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Am I imagining it or did they improve the font rendering in Chrome?

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Go to sleep, australia

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Why do loading bars lie all the time?

>5 minutes to 25%? cool, i'll go make a coffee
>come back
>how much potential installing time did i just waste?!?!

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because usually it doesn't keep track of the entire estimated time, but the amount of processes in the installation process.
Some are faster than others.

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>98%, 2 minutes left
>now says 45 days left

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Because, it's always an estimation based on something superficial and easy to track.

For example you can have 3 updates, where the last one is 1000x times the size of the other two. This will result in the last 33'%' taking much longer.

Why is this, done? Because it works most of the time and nobody gives a shit.

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Spreadsheet help

I'm ordering a guitar through skervesen and I do not know how to make these = true so I can add the options to the total

The sheet is here
No clue how to do a spreadsheet

Help pls

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Is there a light (<1.6kg) FHD laptop with 10 hours or more of battery that's well-priced and doesn't have a tablet CPU?
>Dell XPS 13
It has the adaptative brightness problem, unsolvable in the FHD version, and the QHD version costs more and has around 4 hours less of battery.
>Macbook Pro
Costs as much used as a new XPS 13. 16:10 though.
Tablet CPU.

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Refreshed xps13 developer edition dont have brightness issue afaik

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>adaptative brightness problem
Literally memes, never seen an issue with brightness. I have a 2015 XPS 13 (FHD non-touchscreen) and even after 1 year of intense usage i get around 8hrs with a full charge.

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I have an XPS 13 and don't have the adaptive brightness issues.

The only problem I've had with it was with the trackpad, but installing synaptic drivers and the recent bios update, seems to resolved the issue somehow.

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>This is untrue.
No it isn't. I know because I was almost going to buy one until I realized things like the webcam needed kernel patching and extracting the driver directly from OS X.

The QHD versions don't, but those cost more and have less battery life.

>Literally memes
No it isn't, it has been tested by several people. Dell themselves admited the problem and put out a solution (that only works on an installation of Windows) for the QHD version. The FHD version is unpatchable.
Out of curiosity, 8 hours on Windows?

Look ALL XPS 13's since Broadwell have this issue, it's not a silicon lottery. You might just not notice it, or if you have the QHD version they may have reflashed the screen for you.

Trust me, I take no pleasure in knowing this shit happens because it means I have to pay around 150$ more for the QHD version.

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Most Zenbooks use i5 and i7, what are you talking about?

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Is there a light (<1.6kg) FHD laptop with 10 hours or more of battery that's well-priced and doesn't have a tablet CPU?
>Dell XPS 13
It has the adaptative brightness problem, unsolvable in the FHD version, and the QHD version costs more and has around 4 hours less of battery.
>Macbook Pro
Costs as much used as a new XPS 13. 16:10 though.
Tablet CPU.

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>Current Events
JP: Honoka Medley Festival
EN: Nico Medley Festival

>Get the game in English
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=klb.android.lovelive_en
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/school-idol-festival/id834030294?mt=8

>Love Live! School Idol Festival Calculator

>EN Event Ranking Tracker

>Event Tracker


>Love Live! School Idol Festival Wiki


>Next Main Aqours livestream

Reminder to report and ignore shitposts and tripfags.

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>op is a shitpost
>includes a note to ignore shitposts
Ignoring then, and window closing in 3, 2, 1...

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i always wondered what an adult who plays these children cartoons look like

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Is Linux a waste of time?

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rural ireland fag here, we're paying €50 for about 0.5mbs download

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Only Yuros and SJWs don't like Linux because they literally can't even comprehend the idea of freedom. An American white male understands the value of Linux as soon as he learns about it, since American white males are the sons of freedom. Europeans and liberals like their OS like they like their doctrine, evil and authoritarian.

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Terrible opinion

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The hell is Zorin?

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>business software support
>MS Office
If you're a business person, then yes, you probably need Windows. But you do realize that this isn't necessarily every job, right?

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has anyone here ever used a computer? what are they like? i'm currently using a form of rock morse code to transfer data to a hub out from the village cave at about 100 megaclicks per second. pretty good it's not gigaclick but it lets me download lots of stuff.

anyway, what kind of build should i upgrade to?

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My cock. Specifically a new mechanical one with LEDs.

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Need a solid gaming laptop for under £1,000. Vague request, but let's see your suggestions, /g/

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There are much more fun projects than gaming.

Make a file server and implement you personal cloud storage.

Study GPU passthrough, what hardware you may need and set it up.

Hard mode: Make a mail and CUPS printer server.

Create you own terminal based text editor that is compatible with vim addons.

Implement your own database, with all your login details stored in a single encrypted spreadsheet. Link them properly and see your own relational diagram.

Make your own VPS.

Learn python and automate things on your house. Like sync your home sound-system with the song you've been playing in your mobile phone or car outside. Wake up your PC with when your phone connects the the home WiFi

Don't be a /v/ kid, you are in a tech board

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Jesus christ, fuck off. Gaming laptop? Just buy an ultra-book or something. Laptops weren't meant for playing video games.

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Asus rog series laptop

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Linux fags, btfo.

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this is bait.

the problem is FBDEV is full of holes and the revent change in systemd made it worse.

literally has nothing to do with systemd.

go back to your basement and play with your openRC meme distro you little twit.

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U MAD, Lennart?

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Seems like the majority of that article was blaming fbdev

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>id rather have a small vulnerability than an os that spyies on everything you do

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If you were a multibillion company and could buy positive reviews $0.13 each, why wouldn't you? Normal ads are expensive as fuck. Hiring Pajeet costs almosts nothing and is probably more effective. Most people don't realize when they are being mislead. Normies aren't called sheep for nothing. It takes a /g/entooman who's familiar with the subject and a bit of tinfoil to spot a shill.

If you think that those AMD/Nvidia fanboys are really just fanboys, you are naive. Some of there are just memeing, but I can clearly tell which ones are not.


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>not paying your pajeets 0.05$ extra to call anyone who opposes them neet fedora tinfoil neckbeards
You dont know much about marketing do you?

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how much did AMD pay you to false flag with this post to make shills seem more believable

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Fuck off there is no shills here you bastard gay

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$0.13 minus taxes

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/tv/ is so obviously filled with shills.

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So I have to get a new phone today and I've had Iphones for the last few years, but im considering on getting the Galaxy S7 this time around. Is it a good phone? or would the iphone 6 plus be the better option? All opinions welcome.

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I guess that makes sense. I always thought I would have a hard time finding cases for the edge because they seem so oddly shaped though.

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IPhone easily

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Galaxy S7. Everything the iPhone does, the S7 does better. And what the iPhone doesn't do, the S7 does.

Lots of bloatware though, knowing Samsung. Also touchjizz, so your first priority would be rooting if possible, and getting Nova Launcher or similar. I used another app, forgot the name though.

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I would suggest you wait a few more months and get a note 6 . You will regret it if you dont

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The only thing that makes me enjoy iPhone is how seamless it is. It feels like it operates well with all apps that are available and the system is relatively simple. Although, the ability to download whatever I was online on the android does peak my interest.

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A tree fell on a power line on my street this morning. The ensuing voltage issues fried a few small appliances. How can I tell if my laptop was affected?

It seems to be working properly.

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Here's how you tell:

Does it work?

If not then it was affected.

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Gotcha, thanks.

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What podcasts do you listen to?
Do you host/produce one?
If yes, do you mention 4chan and /g/ a lot?
How do you SEO your website and potentially monetize it?

Shamless advertising but fuck it, http://cigan.in/

Any recommendations on how to improve it?

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> poo in loo tld
> heaven
> hearthstone
> final fantasy
> iphone
> memes XD
> over an hour
Seriously just stop.

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I just listen to rooster teeth podcasts

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> over an hour
Do you have difficualties holding attention span for that long? There is literraly nothing wrong ~1h. It becomes more diffult to listen to them as they approach 2h mark simply because you need to be able to allocate this much time unless you like taking breaks.

OP, it seems to me like you could use better mics or a compressor because you and your buddy peak quite often when you get more excited and it makes it beyond painful to listen. Audio quality is acceptable if you're just giving it a go and don't feel like investing anything in it otherwise upgrade asap.

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>/g/ said FB was going down and mark zucky was giving away shareholder's money by buying his friend's instagram for 1 billion
>instagram is now worth 50 billion

there's a reason zucky is a billionaire and most of you are NEET

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This desu, he was never a self-made millionaire. Gates, Zuckerberg? They all came from extremely well-off families

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>he was never a self-made millionaire


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Who would have thought you could make money off of narcissists.

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>company valuations meaning anything

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>the market disagrees with me
>therefore the market is wrong


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Face it. He's a try-hard. He calls himself Dr. Stallman despite only having honorary degrees. That would be like Kanye West calling himself Dr Kanye West. But he doesn't because even he knows that's pretentious.

If Kanye West is less pretentious than you, you're doing something wrong.

Stallman is a gargantuan faggot who calls himself a 'doctor' without having gained a PhD, destroys any credibility he has by acting like an ass "I'm not glad he's dead but I'm glad he's gone" and his only real claim to fame is contributing to the creation of Linux.

Without Linus and Linux the GPL and FSF would have faded into obscurity. They only reason anyone pays them any heed now is because of the (negligible) help it gave Linus back in the early days of Linux.

If anything the FSF should rename itself Linux/FSF, simply because the Linux project and Linus are the only reason anyone would pay them any attention now.

Stallman's work is just a footnote in the history of Linus's achievements. He should be grateful for that, otherwise he would be nothing.

Demanding people call Linux GNU/Linux is audacious.

>wrote emacs
Contributed to guy steele's TECO macros, later cloned gosmacs, the actual first emacs for UNIX. If stallman wrote emacs, apple is the sole creator of webkit.
>wrote gcc and gdb
He wrote the C compiler initially, but the vast majority of development for other compilers and the C compiler has came from non-stallman sources.

And he hasn't programmed in years. Stallman is washed up, and his justifications for copyleft are horribly invalid nonsense that would make more sense if they were actual thinly veiled communism instead of selfish ramblings and a desire for a world that catered to his specific social class.

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lmao come back when you can actually Shitpost with that garbage he calls ""OS"" hahaha

>> No.54719082

Does anyone honestly care about some fat, self Important commiefuck?

Everything he's ever done pales compared to Linus anyway.

>> No.54719106

He created the GNU project and Linux is made available for public because of him

Thanks to Stallman I am able to use GNU/Linux

>> No.54719113

Death to stallman as /g/ sticky.

Guy is irrelevenat commy copyleftist

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But at the same time fascinating

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Why are PC speakers either trash or $500 professional studio monitors? Is there no middle ground?

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>nope their fuck awful

not for 39.99 they aint, find me a better pair under 50 dollars.

if you compare them to a 99 dollar 2.1 system sure, or a cheap set of desktop say budget behringer/ m audio monitors for like 250 dollars.

>> No.54718673

Creative A350 or Logitech Z323?

>> No.54718692

For $10, you can't beat the price, no sub $100 amp will compete with this thing.

>> No.54718704

any brand in particular to watch out for or are all "bookshelf speakers" pretty much the same?

>> No.54718723

You can get a damn good setup with a $20 t-amp and a $100 pair of bookshelf speakers.

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Xperia Z3 running on 5.1.1 Z5 Xperience Rom Locked BL with Xposed.

Any nice mods/modules/shit you can suggest using?

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What do u prefer?

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Latest and greatest, obv

>> No.54718292

literally a meme version

>> No.54718294

Marshmallow is official on Z3, hell you can even install N on it

>> No.54718311


Why aren't you running 6?

And those icons are disgusting.