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What's the best piece of technology to shave my asshole with?

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What DAC/amp should i get if i want to play games and watch movies with a beyer DT880 250ohm?

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These temps can't possibly be right, or can they?
Cooler is an NH-D14 and I used AS5 as thermal paste.

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those temps look normal

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just fucking touch the cpu cooler, if it does burn your hand, temps are right nigger

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That looks normal for 1366. It's a 130W. They're much hotter than their successors.

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ofc not, i get lower temps thn those on a stock cooler with i7

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With all the "haters" of Linux on /g/ (in a non-le maymay way) I'm gonna play devil's advocate here and ask:

What alternatives are we supposed to use other than Linux?

Microsoft has decided to take Windows in a completely unforgivable direction post Windows 7. They've ruined their product trying to imitate other operating system's made by companies who focus on hardware or worse, trying to appeal to a "mobile market."

Apple is a hardware company who still SOLDERS THEIR PROCESSORS AND RAM. I know that Apple OS is built on a BSD/Linux foundation that is Unix certified or something, but isn't Apple OS worse to "make your own" than Windows? Doesn't Apple take ever precaution they can to make it uncustomizable because they don't want you ruining their "vision" of what they think you should use your computer for? It feels like they are "leasing" their computer to you for a high price with lots of strings attached.

I've heard great things about BSD, but like many Linux distros made for advanced users I've also heard/read that doing that even remotely in the category of "entertainment" it is impossible. I'm probably wrong but can you even stream flash on BSD? Again, I know very little about BSD and honestly I'm hoping someone can give me some insight to it.

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>all the "haters" of Linux on /g/

most of them are shitposters and trolls

some might even be using linux

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>le windows 8 is shit face Xd
>le mac not so good may may
90.0 OP

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Everyone who hates GNU+Linux on /g/ is either a shill, a retard or a BSD user.

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>Apple OS is built on a BSD/Linux foundation

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Have you used Windows 8? It is in all accounts horrible. Everything about it is shit. It's almost as if someone intentionally decided, "I'm gonna make the most fucked and dysfunctional UI in computing history". I feel like the computer is trolling me every time I use it.

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we're currently at "Delusion".

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Facebook is an advertising platform, and not even a good one at that. Why are investors so stupid?

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It is. Just because something is huge doesn't mean it isn't dieing.

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>Facebook's market value is just short of $200 billion, putting the company in position to overtake IBM Corp (IBM.N) as the fourth-largest U.S.-listed tech company.
Today is looking mildly cloudy with a 100% chance of happening.

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anyone getting ready to short facebook?

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Looking for a router that:

1- is very easy to install OpenWRT onto
2- has at least 4 gigabit ethernet ports
3- has an external removable antenna

thanks for any tips

also, router hacking general

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btw, openwrt has an *amazing* wiki


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I installed OpenWRT on a router I wasn't using and I have no idea what to do with it.

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Why the fuck would you need 4 gigabits per second?

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I got one of them at home and four at work, everyone running latest OpenWRT build.
They're all working like a charm for about an ear.

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meant 4 ports

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Got a hold of a older broken PC. Inside it had an aftermarket HSF for AMD. It is a "AVC A25B-MAC". I have a fx-6300 with a stock fan. Think this thing is better than stock or not?

I removed the stuck CPU and cleaned the dust.

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Does stock have heat pipes?

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install gentoo

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No, it's all Aluminum I think

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What's the best non-gaming laptop at a price of under $700?

Using it for university mostly, I'm studying math/physics. Would appreciate recommendations

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If it is just for college, go with chromebook

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If you have $700 to spend, you may want to spend a little more just for future-proofing yourself.

that being said, you shouldn't be spending more than $350 for a decent ThinkPad. Use the extra cash to throw in an SSD and some RAM, possibly an IPS panel if you go for an X220.

I use a T420 for my uni and it's a workhorse. I have an SSD and 8GB of RAM. The thing's a tank and it's unstoppable

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if we're doing that
he should get a wheelbarrow to carry around a tower and a generator

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for lack of a better term I guess. Making a laptop last as long as possible

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Hello /g/entoomen, i'm looking for a word processor other than MSWord. Any recommendations?

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Read the sticky
Then try stop being retarded and saving thumbnails

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depends on what you need op

ms word has a lot of features not available in other wsiwyg word processors

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I'm just looking for something that won't take forever to learn. Something that I can use to type my papers for university.

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You should try out LibreOffice.

Read This:

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I'm going to go with libre. just wondering, how hard would it be to learn vim?

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Is XFCE abandonware? It's by far the best DE, imo.

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you sure told him

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Look at the number of Mint and Ubuntu users on this board.

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works on my machine and I'm a person of habit

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4.12 soon.

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>Is XFCE abandonware?
Pretty much, development is close to nonexistent aside from translation.
>It's by far the best DE, imo.
LxQt is better in every aspect.

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Getting a new provider for my wife, and I. Need recommendations on which is cheapest, in relation to two phones that have a relatively small data plan (5 GB split between has been working for us). Any ideas that could point us in the right direction?

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T-Mobile family plan is $100 for 2 lines with unlimited everything (Data is slowed on each phone after it reaches 3gb. It isn't shared so both phones have their own data)

I use it for my fiance, best friend and I. I pay $120 for all 3 lines unlimited everything, with data slowed at 3gb.

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That's loads better than what I currently use; Verizon, and we pay $177 for 2 with limits. Thanks for input. Have some more wallpaper.

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No problem. Forgot to add that there isn't contracts with T-Mobile, so you never have to worry about termination fees.

Also; I recommend buying your phones outright if possible. It will save you money. Moto X, Nexus 5, Moto G are some options.

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That's a good idea. I've been fucking sick of this iPhone since I first contracted it. Goddamn horrible. Moto G seems like a reasonable price for a good phone, as well. Thanks. One last spehss.

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daily text editor thread

whats your preferred editor and colourschemes?
have you considered switching to vim or emacs? if so whats stopping you?
whats your favorite feature of your editor?

vimfags can go to vimcolors.com for colourschemes

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That's nice colorscheme.

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thanks, also vim color file and terminal colors at http://twily.info/

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TextPad on Windows XP. The only thing I use it for is writing video game walkthroughs, though. I know there are plenty of free text editors out there, but I figure I may as well use TextPad since I still have a license.

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>default, although I used to play around with the color-theme package
>No reason as of yet to switch to Vim, I don't need much of what it does; it doesn't offer a lisp environment or a nice extensibility language like elisp
>the fact that it's a lisp environment too; also the kill ring and how I can control my WM (StumpWM) from within it
There are more features which I like, but I'm on holiday and it's been a while since I've edited any code; their convenience means that I hardly notice them any more - they are standard.

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vim, gf prefers emacs so i'm breaking up with her

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Are these actually as durable as they say everywhere?
Have any of you /g/entoomans ever bought one and tested the durability yourself if so what where your results?

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My radeon 6950's automatic fan settings are too low - how do I get it's fan to run faster without forcing it to a set speed?

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>sub-$1500 PCs
Why do you even bother?

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Because programming doesn't require a relatively powerful computer in 2014.

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Let's have a battlestation thread. Battlestation thread.

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try putting a can of tuna in with a box of KD

excellent meal

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yea true. I haven't tried that before. Gotta try it.

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this thread is quickly becoming about kraft dinner.
KD is technology.

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temp battlestation at work. moved upstairs and I basically sit in the middle of a giant empty room until we do some more renovations.

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Should I get my free copy of Windows 7 Pro, or should I pirate Windows 7 Ultimate again and risk it getting shit/breaking all the time in 2 months?

bonus question: could a mobo or HDD be responsible for OS freezing (win 8.1). Mostly curious about mobo becuase it's kinda old already. It freezes and doesn't respond to the power button and reset button (except holding the power button for 5 seconds to turn it off completely). sometimes it shuts down itself and turns itself on again (like a delayed restart)

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nah i'm not blaming OS now, I just had a bad luck with a torrented one because it kept breaking after 2-3 months.
Can't figure out what keeps freezing my current one tho, still blaming the mobo until i replace it and test then

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Use DAZ loader. never had an issue. ever.

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goodluck with that 8.1, shame it isn't as easy as at the start where you just called MS and let the bot evaluate your fake key

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I second this. Get a regular Windows 7 iso and use Daz.

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>risk it getting shit/breaking all the time in 2 months?

What do you idiots do wrong? I've got pirated copies of Windows 7 on 5 computers and I have had no trouble from any of them.

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Is this real?

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That's the tip of the iceberg, but probably only hypothetical.

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HitPEFU7EVY

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>Master Boot Record (MBR)
who cares

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And this is why you full drive encrypt and boot off portable flash.

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Anyone on Yosemite noticing that Safari won't update in the background?

Meaning, if you have 4chan tabs open with "Update" checked, they won't actually update?

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You're retarded. 4chan makes it so that, as not to waste bandwidth, it refreshes less often when the tab is not in focus.

>> No.43200700

No, I know that.

It's literally not updating _at all_ when I don't focus the tab. Not more sparsely.

>> No.43200719

Are you sure it's a Safari issue? Try running Cookie Clicker in the background or something. If it works, then it's 4chan's fault, not Safari's.

>> No.43200868

chrome's the same

>> No.43200901

It happens to me with Safari on Mavericks.