wait what?! Stevie's that fucking old? BITCH TOLD ME SHE WAS 24.

>> No. 9400521

Hi! NY Gull here. I tend to keep to myself. As people have said, it's probably for the better.

>> No. 9400589

I feel like there are only 2-3 good lolita's in my community, myself included. I'm sick of seeing ita-tastic coordinates at meets, half assed bullshit. even the "special" group have so many ita's i don't even want to join them, even though its damn tempting

>> No. 9400635

Feel this. There are only like 4-5 good lolitas in this COUNTRY. Everyone else is a cosplay mess. It's a pity.

>> No. 9401428

The other comm isn't that much better, but it's improving. Be careful though, a few of those mods aren't perfect angels either.

>> No. 9401500

In my honest opinion HLS mods are alright compared to the HLC mods, they're pretty chill. But seriously it's better than being apart of HLC, the drama is getting to be a bit much. HLS is not perfect of course but at least they're trying their best I guess.

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> blogpost incoming

I'm a lone lolita and my city/country has a comm but from what I've seen it's mildly ita so I'd rather not join. I also recently found out that some extremely well dressed and slightly e-famous (because of good coords, not because of drama) lolitas live in my city. I don't actively browse the comm's social media but at least when I stumble upon their pics, those well-dressed lolitas are never on them.

> tfw I'd like to get to know them but can't approach them since I don't have any social media

> tfw forever alonelita

>> No. 9401609

The only one I can think of is K. She gets offended by everything but at least apologizes. I don't think they're perfect but none of them are lying, manipulative bitches like SQ

>> No. 9401619

What are the communities in SEast UK (outside London) like? I saw a lolita on the train last week and my lone lolita heart skipped a beat.

>> No. 9401655

This is why I always tell people in your situation to just join the damn comm. Clearly there are well dressed people around but they don't have the chance to see each other. Be a visible well dressed person. Maybe you will attract more of the same. I hate when people bitch about how ita the comm is without joining or doing anything to improve the lolita community in their location.

>> No. 9401659

Although she has a tone, she's pretty sweet.

>> No. 9401662

Seriously what evidence you have to back up that claim about SQ? Geuinely interested. You can't point fingers at SQ and let K get away with being an actual cunt. She's blocked so many of her fellow comm members, including me, over the stupidest and smallest shit. Most comm members in both HLS and HLC either avoid her or outright hate her for her shitty attitude. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if one of y'all is K talking shit or selfposting.

>> No. 9401679

>once attended an NYCgulls meetup
>only like 6-7 girls total showed up
>2 girls didn't talk the whole time
>2 annoying itas who didn't wanna talk about anything but CGL and dramu
Honestly with how awkward that meet was I don't blame people for sticking with their cliques or lonelita-ing, I love CGL but so many of us are better behind the keyboard.

>> No. 9401696

huh... I guess I really needed to hear that. Thanks anon, now I feel more confident about joining the comm!

>> No. 9401711

My tiny local comm went to cat show on Saturday and an old man came up and showed us photos he took of the Portland comm. They must have been to a cat show in the Portland area too.

>> No. 9401953

K is too proud to be here. So she wouldn't give it the time or day to salty bitches. She has a stick up her ass but she still doesn't spread false rumors. You want proof? Tell her to take out her fucking ID and stop telling people she's in her twenties. You want proof? Talk to the Japanese Festival staff and let them tell you the reason why she didn't get to host the J-Fashion show. You want proof? Why is she throwing shade at the HLS Mods on her personal fb. She was the one starting shit and putting everyone on blast and still acts all innocent. She's nothing but a lying and manipulative bitch. It would not surprise me either if she's the one starting crap on this thread and making it seem people are "attacking" her just so she can be relevant. She's even a proud "salt mom" which she didn't shut up about at the meet and greet.

>> No. 9402011

She's still in her twenties. Want proof? Her birth year is on her FB profile. Also, you must not have any context as to how we and the Q's were treated both years by the Japanese Festival. I was in several of the Festival's Jfashion shows shows and no matter who is running it, the Festival screws them over. Were you not there to see what happened when Kate W was in charge? Obviously not, because we were treated TERRIBLY. SQ left, the show wasn't taken from her - take it from someone who has seen the Festival show's drama unfold over a few years. Facts. Throwing shade at HLS mods? Please, please provide screen caps because that's a giant fucking lie. What happened with the planning conflict was an accident and you can easily check the event page and HLC page with Zaid's comments to see that there was no "drama". So try again. "Salt mom" is a damn joke. They have this thing where comm members throughout the South call them their parentals, it's an ongoing joke that pretty much everyone knows about. It seems to me that you're either a salty member of HLS who has a vendetta/reason to clear K's shitty reputation or some newb to the comm who has a stick up their ass. Get over yourself. Honestly, you sound like you're K or Neko.

>> No. 9402065

I volunteered last year at the Japanese Festival. SQ stopped working with us because she was bad mouthing Dugfinn. That's not a lie. Whatever happened between the staff is on them but that was going around for awhile....

>> No. 9402070

You know people lie on the internet right?

>> No. 9402095

Dropping names and accusing others. Are you sure you're not SQ? K does talk shit here I'll give you that. I don't know the other one to be honest. She always seems quiet.

>> No. 9402148

Lmao is this Bree

>> No. 9402200

Shut the fuck up Bree. They talk shit about you too.

>> No. 9402268

Sounds like it. Show me the receipts where SQ hasn't? Please prove me wrong because even Dugfin has heard about SQ's fucking mouth. Most of this shit might be lies, but it doesn't hide the fact that SQ is seriously deluded. Sounds like you are too.

I also live in the south, no one says that shit honey. No one.

>> No. 9402338

HLS doesn't do anything so stop dragging them into your fucking drama.

>> No. 9402692

Majority are nice

>> No. 9402890

Not from HLC but from a com SQ was in before. I was an ita those days and our com was a mess, but SQ was always genuinely nice to me and everyone. One of the few legitimately nice-to-everyone people we had those days. We had a nasty spread lies about her and I think since she was newer at the time, she's had a hard time shaking them.
I'm not anywhere near HLC so I don't know what's going on there, but I find it hard to believe she'd drastically changed.

She's definitely in her 20's, lol. I've also seen/heard mutual friends refer to her as 'salt mom' in an endearing sense.

sage to not bump drama

>> No. 9402977

I don't find it that hard to believe but it could be a stretch. More than one person has claim this and when I went to the source, said source claimed that SQ was not being the nice person ever.

>> No. 9402987

I don't even think there is a comm in my small ass town. So I'm a lone lolita.. And if there was it would be ita tastic.

>> No. 9403022

If source is H, H is crazy. This is common knowledge. Idk about any other issue.

>> No. 9403874

Is it worth trying to start a local community? I know there are several lolitas in my city and doing a search, I couldn't find any establish lolita communities in my entire state.
What do they usually even do?

>> No. 9403961

Usually there is one or two statewide comms. Congratulations, you are the ita comm in your town.

>> No. 9403971

Usually comms are for making meetups and finding lolitas nearby. If you want to meet lolitas near you and don't mind managing a community. Keep in mind that you would probably have to host the first couple of meets, be prepared for itas because you can't kick them out. Be prepared to screen for creeps.

You should prepare to commit to it for a little while since you can't just make a comm and leave if you discover it's all itas.

>> No. 9406553

It's such a shame, I had the money but caught the post too late and am on the waitlist.

>> No. 9406665

Unless you live in Texas or California, where there's a comm for every major city, XP

>> No. 9406673

HLS scheduled their easter meet first so she only had herself/hlc to blame for the controversy.

What I want to know is who's sick she sucked to get oni

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How often do you and/or the people in your comm rewear coordinates and main pieces to meetups? I have a mid size wardrobe and my comm is very active so I'm approaching, and wanting to, rewear some of my favorite coords. I usually have no problem re-wearing them when on my own or with friends, but I'm a tad embarrassed doing so with my comm.

>> No. 9406853

As often as they want. No one gives a shit as long as you look nice. They are clothes. Meant to be reworn.

>> No. 9406854

I totally get that, and like i said, i re-wear them often on my own. I'm just wondering specifically about how often others do it specifically for meet ups.

>> No. 9406888

I think you're expecting people to notice/care more than they realistically would. No one is going to take a mental inventory of your previous coords and judge you for it. If they do, they're the weird one and not you.

>> No. 9407001

I've seen a few people in comms I've been in rewear coords, and at least three or four non-itas who wore the same one or two dresses to multiple meets in a row (usually OTT sweet girls on a tight budget who have a couple of AP coords and nothing else).

There's one dress in particular that I've worn to five different meets with three different comms in really similar coords, I just didn't post pictures online after the first time. Most people didn't even notice. Usually people remember the dress and not the coord, so even if you make an effort to switch the coord up the second time, all they'll remember is that you're wearing the same print.

>> No. 9407006

Thanks, this is the kind of answer I was looking for! Would you say people usually care or mention it?

>> No. 9407523
File: 277 KB, 1440x1267, steviebitchingagain.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

She sounded so fucking butthurt.....

>> No. 9407527

Whose dick did she suck? Kek Here's hoping she was actually being nice and not talking shit about or screwing them over.
>They are not welcomed for J-Fest
>They are not welcomed at Comicpalooza

HLC is literally ruining everything. We may not have John or AM involved but this comm is already being ruined by the mods.

Same fucking shit. Different person. That's literally what this is.

>> No. 9407529

*Staff members

>> No. 9407611

I re-wear dresses at least twice a year but try to mix up the coord itself so it's not 100% the same. My comm just announced a meetup with a theme that I have one specific coord for, but I wore that coord to the last meetup already. I'm going to see if I can play around with hairstyle, head accessory and footwear so I won't be wearing the exact same coord twice in a row. Most people probably won't notice, but I will.

There are a few girls in my community who only have like two dresses that they wear over and over again and I personally don't care. The only one who bothers me is the brolita who has one ugly Bodyline coord that he never deviates from, even a little buit. It gives me the impression he sees lolita as more of a tea party costume than as a fashion.

>> No. 9407784

I've never repeated a coord entirely but it's because I've only been in the fashion about a year and change and have only been just honing in on a style I really like. I'd have no qualms about repeating a coord though, and certainly rewear main pieces as often as I want to. Friends in my comm have repeated coords, and no one cares. One of my regrets about when I first started is that I was so afraid of repeating a coord that I wore some halfassed, bad ones for the sake of wearing something new.

>> No. 9407820

No, as long as you don't wear the same dress more than 2 times in a row, most people won't even realize it, much less mention it.
Personally, I would find it a bit weird if someone wore the exact same coord more than twice and would assume that they don't care enough about lolita to switch it up a bit. But I would never mention it or give them a hard time, because most likely money is an issue in this case, and I wouldn't want to embarrass them by pointing this out.
Especially when it comes to new lolitas, people tend to just ignore re-worn dresses. Nobody expects that you buy a new dress for every single meetup. With people who have been in the fashion for a few years, it might be a bit weird if you only own and wear 3 dresses, but, as I said, since monetary issues are likely to be the reason, people don't mention it either.

>> No. 9408480

Really? I'm in the fashion for many years now and wear it quite regular and honestly I don't bother or I'm too lazy to change my coord, so I actually re-wear the exact same outfits. When I was a newbie I always tried to change my outfits a little bit even when my wardrobe was small, but now I guess I'm not so much interested in "creating" outfits anymore, I just want to wear them and look pretty.

And at the end of the day it's just clothes, maybe you are also very fashionable outside of Lolita fashion, but I don't really have time or energy to put effort into my everyday normie wardrobe, so like many other people I wear the same outfits as well, so for me it's no big deal if someone does it in Lolita fashion as well.

>> No. 9410088

Funny. And girls are so catty so you couldnt just go inside.

>> No. 9410190


This was some pretty defensive shit for not being K lmao. Everyone who says K isn't petty af' is full of themselves. She started 75% of the drama in HLC because she was mad she didn't get into the AM fashion show.

The only people who should be mod for HLS is O (because she is mature and has been in the fashion a long time) and M & C because they actually host fucking events and GO TO THEM.

>> No. 9410210

Can I vent a bit? I know that I sound like some elitist bitch, but I really wish that my local comm were a bit more well-dressed. They are all sweet and lovely girls, but most of them straddle the range between ita and nitpick, despite having been in the fashion for years. We're talking no makeup, simple t-shirts under dresses, sneakers as footwear & stuff like that.

I won't claim that I'm an expert myself, but I just wish that I was surrounded by well-dressed people, who could inspire me to improve my coord skills.

But yeah, I live in a tiny European country with few active lolitas, so this will most likely never happen unless I pull myself together and go somewhere abroad as an exhange student...

>> No. 9410272

I saw the tiny European country and got somewhat excited as I'm a lone lolita and pretty new here but I don't think anyone in this country wears sneakers. Steampunk crap, yes. T-shirts and sneakers, no.

>> No. 9410304

This is stupid to me b/c HLC and HLS are two separate comms. Why does it matter who is having what meet on what day if that isn't your comm?

>> No. 9410361

I couldn't go inside because the building was closed. It was just a random building with "aesthetic" exterior, not the place where we were supposed to have the meetup. It was so awkward.

>> No. 9410370

There are a lot of members who are in both. Conflicting dates can hurt both comms.

>> No. 9410373


Correction: HLS didn't even host that meet. It was HLC with mostly HLS members.


>> No. 9410876

You must be fucking new.

>HLC meet and greet had mostly HLC members
>HLS is 21+ and up so they can do adult meets
>HLC+AM drama happens
>HLS decides to cater all lolitas and those who boycott AM/HLC or don't want to be part of HLC's drama

>> No. 9410882

Not sure why you're so angry anon. Relax.

>> No. 9410896

lol holy shit, not in that comm but i got the feeling she was a crazy bitch based off of my short interactions with her on amino

>> No. 9411707

My comm just made a public page in addition to our existing secret comm group on Facebook.
It seriously feels like a e-fame grab by the new mods because before they became mods, we were a much smaller, selective comm that actually held meets often. Now everyone's in their own cliques and there's the e-fame-ers clique that hold their own private meets.

I'm really starting to think about becoming a lonelita now.

>> No. 9411798


>HLC meet and greet had mostly HLC members

Most recent meet was not the meet and greet, it was the movie frill thing, but let's talk meet and greet?

HLC meet and greet had mostly HLC members because almost all HLS members originated from HLC.

>HLS is 21+ and up so they can do adult meets

HLC AND HLS have the ability to host 21+ meets

>HLC+AM drama happens

Yes. This happened.

>HLS decides to cater all lolitas and those who boycott AM/HLC or don't want to be part of HLC's drama

HLS decides to cater to lolita's who want to boycott AM/HLC, but the HLS members still go to HLC meet ups, AND AM so what is the point of having both.

Also, If HLS was made to get away from HLC, why are two mods of HLS going to this movie meet?

Plus, HLS rarely host any meet with more then 5 people.

So why do we have two comms again? because everyone wants to be a special snowflake mod? When both HLC + HLS mods don't do shit anyways?

Not angry, just think it's stupid. What is the point of having two separate comms in the same city, when most states, only get to have 1-2 IN THEIR ENTIRE STATE.

>> No. 9411912

I think you're the one that's new, honey. HLS is not 21+, they recently hosted a 21+ event stating very specifically that it was 21+. Coming from a <21 yr old member.

>> No. 9412043

Anon, that's when you put on your adult pants and choose which meet to go to -- it's not that hard.

>> No. 9412126
File: 276 KB, 1435x1343, hls.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

21+ up only before. I've been in both comms since both were created. HiS had older lolitas, HLC had teenagers at the time who are now of age or over 21.

>> No. 9412130

HLS is a lot more relaxed. HLC was always eccentric to put it nicely.

>> No. 9412133

Unless you've gone to the meets, how would you know?? Shut the fuck up anon. Some people don't feel comfortable with HLC and their past drama. HLS doesn't have that kind of reputation so people want to get away from them. Just fucking choose and be an adult.

>> No. 9412177

is this about CFLS?

>> No. 9412196
File: 94 KB, 1255x543, hlccopieshls.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Looks like someone is copying HLS again. Stevie you're making yourself look like an idiot.

>> No. 9412201
File: 2.05 MB, 1422x1753, hlsplans.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

HLS had their shit down first.

>> No. 9412294
File: 203 KB, 640x949, IMG_6982.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Actually HLC did an egg hunt in 2016 as well, and if you really want to split hairs, it was the NOLA comm who did it first, idiot.

>> No. 9412363

Was this a secret comm in a city that already had other comms?

>> No. 9412374

>neko akatsuki
>cat redmoon


>> No. 9412378

I live an hour away from the main city the comm is centered in and I want to make an event for a meet where I live (~3 other comm members also live in my town)
But help I'm soo anxious and I'm worried to step on the toes of the comm mods.

>> No. 9412380

So what you're saying is HLC is copying other comms? Wow. They really can't be original at all.

>> No. 9412388

Nah. They copy their dates, they copy their itinerary, they copy their meets, they copy their posts even.

>> No. 9412437

Wow, having the same kind of meet for a holiday is such an offense!! donut steel my meet idea!!!

>> No. 9412582

They openly stated that they borrowed the idea. Your argument is that HLS is soooo original for making an egg thread when the fact is that they aren't. Get the fuck over yourself.

>> No. 9412603

Jesus christ can we just ban mention of Houston comms? This drama is so petty, it's boring.

>> No. 9412662
File: 100 KB, 1280x720, gyhtrgh.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I just went to my first meet, and it was kind of surreal.
I didn't dress up, but seeing everyone else in clothes that I've only seen pictures of before was awesome, and the comm leader even recognized me from my FB post and welcomed me! I can't wait to get my first coord together and take kawaii pictures with everyone.

>> No. 9412687

When the fuck did an egg hunt meet around easter become intellectual property? Do the churches accuse one another of stealing for hosting egg hunts?

Y'all are petty.

>> No. 9412704

I'm in HLS and HLC and I second this notion.

>> No. 9412706

Hope your first time wearing a coord is just as surreal, anon

>> No. 9412727

does your comm not allow members to make events? thats fucking dumb just do it

>> No. 9412786

Agreed, I'm pretty sure half of the anons causing this shitfest aren't even in Houston. Mostly everyone's sick of the drama here.

>> No. 9412792
File: 242 KB, 1920x1080, CGL STICKER FINAL.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Who else /Kansas/ ITT?

>> No. 9412814


>> No. 9412927

Absolute truth.

>> No. 9412932

On the plus side, you can report users with wanky weeaboo names so they have to think of something less moronic and watch them whine online about it

>> No. 9413006

Why would you do that? Neko is nice.

>> No. 9413032

Nayrt but because it's a retarded weeb name. We're not on Gaiaonline. Fake names are fine but I'm not going to talk to someone calling themselves Neko Akatsuki.

>> No. 9413075

Then don't? No one wants to talk to a shitty anon who judges people by names or appearance. Pretty sure you're not too pretty yourself.

>> No. 9413077

It's not like it's a name given to her by her parents, anon. It's a cringy decision that chick made for herself and anyone is well within their rights to judge her for it.
Do you also think /cgl/ should stop having ita threads?

>> No. 9413121

Neko Akatsuki is a really nice person. They are easily offended by people like you posting mean things about them. I see her at meets and she is very sweet and does not deserve this. Bullies like you are just mean.

>> No. 9413129

I'm about to attend my first lolita meetup. I've been a lolita for many years but I've never gone to a meetup.

I'm slightly worried about my comm judging me for my line of work (camming). Should I just lie and tell people I do something else? Or would it be better for me to be upfront so they don't find out later and think I'm ashamed of what I do? I'm going to make friends, not alienate people, so idk. I don't want it to be some big dramu later on down the road if I do integrate within the comm, though.

>> No. 9413135

>bullies like you are mean
what the fuck am i reading and why would anybody care how offended she gets? her fake name is stupid and weeby, i'm going to go ahead and report her (your) profile now

>> No. 9413136

I don't know, I personally think it'd be more weird if you just flat out told everyone, "Hey I cam for a living" lmao, alot of the people in my comm that I've met for meet ups only, we only ever have superficial convo. If you get close with a few lolitas I'd say tell them if it comes up, but honestly it's your business and most lolitas don't give a shit if you look good and don't act fucking autistic.

>> No. 9413141

A weeb that's easily offended? Say it ain't so
Seriously if she's a mod she needs to get rid of that ridiculous af name, all that shit does is become a magnet for itas and cosplay assholes

>> No. 9413144

comms can have underage members and imo it would be really inappropriate if you brought up camming whatsoever around them. it's probably best to just keep quiet unless somebody asks you directly but questions like those are easily dodged if young members are around. don't be THAT GIRL who brings up her cam stuff all the time because it's just like anybody else's work--it gets boring and annoying to hear them talk about it all the time.

if you connect lolita with your cam show or do any kind of ageplay shit i would recommend not bringing it up at all because you'll probably be alienated

>> No. 9413145

that ita is a mod? how in the hell did that happen

>> No. 9413146

I wouldn't bring it up if you aren't asked about it, if you tell them you cam/if they find out you'll be judged regardless. If there are underage lolitas in the comm a prude mod might give you some shit. How do you think they would find out? Are you one of those people that post about how you're not ashamed to be in sex work? Unless you're the one bringing attention to it I'm not sure god they would find out unless they accidentally stumbled on you when they themselves were looking for camgirls.

>> No. 9413149

Fair enough, I was mostly just asking because "what do you do for a living" is common small talk. It's not info I'd offer up just because, just seems like thin ice for future dramu if I lie

And here comes the thin ice part. Yeah, I've done lolita stripteases before, it gets me lots of tips. dunno if it's better to be straight up when asked "so what do you do?" or have them see clips of me eventually or ever and be like oh shit it's so and so from my comm, fuck her for lying

>> No. 9413151

>Yeah, I've done lolita stripteases before,

In that case I wouldn't bring it up. At all. I'd say the chances of someone finding out are a lot smaller than them being uncomfortable because it got brought up in conversation.

>> No. 9413152

I don't think it'd be so much as 'fuck her for lying' as 'ew wtf she's using lolita as a kink' and then get accusations of ageplay, eventually being alienated. I mean if you wanted to eventually join a comm that was pretty stupid of you to wear lolita while stripping

>> No. 9413153

why would you ever connect your face with that if you wanted to join a comm in the future? assuming face is involved. i don't mean to be mean per se but people are going to talk, and it'll be just as bad if you're up front about it as it would be if they stumbled across it somehow. not meaning to slutshame or whatever because i anticipate doing this kind of thing myself and i know well that by doing so i'll alienate myself from most of the lolita community. it just comes with the territory.

>> No. 9413160
File: 32 KB, 600x668, 16114950_1201004460013044_5919801921889953591_n.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Pic related. Damn.

I'll just lie and hope the can of worms doesn't open up and I guess bail on the comm if it does?

>> No. 9413163

If you've worn lolita while camming you shouldn't bother joining the comm. They'll find out either from some drama queen or from you acting sus about the work you do, when they find out people will stop talking to you and you'll be exposed either here or on BTB. If you hadn't worn lolita you would have been fine.

>> No. 9413168

You're a fucking cunt anon.

>> No. 9413169

I'd rather be a cunt than a fat weeby ita

>> No. 9413173

I mean, I wasn't ageplaying while doing it, just treating it like normal clothes. I've done nanchette stripteases and it didn't seem too different, basically was my train of thought.

>> No. 9413176

Lol you probably are and that's why you feel the need to jack off and say horrible things about someone you don't know.

>> No. 9413178

Calm down Stevie.

>> No. 9413180

>someone i don't know
>implying i don't know them
sorry i hurt your feefees neko, see you at the next meet you lard :^)

>> No. 9413182

Not her but good try anon.

>> No. 9413185

stevie is a gross fat sjw too. she always looks like a stuffed sausage in every dress she wears lmao. is being overweight a requirement to run the comm?

>> No. 9413186

It's probably the same anon starting the same shit with everyone. Most likely doesn't even come to the meets and stirs shit.

>> No. 9413188

Stevie isn't even fat you fucking newfag.

>> No. 9413190

I believe you, but ageplaying would be the allegation since it was lolita+sex stuff and that's the insult of the year. If someone ever throws it in your face I think you should just own it like "yeah I did it once", I feel like someone owning it like an adult would be better than bailing on the comm (that and reacting calmly will make whoever dropped the bomb look like a cunt), because I'm sure neighboring comms would get wind of it. Probably best not to do lolita again though, or if you do lolita do super ita looking stuff vs actual lolita.

>> No. 9413192

how does calling somebody fat equate newfag? you must have really low standards or some bad eyesight if you don't see her fluttering arm chub.

>> No. 9413195

Provide me pictures and I'll believe you. Never seen it.

>> No. 9413202

she's in your fatty-chan comm, go ahead and look for yourself. her legs are gross and she overstuffs her dresses. keep defending yourselves though

>> No. 9413207

Not in the comm. She doesn't look fat.

>> No. 9413209

Are you this fucking stupid? Everyone is fat in this fashion according to the Japanese. It was never meant for us. Just asians.

>> No. 9413212

I don't think it matters desu. We end up being adults and end up doing adult things. If you're of age, you do shit and get your shit done. Just understand people will ban you because they don't understand sex is a normal human desire.

>> No. 9413217

You probably don't because who would want you?

>oh look at me, I'm an edgy try hard

Get the fuck out of here you piece of shit.

>> No. 9413222

Didn't you know that lolitas only do missionary in the dark with the blankets on?

>> No. 9413223

Don't you know that lolitas are kawaii desu virgins? Sex is a disgusting thing!

>> No. 9413225

Yeah this makes more sense than bailing, thanks anon.

I wish everyone had this mindset.

>> No. 9413226

seems like i TRIGGERED something

please continue to prove that your comm is full of whiny crybaby autists. reporting everybody with a fake name on their profile :)

>> No. 9413235

There are plenty of girls who fit the fashion just fine, I know you probably don't believe it but there are girls with 25-28" waists. Stay mad, fatty

>> No. 9413249

>because they don't understand sex is a normal human desire

Or they are tired of lolita being associated with fetishists and think that someone camming while in the fashion reinforces the idea?

>> No. 9413253


>> No. 9413261

>nanchette stripteases
For someone with an underage fetish?

>> No. 9413263

Lot of dudes are into the school girl look, not necessarily an age thing

>> No. 9413407

Depends on the comm. Most of us don't care cause work is work. Say you make videos in general small talk or that you work from home doing computer stuff. It is computer stuff.

>> No. 9413416

You need to be 18+ to post here, anon.

>> No. 9413422

Not everyone can just get along and dismiss the past. Unless you really sat through the fallout that split the comms, them being split is more for a personal comfort. Otherwise there would be a lot of girls as lone Lolitas in Houston.

>> No. 9413424

Anon wouldn't get banned for having a sex drive, they'd get banned for using the hobby as a kink to get money from thirsty dudes. There's a difference.

>if ur not into my specific kink u must b boring vanilla prude virgin lol

This. I already get people on the streets asking if I'm "one of those sex dolls" when I'm wearing VM. We don't need any more of this shit.

>> No. 9413460

Don't mention it to people, but also who cares. As long as you aren't trying to make a fetish out of going to meets how you make money is on you. I know multiple girls who've done similar things and most people don't care cause they are normal at meets

>> No. 9413470

Looking at colleges in Philadelphia and Boston... how are the comms in both of those cities?

>> No. 9413486

Pretty sure my community hates me for some reason. I haven't said any thing or ever been involved in drama. But every time I'm at a meet or even try to compliment someone on their cordinate I get the cold shoulder. I don't dress bad and get posted in the inspirational cords threads often here. Is my comm just a bunch of bitches or am I doing something wrong?

>> No. 9413514

there's our comm, then an ita public comm that's full of cosplayers.

I can't really say much without outing myself but I don't see what's the harm in just wearing our frilly dresses in private instead of turning it into a fame grab. I get that they want to make our comm more well known outside the country, but damn, its just so tiring to take photos at every single meet knowing that they'll be posted everywhere for the sake of attention grabbing.

>> No. 9413522

Let's not pretend we didn't know Akatsuki was just from Naruto. But seconding on the weeb name; at least pick a cuter or more realistic-esque last name if you're going to have people calling you Neko. I'd even prefer Neko Jones to that.

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