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Good news everyone, we got more ram!

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Question /g/

Does a computer need a fan on a heat sink assuming that the heat sink is properly attached?

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it's not that hard to try you fucking debile monkey

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If you have a matching CPU and heat sink combination that can work. It's called "passive cooling", the heatsinks are bigger than normal, and often times it only works with low end / low voltage components.

Picture: A passively cooled AMD Radeon HD7750

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I need your help /g/, those with Hackintoshes especially. Basically I desperately need to revert back to Mavericks or even an older OS X (Snow Leopard would be perfect, my favourite) but there's no way for me to get the install file and I live in a poor country, so I don't know anybody who would have it in their AppStore account.
How should I go on about getting the install? Is it safe? I've got an actual iMac, will the install work like an actual AppStore update or am I likely to encounter any typical Hackintosh troubles?

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>Absolute path to 'reboot' is '/sbin/reboot', so running it may require superuser privileges (eg. root).
>sudo reboot
>root's password:
>sudo: reboot: command not found

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>be stupid
>can't handle one of the best distros
>cry about it on an anonymous imageboard

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Hi guys and gals, recently started my study informatics or whatever it's called in English. I choose to learn to program software cause of the endless possibilities to create software. But.. I just started for 2 months now and I suck at it.. I have a horrible background in Math.. could that be a dealbreaker for me? Or should I just keep going strong? We started by using "processing" which seems a really basic software tool for creating java based programs. I don't know how to make me understand all this coding.. or does it just take a sick amount of repeating? ok I reckon this is probably the longest question ever? sorry... and hope you'll help.

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Sup /g/,

I came into a bit of money recently, and I've decided it's time I get a nice fucking phone.

>What phones look best design-wise?
>What phones work best from a software perspective?

Money is no object. Only rule is no iOS. Doesn't matter how obscure it is, either, I've been wanting to switch carriers for a while anyway.

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Lollipop for Nexus 4 when?!?

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Nov 3rd
>posted from my n4

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How beta are you, /g/? More of less than this guy, be honest!


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>having your asian gf stolen away by some albino fucker

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>implying i have a gf

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Hey /g/. I'm wondering if there is any software that changes/affects my audio output on my headphones. I want to customize more how much bass and such my headphones produces. Kindof like Dolby Home Theatre v4 but I've heard that 1. it's shit and 2. I need a powerful soundcard for it.

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Op here forgot to add something
In this video the sound is just special in some way. It's a little bit bassy for me but there's just something about that I like.

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Hey /g/, I'm going to build a new gaming computer.

I have a budget of $1000, any suggestions on what to get?

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>any suggestions

read the fucking sticky.

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read the sticky, google it, pcpartpicker.com what ever

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what is a good phone that isnt a smart phone? i just talk and text. also i dont want it bundled with all that carrier shit, so i want unlocked, i assume? any ideas?

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will be especially grateful for rugged phone suggestions

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You don't have to bump every 2 minutes retard, this is a slow board
Visible sage

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> i just talk and text.
Even then, a smartphone is obviously good.

The ability to do backups & to have a different soft keyboard, maybe even a BT keyboard...

> also i dont want it bundled with all that carrier shit
Don't get carrier phones. Though if you do, you only have a chance to remove it from a smartphone - doing it on dumbphones is very often not possible with a reasonable amount of effort.

A Sonim or Motorola, perhaps.

None of the rugged phones these days strike me as particularly good, though.

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op here, that wasnt me who bumped.

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My 2 years old galaxy S2 keeps freezing randomly and I have no idea what causes this. I tried reinstalling stock rom, i tried stable cyanogenmod, i tried several custom roms and kernels but it's still happening. Anyone had the same problem and fixed it? May as well just be faulty hardware though. I overclocked/overvolted it into oblivion

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negers help me pleaaaase

i thought /g/ knows their shit

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I am looking to buy a cable modem. Does anyone have any experience?

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goddammit drupal why you gotta be a total and complete piece of shit?

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Reminder, everything this guy has said with regards to android has been right:


He said that lenovo would be in charge of producing the last nexus, i.e. the moto-nexus 6.

This is the last nexus, get ready for chinkphones starting next year /g/. They will be the only cheap phones on the market left.

*Oneplus counts as a chinkphone too

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Oculus discussion thread.
What is the future of the technology?
How long before consumer versions are widely accepted?
Experiences with trying to develop with it ect...

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and yet when it is that close to your face it equals out.

there was already an oculus shill thread where the same fucking retard who is in all of them somehow felt the need to defend every single point after repeatedly being proven wrong.

these are always shit and ocushills are some of the worst shills on 4chan

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When it hits 8k resolution it's gonna be something worth looking at, meanwhile it's a botnet for nerds.

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you can't use that shit for more than 5 minutes without vomiting

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Or, more likely, there were people going around posting their usual "LITERALLY A TV STRAPPED TO YOUR FACE" arguments and someone just corrected them.

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When is the consumer edition coming anyway?

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So, I have to choose a Linux's distrib for my studies. It's for creating software. I hesitate between Arch and Gentoo.

Which is the best and why ?

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stop trolling nigger

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Arch, it's very similar to gentoo but without having to compile everything

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This is getting ridiculous, 3 threads have been deleted about Tim Cook coming out. Is this board only "/g/ - Desktop Threads and Apple Circlejerk" now?


>Cook turn out to be a queer, surprising nobody

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Mental illness

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Who cares if he is gay?

If someone made a thread about Linus Torvalds scuba diving adventures it would also get deleted.

You know why?


Apple PR bullshit to appellate to their homosexual audience is not technology.


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Welcome to Mootdom. /v/ protects feminists, /g/ protects gay rights.

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I believe gay is an illness too

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Wonder if he bends as good as the iPhone.

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Hi guys, this really is not meant as a put down or in an ironic sort of way - I am just trying to understand. I recently bought a Oneplus One as I did not want to be herded into the Apple/Google pen like 99% of the populace. While I love the phone, I find with CM that I am just as locked into the Google botnet as ever unless I care to get my apps from some rather unreliable looking sources. Yes some of the features in CM such as individual permissions are nice but overall one is still trapped in the botnet. So what is the point of CM without an independent app store?

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there is actually no point to CM.. shittier user experience with the same levels of botnet. Might as well just stick to stock 4.4.4

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Depends on your app usage.

I get all of my apps from F-Droid. And I still have apps that I've downloaded but not yet felt the need to install.

Only G-app that doesn't have a proper substitute(as far as I know) is G.Maps. While OSM coverage is decent, the apps that use it are terrible.

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You can and should use F-Droid and Aptoide.

>> No.44941567

OK thanks. I had a brief look at F-Droid but they seemed a little light on apps. Haven't looked at Aptoide yet.

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Is there a phone manufacturer that doesn't require me to send them my Device ID before I can unlock the bootloader? I'm not entirely comfortable with this Phone Home faggotry.

non eg. Sony, Motorola, etc

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Desktop Thread, Winter edition, take 2

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all these freeleech picks are killin me

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Which WM is that?

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wallpaper, mr. gay

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eat my dick faggot