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I finally took the plunge and backed up all my data to my Synology, then imaged all my machines with a Linux installation and a nice auto-tailoring script (sets up interface and installs packages based on hardware/specs)... But this ONE fucking thing...

What I'm looking for is the "known"/best replacements for each of the tools in the Creative Suite. I've looked around online at various recommendations, but obviously this is the best place to ask (I uh... actually tried to get useful information out of the graphic design board first. Don't judge me, it's really late here), and I'm tired of experimenting with shit from random lists.

So - what is /g/'s take on the best Linux replacements for;

* Photoshop CS6 Extended
* Premeire
* Lightroom
* Encore
* Bridge
* Audition
* After effects

I'm on Gentoo and Ubuntu but I can use whatever distro if it'll -significantly- help. I'm not switching to fucking FreeBSD again so don't even try, and I'm also not a fan of Debian (with the obvious exception of Kali since I need it for work).

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sorry, what is it that you'd be downloading here?:


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So faggets don't any of you run OpenBSD.

I mean I run Linux mint on my main-station that is connected to the internet. But for a while now I've been thinking " Fuck everybody and everything" and disconnect it from the internet entirely.

Because fuck everybody. I have been wondering about hiding in plain site and so on but it does not seem ideal. So the idea of air-gapping most computers seem like the best solution.
My music is downloaded, I had 10 of thousands of pics and a lot of films and porn. One of my major problem is that Tor browser bundle don't work out of the box on BSD.

Gentoo hardend? Sure maybe.
Openbsd + I3 ( Window manager ) + firefox does seem more secure.

So Air-gapping, openbsd, gentoo hardened and anything else that is about your computers security.

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>“You’re headed for a one-term presidency,” he told Obama at the start of their meeting, insisting that the administration needed to be more business-friendly. As an example, Jobs described the ease with which companies can build factories in China compared to the United States, where “regulations and unnecessary costs” make it difficult for them.

>Jobs also criticized America’s education system, saying it was “crippled by union work rules,” noted Isaacson. “Until the teachers’ unions were broken, there was almost no hope for education reform.”

How do we eradicate the unions and destroy labour laws so that more companies can get built, /g/?

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this would be a better thread on /pol/

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Actually that's not union and labour laws- that's the stuff clinton passed in the 90s which stripped away pretty much all restrictions to manufacturing in china.
If a company wants to manufacture in america, they have to jump through hoops and tax and a whole bunch of shit, but if they want to manufacture in china they get tax credits and incentives to do so.
Barriers to manufacturing in china are artificially low, set by clinton. After he received a whole load of money from china for his election campaign. What a coincidence.

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truth be told if companies started building in america costs would be too high and tbh americans are lazy fatasses

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>Barriers to manufacturing in china are artificially low
How so?

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>we need to DESTROY socialism
grow up, americans.
the most socialist countries in the EU have a way higher standard of living than you do.

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Should I buy z3c or wait for z4c?

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the what?

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get out

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z3c is amazing
only problem is that the magnetic charger will prevent you from using a dashboard holder for your car so forget using the gps with it - either rely on the (amazing) battery life or use the micro usb under the sealed cover but then kiss goodby to the water proffness after a while

also get a good cover for it because it's glass everywhere and is known to explode if you sneeze around it

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>implying /g/ drives

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yea I know but z4c comes out this summer
should I wait or nah

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.com domain I want it taken, web page is blank. .net is available. Planning on making a couple moneys from advertising. Is using .net legal?

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Don't see why not. '.net' is better anyway.

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Domain squatting is not a good practice if you want to do that. If the .com domain owner has a trademark on the name, then they can take your .net domain from you

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G'day. I can play Fallout 3 on my FX-9370 and R9 280X rig at 60fps at 1080p with all the maximum settings on. Explain to me why AMD is bad?

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Because AMD fanboys make threads like this all the time

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Pretty sure you can play fo3 on integrated graphics pretty well these days

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Yeah mate of course you can silly dilly. I can play it on my 280x maxed out and its got the integrated graphics

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Amd isn't necesarily bad, but their high end cpu's are pretty far behind compared to intel's. That being said, amd shines in the low-mid segment, with the fx6300 being one of the best bang for buck cpu's available, and the fm2+ socket isn't all that bad either, especially the 860k, which offers close to the single core performence of an i3, while beating it in multithread, and with it being an actual quad core, for a little over half the price of an i3.
Amd gpu's however, are a whole different story, they are great, in all market segments, the only advantage nvidea has over amd cards is the lower power consumption, which at most will save you $10-20 on a yearly basis, and the cuda cores, which won't matter for the majority of the card buyers.

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Well, today Firefox gets updated along with the other channels. This will be stable release Firefox 37. I think it's in the FTP and won't be on the website till a bit later. But lets use this thread to comment on the new update and what we hope to be included next update for stable and the other channels. It doesn't seem like anything big this time.

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why does pushing this make my pc lock up?
legit i click it and everything freezes, headphones buzz, ect, till i restart

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AMD Drivers.

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r they too epik for afterburn

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go and ask /v/

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link plz

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Atmel SAM L21.

35microamps per MHz in active mode, less than 200nanoamps in deep sleep mode.

The L21 MCU uses a 42 MHz Cortex M0+ CPU core—the smallest 32-bit ARM processor. It also carries up to 256 kilobytes of Flash memory, up to 32 kilobytes of static RAM, and up to 8 kb of separate low-power static RAM that is kept powered at everything short of the deepest sleep mode—even off a low-power backup battery when the main battery is exhausted.

The fucking thing can be powered off of a decoupling cap!


>yfw half way in the audio decoding fires up

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Somebody's pulling a prank.
Wat do.

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>not seeing the VirtualBox Guest Additions icon in the system tray.

Wat do? Roll back to the most recent snapshot.

>muh VM's

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> >not seeing the VirtualBox Guest Additions icon in the system tray.
Oh. Didn't look at it closely.

/thread I guess

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Retard. Say goodbye to your shit even if you do pay the $___ fee to "decrypt" it

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smelly linux mint faggot

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DD-WRT or Tomato?

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why not openWRT?

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No Cortana with local account, fuck Microsoft.

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>No Cortana with local account, fuck Microsoft.
dat botnet.

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>it's MS so I hate it
>I have no good reason, I just feel like being a bigoted faggot

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>preview version
>whines about memory leaks
>implying chrome doesn't use more memory

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Can you set a static IP on these things or do they just get the IP-address from what they are connected to?
The manufacturers are really bad at informing this.

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If not, dip the PCB in rubbing alcohol and place steel wool over it, then gently touch a battery's terminals (9-volt works best) to the wool, it should reverse the circuit and allow you to manually configure a new MAC address.

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It's because I needed this for work to communicate with crap and for that I need a specific IP address. However, I use my laptop here and there so I don't want to fuck with the network card on the laptop and change it back and forth.

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You can set a static IP on most any gear mate.

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Haven't set IPs on computers(except relays) for years. I think the last time was at home before there was DHCP.

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It's shit simple on most any platform by now, ifconfig can do it on the unix-like lot, windows has some gui faggotry, and OS X requires you to push the dildo an inch deeper than normal, but it's all fairly simple these days. Still common in many applications.

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What's your favourite line in your .vimcr?

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(require 'evil)
(evil-mode 1)

>> No.47284304

syntax on

>> No.47284336

call pathogen#infect()

Gotta have plugins.

But you've got to have lot's of equally important shit in your .vimrc to make vim good.

>> No.47284339

silent !git clone https://github.com/shougo/neobundle.vim $HOME/.vim/bundle/neobundle.vim

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woops I meant to link OP sorry

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I tried installing Windows 10 technical preview but it has been stuck at 30%.

Therefore, I'm installing GNU/Linux. It has come to my attention that Gates should have his hair pulled out and fried on his toenails.

Microsoft can't get anything right these days. GNU/Linux is were I'm more proficient anyway.

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>confirmed fedora mindset: considers those on 4chan beneath his holy board etiquette, yet still scours the boards for enlightenment.

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The least shitty one.

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IMO OSX is the best solution with a few teaks, namely XtraFinder for adding some missing finder features and BetterTouchTool for Window snapping.

>> No.47284366

GNU Hurd

>> No.47284409

paying $10 ducks for a GNU/Linux, bruh?

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Guys I have mild seberroic dermatitis on my scalp and face. It's 100% under control right now and invisible since I'm using a prescription shampoo twice a week and a special facial cream once a week.

Anyways, pic related is what it looks like if left untreated for months. Add in some dandruff on those red spots too. It's gets nowhere near as bad as the shit you can find on Google.

Does this disqualfiy me from the Navy? I know this disqualify ezcema, scalp psorasis or atopic dermatitis but my derma told me it's sebrroeic dermatitis.

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Maybe this is a sign that you should do something with your life instead of going into an almost obsolete institution that perpetuates modern day imperialism.

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Go to /k/, not fucking /g/ lel

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That's fucking disgusting, you should kill yourself.

>> No.47284401

That's what you get for using proprietary genetics.

>> No.47284411

>military disqualifies you because you have a skin rash

are you fucking kidding me? what kind of beta army is this?

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Hi all.

I've been trying to install Ruby and Rails on my windows system but it is not working out. I'm getting pissy and I want to use Linux. I have a bit of experience with Fedora, but that's all. I have no clue how Linux actually works out.

I've been looking into things and it looks like Ubuntu is good for beginners, but is it also good for people who want to program things? If not, what would be good for me to use?

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Getting Rails up and running on Windows ain't hard mate... but Ubuntu or Fedora aren't bad choices at all. Fire up a VM and go nuts.

>> No.47284140

I've installed Ruby and installed Rails. Whenever I try to create a new rails application, I get error Messages. I asked a question Stack Overflow, but I guess this really isn't the place I should just forward people to my own questions. I'm just sick of not being able to do basic things on my Windows machine, and maybe I'll even learn a thing or two

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Dell XPS 600. PSU is making whistling noise, likely from a resistor. I'm on a very very tight budget, so I was wondering. Is there a way I can yank out the old resistor and put a new one in? Yes, I know it is an arduous task at best, and likely would ship it to my friend who does it for a living, but can't afford an 80 dollar PSU.

Tested the shroud for CPU heat sink and all fans. Whistling does not get louder or quieter when case is opened or closed, leading me to think it is a component in the PSU. I am knowledgeable enough with hardware to disassemble the 650 Watt PSU and find the component, just need to know if I can safely remove it and solder a new one into place.

Also a question for the hardcore techies: Is there a primary resistor that reduces the majority of voltage, then others do modulation of the rest, or do all the resistors reduce it bit by bit? Forgive my newb language, been a looong time since I did any real difficult hardware stuff, and even longer since my Hardware Specialization courses at college.

Pic unrelated.

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Also creating a thread from my mobile is a pain. Damn Captcha is hard to make out!

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>Group programming at uni.
>People in group do not understand basic OOP principles

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>Group programming at uni
>People in group don't know how to use git and are unwilling to learn
>There was even a fucking tutorial on how to use git in that paper
>They insist on sharing source code over Google Drive

>> No.47284694

theres your problem

>> No.47284718

>>People in group don't know how to use git and are unwilling to learn
>>They insist on sharing source code over Google Drive
These people are literally worse than Hitler.

>> No.47284719

backup the data, load it to github
delete the data with a new googleaccount

all data is gone and they have to switch because you're not a fucko

>> No.47284748

>They insist on sharing source code over Google Drive