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>all of those freedom hating faggots so desperate about proprietary games


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tox me on tox: 828435142ACE09E8677427E6180BFB27E38FB589A3B84C24976AE49F80A69C6838D0D7CF0EB6

groupchat me on groupchat: groupbot@toxme.se

also: https://tox.horse

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do you know /g/uys how to fill a extended memory with sbrk in C ?

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without mmap and munmap

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Hackingtosh tread! I'm wanting to give it a try. My question though, will my pc be worth more with mac os installed on it? Can I make a profit off it?

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> Can I make a profit off it?

No. The moment Apple catches you making money by violating their EULA, they will crucify you. Ask Psystar.

If you want to just do it for yourself and a few friends, try tonymacx86.com

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I got cheeto dust in my monitor, is it safe to open it and brush it out?

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I opened your mom's pussy open last night and haven't itched yet so yea.

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12 years old for life.

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What's a good free cpanel to use on a vps?

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This question makes no sense.
If you want a free cPanel, google zpanel

Have you ever tried googling "free cPanel"
Or in fact have you ever tried googling anything?

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I did. I want to hear /g/'s opinion.

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I liked that post.

From what I know, zPanel's development has pretty much stagnated, not sure if it has changed since I last tried it. sentora seems to be something to check out developed off the stagnated roots of zPanel. Never tried it but looks interesting. Good luck.

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I'm about to start a relatively big project so I'm looking for a framework. So far I've only done simple websites so I'm not completely familiar with the current situation.

What are my options for a media-heavy site with user registration, comment system and user generated content (not the main focus though).

I'm comfortable with python, php or js.

Ideally it would be something that's quick to set up and then gradually adjusted/customized over time.

Also, webdev general I guess.

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Stop being autismal, just use Wordpress + Buddypress.

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So /g/, I need some help from fellow fa/g/s who have an asus r9 280 DC2T (non X), or any other brand of that particular chip.
I'm overclocking it atm and I've reached 1150Mhz of core clock with it reaching high 60ºs. It's running fine Valley and Furmark with no artifacts.

But shit starts to go sideways when I try to overclock the memory. I get flickering artifacts, so it's prolly the vram going too hot.
How much have you guys oc'ed your memory?

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I have a club 3d 7950(same card as 280) and it can go up to 1575 on the memory. It doesn't really add any performance so i just run the memory at stock speed.

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Yep, Turns out I was actually pushing the core clock too much (1200Mhz) so that flickering white artifacts was caused by that.
Lowered it to 1150Mhz on the core clock and 6300Mhz on the memory clock (effective 1575Mhz). It's running fine on Valley reaching 71º without the fans going berserk (around 30%).
I set it to push more 20% of power. So I think I'm good.

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Bill's idea of personal branding is nothing shy of genius: this pythonista that specializes in growth hacking foresaw the seamless cloud integration by evangelizing lambda users about the critical threats cyber-attacks and their potentially disruptive consequences can have on this game-changing industry.

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Ur a faget

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"Forming this strategic alliance will shift the paradigm and allow the synergies team to begin the cloud deployment and integration, allowing us to fully monetize our assets."

This was actually said my a manager in a Microsoft planning meeting I was part of. He wasn't there a week later. Can't imagine why...

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Top-tier laptop, OP. Enjoy it!

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OP is underage

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damn, beat me to it; nice

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serves the little faggot right

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I've read that Policeman can completely replace the functionality of NoScript so you don't need to use both.
I want it to block everything, including first-party scripts and stuff, by default. I.E. full paranoia mode.
How would I go about setting Policeman up like this properly? Is it even possible or will I have to keep NoScript?

Any /g/ents capable of whipping up a tl;dr tutorial?

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Like this, but disable "Same Site" which is 1st party requests.

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>disable "Same Site" which is 1st party requests.
Will this also disable images (and everything else blockable by Policeman) by default?

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What I do is keep "Same site" and block js/xhr/frames/objects/fonts from [Any domain] to [Any domain] globally, and enable them on per site basis.

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By the way I notice you also have NoScript installed. One of my my goals is to have Policeman replace NoScript.
May I ask for what purpose you still keep NoScript around?

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noscript has some extra functionality check its options under "advanced"

Also noscript has been there for like 6 years, the whitelist is already built up and I don't have to touch noscript at all most of the time.

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Hi /g/, does anyone of you play games with a dedicated microphone plus speakers set up?

Are there any affordable good microphones that:
- Only capture your voice, even with music on the background
- Dont have static noise problems
- Can be placed on the side of my desk
- Dont fall apart within a few months

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>Only capture your voice, even with music on the background
>only capture sound without capturing sound

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Why don't Americans seed their torrents?

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Why don't Africans seed their torrents?

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why do basketball americans seed white girl?

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Well, on public trackers, we have laws that usually lean in favor of the companies and have a lot more to risk for seeding.

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Why don't Antarticiens seed their torrents?

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African torrents come to the Central/North America as hurricanes that are seeded in Africa.

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>people on YouTube actually get offended and angry when someone intentionally destroys an iPhone for a demonstration

Why do people get so pissed?

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Maybe because it has nothing to do with video games

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Because they don't have one

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>people in the muslim countries get offended and angry when someone intentionally shits on the quran for a demonstration
Why do people get so allahu akbar?

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> why do you keep brake the new iphone please next time before this video make you send to me 23 Kumeil Elashteri Rd . Baghdad . Iraq. Please you do this for me

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>not video games
well not shit

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How the fuck do i extend my phone's battery life?

I barely use it for chatting every now and then and listening to music sometimes yet i have to charge it twice per day

Please help me /g/eniuses

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Turn the brightness down and turn off the WiFi if you're not using it

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Smaller screen.
Less backlight.
There are also battery casings.

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If android, root it and install titatnium backup, then freeze play services and other google shit that you dont need 24/7. Also block ads.

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install gentoo mobile

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Is there any software that you think is so well designed it's actually a work of art?

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Are you just pulling the first things you can think of out of your arse? All of these are terribly designed. mpv just happens to be the best of a bad bunch.

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nothing comes close to that ai in FEAR that I've seen today. Jack and Daxter used lisp if I remember correctly. Crash was great.

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seconded, I'm using it and the customizability is just... sweet.

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>Fabrice Bellard
Christ fucking Jesus, that guy is a maze ing!

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IE use suddenly rising over Chrome

What kind of clusterfuck is happening there in murrica?

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Older people are integrating into technology.

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Spartan master race

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this. Most people like my mom just stick to default shit pretty much.

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Same thing happened in July of 2013, and nobody had answers back then.
Are murricans getting it in the ass from MS so hard that nobody can talk?
Statcounter says it's not bot activity.

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How fast do you type when programming, /g/-kun?

What's your unproductive keystroke overhead?

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65wpm for php, 45-48 for other languages I tried.

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haven't programmed for a long time, but I guess its still not that bad

Java btw

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I thought I was the only one doing this.

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I don't type this fast, because if I already know exactly what I need to type (as is the case in this speed test), I'll just copy paste or use the IDE's autocomplete.

If I'm actually composing an original piece of code, it's slow as fuck, and typing speed isn't the bottleneck.

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In Java. Meh.. only been programming for a month though, guess I'll get faster as time goes by..

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Sharing is caring, guys.

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Tell that to my face bitch.

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>still using μBotnet

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I only share on sites with private trackers because fuck you

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What's the best music while coding?

>pic related is quite good. What else can I listen to?

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thats dope.Thanks for the share.

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Hell yeah. Discovered this yesterday. Works perfectly for studying too.

Usually I put on some psychedelic, stoner or death metal. Progrock works too.
I found this to work great when coding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69xXeWPPsW8

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This works too

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