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I don't gain any happiness of renewing SSL certs.
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What do.

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>tfw still haven't accidentally updated and it will be over soon

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>when friends, coworkers and relatives. Everyone of them calls micro-usb cables "Samsung chargers"

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>people call non-apple phones "galaxys" or "samsungs"

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You mean Android chargers, right?

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Normies mistakes LG chargers as Samsung chargers

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I'd trust samsung making all their phones only charge with their original cables and not with a standard micro usb cable.

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Alright /g/,

Let me see what your fall class schedule looks like.

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I switched major after studying CS for two years in college. It sucked and I felt like I wasted my time 95% of the time. I still want to learn everything I need to be able to get a job as a software dev if I want, mostly because I am interested in learning about it all. I will probably have to teach myself on the side while doing my physics major.

Right now I'm just reading about and doing things that really interest me, but I feel like I don't get the skills I will need.

I'm guessing some people here are self taught. How did you do it? Any advice? What should I focus on etc.

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If you didn't start at 8, it's too late, m8.

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If you thought you were wasting your time with a CS major.. wait until you get further into that physics major and want a SOFTWARE ENGINEER job

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When did you decide to join the botnet?

For me it was the impeccable advertising.

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I don't know what it is but I like it.


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>Brown Hair Six Figure thread

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dont forget normal weight

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So I'm experienced in programming, but when it comes to javascript there are a lot things that I don't know.
Post advanced js tips &tricks.
>pic unrelated

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License all of your code under a freedoms-respecting license, or you'll starve all of your visitors.

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Say you may have created software that is completely new and makes mass surveillance almost impossible. Knowing the state of the world and the consequences of being able to hide information, would you still release it?

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I'm working on something like that right now, and yes, absolutely I will when it is done.

Especially given the current state of the world. Extremism begets extremism, and the likely crackdowns and neo-fascist governments to come.

The internet is one of the most important achievements of humankind. It would be anathema to me, to let shortsighted, extreme political rhetoric - on any side - ruin it. If we are to ensure freedom of expression and thought has a future, times like those to come are when it matters most.

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How can I VNC into a windows desktop without disturbing what is currently being displayed? This is the default behavior in linux/gnu, a vnc login will launch a new x11 session that doesn't affect the other sessions.

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I think tightVNC lets you do that, It's also open Sorse if i remember correctly.

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And by "This" I mean log in as another user without disturbing the physically present user.

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that would require a real multiuser system.

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don't know, I'm unfamiliar with windows

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NOTHING gives you the users desktop + input devices without disturbing him/his session.
not even a terminal server lets do that

maybe some remoteApp voodo, but that too won't be perfect

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\/ape thread? \/ape thread.

Just got my new X-Cell Whisper \/ape
>pic related

going to be using the cheapo grape flavor i bought too

anyone else made any good purchases?

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just buy a cigarette or a cigar or something faggots

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How fast does it vape your phone?

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I just got an Ergo Mini Concorde x-12 (duel Clapton b7). Pic related.

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Post some of your best books about computer viruses /g/ (we dont want any top ten shit that you googled, at least a book that you read ), any language is welcome, ASM, C even Py
ill start with the Giant Black Book of computer viruses
you may think its old but its some good shit ;)

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practical malware analysis

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Mien Kampf

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I want to recreate the £1000 26.5inch 1:1 flexscan by putting two 16:9 thin bezel monitors together at a quarter of the price. What's the best way to do it? 2 vertical screens or 2 horizontal screens?

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Also general advice appreciated

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Vertical may be a bad idea depending on the monitor, make sure to double check the view angles.

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Just get a 40" 4k monitor and create a custom resolution...

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Is there any stream software that I can use to play media files from my server over internet? Something like my own streaming service.

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the nginx rtmp module can stream hls, dash and rtmp from a file

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Plex is what you are looking for anon

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Try Sopcast.

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I already have apache since I run nextcloud in my server.
Thanks guys.

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When is the best browser available going to get Adblock/Ublock support?

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I searched everywhere but didn't find a proper way to get it. Care to provide a link or an explanation?

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Oh it's that one! Thank you pal.

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they better not require an MS account to install extensions or ima be mad

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>Used WP for years
>Onedrive integration is pretty good, this cloud shit wasn't just a meme after all
>Finally buy an Android
>No onedrive integration
>Google drive integration sucks sweaty balls

I feel like I fell for the Android meme.

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It's useful for us working members of society who deal with shit on multiple devices you dumb plebeian. And since it's all synced, it's not only in the cloud.

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>he doesn't use cloud storage

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Get an iPhone, enjoy iCloud seamless storage

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did you try https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.skydrive

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Here's a (You) my friendo ;)

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Do you prefer a heavy mouse or light one?

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I prefer a deadmau5

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so bad
light for gaming heavy @ the office for feeling more premium

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>wanting your mouse to be heavy
>still believing this meme from "gayming" circa 5 years ago

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Heavy and a high sensitivity, as a I have a small amount of mouse room.

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how bad of an idea would it be to get this cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=232013330801 to learn/dick around with linux on and back up porn of nigresses squatting on white dick?

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There is no reason to buy a server just to dick around Linux.

ZFS can run on a pentium 3. Just slap Linux on whatever x86 shitputer you have lying around and then start to dick around.

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you can dick around with linux in a VM if you want instead of wasting the money on a dedicated machine. it could do so much more than just that

nobody gives a shit about your porn preferences, either.

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would be overkill but fine for it desu

pedestal servers look nicer and are easier to find a place for though if you still want the enterprise® experience™

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I'm looking to update my home server build and I can't decide on a CPU to build around. Its on 24/7 so power consumption is very important. I'm leaning toward the G3258 but wondering if there's anything viable and similar in performance that's more efficient.
This is just for personal use so I don't need to worry about using actual server parts, and I want to keep it pretty cheap. I also want a full desktop form factor for storage expandability.

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Just get the cheapest (new) intel processor you can find.
Seriously. The G3258 is way too powerful for what you want.

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What is it for? You could get away with a raspberry pi if you're just holding files.

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I'm actually transcoding using plex to watch some media outside of my LAN. My upload is too shit to stream anything directly. I also run a bunch or other random stuff that doesnt tax the cpu much like deluge webui, a webserver, and stuff like that.

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Right now I'm running a 110W TDP Opteron 180, which is 11 years old and horribly inefficient (got it free from a friend). Trying to about double its performance and keep power usage low.

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Why do people root Android phones?

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Not him, but AdAway blocks all ads, including those in other apps.

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That would only block ads in firefox

The YouTube app for example would still be riddled with ads, and despite in browser viewing or newpipe, the official YouTube app is still the best way to view youtube vids on mobile, the experience only being marred by ads. AdAway, and by extension rooting, solves this

>> No.55735321

you are right but having an unlocked bootloader with access to the recovery mode open the way to a lot of physical attacks that would be unfeasible on a locked down phone
I don't know how to secure an unlocked phone so I don't root my primary phone anymore

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You don't always have to unlock the bootloader to achieve root (but if you can you will want to), and you can always relock the bootloader and reflash the stock recovery after rooting. The only downside to flashing stock recovery is that you'll no longer be able to flash any custom roms as you want, but there is a way to sign your own custom roms and allow the stock recovery to flash them. The guide is here https://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/31765.html

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Because you need root to do some things