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Last one is saging so here we go again.
Post your itas here.

In the last thread, we dealt with ill-fitting jumperskirts and rampaging fakebois.
Stick around to see what happens in this edition.

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These are literal children. Let them live.

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Did she tag this as lolita or is this a Monomi gijinka situation?

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They're still ita

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Like I said last thread... Is Brazil just a hub for itas?

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So close yet so far. I do like the skirt, did she handmake it?

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>forehead acne
>raccoon eyes
>ratty, tangled wig
>cheap bows everywhere

Yep. It's an ita.

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If this was a thin girl you would praise this coord. It's fine. Not ita, she's just fat.

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Um. Those are actual kids. Gosh you're all spergs. All just looking for any opportunity to shout "ita!!" Even if it means making fun of children. They're probably more mature than any of you so-called "lolitas" will ever be.

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oh jeez that super bright and contrast editing is NOT doing her face any favors.

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is she wearing fucking trashbags?

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I smell a Lucasfag. Leave. You're underage anyway.

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You're kidding, right? Ugly coord regardless of who is wearing it.

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Stop shitting up the thread and go be miserable on your IG some more.

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I like this, desu
Not really ita she's just fat.

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This takes me back to such simple times. Is it recent...?

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Is s/he wearing two different shoes...?

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Yes, just found it on tumblr.

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Same I wish she wouldn't edit herself so much it looks tacky

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Ugh, gross...

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You guys are making fun of kids, but I'm the miserable one shitting up the thread? Keep thinking that, I'll be over here having my sugar daddy buy me all the larme I want.

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I'm guessing you put down the first j-fash other than lolita you saw on the boards, right?

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>maybe if I plug together enough buzzwords I read while skimming the catalog I can assemble an insult that will REALLY SHOW THEM!

>> No. 9399624

Is she seriously trying to call this lolita?

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I want to cry for my dream dress

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Not ita just ott

>> No. 9399635

Not either. Doesn't belong in this thread but definitely not OTT.

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I feel like these are more nitpick than full blown ita. Change a few elements and they'd be fine

>> No. 9399640

>not ita just ott

never thought i'd hear/read such a phrase.

>> No. 9399642

Oh jesus, the lucasfags. Dont you kiddos have homework to do?
Come back when youre 18

>> No. 9399644

This isn't ita either, just some super basic baby's first coord.

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Please, show us and post some itas yourself.

>> No. 9399656

Hobo Hitler-kei

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And I'm done!

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What dress is that?

>> No. 9399670

How is the milky swan nitpick?
>no legwear
>no jewelry
>shoes don't even match

She doesn't get an ita pass just because she's Asian.

>> No. 9399679

Nah, the foot sticking out looks thinner because she's putting all her weight and fat on the other leg.

>> No. 9399681

It's not horrible like some other girls being posted, its just boring and normie looking.

>> No. 9399690

She looks like she's trying to show off her panties with that pose

>> No. 9399696

It's from To Alice.

>> No. 9399697

One day the kids in that picture will look back at it, and say, 'Ah hell, those dresses were terrible.'

Plus half the people laughing at the 'ita' threads laugh because they did the same thing at one time. Most don't sit on a pedestal pretending they never, ever made bad fashion choices at some time in their life.

>> No. 9399698

It just really doesn't match the aesthetics of the dress at all. Maybe I'm sensitive because I love it, and yeah, this isn't /that/ bad, but it's still eh

>> No. 9399700

I... don't hate this?

>> No. 9399709

No, she's not. I am indeed wondering where the hell she found a puffer jacket that fits the dress, petticoat and all. Does anyone have a source for that jacket because I'm baffled.

Certainly she didn't make it herself.

>> No. 9399713

Your sugar daddy is a cheap skate if all he's buying you is larme. More like a splenda daddy.

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This bitch thinks just because she owns AP she's authorized to criticize everyone in the vicinity, in reality she's a puffed-up newbie with a shitty face and shittier personality.

>> No. 9399753

>"Anyone who disagrees with me is underage and a lucasfag!!"
I can tell you're immature just from that mindset. How about you all grow up and stop making fun of people online. Jfashion can look however the wearer wants it to look.

>> No. 9399766

Go somewhere else if you're so triggered by this thread

>> No. 9399768

Underrated post right here.

>> No. 9399769

No it actually can't. There are rules that come with jfash. Lolita has rules, larme has rules, fairy kei has rules, etc... You can't just slap whatever on and call it lolita. If these people want to wear jfash then they need to follow the rules. If they can't do that then they should stick to normie fashions.

>> No. 9399807

Is that a mm fiore replica?
Could maybe pass for a nitpick if you squint and ignore the hair. I mean, unless that is a replica of course

>> No. 9399820

I feel so sad for this dress

>> No. 9399836

I love this girl's coords but I hate how she looks, nothing she can do about that except lose weight and plastic surgery. I want that dress though.

>> No. 9399844

MODDDDS please remove these fuckwits it's getting old

>> No. 9399847

This. You can't just slap on a pastel dress and call it fairy kei. You can't just wear fuzzy earrings and call your outfit larme. You can't just wear an ebay cosplay dress and call it lolita. People put a lot of work into following the fashion in order to pull it off and make everything look nice and cohesive.

>> No. 9399903

But is she simply stretching the dress to the point where it doesn't look like it's the right silhouette or is the dress unfortunately made?
>Is the fat making her ita or is she an ita in addition to being fat

>> No. 9399906

skirt is cute and looks pretty well made
blouse is way too big
hair is a little thin but looks nice enough
needs make up and accessories

not quite ita

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Let me introduce you to my new favorite ita, who I will now dump.
She's been fucking up this fashion for 4+ years now and has not improved.

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>> No. 9399932

Tbh I don't think the dress fits her well, but it's more of a nitpick.

You're right though, it's mostly because she's fat. Older people with unattractive characteristics tend to make outfits less pleasing to the eye.

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>dat shitty replica

>> No. 9399985

Which is why lolita is essentially a dying fashion. Yes, there are certain rules but if nothing ever changes then it's the same coords over and over again

>> No. 9399986

I just can't look away from her 'knees'

>> No. 9399993

There's a difference between evolving fashions and letting people wear literal frumpy trash. If you have no sense of aesthetics and don't regocnize their importance you're probably an ita

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>> No. 9399996

This could be pretty ok if the top layer was black or something. The red is just so out of place

>> No. 9400003

The over "cage skirt" needs to be bigger. It is squishing the skirt under it. A bigger one that will allow the skirt to fluff out and it'd be good

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>> No. 9400016

My first thought as well

>> No. 9400017

She just needs some guidance. At least she's going in the right direction. I wouldn't call this outright ita.

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>> No. 9400105

Needs a wig, makeup, blouse and better stockings ...bad but just needs work

>> No. 9400107

Thats not ita

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>> No. 9400118

That coord is shit tier.

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This girl is really a chronic ita...

>> No. 9400141


isn't there a rule that you can't post minors to cgl?

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>> No. 9400150

I really don't know where you'd get that idea. Minors get posted here all the time.

>> No. 9400155

not ita, but the skirt shape is the problem. Should be a-line and only moderately stuffed. corset lacing added to the back or getting it taken in at the waist would be good. the waist of the op should sit a little higher and be a little more fitted to best flatter her.
I'd prefer her hair to be bigger if she's going to wear it wavy, or else sleek and straightened.
I like this girl because she's a dedicated gothlita. more goths plz

it's pretty obvious the cage skirt is a part of (read: sewn into) the op, anon.

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>> No. 9400161

Agreed, she's not ita and even if she's fat, she's dedicated to gothlita and 98% of the time she does it tastefully.

>> No. 9400167
File: 123 KB, 750x923, IMG_2487.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Poor pupper

>> No. 9400184

not ita, needs bangs and jewelry.
also not ita, just terrible photo
not ita. nitpick unstyled wig but this is actually fine.
not ita. nit blouse is normie af but the rest is tolerable.

there's no rush or need to fill up a thread just to fill it. post only itas. they aren't hard to find but take your time

>> No. 9400189
File: 2.16 MB, 496x368, gtfo.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 9400191

this girl's problem is she's a fucking cheapskate.
in 4 years she should have been able to amass a better wardrobe with some quality indie or at least some brand blouses. her taste is literally poor.
no concept of color matching either. yikes.

>> No. 9400195

This looks just fine as a normal everyday wearing of a dress that just so happened to be a lolita dress, but if she actually called it lolita....

>> No. 9400197
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>> No. 9400199
File: 141 KB, 750x1016, IMG_2485.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

That's right. It's a replica. And she didn't even get the name right kek

>> No. 9400201

She apparently has the money for shitty replicas, but not for decent indie or real brand.

>> No. 9400219

I have no problem with her makeup, hair, or accessories. I'm not feeling that dress, even on a skinny girl.

I wouldn't say she belongs in this thread though even if I dislike the dress.

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And the most recent
>end dump

>> No. 9400284

Jesus this chick is an absolute trainwreck.. how can you afford replicas but not afford secondhand brand?
>been in the game 4 years
>hasn't lost any weight

>> No. 9400288

This isn't bad as a Monomi gijinka

>> No. 9400304

Is she possibly buying replicas because of her weight?

>> No. 9400308

What the fuck is this

You need to be 18 to use this site.

Bad outfit but I like her Nancy Drew collection

>> No. 9400310

Indie brand has custom sizing. Plus the real MCD fits up to like 120 cm bust or something.

>> No. 9400318

Not an excuse, lolita dresses are extremely forgiving nowadays (disregarding OPs of course) and most dresses with a back shirring panel can reach to a 100cm bust, full shirring is somewhere around 130cm. There are tons of plus size options and lots of taobao/indie brands have custom sizing. Unpopular opinion, but you can be chubs and still look good in lolita, you just have to try harder and not wear shit that CLEARLY doesn't fucking fit
Case in point >>9400229
And that one chick who was wearing the salo that sat under her gigantic tits

>> No. 9400329

How is this even possible? Is she 7 feet tal??

This isn't great but it's not ita either

Legit. An all brand larme closet wouldn't even cost 2,000

>> No. 9400336

Shes so fat. Look at her cottage cheese legs and arms holy shit. How many years of being involved in the fashion does it take till you realize replicas are bad and you should lose weight if you are fat as fuck?

>> No. 9400339

Lolita is more popular now than it has ever been. Your newfag is showing.

>> No. 9400347

She looks if phoebe friends and jenna marbles had an ita baby together....

>> No. 9400349

Not a good enough reason. I'm a fattychan and I don't buy replicas. I get brand that will fit me or that I can easily modify or I'll order from indie brands.

>> No. 9400358

What do you plan on getting from coming in here doing this? Like seriously? You think you pointing out that we are pointing out people making obvious mistakes in this fashion is going to make us feel bad? Nope. We all made these mistakes. We all got made fun of for the mistakes. I'm sorry you got posted. You really should take the crit here and improve instead of thinking your shit is perfect. Honey, your shit is never perfect and there's always going to be someone who doesn't like it. Guess what. That's life. You either sink or swim. I suggest you swim and shut up about the things that trigger you rather then sink into the crit and make an absolute fool of yourself. You show those " meanies" up by improving within your next post. Not coming in here and going all aspie on an anon board. Prove us wrong and make your next post better. Trust me you will get praise for improving.

>> No. 9400362

>>Yolandi Visser bangs on a cheap Party City wig

>> No. 9400378

not ita

>> No. 9400383

>owns all ap
>wearing main piece and offbrand everything else

>> No. 9400388

She looks like my mother, who has been dead for 10 years.

>> No. 9400394
File: 4 KB, 491x58, lolitasaremeanies.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

this fucking shit from newbies. I'm sick of it. Does this count as ita?

>> No. 9400396

same OP, but its like wahhhhh lolitas a meanies waahhh

>> No. 9400401
File: 85 KB, 680x680, 1489374229637.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 9400409

the thing that gets me most here is her posture, how hard is it to stand up straight?

>> No. 9400412

It's literally taken me one year in the fashion to decide, hey, I'm fat! I need to lose weight to achieve my dream closet.

4 years of this ita shit is just too much to handle. My first coordinate wasn't great, but it looked better than ANY of her ita messes.

>> No. 9400413

Not lolita, but endearing.

>> No. 9400416

what the actual fuck is going on with her feet?

>> No. 9400422

I feel like it counts as cringe, but it's ita behavior, especially if whoever's saying this is saying it in response to concrit.

>> No. 9400437

fat swelling over it

>> No. 9400441

this looks like some shitty design from Project Runway lol

>> No. 9400442

Stunning. Best and worst ways.
I'm just so impressed she was able to match her blacks.

>> No. 9400460

she has a very unfortunate build wow.

>> No. 9400465

I mean, did she say this was strictly lolita? It looks more otome to me, which makes the quirky hair and the slight mismatching work.

>> No. 9400466

Lolita is one of the longest lasting jfashions around. Styles with very few guidelines like cult party kei end up disappearing in the blink of an eye.

>> No. 9400475
File: 21 KB, 396x83, cglhurtmyfeelings.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

theres more

>> No. 9400476
File: 387 KB, 674x337, anonpls.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

if that horrid yellow lighting wasn't tinting everything you'd see that none of these blacks actually match. the pin on the hat is the worst.

if she wasn't calling this lolita, I might think it was cute.

>> No. 9400508

No. Minors just can't post themselves here.

>> No. 9400665

Pretty sure ALB didn't specify this as a lolita coord.

>> No. 9400688

Yes. You should see the crap that's posted to our sales comm.
On that same note, regarding this girl >>9400229 and her dresses, for some reason we tend to be very accepting of replicas. Probably because it was either brand or bodyline back when the community started. I don't think we even knew about the existence of decent indie stuff until, like, 2012, so the "replica is okay" mindset kinda stuck.

I like the idea in this one, it was just poorly executed.

This is great. Do you have a link?

>> No. 9400693

got very scared for a minute cause it looked a lot like one of my friends

I almost want to call nitpick for some reason? her biggest sin is the red shoes not matching anything, and a short sleeved blouse would have been ten times more flattering and covered her up a little

my tumblr aesthetic likes this but it's sure as heck not lolita

cute casual. not lolita therefore not ita

top thread on rufflechat

>> No. 9400694
File: 26 KB, 500x429, twins___gothic_lolita_by_o00gothic_lolita00o.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

shit sorry, not rufflechat but BSoLF. my bad have apology ita

>> No. 9400698

Samefag. Most of these pics had already been posted. Bring something new.

>> No. 9400703

Yeah she's fat, but I like seeing daily lolita. Not enough people wear lolita like actual clothes. If she were average sized and her clothes fit, these could be cute daily wear

>> No. 9400712

This looks like a " I was about to leave the house to go to a meet in Lolita and my coat fit my dress perfectly". I want to believe this wasn't intentional to be Lolita but just a funny coincidence since not everyone has a Lolita coat.

>> No. 9400802

actually big sisters of lolita not RC

>> No. 9400808

I feel like ill fitting clothes are always a nono, just obviously happens more often with bigger girls.

>> No. 9400809 (Deleted) 
File: 183 KB, 490x837, lolitas are meanies 1.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

heres some caps of the best stuff

>> No. 9400811 (Deleted) 
File: 152 KB, 477x624, dumbcunts.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 9400812

looks like lymphedema, i think

>> No. 9400814

not ita, just very basic and boring

>> No. 9400861

I think you're right. That can happen to skinny people though too.

>> No. 9400883

It's kind of a self-imposed /cgl/ rule in the mindset of "we were all dumb children once" and most of the time people uphold that.

>ot sage

>> No. 9400905

this is just a... weird coord? its not ita its just off

>> No. 9400907

oh this one really hurts. her feet. they are so tiny.

>> No. 9400909

but thats ALB... i dont think this is ita just casual? I feel like she cant look ita even if she was in a milanoo lace monster

>> No. 9400915

>I want to cry for my dream dress
If you can't afford this particular dress, chances are you can't coord it much better. Cry more.

>> No. 9400943

Why is no one mentioning the fact that her clothes are completely covered in animal fur?

>> No. 9400945

>recognising that it's a replica but completely getting the brand wrong

It's a replica of the iconic Meta pintuck dress

>> No. 9400950

Can you not read? This board, I swear to god

>> No. 9400955

I agree. I live somewhere were no lolita coat would be warm enough for winter.

>> No. 9400959

>it's pretty obvious the cage skirt is a part of (read: sewn into) the op, anon.

That's why they used quotations. It needs to be bigger so that it isn't smaller than the main skirt part of the JSK. Can you not into reading comprehension at all?

>> No. 9400963

Just because it stretches to 120cm doesn't mean it fits.

>> No. 9400998

What is the name of this Facebook group?

>> No. 9401017

?? Great bait, I can afford it, I just haven't seen it in this color way/cut up on auctions. It's a dream dress.
Cry more because you're an ita.

>> No. 9401031

>great bait
>leaves bait
Someone's jimmies have been rustled

>> No. 9401046

I love watching itas get eaten alive, so because I'm sure one of those idiots is going to come here:
Don't bother posting, nobody cares if you wear bodyline or taobao as long as you look decent, you're projecting your insecurities onto the community because you can't afford brand and you assume those that can look down on you. And yeah, if you break major rules of the fashion then we say something. I don't understand why people bitch about us having rules, you can't wear jeans and a tank top and call it goth, because to be goth you have to have certain elements. To be lolita you have to have certain elements or it isn't lolita, it's not a hard concept to grasp. Another example: I can't wear a pleated skirt with a normie outfit and say I'm cosplaying Sailor Moon, I have no other elements of her character and I'm 'breaking the rules' because Im lacking crucial elements of cosplay. So when you post a coord missing a blouse, no legwear, and it's seriously ill fitting how can you call that lolita? You can wear it and feel cute but it doesn't fall into the lolita box, lolita is an aesthetic and if you don't look the part you ARENT the part.
>my comm is mean and elitist!! >:((
If you wear replicas then you're a piece of fucking trash and deserve all the shit you're getting.

>> No. 9401071

Is this a replica? This design is so common it has a pretty similar pattern in one of the Otome no Sewing

>> No. 9401085


May an individual who you are very close to die suddenly and inexplicably.

>> No. 9401237

ALB specifically has stated that her outfits aren't lolita. She just wears lolita pieces in her normie, 50s inspired outfits.

>> No. 9401309

>still using that meme

>> No. 9401328

There is a thousand ways to do a similar dress so yes it's a replica because every frill, pintuck and button is placed the same. Even the pattern looks exactly the same. Or the pattern was in OnS. Idk how they choose them or anything.

>> No. 9401417

Whoops, thanks for the correction.
MM has the same design as an OP, although it is a cotton instead.

>> No. 9401555
File: 2.50 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1905.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Just. Why.

>> No. 9401557

leave my beautiful wife alone

>> No. 9401580

yes, if you looked 2cm down you'd see that I corrected myself >>9400694

names don't need to be covered anymore? and this is kinda better suited for online comm thread

>> No. 9401589
File: 124 KB, 750x756, IMG_2514.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Talking to my normie friend about lolita and she gets it. Why can she, who isn't even a lolita, nor does she want to be, get this concept but itas can't?

>> No. 9401667

I think the problem is that some of the itas don't even realize their mistakes

>> No. 9402417

Is this the age play kid are doing these days??

>> No. 9402524
File: 40 KB, 274x486, IMG_6832.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Right from amino

>> No. 9402573

Sorry I didn't see your correction.
I'm not too sure on the name covering rules any more, I see some with and some without and you're probably right about that last bit too lol but I thought this might count as ita.

>> No. 9402625

I'm late to this but what the fuck is it with replica itas and not knowing the name of the dress they're wearing a cheap imitation of? I know a girl who has the Kiss Me Cat OP replica, she bought it off taobao while telling me "it's totally real AP, my friend got hers from here!", the other day she called it "Marie Will You Kiss Me" so I corrected her and she got bitter about it lmao

>> No. 9402700

>posts pic sideways

>> No. 9402708


Newbies probably don't know any better, and some of them might even have lovingly memorised the name the shop gave to the fake dresses because they don't realise it's actually a fake. I can see someone new and young starting out, being directed to taobao for cheap dresses, and simply not thinking to reverse image search or ask their comm if the dress is a fake before buying.

The girl in the image, though.... if she spends four years getting by on loliables and cheap stuff, she probably doesn't pay attention to details or care very much about lolita at all, let alone what the dresses are named.

>> No. 9402735

I could definitely let it slide if she was young and/or new to the fashion, but shes 18 this year and has been wearing for 2 or 3 years iirc?

I feel like I'm mostly salty because I not only tried helping her by correcting her on the name of the dress and she completely brushed me off, but back when she wanted to buy the dress I'd warned her that it was a replica and she ignored me in favor for what her friend had told her.

Sometimes I wonder if she doesn't know it's a replica and I want to compile all the evidence and show her, but she'd probably just be petulant again.

>> No. 9402755

Nayrt but if she's this way while you are trying to help her then she's a lost cause. You are best to keep your distance from her and let her be the ita replica queen she's staring to become. In time as she grows more into the fashion maybe she will realize her mistakes and clean up. 18 is still pretty young for many people in the fashion. So just let her learn her way. When she gets a real job that pays well she may clean up since she can afford more expensive aspects to the fashion. But just distance yourself from her and stop trying to help. She doesn't want help so don't stress yourself and your resources on her trying to help.

>> No. 9402806

I feel like this is a N. Haoto Frill replica or inspired by there cage skirts (I honestly don't know all version to tell). The cage looks badly sewn (the lines are not strait...), the cage is to small, even when sewed on the dress, and I'm not even sure she wears a petticoat. If you'll tell me her hips are filling it, I believe you too. Needs more poof. If you're fat, make sure it flatters, a somewhat loose but unflattering top en a skirts that's not much wider doesn't look well if you are wide yourself. I really feel the person who made the dress made the body bigger, but not the skirt.

If it fitted better it would be a nice coord, but the dress has so much problems.

>> No. 9402810

I call it ita. Reds don't match that dress, why add it? Coat is a hot topic like coat (my sister has it as a goth, it's okaish, but quality wish not lolita appropriate, and it's made of fleece). Her hair is clue and way to thin. Get a wig if you have such a hair outside lolita. Black blouse and tights, no belt, blue/black headdress and normal hair would make it much better, but this just looks bad on so many levels.

>> No. 9402825

>Reds don't match that dress, why add it?

The flowers don't match, but the dress has red in the stained glass, doesn't it?

>> No. 9402827


>> No. 9402828

This feels so 2006! If she had on makeup, this would be a totally different look.

>> No. 9402836

It's not that they just don't realize it, it's that they don't WANT to once it's pointed out because they don't want to be wrong. Which is stupid to me personally.

>> No. 9402856

This, the proportions don't work because of her size. She's been wearing lolita for years, she should know better

>> No. 9402863

completely out of the loop who tf is lucas?

>> No. 9402868

read the last ita thread in the archives

>> No. 9402875

Last ita thread was a good time.

>> No. 9402877
File: 100 KB, 750x923, IMG_2516.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

She's saying this is "jigglypuff inspired lolita"

>> No. 9402878

I miss it.

>> No. 9402931

It's saging but I'm sure you can still find it, pic is an ita in a blue ensemble if you're still having trouble.

>> No. 9402940
File: 787 KB, 640x609, b-benis.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Is this a dick or what?

>> No. 9402944
File: 226 KB, 750x810, IMG_2517.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Out of season ita.

>> No. 9403027

>> Thumbnail - Nah this seems fine, IDK what anon is...
>> Opens thumbnail - Oh...Oh GOD! MAKE IT STOP! THE longer I look the worse it GETS.

>> No. 9403056

Why, because she's fat?

>> No. 9403100

The Halloween Gogo dancer boots omg

>> No. 9403105

English please

>> No. 9403123

i know a girl who calls it kiss me marie

>> No. 9403184
File: 375 KB, 900x1600, 10365382_10203898074237248_2920402058759393223_o[1].jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Stumbled upon this when looking for worn pictures of a certain bonnet. Luckily this is not the bonnet I was looking for, although it looks like the best fitting thing of that entire left outfit (never trough I wold see fatty-chans in to big clothes instead of to small). Right is no better.

>> No. 9403204
File: 64 KB, 960x960, Wait until you see it.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

She has been posting on big sisters a lot asking the same questions and getting the same answers which she ignores

>> No. 9403252

cut off her head and it's an okay outfit

>> No. 9403265

>hello kitty socks
>crosses on shoes and literally nowhere else

There is nothing okay about this.

>> No. 9403291

Literally the only think that makes it an ok outfit is the OP
The shoes don't fit the style nor theme, and either do the cat tights
And that's pretty much all she's got going on
Lacking accessories or headwear

>> No. 9403792

What is the archives and Rebecca black. Anon those threads will never disappear if you know how this place works.

>> No. 9403820

The dress you mean is fine... nothing else matches so cut of the limbs and keep the torso all good, perfect coord.

>> No. 9403855

What's that red stain at the bottom of her dress, above the face on her tights?

>> No. 9403858

think thats the hello kitty bow

>> No. 9403894

Fuck off, the skirt looks lovely.
True, the shirt is too big but thats it. Ita? No way. Nitpicking all the way.

>> No. 9404039

Why does this exist?

>> No. 9404115

>50% of her clothes don't fit
Whatever you say anon

>> No. 9404174

this looks like ageplay....

>> No. 9404176

Ditch the glasses, get a blouse, better shoes. Instantly better

>> No. 9404178

yeah the shoulders and pigtails kinda scream ddlg

>> No. 9404246
File: 202 KB, 733x932, 1467479658443.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 9404250

whoops sorry meant to reply too,
but yes. I'm not one to call ageplay but the bare shoulders I feel are the most condemning thing here

>> No. 9404257
File: 144 KB, 540x764, dsadsDas.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

yep, bare shoulders can be done gracefully... HELL even blouseless... "pic related"

>> No. 9404265

I feel like the angle in addition to her bare shoulders and hair makes it feel ageplay-like, but I really don't think it's meant to be that way. She needs some work, but it really isn't terrible and could be turned around.

>> No. 9404268

I got bored wanting to look through tumbls and I got STDs just looking at all this shit under lolita and lolita fashion tag I wanna fucking kill myself.
I thought I might find an ita nope just explicit cum, hentai, bj, porn///

>> No. 9404273

Ugh... nasty people and their gross fetish porn. I almost really wish Tumblr would get rid of porn all together...

>> No. 9404276

right, the concept of tumblr is nice... but 80% of the people are shitty or porn bots

>> No. 9404277
File: 99 KB, 509x842, IMG_2537.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Yet another ita complaining about how lolita is "too expensives DX"

>> No. 9404286
File: 403 KB, 717x1280, 1467778710321.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>> No. 9404287
File: 120 KB, 632x960, IMG_6841.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Speaking of tumblr, I found this scrolling in the egl fashion tag.

Might be nitpick but every time I see this dress I call it ita. Dat wig though has got to go. It looks horrible.

>> No. 9404288

Lolita is too expensive but she bought that overpriced shitty piano dress from Spreepicky?

>> No. 9404298

The wig ruins this whole thing. So sad... it could have been very lovely. Kind of nitpick, but at the same time wigs/hair can make or break a coordinate. Not sure it's ita though, per se.

>> No. 9404300

classic basic duckface

>> No. 9404305

That's just the way of itas. They'll buy tacky shit for fifty bucks but a secondhand burando dress is "t-too expensive for me, you baka!!"

>> No. 9404311

I don't think this is spreepicky, the piano dress you're thinking of is the star piano seifuku thing, my friend has it LMAO

>> No. 9404312

Ugh, this is something I would've put together in eighth grade.

>> No. 9404315

>but every time I see this dress I call it ita
oversaturation of the market =/= ita
if you're going to try to use that logic, make sure you apply it to every dress and accessory that's had more than one rerelease anon. Newsflash: that's a lot.

>> No. 9404317


>> No. 9404320
File: 258 KB, 657x1161, tumblr_nwdyaczxO61s9fhhjo5_1280.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>> No. 9404323


Hi this is me. And I agree the wig was a bad choice. I regret it the more I look at it. But thanks for bringing that up. I have another wig that looks better but please I'm interested in knowing what other styles I could wear with this. I'm open to con-crit.

>> No. 9404335

good on you, I like that dress. I hate when people hate popular things and automatically call "ITA" or anything else in life desu. Yeah the wig was shiny it would look better less shiny, slightly different color to a more natural redish maroon, I think a side swept hair in a braid look would be good too for this dress.

>> No. 9404337


>> No. 9404342

I really like this coord! Really the only thing I'd change at all would be the wig. It's a very put-together, cohesive coordinate! I love the rosary and the veil. Overall, it's good and it really doesn't belong in the ita thread.
Thanks for reacting so elegantly to being posted as well.

>> No. 9404364
File: 81 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nwl8j8gV8I1ucsidbo1_540.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>> No. 9404366

Yeah I was thinking more like a mahogany color over this stark red. You learn through trial and error I guess. This was obviously an error that I now know better to not do.

I have been posted before so it's not new. It used to bother me but now I take it with grace and learn from it. Crit isn't a bad thing.

>> No. 9404371
File: 286 KB, 500x281, IMG_3488.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>that god awful tulle

>> No. 9404386

thats a tumblr link i feel so bad

>> No. 9404390

all the best itas come from tumblr

>> No. 9404392


>> No. 9404394
File: 13 KB, 231x126, tumblr_inline_ob56s7nU3j1rnfgi6_540.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

uwu desu loli is so expensive i got this from hottopic lolitas are so mean and unkawaii im so cool my dress is itchy but it's worth it im kawaiiiiiii

>> No. 9404397

when that brave anon searched for one earlier she got porn, what did you search in tags?

>> No. 9404410
File: 115 KB, 384x739, IMG_2540.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>> No. 9404415

Left is okay maybe more sax balance, idk what the headbow is or color really from this angle... but the right is a trainwreck am sorry

>> No. 9404421

Something this short has no business being on her body.

>> No. 9404425

Jesus, why do people insist on posing like they have two broken legs.

>> No. 9404427


He is in my comm. I feel bad everytime I see this picture posted. He's really nice and has improved significantly, a little awkward though.

>> No. 9404447

I don't think he's in my comm since the guy doesn't own the dress, but his face is identical lmao

>> No. 9404451
File: 109 KB, 337x599, lolichansnek.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

are snakes loli?

>> No. 9404456
File: 88 KB, 750x592, IMG_2538.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Sorry but these yolandi visser bangs and no eyebrows are really killing me here.

>> No. 9404458

Yes, because all lolitas are snakes.

>> No. 9404469

That skirt wasn't even Lolita.

Shame she's a pretty girl. Too bad she fell into the gutter pit of those atrocious bangs and no eyebrows.

>> No. 9404472
File: 6 KB, 300x300, burn heal.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

o h my fu ck ing go d

>> No. 9404482
File: 268 KB, 960x732, w h y.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

This is cute but I found it under "lolita fashion" tag i wanna cry
not lolita


>> No. 9404508

Oh god not her again

>> No. 9404520

I think it's from Big Sisters of Lolita Fashion

>> No. 9404915

its all bad but then i looked at the sad tights in sandals... cant unsee

>> No. 9404916

ugh another one of my fave dresses that is an ita magnet :c

>> No. 9404920

pretty sure right is a hot topic "lolita" dress.

>> No. 9404924

I wonder if I can dig for it to know for sure I'm curious...

>> No. 9404929
File: 54 KB, 564x1073, f4e652bdeb9c4ed84d116db67dfa7df9.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 9404934


god im trigggered having to look thru that site

>> No. 9404941

and also THANKS now all my banner ads are for that damn dress >:(

>> No. 9404946

am gomen theres ways to delete certain ads, I had lingerie for like a month when I searched for a bra lmao

>> No. 9404964

I'm looking through the lolita fashion tag with safe search off and haven't seen anything even remotely nsfw.

>> No. 9404969

but the lolita tag is disgusting, which I expected. Also, the person who has this url http://angelicpretty.tumblr.com/ uses it post nsfw stuff. I'm crying

>> No. 9404977

Is she 6ft3 220 lb?

>> No. 9404985


The shirt's color is all wrong too, for the skirt. It washes her out. No make up, zero effort hair.

That is kawaii. But more than average skin showing is only passable if your rolls are not threatening to bust through the seams of everything you're wearing, and even thin girls can almost never pull it off.

Those shoes look like the ferries between Dover and Calais.

She has an unfortunate figure to combine with a saddlebag corset.

Udders combined with a cowbell. Is this some hucow fetish shit?

Who's the guy on the left?

>> No. 9404995

lolita, but I block all the porn blogs so now I just get itas

>> No. 9404999

odd, I search lolita fashion I still get porn with safe search maybe my tumblr is fucking retarded lmao

>> No. 9405059

>Who's the guy on the left?

LA lolita

>> No. 9405190

JESUS CHRIST I usually enjoy the stuff she wears but this is straight up lingerie

>> No. 9405206

I broke my block page on tumblr because I blocked so many porn blogs. I can't even access the page it freezes because there are so many blogs blocked.

>> No. 9405334

She's almost there. Just some better wig styling, makeup, nails, and better jewelry. Could use a handbag or something too. Other than that she is looking like she is almost there. Just because she is a bigger woman doesn't mean she is ita; she's just large.

>> No. 9405513

this is bad cosplay, not ita lolita. When will people stop posting chii cosplays in ita threads?????????????????

>> No. 9405517

That's not cosplay from Chobits. Those are cat ears with a cat collar combined with a terrible dress, the definition of 'ita'.

>> No. 9405518

I love the coord desu. Yes the wig could be changed, but I really love the outfit as a whole. This doesn't belong in the thread and just because its a popular dress doesnt make it ita.

>> No. 9405581

It's lovely. The only thing I could think of, con/crit wise, would be adding some white to the visible parts of the veil. Small accessories, and it doesn't need to be a lot. It would tie in the white parts of the dress. Ignore this if it already has some and I just can't tell.

>> No. 9405588

I found an camera SD card from high school and found an ita i snapped in 2009 in Dallas, post it yes or no

>> No. 9405592

Yes, duh.

>> No. 9405593

do it but censor face if necessary

>> No. 9405651
File: 3 KB, 124x125, 1489979658437.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 9405768
File: 153 KB, 650x929, IMG_6884.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Actually it's it a bronze crown on top of it to be like a old catholic painting or a halo. But I have since gotten a matching ivory headless that I can wear over that veil to make the nun look. I also got pic related with a wig similar as the picture I could wear too. But thanks for the suggestion.

>> No. 9405786

Yo but i need the sauce on their dress.

>> No. 9405791

we dont censor faces here. newfag

>> No. 9405795

we do if we're taking creep shots of randos we see IRL fucknut

>> No. 9405891

It makes me sad to see someone so commited to their aesthetic(tatts and stuff) and yet still look likemiss matched trash.

>> No. 9405936

Only new fags think that lolita is same-y, boring and without personal flair. There are litterally thousands of pieces spanning decades to choose from to create your own personal look. Creativity is encouraged to experiment within the very few rules that do exist, and all the lolitas who are the most creative and make it look good are the most highly praised. Hand made lolitas who are highly skilled and express a tasteful style are praised as fucking gods. Even within my group of friends who are all sweet lolitas we all have a very distinct personal style from each other.

You see the problem is, is that it takes a long time and a bit of trial and error to develop your personal style wich is why when you are new you have a lot of shit coords, or buy lots of boring sets.

>> No. 9405960

nah, senpai. an ita is an ita

>> No. 9405971

My love for retro lolita wants to compell her to try again.

I was a lot smaller when i started then stacked on like 20kg when my life started to go down hill. I know i am too fat, but i still have an almost all brand wadrobe and can look good. I know i need to lose weight for health and so i can fit into approx. Half my wardrobe that has been u worn in like 3 years, but i think a lotof people dont actually mind being fat. For me I dont hate it but i dont nescsarily like it either, it is just inconvinient and i dont want to miss out on stuff like fun fashion. Of course there is the health wise, i view maintaining a healthy weight like brushing your teeth.

>sage for off topic
>been dieting for 3 months now and nothing is really happening, i am more depressed trying to lose weight than i was when i was depressed about fatness. But i am going to keep it up.

>> No. 9405997

Aus fag here. Holy fuck. Hot topic is aids.

>> No. 9406022

I really like that bralette though

Lurk more new fag. Also your fetish is showing

Bait harder cunt bag.

>> No. 9406438

Isn't it that one AP bustier?

>> No. 9406632

He's in my comm, while this outfit is unfortunate, he has had much better coords as well. I agree with the other person who said he was a lil awkward, but he seems to mean well!

>> No. 9406644

dat milanoo dress

>> No. 9406676

Yeah we've got plenty of those in my comm too. I feel bad judging too hard but the cringe is hard to hide.

>> No. 9406841
File: 11 KB, 230x230, 4234572321.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>tfw i was given this dress as a gift

i feel guilty for never wearing it... but i'm not sure how to coordinate it without it being ita

sage for off topic

>> No. 9406844

looking ita*,derp, i wouldn't try passing it off as lolita in the first place

>> No. 9407949

>fat is not ita

>> No. 9409204


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