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>turn wifi calling on and put phone into airplane mode with wifi on
>save ass loads of battery at work and have strong reception in my basement
Why don't you use T-mobile yet?

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I have $20

Recommend me a good desktop mic for doing commentaries.


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Rock band mic

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Got my Inbox by Gmail yesterday... did you?

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How should a proper autist refer to Linux?

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jintau lootits

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Generation two line-guhnoo-ux

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By naming every single piece of software installed.

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I'm trying to upload some music to a video that I want to post on Facebook. It's sort of a time lapse kind of thing. But their copyright settings are blocking the music.

Anyone know how to get around this? thanks

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I've installed debian sid and have been using it for a week or so now, and I'm trying to figure out what to do with the packages marked for autoremove.
On one hand a lot of them look like important packages, but on the other, why are they marked for autoremove unless they aren't needed?

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While I hate the OS currently, with serious passion, this has got to a step in the right direction - I sincerely never believed that Microsoft would EVER do such a thing but apparently they really are changing.

But I'll still be running Windows 7 for years to come and using MPC-HC too.

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Wow, slow down, one thing at a time. It's Microsoft remember?

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For Windows 12 I think.

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If they're supporting .mkv they might as well put out their own torrent client too.

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>hurr mkv files are only pirated movies durr

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might as well be. i've never seen a legal video on a .mkv container

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4chan you are tasked with the mission to create the next cryptocurrency

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yo /g/
I uninstalled pacman on arch.
now how do I reinstall it?

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How do you even manage that you fucking retard

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>uninstalled pacman

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Build from source?

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quit using Arch.

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lel, boot from livecd. mount your shit. then pacstrap /mnt pacman.

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Looking into colleges at the moment for a degree in computing. Tell me, /g/entleman, what's the best route to take with this? Which jobs have a promising job field in the future?

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Well shit, what can I do now that will ensure I have enough money so I can go back to being neet?

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Just build a robot in your room.

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want to make money and have a future? go into accounting

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Beats me bro. Im pretty much counting on the world ending in a few years so I'm not a NEET at 30

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C'mon /g/, you've gotta know something.

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Bout to do an Arch boot on a resurrected T410. SSD baby.

Anyways, what should I run on it? KDE? Gnome? Xfce?


I'm using the 'top for school. I'm a CS major. I like asthetically pleasing and lightweight stuff. I'm running Arch Gnome on my old crappier laptop, btw. It's nice, but I didn't know if trying another would be worth trying.

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>Still not using gmusicbrowser.

No but seriously, what's a minimal music player with a good interface and is easy to install on Ubuntu that I could try?

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gmusicbrowser is pretty good, I just tried it again recently. I use three programs for music - mainly listen with ncmpcpp, use deadbeef for conversions and sometimes if I want to compare recordings quickly or something like that. If I want a single file to load quick I just use mpv.

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invest a bit of time with the colours, set up your music and then just man cmus-tutorial or cmus and you are pretty much sorted

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i hope that's a joke and that she's not trying to pass that off as her ass

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Why would one choose cmus over mpd/ncmpcpp?

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Dunno someone told me to get it and it seemed pretty decent and simple to use. why should I use mpd/ncmpcpp?

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On a fresh install of #! and looking to mess with how FireFox (IceWeasel) looks. What userchrome.css and/or themes are you using?

Anyone know a way to change the tabs to be shorter or make everything overall more compact?

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hide niavigation bar
stylish maxthon
classic theme restorer.

start with those.

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Can FireFox sync be trusted or is there some flaw I'm supposed to not trust?

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Perfect quiz for /g/

Post your results.
>pic related
my result

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I don't like it when people touch me either.

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I don't understand how you guys did worse than me.

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what the fuck am i doing here

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You're the one who's not very good at being autistic.

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OH... I thought we were supposed to be pretending we don't have it.

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How long till this fag is ousted?

He can't fly on Steve's momentum forever.

Apple has been failing hard every week since celebeningfapgate with no signs of slowing down.

Yeah, they sold a lot of phones, just like mid-90s Microsoft sold a lot of Windows. How many more months before Apple goes back to being mid-90s Apple?

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A lot of stockholders feel he's bad for the company. Probably not enough to oust it, but it's a possibility.

Either way, as Steve's handpicked successor, he's the last remaining link to Steve's Apple. Whoever replaces him will be mediocre, but he is mediocre.

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I hate his business style. Jobs was pure Apple, but Tim Cook is a very typical corporate executive (his involvement with Nike, acquiring Beats etc...)

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Apple acquired many companies under Steve Jobs that went on to become things like iTunes, iWork, Logic, Siri etc...

Beats is a GREAT acquisition. The only problem with Apple is they're losing their attention to hyper-specific detail. Yosemite has a few quirks, BeatsMusic is shit compared to Spotify, but other than that Apple just released what is going to be their highest selling phone ever.

There is no stopping this train until someone else is ready to take their place. I don't see that happening in the phone/OS marketplace but they will lose out on Cloud in a big way.

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BeatsMusic is shit compared to just about everything, so why was it a good acquisition? Everybody knows Beats hardware is shit

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How does it feel to own the official phone of /g/ and be least attractive?

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Give me two reasons why I should use SATA over the obviously superior SAS in my workstation.
Protip: You can't

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can someone explain in Lehman's terms what the difference is?

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Why does watching a few WebM's do this?

How can I stop it? It lags everything to fuck and will stay like that so long as firefox is running even if it is just one blank tab open. Can only be fixed to my knowledge by closing and restarting firefox.


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reloading the tab fixes it for me, otherwise file a bug?

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Do you close the webms

Webms are essentially videos

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Wat? I have it so they only play when I hover over them.

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Yes. It still lags so long as fireofx is running, even if I just have one tab with nothing on it open.

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I think the WebM's I've watched are being stored in memory even after I'm done watching them. As when first hovering over a WebM it takes a few seconds to load. If I hover over the same one later, it loads instantly.

Could firefox be storing them in cache?

My privacy settings are in perma private browsing mode, with cookies accepted.

How do I clear cache if that is the problem.

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This thread again!

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thanks /tv/

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Should I make a kickstarter for a new computer?
I am poor and NEET

Also it's friday night
halloween is soon. what /g/ related things are you doing?

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yes, she. that's how she chooses to identify herself and that's how she should be identified.

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hohoho, you sure got me! i don't know how i'll recover from this one!

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And that's why God created Ebola-chan.

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are you still trapping