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No, we aren't anywhere near of dead, just doing copy to better place. But scraping will kill our server.
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1080p @144hz vs 1440p @ 60hz

Which one do you prefer?

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Gotta be smooth desu senpai

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Help me /g/.

I have been looking at monitors for days and cannot make my fucking mind up. I have a 970 meme card, no interested in 4k.

I currently have a flatron W2361v which is finally dying.
Was looking at:
http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005JN9310/ref=psdc_428652031_t2_B00H3JIGHA (sorry)
I just want a nice monitor that isn't going to cut my FPS down.

Any advice?

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Dear /g/, I'm in need of help. Are any of you familiar with making themes for Windows 8/8.1? I want to get the Windows Vista taskbar background on my install, but maintain the default Aero theme for the rest of the OS. I just like the taskbar of Vista, is all.

No one has made a theme like that, so I'm stuck with trying to take pieces of already made themes like Vista VS and replace the images in the stock Aero theme. I've run into a problem:

I have yet to find a reliable theme editor. Be it Windows Style Builder, or simply using Resource Hacker/Restorator. Style Builder is not completely supported on 8.1 so some taskbar properties are missing, which leads to problem #2, so I end up with pic related. No one has written up a guide on where common image locations are in resource editors either, so if I were to look for that spot (and the systray) in an editor, I would have no idea where it is located out of thousands of entries.

Can anyone help me? I just need to figure out what image to replace here.

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Buying hp elitebook 8560w today.

Military spec mobile workstation
Intel Core i5-2540M Processor (2.60 GHz, 3MB L3 cache, 2 cores/4 threads, 35 W) Up to 3.30 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology
12 GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM
Dedicated AMD FirePro M5950 1GB GDDR5 gpu
2x USB 3.0
2x USB 2.0
15.6-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD+ WVA anti-glare1600x900 display with ambient light sensor for auto brightness, and a privacy filter
1 tb 7200rpm HDD
32gb/500gb SSD/HDD hybrid drive
Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless N WiFi
DisplayPort, dvi-d, vga output
Fingerprint reader
3 button touchpad
3 button trackpoint/clit mouse
8-cell Li-Ion battery
Supports ExpressCard/54
Compatible with ISO 7816-compliant Smart Cards PC/SC interface support.
Supports SD,MMC

Would you buy this for uni for $350? No gaming, mostly office suite, video/image editing, rendering 3d models for 3d printing, running Windows and slackware in vm, a little programming, and presentations.

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Decent. Go for it.

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8650w, rather.

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Becoming comfy will fix 98% of these issues.

You're on your own with parked domain girl though.

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How hard would not be to remove all the parts form a laptop and it still be functional?

This would be for cooling purposes and a fun project

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try it and see

depends on the laptop

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Probably anything that isn't the new macbook thats fully closed would work.

You gotta remember a laptop reall is just a pc packed in a laptop case. All the parts are the same (essentially), so if you could run a PC naked you can run a laptop naked.

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Why would I intentionally put anything under a table? I don't have anything under a table right now. Why would I leave them face down either?
Even if a double pane window, during the day when more light is reflected from the outside then is emitted from the inside, allowed a party with some insanely sensitive device to look into the room and pick up the signal, it would still be more secure than a wifi signal. And I have shades and curtains on my windows.
You've got to be pretty desperate to find a problem here because your post is seriously retarded. Like not a single thing there has any validity whatsoever.

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Do you keep your phone always in the same place? With the same orientation? No, because it's a small mobile device. You throw it on a table and then don't have perfect signal anymore.
Some people have their desktop PCs under a table. Some have limited space. You really want to clutter your table with dozens of light receivers?

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>implying wifi is the bottleneck

Your shitty cable company is to blame here. Unless li-fi helps them lay down infrastructure, it's a waste of money.

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That receiver would be built into the device, just like the IR sensor on a TV is.
And much like a TV with an IR sensor, the IR blaster doesn't need to be directly pointed at it. Matter of fact I can aim my remote at any wall in my room, even the ceiling, and the TV mysteriously picks up the signal. Funny how light bounces around like that.
Orientation isn't an issue. You'd have to physically obscure the device to cut off signal, and that just doesn't happen. I don't go out of my way to cover my desk with a blanket.

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>get li-fi
>doesnt work because i have cool white bulbs lighting my room creating light pollution

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If Java has such great garbage
collection, why doesn't it collect

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If Java has such great garbage collection, why doesn't it collect OP's post?

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Because it can't keep up with the Indians.

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Because 4chan is written in PHP

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Disclaimer:The title doesn't mean the destruction of the niche social media sites like 4chan, Tumblr, Reddit etc.

So last night I had a dream, a dream where the main social media sites eg Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any that works similar with these sites, were completely removed forever.

So from the destruction of one of the main sources of communication between people, people became more genuine with the people they knew.
Like friends would genuine be friends instead of glorified acquaintances.

There would be no "oh, I would love to talk with them again it's just I never have the time...(even though I could just type in a few words on this media site by just clicking on their name)".
Instead people who want to keep in touch with people will actually have to take work in making an effort, no excuses, more honesty.

The world would feel way bigger to many, but would also feel small for the ones who still take part in places like this.

So I'm wondering on what's your opinions on this idea?

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What does this mean, I'm not reading the rest of that shit until you explain.

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Woops meant annihilation.

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>incoming $3000 pc that is really worth $1000

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>$3000 gaymer pc
That gaming rig better come with a gaming chair, a gaming monitor, a gaming keyboard, some gamer grub, and some gaming sunglasses and a gaming T-shirt for good measure

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Anything associated with the razer brand will be overpriced, is their whole business model.

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Well, it's SLI something in there. Reckon it isn't 2 970s, that would just be full Jew activated.

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Proud gamer here and I approve of this!

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>Stick on 'carbon fiber'

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Why do I bother? Unless you're in the printing and design industry this offers nothing over Word, does it?

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how is your sublime LaTeXTools combo compared to TeXMaker?

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True. As a master student myself I'm not forced to use LaTeX, but it really does make my life easier here. I can't speak for other universities of course.

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Don't forget that if you're using Firefox for your research, you can use Zotero to automatically compile a BibTeX bibliography *as you find sources on the internet*, before you even start writing.

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That's true, but for *years* before I got into my PhD program I kept coming back to LaTeX thinking that "this time it'll click" and every time I looked around online the guides took the same tone of "don't learn, just download this or that template and avoid digging around underneath the surface". That was incredibly frustrating, and some of the syntactic stuff seems inconsistent, frustrating, and certainly outdated. As an example, you can bold text by saying
{\textbf hello}

OR by doing
{\bf hello}

which is just fucking insane. I know that the latter is deprecated, but being confused about a new markup language that seems as weird as LaTeX and then discovering all these weird gotcha issues doesn't endear the language to a new learner.

I think in the end it was the citation management that got me to give up trying to make sense of it, and once I stopped trying it proved to be in my best interest. I know there are citation managers for Word and whatnot, but nothing is as convenient as my ever-growing .bib file with all the conference papers, journal articles, books, and web pages I've ever found worth referencing.

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OP here. The reason I'm so fucking mad at Latex is because, despite being nice and all, it can be very obscure as to why stuff isn't working and the log files aren't of any help. For example, I'm writing my thesis and I'm using the natbib package to manage my citations.

In pic related you can see that the citations are in place correctly, but they're not compressed or separated by commas.

This is how I'm calling the package. There is NO indication what so ever why this doesn't work and it makes me wanna pull my hair out.

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How much does contrast ratio and GTG response time mean?
I am in need of a new screen because the current one is passing away slowly.
Have been eyeing this beauty. Asus VS248HR. It's 180$.

I know right,
>TN panel

But every time I am to check screens, they are either out of my budget or don't have what I would wish for.

IPS screens have slow response times. How much does response time matter?
If they have high one, the contrast ratio and light emission is shit (like 200 cd/m^2).
If I get a screen with good emission, contrast and response, it's TN panel. Which has shit colours.

300$ (or €) is limes superior in my budget. 24" is the biggest I could handle, so these are harsh boundaries. Which screen should I pick up? (It should have a DVI connection. I know DisplayPort is out of my league.)

>> No.51571680

Lower response times means more blur on very fast moving scenes. Anything 4ms or less work well at 60Hz. Doesn't matter for desktop usage or work.
Higher contrast ratio means deeper blacks.
Generally, nobody uses more than 200 cd/m^2 unless they're in a super bright room. 350 cd/m^2 feel like looking at bright concrete on a sunny summer day.

Unless you're playing a lot of fast paced games, you should try to look at VA panels. If you're gaming, it has to be a display with a kind of adaptive sync (G-sync or Freesync). The tech is just too good to pass. DVI or DP doesn't matter. Most modern screens support DP, and most modern GPUs have a least a DP output. It's the superior choice, while DVI is a legacy connector.

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wait, do people outside of NEETs with no income watching other people play games on twitch while "donating" their mommys pocket money to streamers use flash?

im probably outta the loop

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A whole bunch of sites use Flash.
Just go to BBC or CNN (inb4) and see for yourself.

>> No.51571640

m-muh early internet games!

>> No.51571654

speaking of which, I want to visit best board but not want to install flash, any alternative that works with /f/?

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Gee, wonder why.


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Why most websites won't let me create a password that is longer than 16 characters long, and lock me out if I use special characters?

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The real problem is websites that don't allow passwords over a certain amount of characters without telling you. You'll keep fucking your password up without knowing

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Did I fuck up /g/? Got it for 299 instead of the price displayed there.

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It's a Strix so nah you did okay.

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What are you up grading from?
You'll get a good 4 months out of it before Pascal.

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First PC Build.

>> No.51571416

You should have waited nigger

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Why are computer people so dumb? And how are there people dumb enough to require their assistance? Shouldn't everyone be able to figure out how to plug in their own shit, power cycle it, and write basic scripts?

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>why are helpdesk lackeys working for $10 an hour so dumb

gee, I don't know

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>I'm buying a pair of SDJ50X


>And this audio interface


What cabled should I buy to hook it up to my desktop though a 3.5mm female port?

Thank you guys

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2 x 1/4" TRS to interface; interface to pc with USB

>> No.51571384

Why are you buying a soundcard?
Also those speakers seem like a weird choice when you have verified good speakers in that price range (lsr 305).

>> No.51571535

Because if I connect it directly to the pc I'll have interference

>> No.51571567

Did you actually try it or are you just repeating some memes you heard?

>> No.51571611

My current speakers are hooked up directly to my pc and I can hear interference, same thing with my headphones. I know it's my onboard sound because while using my laptop there is no interference.
Also the audio interface has a headphone plug and an XLR plug for mics which are two things that I also need.

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hey /g/
so i was redoing my watercooling tubing the other day and got quite a bit of water on my gpu,
i left it dry, put it in some paper towels without the waterblock or backplate on
it worked for abou 1 1/2 hours while i was playing fallout but then the computer crashed,
no its not detecting it as anything and theres artifacting across the screen
can i do anything or did i just brick a 980ti?

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like 36 hours and i padded the droplets off straight away

>> No.51571401

I bet you used tap water like an idiot too.

>> No.51571454

You've probably mishandled it in some way and fucked it up.
>then the computer crashed,
no its not detecting it as anything and theres artifacting across the screen
>did i just brick a 980ti?
I think you know the answer to that. Put the cooler back on it, and try get it RMA'd

>> No.51571467

nobody is stupid enough to use fucking tap water

This is why I always have a 10KG bag of rice in my room.

>> No.51571527

distilled and have concentrate additive,

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Is there a way to go through every location you have searched on your iphone maps? I have an iphone 4s. I am looking for a location I searched about 5 months ago. I found this website http://junkee.com/google-maps-has-been-tracking-your-every-move-and-theres-a-website-to-prove-it/39639# and it does have places I have been but not all of them.

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Hi guys, after I didnt get long very well with a already available POL Install Script, I modified it a little bit and got Office 2013 successfully installed on Linux


have fun

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office sucks fat cock just like your whore mum

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>not glorious 2010 Master Race