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This shit wasn't happening until the hats were thrown up. Anyone else getting errors with appchan x?

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So /g/, I'm trying to make a game and I am wondering what language I would need to use, and what code I can use to make the game detect when you are talking.

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I would say you should make the game in English, usually you don't want the dialog to be in a language you don't speak. That would make writing and editing difficult.

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Let's send a letter to Tek Syndicate one word at a time.

I'll start...


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Great start!

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Trapfucking sponsored by AMD

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that tranny

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10/10 thread guys, I expected no manner of higher filth than from you

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I've been concerned lately of my specs and hitting temps like this if its either normal or not. Anyone mind giving advice or should I change something?

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It's an LG G Flex.

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I swear. Applefags actually believe that buying an iPhone is an "INVESTMENT".

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>>"just put a case on it"

Fuck Steve Jobs for basically making that an accepted solution.

>iPhone 4's antenna is fucked

>iPhone 5/5s have loose power buttons

>iPhone 6 has goofy protruding camera

And then the retards who think their phone is an investment and will literally have the "next buyer in mind." Like are you this fucking retarded??? It's your god damn phone. Don't use a case just for the resale value, which you lose an extreme amount of money on anyway. What's the point of having a thin phone if you stick it in a fucking otterbox anyway?

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U-G-H, stop posting business insider, it's like forbes with their fullscreen ads that can't be blocked with ABE even

and they just steal from everyone else

business insider worst website after any kotaku/gawker

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Found your fucking problem faggot.

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Cheap as fuck thrown together PC for a buddy who's just doing it for data recording. He's starting a personal trainer business so he doesn't need anything powerful. Look good to you guys?

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its fine

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>Try and get into exercism.io because I like the idea, want to become a better programmer
>primarily use java, learning c
>"Exercises are currently available in Clojure, CoffeeScript, C++, C#, Elixir, Erlang, F#, Go, Haskell, JavaScript, Lua, Objective-C, OCaml, Perl 5, Python, Ruby, Scala, and Swift. Coming Up: Java, Rust, Erlang, PHP, C, and Common Lisp."

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You can't really blame them for not covering every language ever.

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Of course not. It's just a bummer that the 2 I'm currently interested in aren't a part of it. Although, I am a bit curious about python.

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When there's new version of Windows, you can always expect something new (good or bad) and the changes are pretty obvious.

When there's a new version of a Linux distribution, it looks EXACTLY the same. You need to go through the changelog to see what's new.

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Linux distros usually have regular releases, maybe even biyearly. The most obvious changes come from DE updates and changes, and those don't have to look different because they don't cost over £100 and don't appeal to your average stupid consumer. The most common changes aren't in appearance but in software at the back end and the included applications.

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Yeah, the changes OP is referring to usually come from DE/WM developers. Some DE updates are immediately obvious.

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That was the only major update. After that they all look the same. They haven't even bothered to change the default theme for fucks sake.

I've used it for more than 10 years.

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well tbh it doesn't really matter because half the point of linux on desktop is just to customize.

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>Wow, anon. Is that the new version of <insert distro here>?
>Hang on, let me type lsb-release -a to check if it's the new one or the old one.

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4chan is broken

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It's a happy hat virus made by an australian in 2001 when 4chan started, you got infected.

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How do I remove it?

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[Insert old 4chan gold meme here]

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Microwave your phone for 30 seconds

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Delete System 23.

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tech humor thread

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Subtle. Almost seems like a serious post but then I noticed the file extension

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Ironic humor is all the rage with 4channers these days good post

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be honest with me. is it actually physically possible to install a rom on a verizon s4? I spent the past 3.5 hours trying to get paranoid android running on my s4 before giving up. I followed no less than 12 different guides. My phone won't even boot into recovery mode, it just says recovery above the samsung logo and then boots normally. I tried a rom manager and it won't reboot. it gives me a confirm message and then does less than nothing

I kind of feel like the entire internet is fucking with me right now, so can someone just fess up to the bullshit so I can sleep tonight?

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How could you waste three hours without making it past the first step, entering recovery mode?

I can't confirm this phone specifically, but Verizon phones are usually handicapped. You'll have to check threads on XDA to see if anyone mentions it.

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What do you think their personal relationships could be like /g/? Controlling, secretive, manipulative?

Is Apple's company culture rotten?

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As an ex-employee I can vouch that about 95% of the workforce believes what Apple does is revolutionary and will blindly follow the company because muhh apple.

Also everyone acted like they were a family but without hesitation would throw anyone they could under the bus in performance reviews to make themselves seem better.

Pay and benefits were nice but it took a serious toll on me after a while.

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Is it true that it's really looked down upon to use an Android phone at Apple? I know that Google is pretty much 50/50 is its use of iPhones and Android phones, so it's not an issue there, but I've heard opposite things about Apple.

Do you believe Apple is a marketing-driven company?

Is it believable that Apple has a big inner-politics problem?

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Very much so. All anyone could talk about is how much better iphone is vs any android. Everyone liked to exaggerate the issues android has had in the past while blatantly ignoring some insane issues on apple devices. There is no level headed chats about iDevices vs anything else. It's Apple or nothing to them. The employee incentives on devices aren't even good. Even with full discount it is still a complete ripoff and Apple acts like it's going out of its way to cut you a deal and "bring you into the family"

People like to believe that while expensive and locked down that Apple at least makes a nice product. That's not so. I've seen so many fucked up MBP new out of the box, iPhones that are brand new having major issues after just a few short months.

Management is also a fucking joke. You see the polished iPhone ads and keynotes (well not the last keynote) and it would be easy to assume that Apple has their shit together.
NO. Management is stupid and toxic. Basically they put on a massive front of caring but if you don't get 100% on your magic Apple test your ass is on the line.

Also the engineering teams are also a bunch of morons. Apple is all marketing, that's it. They really don't have much substance anymore and while I was working there 90% of the issues we had were due to cutting corners to improve profits, or due to our engineers incompetence.

The fucking 7.1.2 updates pushed to all iDevices was basically a 50/50 shot of softbricking your device.

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>mfw Windows 10

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Jesus Christ, are you too dumb to even write full sentences?
No wonder this place is going down hill.

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>implying this place was ever anywhere near the top of a hill

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So someone offered me a side job to make them a website with a really basic application. (Before you leave, no I'm not here to beg/ask you to make it for me.)

What they essentially want is a learning game, with no log-in required to play, that stores scores and actions taken in the game for metrics. Sounds simple enough.

Two issues though
1. They want it done in 1.5 months.
2. I've never done any kind of web programming. Not even HTML.

Most of my experience is with C++ and some Perl (in retrospect I really wish I hadn't tried to be a speshul snowflake and fucking did Python). Oh and I've dabbled with Microsoft Access DB since it came with my pirated copy of office.

Do you guys think it's feasible to do this given my time/skill constraints?

I've heard from other people that it's not that difficult, but I dunno. There's like a million acronyms like REST, JSON, AJAX, etc. and shit like webservers and hosting that I don't really understand.

But damn I need the money.

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top kek he realy looks like bjarne

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DO NOT USE ACCESS FOR THE DB. You should start with some w3 and codeacademy

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It won't be hard to learn HTML5 or even some JavaScript coming from C++/Perl, but 1.5 months will not be enough time to learn, design and develop the site.

You could build a solid layout in C++, make sure the client is satisfied. Gives you enough time to learn and decide how you want to build and could possibly extend your date.

Basically stall for time if you can, at least 3 months, if this is the only project you're doing.

If they can't afford you the time, move on.

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Like all things your cant do, delegate delegate delegate.

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Just head over to w3schools.

Once you've got the basics of HTML/Javascript/CSS/Jquery down (probably in that order), you can go look at websockets, angular and bootstrap. Should cover everything you need on the front end. I'm pretty sure /g/ will lynch me for it, but PHP and a MySQL database sounds enough for storingwhatever you need, and aren't hard to handle.

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hey can someone explain why my gpu gets exceptionally hotter when a game is at high/smooth fps than when it's presumably under load and at low(er) fps?

recently (i don't know for how long it's been going on) i noticed my gpu (year old gtx 780) was running really hot 65-70c while at 90-100fps with no stuttering, but the temps are way lower when the framerate dips, easily 10 degrees or more if im hitting the 30s.

i've noticed in lots of games, wow, d3, dota2. is this normal?

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Your gpu is going as fast as the engine of the game you're playing on will allow it. I had the same issue with dota 2. Go into console and type fps_max 60 and it won't run so hot. If you're running a game at 200 fps it's simply going to consume more power and produce higher temps.

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The game may be poorly optimized and it's probably putting more load on the CPU (and probably it's only two cores instead of using all of them)

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hm ok i guess im just dumb :()

it just seems backwards to me that my gpu is hotter at 120+ fps in an empty field staring at the sky but it's 15 degrees cooler when it's chugging through a 25m raid at 30 fps

ya i already do that but i wanted to jump up to a 120hz monitor to actually have a benefit beyond 60fps

surprising my cpu runs pretty cool even in wow which is a notorious superior hog

thx doods, ill just keep my fps capped

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fuck, *cpu

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Just don't use vsync to keep the fps capped.

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That's the beauty of Windows 10, Louis. It's so good, it skips over the previous one.

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Oh cool is this reddit?

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Why is Midori such a shitty browser for something that claims to be resource-effecient and fast? I can't even load Twitter or post to 4chan with it (tells me the CAPTCHA's wrong every time), and it renders everything that uses HTML5 incorrectly. It's frustrating that I have to choose between two bloated-ass browsers (Bloatfox and Botchrome) to even use the Internet properly.

Are there any GOOD lightweight browsers out there, /g/?

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What's your desktop setup?

>> No.44459213

I've tried using Chromium on W8.1 64bit, it runs but I cant get incognito mode to open or set Chromium as default browser. What am I doing wrong?

>inb4 using windows

>> No.44459238

I don't have desktop.

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Just use Firefox beta/stable or Chromium you autist

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>I don't have a desktop.


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I've been building my first PC for 12 hours and I still haven't finished it. Should I kill myself?

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Things aren't fitting that the case specifically says should, so I don't know if I'm installing it wrong or the manufacturer was retarded and got it wrong.

This fan, for example. It should go past that separator and not sit on top of it, right?

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What if autism is the evolutionary predecessor to something like those spooky psychic god children that horror movies used to have?

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I remember building my first PC. I installed the IDE cable backwards and couldn't figure it out. I was on the verge of tears before I figured it out. I was 12 tho.

>> No.44459253

I once managed to plug in the power cable for the HDD backwards.

There were sparks.

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>yfw you realized that the red line was always supposed to go on the power plug side

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Death and destruction awaits you

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Nothing's going to happen to us. We are a first-world country.

>> No.44458982

>implying that anyone else cares about pathetic americans

>> No.44458983

She's finally come home. We all love you, Ebola Chan.

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>typical third-world jealous rage

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This image was created using 100% FREE software. This hat is dedicated to our Lord and savior - Dr Richard Stallman.

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Were the brushes and paint made using non-proprietary processes?

>> No.44459028

I actually took that picture with my iPhone.

>> No.44459081

But iPhones cant take pictures.

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He has a shit ton of honoraries

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Thanks Dr.Stallmanu