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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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I never thought I would come here, but it's not for me anyway.

My little sister has her spirit week this week and for one of the days she wants to dress up as Akko from Little Witch Academia and I was going to help her. Considering she's 10, looks like I'll buy whatever needs to be bought. The hair is fine, that I won't worry about for now but when it comes from the costume where do I start?

I'll take any suggestions, anything to make my little sister look as cute as possible, no pictures though. She has the bangs of Akko, same brown hair, and is about 4 foot something honestly I'd give more details if I were more comfortable but if you seagulls can help me id really appreciate it

>Pic is Akko for whoever hasn't seen Little Witch Academia

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Like I said never been here, should have went to the catalog but thanks

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not an excuse the sticky is their for a reason asshat

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