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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Con-nichiwa in a week, PCC in a couple months. What's happening?

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Can anyone else besides Saboten get good guests?

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I'm so tired of Kazha every fucking year at Sabo. Iruma Rioka was A++ a few years back, as was that one jrock dude group. Wish we would get more quality musical guests like that. At least I've never seen Chii Sakurabi before. Her music isn't quite my taste but she's cute at least and something new so I'll check her out for sure. Not sure whether to avoid Vic mcnugget like the plauge or indulge in my inner 14 year old weeb and get him to autograph my old FMA dvd

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I wish if Greg wanted to keep on bringing in old irrelevant voice actors he'd bring back Steve Blum or at least get Chris Patton.

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Wish Connichiwa was at the Holiday Inn still, It's awful at the convention center. Every year is exactly the same, there is nothing ever new to see.

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Personally, I've been side-eyeing the "fashion show" I'm assuming that will be hellish to endure.

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Then don't go. Or, please enter and wear something good. It's always so small I wish more people who had a sense of style or who sewed entered. I love D and her designs, but I wish she wasn't the only entrant every year in the Conni fashion show. Especially since I know there are a ton of competent seamstresses in Tucson who attend this con.

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Can we do a /cgl/ meetup here? Plz? I have no friend and I don't know what do

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Talk to people and stop being a hermit creeper expecting people to talk to you.

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Probably going to skip Con-nichiwa, the lineup looks abysmal. PCC should be a fun time

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>Especially since I know there are a ton of competent seamstresses in Tucson who attend this con.

They're avoiding it on purpose, as anyone with any self respect would. No offense to you or anything.

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It wouldn't be such a shit show if they actually participated though.

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but Sabo can't even get any good guests???

They only op for dub VAs that did something 10 years ago or Japanese musicians. I really wish they would invest in an actual Japanese VA or if they had to get more english VAs, get someone that did lines for a popular overwatch character

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well they did bring Akira Yamaoka a few years ago. But that was more music. Greg just had connections with has been VAs which is why he always brings them. I typically just go for one day now since the convention is lacking in content now and is repeating the same garbage year after year. Greg does need to change up his algorithms for the con.

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It's not the lack of seamstresses that are making it suck. It's repetitive, anyone in state who's interested has already participated and there's never anything new, especially when you factor Saboten in (putting on the same show with the same people). Even new items from new designers wouldn't revive it, because no one attends Connichiwa's fashion show regardless. It's a catch 22.

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I've never really understood how people just make friends at cons by talking to people... it's always seemed to me something you go to with your friends. I've only recently began making friends in the con world by tabling in AA.

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Well being approachable and not an aspie is a starter. Sparking conversation with people and knowing when they really don't want to talk is another factor. You're obviously bad at social skills if you can't make friends in the con scene. That or your that person that just talks constantly and is desperately trying to make friends but can't because they don't know when to shut up.

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>you must be bad at ____
>no real con crit, just fauxcern

you have no chill, lay off.

I stick to myself a lot at cons, I'll comment on people's cosplay and go from there, it's a starting point if you guys have a fandom in common!

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Anon has a good point though. People who make statements about not being able to make friends tend to be that annoying guy that walks up to girls trying to talk about how they built their monster computer.

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>Chat over drinks at the bar
>Go to some parties
>Share common interestes and see if they want to be facebook friends
Multiple ways

So aside from upcoming PCC, not much really going on in the con scene in Arizona till Sabo right?

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>So aside from upcoming PCC, not much really going on in the con scene in Arizona till the next years PCC right?


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how's conni going so far?

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Same old pannels, Chii's concert was cute. It kind of played out like an old Nintendo rpg game. Interesting concept. There's some decent cosplay this weekend too.

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Was the masq any good? I had to do otaku closet so I missed it but I saw some good ass cosplay coming out after it ended.

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okay but is the hotel hot tub only out of order when con comes around because it kinda seems that way

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attendance seemed way down than normal, some of the panels were pretty fun though. crawling with 14yos and their moms it felt like. the artist alley was abysmally slow and nobody really made any money.

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All this is true. so many 14 year olds. First time I hit the con, I had to get some homestucks to let me in the glass doors on the north and then they took it as opportunity to introduce themselves as "John and Rose" follow me around. I just ignored them and they went away after like 5 minutes.

How is homestuck a thing still, it's 2017, let it die please.

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Just put in a bad yelp review or something, that is literally the only thing I can think of. If i had a hotel Id close the hot tub every time con people came around too, knowing our crowd.

On a side note, this was the first year that security wasn't super aggressive which is a plus. I just don't think anyone gives a shit about this convention, it's 5 minutes from my house and I still don't want to go.

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What is the best con for vending at AA here?

>> No. 9410236

If you can get a table PCC since it's got the most people attending. Second would probably be sabo. We have shit cons honestly so maybe try for an out of state con like one of the California cons.

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Someone's on their period

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The fashion show results.

I kind of wish this con would cease to exist, attendance seemed to have plummeted

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