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Dear /g/entoomen -
This fine holiday shopping season I'm looking for a new phone for my mom. She's currently using my old Galaxy Nexus and it's getting quite long in the tooth. I'm thinking 2nd Gen Moto G. Are there any other devices I should consider?

> Android
> As cheap as possible w/o being shitty
> Supports LTE on T-Mobile.

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> Supports LTE on T-Mobile.
Why is that a requirement?

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Just ordered the last bits for my ergo dox keyboard with browns (i prefer the slightly quieter response of browns vs blues) any ergo dox users here got advice for assembly? and yes I'm aware that theres a mass drop going on, I just already had a good bit of the parts already so it didn't really make sense for me

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Would it kill them to add function keys in?

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why not just modify the circuit board and casing and throw em in your self if its that important to you? its all DIY anyways

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This is now officially a keyboard general.

Guys, what can I get for my needs:
-Portable (for use on the go with a laptop)
-Detachable USB (or wireless)
-Preferably mechanical.

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Let me hear you /g/

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You sound like a faggot, we should meet up and let me suck you off.

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mumble.teknik.io port 64738 (default)

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How soon until massively-multicore low frequency computing goes mainstream?


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Whenever devs learn how to program shit for more than 4 cores

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>Whenever devs learn how to program shit for more than 1 core


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So whenever more devs start using programming languages that implicitly do that?

It's pretty neat how functional programming allows for that to be made easy, as an example.

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its bent inward, is it completely fucked or can it be bent back

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It can be very carefully bent back. Don't half ass it. Get a very thin object, lots of light and go slowly.

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Its a hack u faggot

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Are there any free secure email accounts available without needing an invite?

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stay away from US based ones

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Russian botnet is top shit tier... right behind is Chinese botnet.

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come chat about tech on a free as in freedom protocol!!

mumble.teknik.io port 64738 (default)

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yee do it punks

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I just want a 23 to 24 inch monitor that I can hook both my PC and my wii-u up to that looks spiffy. I already have my build picked out but can't for the life of me decide from all these different kinds of lcds and whatnot, help /g/.

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Can /g/ help a retard out? Can anyone show me a good pic/video (or just tell me) how to install these push-pin CPU coolers that come stock with Intel processors? Trying not to mess anything up here, do I just lower the white part through the holes and then push the pin in as far as it goes?

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What to do:
1. Hover all 4 pins over the holes
2. Lift the board a bit
3. Press with both thumbs while supporting the lifted part of the board with your hand
4. Do the opposite corner before the other two

Imagine you're homer choking Bart
Yes the board will bend a bit but if you snap it you should call a mental institution instead of an IT guy

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The only way you can mess up is by not throwing it directly in the garbage.

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It has been my experince that it takes less effort with the haswell fans than it did the sandybridge ones. The sandybridge ones were a bitch and half. However, when I built a haswell system, I expected the same, but it went on far easier. Maybe I just lucky, I dunno.

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Wow the number of retards trying to build their 4chan machines sure is going up. Sasuga Black Friday.

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The fun part is seeing your mainboard warped and bent. Lel

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How do you keep your tech secure in a dorm room environment?

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in my res we were lan-ing dota and we left to get snacks. We went into the elevator to go get some food(we were on the third floor). As we got off, two guys went into the elevator. One of my friends went back up the stairs because he left his laptop in his backpack in the common area. Sure enough, laptop was gone. It was fucked

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You can tell that he wouldn't actually do it because his plan is awful.

He should leave the room before his roommate does, but not actually depart from the building. Then grab the laptop along with one of his own tech gadgets and walk out of the residence hall without getting spotted. He'll stow his own gadget somewhere and go about selling the laptop. When roommate returns, he finds shit missing. Anon then comes back having been "gone the whole time" to "find his own shit missing too." The delayed departure from the residence hall is because many are logged by keycard and he doesn't want to have his re-entry on the record. The really critical step here is to also avoid getting seen or caught on camera exiting a building he had already supposedly left.

Because Anon didn't mention any of this, I doubt he's a true cunt.

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>Gay roommates

How do you keep your butthole secure in this environment, /g/?

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Overcomplicating things.
This is how I can tell you don't live in a dorm.

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You rape them first

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Why does it suck?

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- Ruby (like most other scripting languages) does not require variables to be declared, as (let (x 123) ...) in Lisp or int x = 123 in C/C++. If you want a variable private to a block, you need to pick an unique variable name, holding the entire symbol table in your head. Ruby introduces new variables by just parsing their assignements, meaning "a = 1 if false; a" wont raise an error. All that means Ruby can't detect even a trivial typo - it will produce a program, which will continue working for hours until it reaches the typo. Local and global scopes are unintuitive. Certain operations (like regular expression operator) create implicit local variables for even more confusion.
- "def method_missing(*args)" is a blackhole, it makes language semantic overly cryptic. Debugging code that uses method_missing is painful: at best you get a NoMethodError on an object that you didn't expect, and at worst you get SystemStackError.
- Non-othogonal: {|bar| bar.foo}, proc {|bar| bar.foo}, lambda {|bar| bar.foo}, def baz(bar) bar.foo end - all copy the same functionality, where Lisp gets along with only `lambda`. Some Ruby's features duplicate each other: print "Hello", puts "Hello", $stdout<<"Hello", printf "Hello", p "Hello", write "Hello" and putc "Hello" -- all output text to stdout; there is also sprintf, which duplicates functionality of printf and string splicing. begin/do/then/end, {} and `:` also play role in bloating syntax, however, in some cases, precedence issues cause do/end and {} to act differently ({} binds more tightly than a do/end). More bloat comes from || and `or`, which serve the same purpose.

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ruby is fine IMO

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tldr can you refine your post to three or four words?

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- Ruby as a language supports continuations via callcc keyword. Ruby's callcc is incredibly slow, implemented via stack copying. JRuby and IronRuby don't have continuations at all, and it's quite unlikely they will ever get them. There were also support breaches in mainline Ruby, where Ruby 1.9 has not supported continuations for a while. If you want your code to be portable, I'd suggest not using Ruby.
- Ruby was created "because there was no good scripting language that could handle Japanese text". Today it's mostly Rails hype and no outstanding feature, that makes the language, like the brevity of APL or simplicity and macros of Lisp. "There is some truth in the claim that Ruby doesn’t really give us anything that wasn’t there long ago in Lisp and Smalltalk, but they weren’t bad languages." -- Matthew Huntbach

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is this a solid laptop for gaming? Getting it for free, so I won't complain, but how will it stand up compared to other laptops?

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Why am I such a fuck D:

Thanks for the help guys

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Why do people get such cheap laptops? How can people seriously think such a cheap piece of shit is powerful?

The processor is laughable (shitty dual cores whose turbo frequency is pathetic)
A hard drive, so even if you OS uses the 8GB well to cache things, everything will feel horribly slow.
A shit screen with a useless touch screen feature that you'll find cool for 10 minutes before realizing that it's much less comfortable than the touchpad

5 hour battery life... considering the weak CPU, that's unacceptable. Such a voltage starved dual core piece of shit in a 15.6" laptop should last a LOT longer. Basically the entire day.
They didn't even mention the GPU, so you'll have a low end intel HD integrated one. That will take some of your ram because it doesn't have any and it will be slower than 7 years old dedicated GPUs.

If all you do is run guhnoo / loonix, write python scripts to download porn and always have a power outlet nearby, this is... semi-acceptable, but for people who haven't failed at life, this is unacceptable. You're much better off getting a chromebook. It will be much cheaper and offer you more or less the same

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Now thats an idea worse than anything in this board.

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Buy a better phone first.

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Not OP, but what's a good laptop that can handle games? I'm looking at a Lenovo Y50 currently.

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Yo /g/, got a stupid question about graphics cards as I'm new to PC gaming and not too familiar with the technical stuff.

Been looking at laptops and the highly rated graphics card is apparently NVIDIA, but obviously they're quite expensive. Laptops that are more in my preferable price range only run on Intel HD, which from what I've read is diabolical in comparison.

Is a NVIDIA graphics card worth the extra cost or is it just as good if you overclock an Intel HD and get an external graphics card as well? Or are there other options I could try which are better value for money?

Pic obviously unrelated but I thought it was cute. Thanks in advance.

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So I got a new computer, hard drive and all so I decided to wipe my old one. I ran a magnet over it, but what do I do with the magnet now? I'd rather not just throw it in the garbage in case someone finds it at the dump. Should I bury it?

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> I ran a magnet over it
That isn't sufficient.
Use DBAN and stop being a lazy shit.

>but what do I do with the magnet now
Shove it up your ass; they'll never think to look there

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You're going to need to demagnetize it.

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flush it down the toilet.
no. seriously.
it's a little known fact that hard drives become soft drives after being submerged under water (this is why they say never use your pc in a humid environment!!) and will get swept right away along with the rest of your shit, best part is, nobody wants to look in the sewer!

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Buy some fridge magnets and use them to gather the data off the magnet you used to wipe your HDD.
Generally speaking a fridge magnet will only be able to hold ~50mb of data, you may need a few!

Once you've done this, scatter the fridge magnets across the four corners of the Earth. If you wish to reassemble the data at a later date remember it can only be done during a solar eclipse on the winter solstice.

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Hello /g/, I'm looking to upgrade my modem to a DOCSIS 3.0 one, but am not sure which one I should get.
I was thinking about getting the Motorola SB6141 SURFboard (pic related), but am not sure if it is best for the price range. I can spend around $100 on it ($115 would be okay too).
Anyone here purchase a DOCSIS 3.0 modem and have advice?
My ISP is Comcast; not sure if that matters anymore (I remember hearing about compatibility issues with some modems).

I was looking here just now http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=DOCSIS+3.0+modem&N=-1&isNodeId=1

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I bout that same modem, used, and haven't had any problems with it in the last 2 years.

I got it for around 70 bucks but that was around 2 years ago. See if you can find it cheaper on ebay/amazon.

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any docsis 3 modem will be fine. the 6141s are quite good.

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Alright, thanks guys. I figured performance differences between them would be negligible.
Going to get the 6141

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Why do you need the 6141 over the 6121?

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Alright /g/, I fixed this for now, but I want your feedback.

My phone is a LG G3 Beat, 8gb (was cheap on Kogan)
>get error about storage running out
>alright, lets delete some videos
>shit keeps happening
>get to only 3mb remaining
>let me see what's taking up space
>misc - 7gb
>system data: 6.9gb
>No fucking clue what is happening
>Cache tells me it is 454gb
>that isn't possible but okay
>try deleting cache
>nothing changes
>get to 0mb remaining
>apps just crash
>hang on, I should restart and see what happens
>restart phone
>no error message
>check settings
>2.5gb free

So, /g/, what causes this bullshit to happen?

pic mostly unrelated

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I am willing to spend about $500 on a desktop computer for my brother before I leave for the military in about a week and a half. I would like for it to have the ability to run games (like pic related) decently.
Are there any Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals out there for me?
Payment plans?
>inb4 more details
Not too picky
>inb4 what branch
>its chairforce

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I mean I'm not even sure if there's payment plans available.
But I do know that I seriously need to get in on dese discounts

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Use pcpartpicker.com and make a build yourself. Then assemble it.

If you're really technologically illiterate, try looking on that site for other builds.

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Give this build a look-over. I assume you're just looking for a box right now
The build does not include a screen, mouse (make sure it's a laser mouse) w/ mousepad (I recommend a razor eXactMat), keyboard, speakers and/or headphones, etc
It also doesn't include an operating system (I'd recommend Windows 7 64bit; google "Rearm Wizard mydigitallife" and download the official Win7 Sp1 64bit ISO from digitalriver (the official microsoft ISO provider))

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Whoops forgot the HD.
I added a WD cav blue and swapped the 8 core for a 6 core. Comes out to around the same price. You can also swap the cav blue 1 TB for a cav black 500gb if you want a longer warranty.

An 8 core is a bit excessive but it won't be outdated anytime soon. I

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I am looking for a smartwatch and my big criteria is being able to use some sort of SRS repetition program(like Anki). Is there any software(I can't find any) that works on any of the smartwatch, or is there any decent watch that will run full android? From what I've seen the first galaxy gear can run a default launcher and can run normal program as they run on regular android, but other than that I can't see anything.

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no one?

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Speedtest Thread?

I can't wait for fucking Google Fiber. Sick and tired of god damn slow upload speeds

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>361 Mbps

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new house. 2x the speed of the previous one.

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Hosted by Fibrenoire Internet (Montreal, QC) [1.98 km]:
2.919 ms
Testing download speed..................................
Download: 123.93 Mbits/s
Testing upload speed....................................
Upload: 100.96 Mbits/s

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So Empornium is down, fux0r is terrible, and bootytape doesn't have what I want.

Where can I torrent porn from?

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If it helps I'd like to torrent girls pooping

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I'm glad I just grabbed a 24GB pack of good shit the day before Empornium went down. Makes the downtime much less painful.