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>You [Richard Stallman] are being the usual slimy hypocritical asshole. Since both emacs and gcc contain code inside them which permit them to compile and run on commercial operating systems which are non-free, you are a slimy hypocrite.

>You treat them different because it is convenient for your agenda of hatred against groups of people who, with a lot less donation money, actually suceed at making full operating systems. You treat these issues different because you are a hypocrite.

>You are a slime who changes his position as he needs. You may have had value ten years ago, but people will see that you don't anymore.



>Richard Stallman has done one thing right during all of this, and that is to keep changing the rules, in any way that lets his project get off the hook, while making others who he does not like look like they are breaking the rules of what it 'takes to be a free project'.

>That's his goal. That's all he has done for 10 years. He's written no code. He has just pontificated and attacked people who actually write code. He sits on the largest pile of money donated for free software, and he squanders it wastefully.

>EVERYTHING code related that people thinks comes from the FSF today, comes to us without Richard Stallman actually working on it. Richard is just another random long haired hypocritical mouthpiece, who will be known after his death as the original author of the C compiler which is used by more of the closed-source embedded industry than any other C compiler.


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TLDR: op is a fag

He has promoted free software in the best way possible, I'm not even going to read another sentence or click any of your gay links

G8 b8 m8 8/8

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What do you guys think?

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I don't think it's worth it

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What's your point?

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You can't see the difference g-sync makes.

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It's about the technology itself, not about being able to see it.
I wanted to discuss what anons thought about it.

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I'm really shit at finding good software sometimes so,

tell me /g/ are there any firefox forks that have sandboxing? Or are there any in the works that will come out before mozilla releases it?

pic related: Malaysian botnet

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guys I have one UTP cable here

how can I know which category is it?

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Read the black letters on the cable.

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Hi /g/ I need some help with installing a new ROM to a note 3. I've been at it for several hours now, but the issue I'm getting is that whenever I try to go into recovery mode I get a warning page that reads: A custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and installed applications.
If you want to download a custom OS, press the volume up key.
Otherwise, press the volume down key to cancel.
I really need help on this.
Thanks in advance.
A little more info, the note 3 has already been rooted and it's from TMobile

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Press the volume up, can you understand what your reading man? Then flash the rom or recovery.

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I'm trying out Linux for a bit, what's the best video player to use?

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A desktop environment specific one or what you posted in pic

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We have this thread every day.

>A desktop environment specific one

Like Totem? Please don't, they're all completely horrible.

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I need help logging into a laptop with Win7 without a password. I'm helping a friend, who changed the password to something long and stupid as a joke and promptly forgot it.

>Admin account is disabled
>Safe Mode with Command Prompt doesn't bring up Command Prompt so I can enable it
>Can't make a reset disk because it isn't recognizing the USB drives (Even though the linux on 0phcrack did)
>0phcrack rainbow tables couldn't crack it
>Don't trust shady Chinese-looking websites
>Can't boot from USB, only HDD or CD

What's the next move? in b4 an hero

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Boot from GNU/Linux live cd.
Go to windows system32 folder (> inb4 delete system32)
Replace Utilman.exe with cmd.exe (back up both of those just to be sure)
Boot windows.
Click that accesibillity button.
Now you have windows terminal with system privleges, use net user command to set new password.

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you can do this with windows repair as well
select "repair your computer" from the install screen
then go to system recovery -> command prompt
then "wmic logicaldisk get caption"
try all the drives and see which one has "program files" directory, this is the one you want to change stuff in

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Is there no winterals like for 7? I haven't had to fix something like that since the days of XP

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to get admin on the new user also type this command
net localgroup administrators username /add

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Awesome suggestions. I just booted the recovery CD. I'll be back soon with results. Will keep you posted. Thank you all so much

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Recommendation's on Bluetooth earphones please! 100-150$ is my price range.
Because all my previous earphone's have broken within a few months, and I wanted something that lasted longer and had Bluetooth (even touch it lowers audio quality I hear). Can the experts on /g/ help me out?

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I hope you boys realize that you are more powerful than you think.

You have the power to create, shape and share your life. The power to do everyday things in extraordinary ways, and to do extraordinary things every day.

All you need is a little iPhone 5s to help you realize this vision, this simple dream.

You're more powerful than you think.

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>not using Windows Phone 8.1

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CIS white scum assuming I'm a BOY because of my physical appearance and mental disposition? You have fucking triggered me

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check your privileges, disgusting heteronormative male cis-scum

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Apple's target audience is out of school today and sleeping in. It's a Saturday, you know.

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How's your battery life fag/g/ots

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Reddit is currently banning anyone that mentions "Zoe Quinn" or links to Zoe Quinn content.

Check this user's page. He is letting those know if they've been banned. Check the threads on /r/videos or /r/gaming and you'll notice that most users have been shadow banned.


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So what?

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>Zoe Quinn
literally who

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>Reddit is currently banning anyone that mentions "Zoe Quinn" or links to Zoe Quinn content.

Nice knowing you, OP.


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They have a rule against doxxing, you know. And so does 4chan. Enjoy your ban.

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They probs just don't want that shit brought because of this persons doxing puts her in even more danger if more people know, the reddit peeps are protecting just protecting her from danger.

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Plan9 General Thread: Bet you salty hermits don't got shit to show edition.

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Go be a fat little special snowflake somewhere else OP. Some of us actually use our computers, not act like children with them and install shit software to fit in.

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Plan9, why the fuck would anyone use this shit.

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No, I've know about Plan9 for a while now. Way to be a jackass.
Why is /g/ so mean?

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I don't know. I heard about Plan9 on Reddit a few minutes ago. I personally prefer my Chromebook mixed with Linux Mint Nadia and Windows 8 Surface Pro 3, but figured I'd see if any dudes here would know about it. That's why I made the thread.

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Fuck this planet

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What site do you use for tech news? /g/ doesn't count because it's just consumerist general

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The gun is clearly at rest and not near him. It's the way the photo perspective is

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>no threads about alternative energy or future tech
I see those every once in a while on /g/

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Space Elevator threads are the only interesting threads /g/ had. It's the same 5 consumer threads now

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/pol/. Its the only place to get the truth.

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In order to set up my monitors like pictured, would it be best for me to invest in 3 separate wall mounts (thinking about Ergotron LX wall mounts), or would there be a more efficient way to approach this?

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Could someone link me to a W8.1 Activator that doesn't have a virus and actually works...
I currently have that fucking "Activate Windows" watermark and have been sailing the high pirate infested waters in dismay of badluck.

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ms toolkit on mydigitalife forums, google

>> No.43740881

this seemed to work for me

>> No.43740937

I wouldn't use this OP, I've heard bad things about KMSpico. MS Toolkit works fine, get it from mydigitallife. If for some reason MS Toolkit doesn't work (just select your ms version and edition then choose autokms and hit install iirc) then you should probably use the official link from mydigitallife instead.

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>ms toolkit
>rpc error
>os keeps rebooting


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Is there a good alternative for Windows task manager?

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Ever notice how Thinkpad users are the only people who call their miniwundah lightmovable by its marketed name?

Ever notice how Colgate users are the only people who call their tastymint brushspread by its marketed name?

Ever notice how Rolex users are the only people who call their wristsafe timepointers by its marketed name?

Ever notice how desert eagle users are the only people who call their rooty tooty point n shooty by its marketed name?

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Get out >>> >>43738661

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Install 8.1. It has a great task manager.

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I have 8.1. It's shit. There is no 60fps refresh option.

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am i getting hacked? how do i trace these people?

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Looks as if you're getting hacked. You can do some of the following ideas but nothing is guaranteed

1. goto your router/modem's configuration page. most likely or 192.168.(enter 1 through 10 until you find it) and black list this ip on your router/modem firewall

2. to trace this ip go to command prompt and type: tracert <foreign ip address> or search google for: Reverse ip lookup

3. I suppose you could also google ways to change your ip, or you could use a VPN or proxy; however this will not guarantee they wont find your new ip and continue.

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uname -a && uptime && df -h


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That is such a beautiful color scheme. Can you share it?

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Linux 3.16.1-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Aug 14 07:40:19 CEST 2014 x86_64 GNU/Linux

12:50:15 up 4:12, 1 user, load average: 0.26, 0.28, 0.29

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/VolGroup-root 50G 25G 23G 52% /
dev 1.9G 0 1.9G 0% /dev
run 1.9G 784K 1.9G 1% /run
tmpfs 1.9G 21M 1.9G 2% /dev/shm
tmpfs 1.9G 0 1.9G 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
tmpfs 1.9G 156K 1.9G 1% /tmp
/dev/mapper/VolGroup-boot 976M 38M 872M 5% /boot
/dev/mapper/VolGroup-home 409G 356G 33G 92% /home
tmpfs 378M 0 378M 0% /run/user/1000

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oxygen defaults + this wallpaper

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Your KDE look somewhat not bad.

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You walk into your house and see this. The cat says "you have 1 hour to install gentoo or Roger it's going to die."

He throws you a T60 and a book of the entire gentoo wiki.

Can you do it?

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My head is full of fuck.

How does compare compiling the OS from a simple minimal install of, say, Debian?

>> No.43741090

What happens if you compile with Clang?

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>implying that would work
installing =/= copypasting

>> No.43741176

It would boot and my dog would be safe.

>> No.43741251

I agree. You can seize the knife by then and put the cat under custody.

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Gentlemen of /g/, I need your advice.

I've been thinking about getting into encryption of files since I have personal and sensitive files that I don't want others to have immediate access to.

A simple google search tells me which software is available, but finding something that is trusted is another thing.

I don't need something that Big-Brother can't crack. I'm mostly looking for something that will deter thieves and whatnot.

What are /g/'s suggestions?

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dm-crypt + LUKS

>> No.43740761

If at some point the Truecrypt Audit finds something serious, switch to dm-crypt.

But DO NOT use proprietary encryption. Ever.

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>Create one folder
>Inside that folder make 2 more
>name one "not cp" this is where you'll store your cp
>name the other "amusing cat photos"
The intruder or guest will immediately click the other folder and therefore furthering the inconspicuousy of your cp folder

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I should have mentioned that i'm a non-/g/ lurker, and that I've only had superficial experience with programming.

Oh you...