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Thanks for WubTheCaptain for donating 2x4TB WD Black disks!
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Anyone ever tried this, really thinking of trying it with fink or pkgsrc.

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4.12 is out.


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>This long period can only be explained by how awesome Xfce 4.10 was

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Developing 5th generation RAT-Botnet. Anyone interested in changing their life? Increasing your earnings?

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Don't be so arrogant kid, your VB.NET shitty botnet is not different from others 10^256 malwares that already exist.

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Literally what

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You work for me now.

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the fuck?

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Uh, care to elaborate beyond this?
I doubt a legit underground uber elite hacker would come to 4chan to pretend to recruit people for shit and giggles. You sound like some retarded skiddie.

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What's your opinion on unity 3D as a piece of technology?

Why do people hate unity?

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You know how Walmart has their "Great Value" brand which basicially mimics popular brands? Thats pretty much what Galaxy phones are to the iPhone.

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Apple shill detected

Fuck off faggot, and shove that Starbucks cup up your ass as well, no one wants to know what you've been drinking or eating.

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Except samshit is the same price.

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>only apple can make flagship smartphones
>only nabisco can't make sandwich cookies

fuck off

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>implying Oreos themselves aren't a rip off of another brand that did the chocolate cookie sandwich thing first

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Those bezels kek

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Hey I recently got an old computer with the following components and i was wondering what i should replace first?
>pentium dual core cpu E5400 (2.7GHz)
>no graphics card listed so i'm assuming its integrated?
>has 6GB of ram
The optical drive is fine
>my harddrive is decent (500GB)

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Forgot to add that pic is related.

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Afternoon gents, I picked up a Russound TBL-75 for 5 bucks, clean and in good condition. Figured it'd be nice and compact under my TV, only, it doesn't have an RCA input as you can see, any ideas? Much obliged.

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You need those wire connectors.

The bare wire goes into those slots.

You push the tab to open the contact and slide in the bare wire.

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>already outlived Nokia
>about to outlive Sony

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Hardware is temporary.

Software is forever.

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/g/ what's a good, distinct text tone?

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My new one is going to be FilthyFrank going "Welcome to The Ricefields, muthafucka"

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Hey /g/, what do you think about this build?

>i7 5820k
>MSI X99S motherboard sli plus
>240 SSD
>ATX Tower / 750W power supply
>nepton 140xl cooling

It will be used for audio production and some video production. Any suggestions?


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How does this make you feel?


Also, smartwatch thread

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id u dos this africans will live

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Die, Africa

And get back to your shithole, OP

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Video people of /g/, are there any good video/camcorder alternatives to DSLRs these days that cost <$3000? I've been using a 5D for years and it's such a pain in the butt, however the image quality is very good. I would think video tech would have caught up by now I haven't been able to find a video camera that has comparable quality without looking at much more expensive options like the Canon C100.

Pic related, how I feel most days.

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Black Magic

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/g/ i dont know much and i come to you for advice. what laptop is better?

Number 1:
Processor Intel Core i7 3rd Gen. 3630QM (2.4 GHz)

Installed Memory 12GB
RAM Max Supported Size 32 GB

Hard Drive
Hard Drive 750 GB 7200 RPM + 128 GB SSD

Disk Drive
Optical Drive Type DVDRW/CD-RW

Display Size 17.3" LED
Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670MX
Video Card Memory 3 GB DDR5

Audio Outputs Headphones, SPDIF Out, Sound card, Speaker(s)
Ports 4 x USB 3.0, HDMI, RJ-45 (NIC), VGA out

Networking Type Integrated Wireless LAN
Data Link Protocol Bluetooth, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet
Number 2:
Intel Quad core i7
HD camera
360 degree wifi
3.0 Usb
Memory 8GB
6x blue ray player.

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number f

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>360 degree WiFi
Guys working at marketing laughed their asses off, I bet.

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should note that number 1 is $150 more

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I have a 100Mbit fiber connection to my desktop computer but no wifi. Is it possible to usb tether from my desktop to my Chromebook? Google search didnt show anything of relevance

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Reverse usb tethering from desktop -> android phone, enable wifi hotspot on your phone and connect the chromebook to said hotspot

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This and a cheap wifi adapter.

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>Capture.png (1.25 MB, 820x603)

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To the 5 people at /g/ actually working in Software Engineering/Development/Code Monkey/Whatever the buzzword for it is this week, do you like your job? Do you wish you majored in something else and went into a different field?

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ok guys, what the fuck is this and why is it using all my cpu

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Install Wayland

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It's Xorg.
You can't have a desktop environment or anything graphical without it.

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Maybe video drivers. What is your GPU ?

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why is iceweasel such a slut?

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I just installed Chromium because the newly installed Iceweasel 38 decided to be a bitch and not drop down it's menu nor ublock's menu, refused to let me changed Magic Actions config. Never had a problem like this before.

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How does /g/ organize their music folders?

Pic unrelated.

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does anybody have that infograph explaining why the sandisk mp3 player is the shit?

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>if it has a retarded anime slut on it I'll listen to it, even if it's god awful

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It's actually 99% touhou but who's counting

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Sometimes I put all albums under one artist directory if I have the whole discography though

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ugly as fuark
but private trackers always do this shit
and when I dl shit off of mega it makes it easy to know everything.

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>telecom core routers (compete with Cisco)
>fibre optic data transport gears (compete with Alcatel Lucent)
>custom ARM SoC manufacturing (compete with Qualcomm)
>HPC clusters (compete with IBM)
>LTE base stations (compete with Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson)
>submarine cable installation service (compete with Orange)
>telco operation outsourcing (compete with Nokia Networks)
>consumer devices such as smartphones (compete with ZTE, Sharp, Samsung, Nokia, and others)

Are you ready for your Chinese tech overlord?

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>Gives any and all useful information to the Chinese government.

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Dr. Sahin with Google Glass running specialized Autism software .