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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Not sure if there are many around here, but let's try!

For cosplayers:
What cons have you been anticipating the most?
Have you already bought the CCXP ticket for this year?
How do you feel about WCS Brazil and general Anime Conventions with contests?
Also, what are the best conventions that you've ever been?

For Lolitas:
How do you feel about the lack of national meetings around Brazil?
How do you adapt your style to the weather around summer and spring time?
Anything you don't like about your local comm?

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Can we also discuss about our "Ambassor"? She is never around Brazil, she is not known through Lolitas and she never does anything about the fashion in the country.

How can we choose another one?
>Impeachment pl0x

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>How do you feel about the lack of national meetings around Brazil?
It pains me. I know we do have the High South Meeting, but that is not enough. Also, this meeting is severely poor planned, nothing like the international meetings we tend to see around the world. Why can't we have nice things?

> How do you adapt your style to the weather around summer and spring time?
Boleros. That's the only way to survive through summer. I tend to combine my JSKs with lace boleros over it to feel more at ease, and low socks too.

>Anything you don't like about your local comm?
Everyone is so damn lazy. I'm always trying to make new meetings to organize things, but even if we have. like, 70 active lolitas, only 5 to 6 tend to show up at the meetings. What is the problem? I've tried everything: tea parties, meetups at museums, book clubs, window shopping, concerts and opera and no one is ever willingly to go to these things. This breaks up my nerves. Not only that, our comm mod is nearly dead. She never appears at anything and the only meeting she ever organizes has like, 20 people at it.

I want a new comm.

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>"How to survive Brazilian's hot weather?"

This, my fellow huelady, is the only answer.

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>For Lolitas:
>How do you feel about the lack of national meetings around Brazil?
I don't really care about national meetings, but it bothers me that my comm is almost dead.

>How do you adapt your style to the weather around summer and spring time?
I tend to wear Lolita around winter (when I'm on vacations), but during summer I just wear shorter JSKs and thinner leggings. Also, I do skip my wigs.

>Anything you don't like about your local comm?
As I said, my comm is partially dead. People are ita as fuck and I don't feel like wandering around with them. So... guess that being a lone lolita is what Brazil has left for us.

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You mean, Akemi? She is dead, gosh.
No one knows her nowadays, and, as you said, she does nothing for the fashion. Is she even in Brazil? She used to post about her Japan travels, and barely wrote in Portuguese anymore.

I don't know what's the point of having an ambassador if she has no name in the local scene.

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She was the only one that applied at that time, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Let me just say, Brasilitas, you're damned brave. In the US I go classic, but holy hell, stepping from inside the air conditioned aeroport into Rio de Janeiro is like being slammed with a hot wet towel. No matter how many cute coords I pack, every year without fail, within a day I'm in shorts and a tanktop and still dying from the heat and humidity.

Kinda get jealous of lolitas that get cold christmases, though. All those lovely red velvet dresses with gold trim and a nice red velvet coat with some fur. I still try rocking at least an OP with a chiffon blouse underneath for christmas (could not do the petticoat though and it looked like shite,) but when I see my family all in shorts and breezy summer clothes I feel so out of place.

There's so much I want to ask you guys! How do you guys keep from getting sun damage? A long sleeved shirt in December seems about as comfortable as being locked in an oven, and sunscreen only lasts so long.

How does your family see EGL? Don't you get crap for being 'cheia de frescura'? Do you wear it out and about? How do people react?

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Haha, Rio de Janeiro also is too hot for me. It often happens that blouseless lolitas are overlooked there because, who can survive 40°C in full ott?

But Brasil is just too big and has many different regions and weathers along it.

That said, I'll try to answer your questions (but bear in mind that those are all my personal view of it.)

>How do you guys keep from getting sun damage? A long sleeved shirt in December seems about as comfortable as being locked in an oven, and sunscreen only lasts so long.

I'm pretty white for Brazil's standart, so I have to stick with 50SPF sunscreen when walking outdoors. I live in the middle area of the country (far from the beaches) so it's not as hot as Rio, for example. A very hot day in summer goes as much as 30°C here, so with that we tend to avoid meetups or have them at each others houses or shoppings (so that we can rely in the air conditioned and stay far from the sun).

As another anon stated, boleros are your only salvation around here. I have a collection of laced boleros to wear over my blouseless JSKs, so that I can keep fresh and do not "disturb" the Lolita Police.

If not that, Parasol is a good friend of yours.

>How does your family see EGL? Don't you get crap for being 'cheia de frescura'? Do you wear it out and about? How do people react?

My family is pretty ok with that. Before EGL I was into cosplay, so this transition was pretty easy for them to handle. Since I sew and am involved with other artistic activities, they tend to encourage me as a form of expression. And being the only one financially responsible for my own expenses also helps in this, of course.

Haha, it's been a while since I heard this expression "cheia de frescura"! I wear mostly classical and goth, so I don't really give out these vibes (that I believe might be more common around sweet toned lolitas).

I tend to wear manly outside in meetups, art exhibitions, museums, concerts and operas.

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(cont) I don't like to walk in frillies too much on my daily life because of the weather, of course, and also because I have to take packed buses and walk long distances everyday, so it's not comfortable at all.

Here in my city it's pretty ok to use Lolita outside. You'll get the looks, of course, but nothing more than that and some random compliments.

I live in a somewhat conservative area, so old ladies sometimes come to say how pretty you are and how they had dresses like those when they were young (of course when I'm in toned down classical).

I've never been harassed by guys while in lolita, but that may also be because I tend to walk outside with my boyfriend.

Sometimes I meet children and they come and tell me that I look like a princess (?) and adults tend to ask if I'm going to a play. But that's pretty rare, they usually keep staring at a distance.

But I know that in some places around the country it's not that okay to wear it outside... If someone from northwest or Rio can comment on it, would be very nice.

(sorry for blogpost, but hope that it answers your question)

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>mfw HUE thread and people's pictures are posted in ita thread at the same time

>> No. 9400690

I believe that whoever is posting that girl's pictures on its thread has a serious case of vendetta. I've been on this fashion for 6 years and I have never seen her before, nor does she post online on our national groups or COF, for example.
She's probably local to someone and this person is holding a grudge or whatever, as we have way worse itas around the online groups.

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For lolitas: do you actually wear it outside of meetings and cons? Where? How? Do any of you wear it on a semi-daily basis?

I wear alt fashion and already get stares and sometimes I'ven name called by strangers. I can't imagine wearing lolita anywhere, the chances of getting shit thrown at me is too high.

>> No. 9400704


I wear it outside for dates, meetings, opera, concerts, museums, art exhibitions, cafe, having ice cream, walking around the shopping, cinema etc. Manly on weekends, but almost never to work or run errands during the week.

Whrre do you live and what kind of alternative fashion have you been wearing? I sometimes get stares, but never got called names, at least not where I live.

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I don't even know if we have a local comm where I live anymore. It used to be just this small circle of girls who were friends (and never hung out with anyone else) and the con itas' community. I believe the con itas are mostly gone at this day and age too.

Didn't we use to have a national meeting every year, though? Whatever happened to that? I can't keep up with the brazilian community for the life of me, once orkut and the forums were gone I got so lost. Do we even have a facebook group?

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All of those sound like good opportunities to wear it, yeah! I was thinking of something along those lines too, especially because those would be safe places where I couldn't be harrassed.

I live in Rio and just wear your average alt-leaning normie stuff like pic related, or seifuku inspired. I get called "emo" on a weekly basis.

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Oh, that's pretty cute! And I'm sorry, anon... I've never been to Rio, but that really sucks. Maybe you could try going to private places, like those I said, or high class neighbours? Those tend to be safer regarding stares here.

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If you live in a capital I guess that there might be a nearby comm there. As for countryside cities, I'm not so sure...

We do have the South Meeting, but it's not that fancy and it's mostly Curitiba's girls hanging together rather than a national meeting.

We have the "Moda Lolita Brasil", but it's dead. Nowadays every comm has a state group, so it's better to check there. If you're from São Paulo, there are two main comms there, other cities tend to have one + lone lolitas.

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I've heard that some people are organizing a national meeting this year but I dont really know any details about it. like>>9400921 said, we have that fb group but yeah, it's dead.

>> No. 9401073

I also heard about this thing, back in Amino, I guess. Someone was trying to rent a castle to organize it and was charging around 150R$ as an entry fee, right? But it didn't go much further this point.

While I do wish a national meeting, I kinda regret the fact that it is probably going to be either in SP or PR.

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This just popped in my timeline, regarding some Lolita that opened a new store.

Have anyone heard of it?

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Is lolita really 100% dead in here then...? I really don't want to look into my local comm due to unpleasant past experiences, but I guess that's the only way.

>rent a castle
Gee, I wonder why it never worked out

>> No. 9402734

I'm curious too
It would be too much to ask who posted it, wouldn't it?

>> No. 9402837

Posts there are pretty rare, but they do happen. You could try making a thread looking for more girls around where you live, though.

She's from Foz do Iguaçu, if that helps you.

>> No. 9402963

we have a few posts on that Daily EGL group (similar to CoF group). It's not 100% dead and some cities have comms (SP had a Valentine meet for example, pretty sure there's a comm on MG, PR, RJ, BA, SC).

yeah, probably going to be hosted on SP or somewhere on south. I wonder if is there any comm on the northern part of Brazil

>> No. 9404746

Were I to bet, I'd say they have comms in Pernambuco and Ceará as well since they are among the largest consumers of Asian culture here, but it probably is a bunch of lone wolf lolitas that like the fashion but can't stand the weather in which they find themselves. Talking weather now, how the fuck does one wear lolita in Amazonas?

>> No. 9405012

Isn't there humid? I guess that the weather there might be nicer than Bahia, Ceara etc.

Thanks for bringing this up. I also do not understand why the hell is she our ambassador. She does nothing for the community and always brings up that shit of "kawaii' culture.

I'm not dressed to look kawaii, stop that fucking gross ageplayer thing.

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any of you gulls are importing something? our mail service sucks, jfc.

>>mfw waiting for a package for 70 days
>>mfw i dont have a face

>> No. 9405132


We have the ambassador we deserve. A shitty one. Some girls tried to de-throned her but they weren't so much better than her.


Seems like it will be a national meeting soon. I'm kinda scared for it, but I'm considering going, cuz why not?


I hate my local comm. I don't even bother. They were tossed from a famous coffee shop cuz they sold stuff at the place and also hardly order thing in there. Bunch of itas and hobos.


Air conditioning. I never stay outside wearing lolita. Also, I wanted to use velvet pieces, almost bought one once, but it will never happen, unfortunately.


I'm always import things but I never count with them. Our mail service is a hell.

>> No. 9405644

I got a few things... paid for EMS and have been waiting for over 10 days. I can't believe this shit

>> No. 9406328

Yeah, it's humid. And that's why it seems like hell to put on the frills there. Water transfers more heat and dampens the air to extents it'd be hella hot to wear lolita. With dry air you can get by with light coloured clothing, this shit doesn't work with humid air since the place itself becomes an oven.

>> No. 9406366

Yeah, since I changed my SS I started asking him to ship through China Airmail and since then I haven't been caught on customs.

It usually takes like, 60 to 90 days, but I still get it at my door anyway.

You're brave! I never use EMS because of the stupid fees on customs. Have you been using this service long? Did it ever pass without taxes?

So, our only hope is to wait for Akemi's death so that we can change the ambassador? Geez...

>> No. 9406509

my dream is to buy and actually use any velvet piece here. probably not going to happen tho

I've heard that our mail service "disqualifies" every single type of package, I mean, it'll arrive early than SAL etc but once it arrives on our country it'll be treated like the others slow methods. Is this true? I dont mind paying more if it'll be delivered earlier but knowing the shit mail service here I really doubt.

I was only once caught by customs but it was a figure so it was expected. it's kinda sad to wait a LOT of time and pay those 60% to customs...

>> No. 9406550

Just so I know I'm not alone: any lolita (bonus for gothic) in the south?

>> No. 9406556

South has most of the popular comms in Brazil, anon. PoA and Curitiba are very crowded.

>> No. 9406558

>I dont mind paying more if it'll be delivered earlier
For this the only guaranteed method I know is DHL. I buy most of my magazines and games from japan using DHL and they tend to arrive in 3 to 5 days. The only downside is that customs are already certain.

>> No. 9408572

A-are they nice over there? I'll be visiting very soon and I'm there often, it'd be really nice to attend a meet-up... if I weren't so socially retarded I'd try and make friends but alas, I am.

DHL always, always includes customs. Still, I can't believe my EMS is taking this long, my shit used to arrive in 3-5 days just as they said, and most of the time time custom-free (I got a 15.000 JPY dress once and it got here in three days). Why is it taking so long now?

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I miss the old times when we had huge online communities and even imageboards. Nowadays I'm barely in contact with anyone.

>> No. 9409497

Glad to see you girls exist here in Brazil. Its really hard to find you.

I knew a girl that lived in my building that went out in lolita's clothes everyday, never had a chance to talk to her.

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imageboards for lolitas? Woosh, guess I'm not old enough in this hobby. When was this?

Searching outside facebook and instagram is pretty hard, but in these two medias you'll easily find comms and lolitas.

I can't say for sure about how nice they are, but I never heard anything bad about them (?)
You could try searching for "Moda Lolita RS" and also "Roriita RS", as they named their group.

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I'll try to post some coord from SP's Fairy Tale meeting to make this thread running.

>> No. 9410159

I imagine they mean magalichan, which wasn't for lolitas - it was for girls, but coincidentally most of the lolita comm was also into imageboards (or most internet girls were into lolita and jfash?) so we had a board of our own and made up most of the chan's population.

I think this was in 2009-2010? Good times, it was a lot of fun.

Alright, thanks for the names! I'll have a few drinks to curb the anxiety and look for them later

>> No. 9410275

I will try EMS then and if it all fail, I'll try DHL. EMS-anon, please let me know when your package arrive, I'm >>9405015, kinda losing hope already for my package

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And another one.
of course I'm just posting those public shared, so it may take sometime until everyone shares their coords.

>> No. 9410592

I really like her face and eyes, but I literally can't stand those animal makeups people use in lolita. Some months ago the deer makeup was the hype, and man, that was so damn terrible.

Just wish she did a normal makeup to emphasize her natural beauty. She could even keep her eye liner and lipstick.

>> No. 9411557

I really like this. Which shoes are those?

>> No. 9411673

I believe it's Unicorn Holic since that's all she ever wears, but I do not recommend them, either way.
You'll probably find the same shoes on Taobao and in better quality.

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>> No. 9411716

Really? What's wrong with them? I saw that store the other day and the shoes looked good, at least

This picture quality... why?

>> No. 9411770

I don't like their quality, it's far below from any shoe that I bought on Taobao.

It's all handmade, and I give kudos to that, but the glue smearing all along the shoes, the differences from the original picture in the website, the bad finishing in both sole and straps, and how badly they hurt my ankles and fingers didn't for pay it.

If you need a Brazilian brand to buy shoes from you could try Cotton Candy Feet. I don't have any from them, but a lot of friends both from here and USA have bought and they did a positive review.

>> No. 9412115

Aw, that's too bad, their pictures look nice and they have a few models I really wanted. Thanks for the heads up... cotton candy feet doesn't seem to have as many models/is more expensive. What a shame

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