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Must have plug-ins/programs/etc for windows? Also good sites for custom skins for vlc/wmp/browsers/etc?

Customization is key for me.

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Hey /g/ need to transfer files from my old laptop. Going to buy a adapter to turn it into an external harddrive but im unsure between these 2. Will they work for a asus notebook k52jr hard drive? Whats the main difference between these 2 besides price? And will they work for my hard drive?


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>no SD card
>no removable battery

What the fuck Samsung?

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muh unibody design

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Lg v10 ftw

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Previous: >>50619277

And of course who could forget the CoCk:
- Fuck off.
- Kill yourself.
- No politics.
- Cute anime girls welcome.

What are you working on /g/?

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Ask a programming literate anything.

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>political talk is off topic and ruins the threads, get it out of here
>cute little anime girls flooding the thread is welcome
Well what a fucking pro-socialite anarcho-fascist you are.

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>>political talk is off topic and ruins the threads, get it out of here
>>cute little anime girls flooding the thread is welcome

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japoshits should lrn2physics

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xth for c sucks

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Do you move your mouse with your whole hand or just fingers?

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I move it with my arm

I play a lot of CS:GO

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/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread

Post your simple/small/stupid questions here, ONCE.
DO NOT BUMP THE THREAD, You are NOT entitled to an answer, unless you're cute.

Read the sticky before posting.
Take at least 10 seconds to google it first.

Redirect or ignore anybody asking stupid questions outside this thread.
Use >>>/g/sqt as a link to find the sqt thread

Old thread: >>50614890

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Did you try reseating the GPU at least once? Did you fuck up plugging in the PCIe power connectors? Sometimes they're hard to get all the way down, especially if it's an 8-pin slot and your connector is 6+2pin, You have to make sure those are aligned perfectly flat.

Also did you screw in your GPU to the case? Some idiots don't screw in the GPU so it sags and doesn't work many times.

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Not really since the second 980 will help you crush games. It depends on your budget.

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Micca MB42 is best budget speaker around $50. Daytons are shit in comparison. Micca MB42X was even better price/performance, but then they bumped the price up from like $75 to $98 which was bullshit. Not sure if it's gone back down. Some swans are very highly regarded in the $150~$350 range but hard to find these days. Not sure about specifics. I can't give you much beyond that as I don't know too much.

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Getting a laptop for school, don't know what to get yet

>chromebooks are cancer, don't even.

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I verified this immediately.

The PSU's Wattage is 600W. According to the GPU´s boxing it says that at least a 500W PSU is required.

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Talk about sites you have browsed/found while on the TOR network. Please don't post links of anything illegal. If you find something like a cool blog share it. Share screenshots of the websites you found. This is not a request thread but more of a discovery thread.

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>This is not a request thread
that's exactly what it is, you want a nigga to give you .onion URLS

There's nothing for you on the deep web OP

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Confess your sins to me my son.

May our Lord St. Richard Stallman absolve you; and by His authority I absolve you from every bond of excommunication and interdict, so far as my power allows and your needs require.

May the Passion of Our Lord St. Richard Stallman, the merits of the Blessed Virgin Tux and of all the saints obtain for you that whatever good you do or whatever evil you bear might merit for you the remission of your sins, the increase of grace and the reward of everlasting life.

Therefore, I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Userspace, and the Shell, and the Holy Kernel. Amen.

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Otter Box Defender or Life Box?

Are they both meme cases?

What is your favorite case?

Do you put stickers on your case like how I put stickers on my vacuum cleaner? It makes cleaning fun!

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>being that much of a pussy

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Does anyone know the name of the Operating system for fixing USB thumb drives/SD cards. I used it on a VM before and can't seem to remember what it's called.

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Microphones are technology, post your voices /g/ along with which microphone you're using


I'm using a Blue Yeti

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>He bought into the usb mic meme

Get a real mic kid, stop wasting your money on memes.

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B-But I got it on sale

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Delete this

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I'm using a logitech HD webcam


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Anybody know any actual wifi hacking apps on android?

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It's legit a dumb question though.

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What if you do your own research, like your pic suggests?
>implying it's not the reptilians

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Fuck off retard

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Ive been doing research and cant find shit
>its always been the reptilians

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You sure showed him

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So I won a new Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 tonight. Anything fun I can do with it, or just another standard consumer product?

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I was looking at it the past few days, it actually seems really nice kind of like the surface but not really. 100× better then an iPad if you ask me. If you don't like it you can always sell it so there is that.

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That's pretty much what I've been thinking. I guess I didn't really need my own thread for this, but thank you anyway.

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Here's my first idea for a build, what do ya guys think. Feel free to post your own parts list as well

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what the fuck op. Thats like basically same as my new build I'm getting.

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I posted it first, damn copycat

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had this motherfucking list for like 2 days and made like 20 changes lol.

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Name a more GOAT phone provider.

You can't

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buy ad space you fucking kike. i can't block your shit spam if you post threads like this

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Fuck off verizon


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>thinking that Verizon makes the phones

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Literally anyone not from USA.

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At&t is catching up. Sadly they're locking the phones down just as much as they catch up.

For now I'm still with Verizon.

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Hey Anons
I am wondering what case i should get
It has to be big because I am shit with wiring and if it has a large back where i can stuff the wires that would be great. Does anyone have any recommendations?

>pic related its my case atm

Also Case General

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Bump because plz

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Cmon anons i know u r there

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>order MSI 390x from newegg
>its defective and can't get past the windows 7 load up screen
>send in for a replacement
>it arrives this friday
>aw yeah
>it has the exact same fucking issue, brand new in box.
>tried it in two systems, still didn't work

did newegg just happen to get a bad batch? I dunno what card to get cause I don't want it to happen a 3rd time, sending in for a refund.

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upgrade your bios you nonce

>> No.50624497

that'd make sense if it wasn't already updated from MSI's weird ass bios program.

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>tried in two systems
let me guess, it was with the same psu? or maybe you are fucking retarded and break everything you touch

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no, one is a EVGA g2 PSU, 750w, the other is using a corsair CM750.

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Woops, meant CX750, and to be frank, sliding a card into a PCI-e slot is kind of difficult to break something so simple.

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Can you identify this street name sign for me, /g/?

It's a test.

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> I'll be there in 30 minutes.

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marlborough and portsmouth whats the test

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Apparently after you pay off a smartphone you still get charged the monthly fee, making any bill enormous. What does this anon do, /g/? I feel like I'm getting fucked. I mean, I paid off my damn iphone 4 and im still paying $texas

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Who /universityinternet/ here?

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already a fucking thread about internet e-peenus, you fucking waste of space.

use the catalog, fucklard