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Allegro (4?)
Related website(warning lag)
OpenGL Programming Guide
OpenGL SuperBible
Real Time Rendering, 3e
Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation
The GLSL orange book
>Other related books
SFML Game Development
SDL Game Development
The Practice of Programming
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Programming Pearls
The Art of Computer Programming
Calculus, by Gilbert Strang
Visualizing Quaternions
>Semi related tutorials

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I should be able to take my iPhone 5s bought from Verizon and use it on the T-Mobile LTE network because of the FCC regulation forcing Verizon to sell their phones unlocked, correct?

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im a total retard
whats a good linux distro for a person who has never touched linux before

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A distro?
I can go one better!

Magic Desktop!


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Any advice for a newbie? Does laravel perform better on nginx or apache?

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I m noob too and i stick with laravel, because of tutorials/documentation.

If I were pro, i would probably use phalcon.

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It's like poetry

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My inner autist is having a seizure.

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Are you fucking retarded?

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>>clean UI

>shit margins
>blurry, inconsistent icons

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whats the point of using windows?

the even support android more than than windows mobile

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Learn about software development, you fucktard.

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How does /g/ make their homescreen look unique?

I use muzei + nova launcher but am looking for some things to change :D

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Is this true, /g/?

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>apple claims.jpg
>Is this true, /g/?
Take a wild guess.

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How would you even clearly define software in terms of advancement?

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Not by a long shot.

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Exactly. "Advanced" doesn't actually mean anything.

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>service is not aviable in your region

well thank you and fuck you microshit for all that US only 2014 shit, i will use the google ones

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see i dont have a choice in europe

region locking shit in 2014 is just lazy

Apple can support their shit
Google can support their shit
Microsoft doesnt give a fuck about customer

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Are you retarded? Every one of those region-locks one way or another. And Microsoft has had legal issues in trying to localize their shit.

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What exactly is not supported, you fucktard? Spit it out, already. Don't be vague.

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i dont care about their fucking legal issues

dont want my money? fine, ill feed the monster

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0/10, I'm an European and have no issues with Microsoft hardware, software and services.

git gud you fag

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I need and app that makes my monitor camera proof, is there such thing?
so they can't record my screen
I'm on linux, fedora but can be gentoo at any time
>inb4 catalog, already asked in Stupid QT

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keep in mind that people will look at you weird at Starbucks, and if you're actually being spied on, ZE RUSSIANS will be quick to pick up on that and put a polarizing filter on their camera.

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I was hopping not a hardware hack, and far as I remember that very old LCD monitor only, thaks for the reply, very bumpy , much such

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sorry, lol

Maybe a custom refresh rate software...

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opinions on this guy. If you dont know him.... dont bother.

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Great entertainers back in the medieval times.

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well in that pic he looks like a faggot

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I bypassed that shit in elementary school. Safe mode easy peasy

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>iPhone 6S
>Tri-Core Processor
>1.5 performance of iPhone 6
>Under-clocked iPad Air 2
>More powerful than Nexus 9


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Yeah, but it will still be homosex iOS, and it still will have those disgusting bezels on top and bottom. It will also still bend. Why would a thinking person want it?

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TouchID or Bezel: Pick one.
It doesn't actually bend in normal use.

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So now all the smug dummies can use pinterest even quicker.

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>TouchID or Bezel: Pick one.
>It doesn't actually bend in normal use.

How about no NSA fingerprint scanner, and a slim bezel? And it bends in fucking purses just from bouncing around. Name another phone that does it? People are shocked when they pull a boomerang out of their jeans, or their pocket, or their briefcase. They are shocked, because nothing like this has ever happened to them before.

I have several people, who have already exchanged their phones once, and one guy twice, because they bent from normal, regular use! Yes, it IS a problem, no matter how tightly your close your eyes, and go "la-la-la-la..."

>m-muh slim, light, non-reinforced, thin-aluminum phone!

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Guts thread

Pic not mine, but really sweet made

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i need to get some white LEDs

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u kawaii nigga

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Muh gutz

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and you need some fan grills. will look much nicer if you have to leave the fans on top. or get some nice white ones like a bitfenix spectre or maybe the prolimatech alu vortex or sleek vortex. might look a bit cleaner

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I didnt mean for fans, i hate led fans but for the inside. I know the top looks kinda ugly but the fans work well enoguh

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Thinkpad Desktop Thres

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x220 stolen from corporate

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reminder that Macbooks are the new thinkpads

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how so?

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So /g/, where do you get your tech news from?

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Honestly I don't know, usually just /g/ to be honest

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I learn everything tech or news on 4chan

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Tek syndicate

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That chubby guy from aots.
Gadget pron. And Sara Underwood from the feed.

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The fuck is wrong with flash in Firefox? It lags, stutters, crashes and works like shit.

Using the latest version of flash, firefox, video drivers, etc.

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do you know where you are?

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Go to your containment board, pedophile. /g/ is NOT a place for your 2DPD sicko shit.

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keep crying it's cute

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Yeah it is.

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Here's a banner I saved just for you.

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Hey, i have an T400 and while playing minecraft (or doing anything intensive) it gets damn hot, i mean daaaamn.

is this normal? is it OK? i mean there is no warning sound, no emergency shutdown, no decline in operability. its just really hot and i'm scared.

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O.L.D.F.A.G. test: what is he doing?

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Another test, does anyone know what this is?

Pic was taken in 2004.

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This. I felt like a proper DJ.

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mp3 player?

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I remember those.
Never got my hands on one, being a male.

Could never figure out what the fuck was going on with it

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nokia's ugliest phone, made for fashion girls.

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>write what should be a fairly simple script that should execute quickly and demand very few resources
>compile n' run
>CPU at 98%, computer fans sound like a jet engine, program never terminates

We all know this feel sometimes, r-right guys?

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No, because I'm not a retard?

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for( int i = 0; i < num; ++i )

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What does Stallman think of videogames when it comes to free software?

If a developer made a game, sold it, but also released the source code for their engine (just the engine, not the game), would Stallman support it?

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Without art and level designs don't you just have an engine or am I missing something?

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Stallman says the engine should be open source but the assets can be protected by copyright.

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It probably depends on the type of game. Polyphony Digital would probably be pissed if the car simulations they spent years developing could be freely downloaded by the competition.

>> No.44835589

Nah, because it doesn't hinder you from modifying and inspecting the game.

>> No.44835590

Pretty much, but art and level designs aren't technically "software", so it will still be "free software".

The goal of GNU is to give people the freedom to modify/distribute/examine the software they use. If the engine is free, it fulfills that criteria.

They can't distribute it with the developer's copyrighted assets, but people have the freedom to make their own assets and distribute the software with them.

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My phone's battery drains much more quickly if it's kept in my pocket, or caught under my blanket in bed, or in an otherwise poorly-ventilated area.

Even on standby.

I doubt this is a defect per se, but I was wondering why that is.

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Weaker signal maybe?

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There is no way its as dramatic as you think but higher temperatures are bad for batteries. Although I'm pretty sure your making up the amount of it.