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Is there anyone here interested in the demoscene? Revision 2014 is underway.

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Which Linux distro will give me the best battery life for my laptop? I'm currently using win8 but I want to replace it with linux.
I want to have at least the same battery life that I have with win8.

>is such a thing even possible?

Does anyone play diablo 3 on wine? Does it work good?

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Is the logo supposed to be a crab?

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>It's OK for me to steal this meat, I wasn't going to pay for it anyway.
Piracy is stealing the same way printing money is stealing. You're devaluing the authentic product and reducing its value for the people trying to sell it. Same exact thing with blocking ads. You're reducing the value of pageviews, which sites need to survive.

Checkmate, piratefags.

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You can't make an exact replica of the meat like you can with digital files. If the original file is never lost, how could it be stolen?

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Select any file on your computer.
Copy it.
Copy it again.
Do you still have the original one?
Now do that with meat and we'll talk.

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The author is trying to sell his products and you decrease their value by copying them

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But I was never going to buy them anyway? So...

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>It's OK for me to steal this meat, I wasn't going to pay for it anyway.
Yep. It's ok.

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Hey /g/. I need serious help.
So I'm having internet troubles, and don't know what in the hell is happening, so I need your help to diagnose the problem and how to effectively solve it. Pic related is happening 99% of the time I try going on any internet pages. So, I turned here because I already called my ISP 15 times past few days, and every time the answer was, WE DON'T KNOW. They say it's fine from their side, they even changed me to a new modem. So, both the new one and the old one did the same thing. So, what is even weirder, I can speak on mumble, but I won't be able to access any internet pages, nor find any game servers, lose connection to steam etc. I also have an iPhone connected wirelessly to the modem, and it loses connection as well. So it's not a device related problem. This shit started happening last 4 days. Out of the blue.

>What happens:
>Internet goes kill every 10 minutes for about half an hour of fucking around with me
>sometimes I can speak on mumble/skype without a problem, but won't be able to access any pages on the entire World Wide Web

>What I have already tried doing:
>rebooting the modem
>killing its power for a few minutes
>tried isolating the programs losing connection, so it's not a program problem, since all of them lose connection
>did a system restore to about a month ago
>trying a different browser (mozilla, chrome (using), and, you guessed it right, Internet fucking Explorer (go ahead, h8 on)), they all lose connection
>screaming and punching the wall

>Possible causes:
>l33t h4ck3z
>Big Daddy Dillon (another amazing h4ck3r)

What I need: help since the TechnicianBoy won't be showing up until Tuesday, and I won't be able to live through the weekend without the internet. It's already frustrating enough that the bitch ISP dunno anything.

>inb4 anonimus

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srsly? No one? D:

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Okay /g/ I'm upgrading from a galaxy nexus and was wondering what the verdict on the S5 is? I've got a buddy who can score me one for $99 on contract, so price is not a factor. Is this one worth getting, and how well does the Ultra-Battery shit work?

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> I've got a buddy who can score me one for $99 on contract
You make it sound like that's some sort of deal

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Lumia Icon

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You cannot remove the bloat apps without rooting.

You cannot remove the skin at all, you need to flash a new ROM, which would likely destroy your warranty with all the Knox stuff in new samsungs.

Generally, plop a custom launcher, and most of the skinning is gone. You'll notice some differences in menus and notification bars, but it shouldn't be too offputting.

Google some of the pics of the S5 interface, if interested.

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Flash Paranoid Android you'll be fine although I'm pretty sure Samsung won't make it easy to root.

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Not really, I'm just saying that so people don't come in here shouting >HURR DURR 400 DOLLA PHONE

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What's the point of using captchas and why is imgur suddenly using it for image posts?

what purpose do captchas serve?

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To prevent spam bots you tard.

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you can't be a retard if you're asking

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So they can sell you a pass to bypass the captcha that you used to never have to enter in the first place

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4chan didn't stop me, I'm still typing in captchas

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Can someone explain to me why upcoming flagship phones, even chinkshit, are starting to use a screen size of 5.5"? Since when was it allowed to advertise phablets as phones

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The market determines what the ideal size is.
Not Steve Jobs.

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I have the Note 2, and it was when it first released that I got it, so no one sees them like this yet here.
Still the most annoying, as it's gotten real old over the last year, and it amazes me people can ACTUALLY use phone size to justify making fun of someone, truly amazing.

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Yes, because Steve Jobs is dead.

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Steve Jobs IS dead, you are correct. Jesus Christ is also dead, yet there are still Christians.

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>Jesus Christ is dead

Get a load of this guy

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It's time /g/, you're actually "installing Gentoo in da club" now.

spice://; (for plebs, a standard SPICE client is virt-viewer - if you don't have a package manager, from http://virt-manager.org/download/ and linked by the Windows installer as VirtViewer->Remote viewer in the start menu)

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no net access?

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Also bump with screenshots regularly.

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net-setup eth0

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virt-viewer --connect spice:// doesn't work.

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im done.

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Just signed up to buy some underwear and they emailed me my password in plain text.

I want to move to a password manager, but I can't find a good one. I've looked at KeePass, but it's Windows only.
The following is what I need:
-open source
-in my own care, not outsourced like some shitty website
-multiplatform (Debian & Windows 8)
-preferably sync up multiple computers
-preferably integrated with iceweasel/firefox or import/export or some shit like that

What are you using and what are you recommending?

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Is there any way to sync this with Iceweasel?

Don't want mono shit.

>It's not very hard.
>implying cryptho is not very hard

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>Is there any way to sync this with Iceweasel?
There's no plug-in support, so afaik you can't.

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still waiting for mooltipass


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Looks good but will take a while.

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yes. until then ill stick with keypass and my brain.

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What are some good .onion sites

so far all i found that wasnt directories or illegal shit was a thing about exploring steam tunnels

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using tor is gay and pointless and gay
you are also all of these things, OP

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but its fun it makes me feel like im smashing the state

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ok as long as you realize it's pointless but many will never realize it because they can't wrap their heads around the fact that the NSA doesn't give a fuck about them

have fun looking at child porn OP

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i turned image loading off 8)

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So I have a computer thats to slow for Vista or Windows 7. What should I do?

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Install Slackware!

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You can buy a computer fast enough for windows 7/8 for under $50. Just dump it.

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eMachines T3265

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About fucking time.

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You should either disconnect it from the internet and keep it as a retro machine or just install some form of Linux.

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If there is a better subforum for this, please feel free to redirect me there, but I digree.

I'm using a combination of two stylish skins, namely 4chan Dark + 4chanx v3 & RiceChan Alpha, with slight modifcations, as you can see here. I love the look, but it's made browsing /int/ bothersome because none of the flags show up. I've got pastebins for both of them below, if someone could tell me what I'd need to do in order to get the flags to display properly, I'd be most grateful. The offending style is rice chan, but it all looks like ass without it.


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Tell me why I shouldn't buy a Nexus 5 and what should I buy with that money instead.

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Guy who posted the comparision.

People shit on the build quality because apparently LG has poor build quality in their phones. It is apparent in their older phones, but I've no clue if anything changed in new phones.

It might be hard to find more info on this, but here is Forbes talking about it. Take it with a grain of salt, considering where this article is from

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OP, 2GB of RAM is what you need if you want to have a useable device in 3-4 years

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I'm replying on a Nexus 5 and the build quality is great for plastic and it feels wonderful in your hand

Battery life is dismal under heavy usage but underclocking helped

But yeah the no SD card really fucking sucks

If no one has yet to mention it works great on 5ghz

>> No.41448066


Considering you are paying half the price of a flagship phone for the quality you get with the nexus 5, having no SD card isn't that bad at all

>> No.41448096

The LTE compatibility and 2gb of ram are the main selling points here, basically.
And that damn S800.
Speaking of underclocking.
How often are root-unlocked upgrades released?
Will read it right away.
I remember older LG having shit quality, but lately many I've seen have been more than decent.
I might even pick up the 32gb version at this point.

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>Have you considered becoming transgender to get a free tech job?

Seems like a worthy investment

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>considering becoming transfender because job
>not considering becoming transgender because you have gender issues

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Very sad that this is a joke, but not really even a joke because it's real life.

>> No.41448078

what does this prove? absolutely nothing, it says your "experience" must be "markedly different" i.e. its all about your feelings just as i said

>Here's the neurology behind it.
the neurology isnt actually proven, theyre just theories and observations. gay brains also have "female wiring." that said, there is still no test for it. this does not prove me wrong whatsoever. go read a book you mentally ill dick chopper.

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>become transgender, get diagnosed etc
>land good job
>tell employer you are no longer transgender

No need to take HRT

>> No.41448099

>more if the psychiatrist doesn't think you're being genuine, and there's a lot of behaviors you have to fit.
youre so full of shit. theyre not going to "be suspicious of you faking it" as anyone who wants to chop off their dick and inject chemical hormones is clearly mentally ill to begin with.

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So, I had a wonderful idea last night
what if instead of making menu controls on the screen you can install a program that you could control on the computer!
could that be possible? even thought technically it's not connected to the computer...

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webm command line tutorial and all of blog.4chan.org is broken.

anyone got a link?

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I was talking about the command line tutorial, not the software. I'm perfectly comfortable using the command line.

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Is this the source?

>> No.41447844

It's a similar program at least

>> No.41447864

Found it

>> No.41447875

Found the original sauce:
Looks like we both did

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What is happening here? How do I get rid of it?

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Update the Intel GPU driver

>> No.41447672


That says to change the font from "subpixel smoothing" to "best contrast".

Also, another guy fixed it by changing anything that said "ubuntu" or "ubuntu bold" to arial.

>> No.41447807

Arial looks like shit though, any recommendations?

>> No.41447830

helvetica nueue, duh

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What AV are you using on your windows machine (if you have one) /g/ ?

I know I'm going to get a lot of hate, but I use NIS.

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They dumbed down MSE on Win 8 because third-party AVs were complaining to M$ that they were killing their businesses with MSE which was free.

Win 8's MSE (renamed Defender) can't do simple shit like scan a single specific file or folder.

>> No.41447853


yeah, MSE has a "real" time scanner.
Free MBAM does not, it's all user controled. So unless you are the average jack off, MBAM+common sense is all you need.

>> No.41447931

I use avast in my office laptop. and I install avast on every Windows machine I have to work on. no complaints so far.

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I remember when I tried Norton long ago, I think it was version 2004, and it really was power hungry like you described, it literally slowed down my entire pc by 50% and it was like that all the time, but many years later when I got my new machine couple years ago, I don't remember why but I tried out the new nis and I never noticed any lag which I could attribute to it, it has two processes which use 20mb of ram together, I really didn't have any problems with it for the past couple of years I had it, only thing you should do after the installation, it's disable download intelligence since it will quarantine every crack/keygen you download.

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>any technological company in charge of making any rational, respectable decision ever

>> No.41447971

>expecting humans to be rational and logical
Robots would do theoretically do everything perfectly, problem is you need humans to make them.

>> No.41448045


90% of the choices are very rational in regards to the benefit of the company.
That is just the benefit of the company and nothing else.

Except when you're Microsoft, of course.