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I start


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what's a major network vulnerability for oil manufacturing country's software system worth?

how do I sell them the solution?

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depends on whether or not it requires physical access and how much downtime you can create with said vulnerability.

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post proof

also, ur a faggot

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Guys you remember like when we were kids and Doritos were really good and then they changed the Doritos and ``improved" them?

Now you can only get the old style Doritos in generic form but they were really better to me. Anyone know if Doritos plans on going back to the old style Doritos?

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I can't imagine what it's like to be so invested in doritos that you know this shit.

Also this doesn't belong here, faggot retard fucktard

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Should I update?

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If that means rebooting and you being off 4chan for a minute or two, I say go for it. Your posts suck.

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Should you upgrade to something other than Adobe Reader? Yes.

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Mods are asleep, post technical support threads

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you should never-not upgrade adobe reader, it's one of the largest sources of malware installations on a windows system, right beside adobe flash and oracle java

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iOS 8 can be charged in a microwave! Wow, technology is great!

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1) That's not a very well-done image.
2) We made this troll meme. Do you think this is new to us?

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my dick can be charged in your mom! Wow, rapeology is great!

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please don't use offensive language.

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Sup /g/

So I just moved my build over to a new case (Fractal R4) and psu (Corsair RM750). I plugged everything in, but when I start it the fans fire up for about 5 seconds and then it powers down and does the same thing a few seconds later over and over again.

All of the components other than the new psu worked perfectly fine yesterday. Any suggestions on how I could troubleshoot this? It feels like a short circuit, but I don't want to dig too deep and and actually fuck stuff up.

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Recheck connections obviously, make sure they are all tight and firm and that you didn't forget anything such as the CPU power connector. Check the motherboard's manual to see if you mismatched connections on that part with the HDD lights and stuff.

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mine does that sometimes but then the bios starts like normal

is that weird

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so what are some good .onion websites that i should go to?

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Hello friends,

I have recently installed Ubuntu and I've been reading that you have to do a lot of "sudo" commands. I am not sure if these will actually do anything, so why do you have to do sudo commands? I feel as though that its not a real operating system because you cannot do a real command.

TL;dr is there an alternative that gives real output?


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You could just login as root. I know a friend that does this, fucken babies all of you.

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Is OP trying to troll on the basis of not knowing the word pseudo?

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Just "su" instead of "sudo". Or if you have to, "sudo su".

Then fire up screen or tmux in it, and you'll have basically the average sysadmin's console work environment.

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>implying my login shell isn't cmatrix

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>Apple says it has secured its new iOS 8 operating system with safeguards that protect phones from being snooped on ... by Apple. Since thousand of files from the National Security Agency (NSA) were leaked last year, Yahoo, Google, Apple and other major tech companies have been pressured to explain how much personal data they have handed over to the government as a result of legal requests. With iOS 8, Apple has protected itself by making it impossible for the company to access a phone's photos, messages, reminders, emails and more without that phone's passcode — something Apple used to be able to do. "Unlike our competitors, Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data," the company wrote. "So it's not technically feasible for us to respond to government warrants for the extraction of this data from devices in their possession running iOS 8." That does not, however, apply to email and photos stored in iCloud, which Apple says represents only a "small fraction of requests from law enforcement."

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>Dust out computer twice a month
>Have decent wire management
>CPU constantly overheating at 90c+ and auto turns off computer even with giant fan blowing on it
>fuck it decide to buy a after market cooler
>runs at 30c when I'm gaming on all high
Why didn't you guys tell me sooner that the solution to all my problems was so cheap

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>reapply thermal paste

you could have saved yourself some money.

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>using stock cooler

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It was fine before, then I moved to the desert

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I bet that fan gets loud

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It's what i expected at first, but surprisingly, it stays really quiet, except during OCCT runs. Shit, i can hear my idle 280x over my idle CPU. I just think that i got one of the better binned 8320s

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what does moot actually do? like what are his skill? google, facebook or any semi successful web based company all were all started by cs grads that could be on topcoder. but what does moot have? does he have like any actually marketable skills other than peddling "bootcamp" snakeoil at tech conferences? growth hack shilling is the get rich quick schemes of the 90s.

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Nobody told you? He's a jew

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He's the 4chan man. He made epic memes like rick rolls and sad toads

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Why does everything on this laptop look like shit? It should be FHD, but it looks like hell


Pic related

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srsly I can't even look at it

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Find where the font size/dpi scaling setting is

Turn it down

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I feel sorry for this guy.

>First person to buy iPhone in Perth drops it on camera


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being 2 years late with the specs is pretty lazy.

then again it took how long to get a 2nd mouse button?

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>someone gives proper arguments of why he dislikes apple
>disregards and goes "lel you poorfag u hate it cus its 2 expensive 4u"

Typical macfag.

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an iPhone isn't a mac you tech illiterate numpty

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>Not feeling sorry because he bought apple filth

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>it-it's all good

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Jesus fucking christ. This was NOT like this yesterday.
Ordinarily I get 60-80 down, and about the same up on university internet. But fucking hell, they said they were making some changes to the network and they must have meant it.

Speedtest thread. Anybody beat this?

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>Firefox Nightly
>Try out Viewtube since I haven't used it in ages
>HTML5 player for Youtube looks different and much more like the flash player
>Ads are playing


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Already default in Chrome.

Only a matter of time.

RIP Flash.

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I'm all for the death of Flash. Just hope muh ad block will still work.

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>there are people on /g/ who legitimately stay up all night posting, refusing to go to sleep because they need to defend their technology choices

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Or maybe it's because I don't have a fucking life?

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I'm just trying to fix my sleep schedule.

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Same here

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/g/ is my only friends

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>"GPL considered harmful" they said
>"Clang is superior to GCC because BSDL means true freedom" they said
>update command line tools in OS X
>greeted with this shit when running cc
Welcome to the future of the Unix environment. Soon we'll need to agree to a EULA to run cat and sign an NDA to compile it. Great job, freedom hating BSD shills.

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The problem isn't Clang, or BSD.

It's the operating system you're using.

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> The problem isn't Clang
Apple leads development of it.

> or BSD
The license allows for this type of shit.

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No VR thread, fixing that.
Who has got their Cardboard/Dive/Oculus/shoebox taped to their head? What are you using it for? What do you plan to use it for? How well does it work?

Pic related is my second iteration piece of shit while I wait for my pile of Cardboards to arrive. Lenses pulled from old binoculars and put together through trial and error. FOV isn't as good as the cardboard, but it works well enough to let me make things happen while I wait.

Mostly using Trinus Gyre to stream PC games to it with quite a bit of success. Also trying to get my Leap Motion happening with head tracking, but so far not a lot has come from that. It's a very clased platform and Leap doesn't like people playing with their toys.

Post your stuff!

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I'll get one when it can put me in a fantasy world where I won't feel bad for a while.

They'll have to make sure crying won't ruin it.

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Why not just get one now anyway?
They're only $3.50

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People have been saying this shit for years and years and fucking years. There has always been faggots on this site complaining how the site isn't as good as it used to be, occasionally it becomes a huge talking point, then it dies down again.

Remember the days of "X is the cancer that is killing /b/?"

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what is this about?

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>I don't think he likes the 4chan community at all anymore
I don't blame him. He never set out to create this shitfest, this was originally an anime board.

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I don't see how this is /g/ related, but if you're going to fuck off, please do so

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>as the normalfags creep in,

4chan's been full of normalfags for years though. If you really want to be rid of them, try Wizard-chan. They're pretty goddamned elitist though, I'll warn you.

What benefits does moot get for paying to use Google Analytics? I thought you signed up for it, and they paid you for all the information they get to collect? Or do I not understand how Analytics works?

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Hey guys I don't really know where to post this, its an engineering-related thing so maybe Technology is the right place.

Does anyone know where I can find statistics about the safety of Ferris Wheels? I want to prove to a friend that my fear of them isn't just paranoia, that people actually die from these spinning death machines erroneously dubbed as 'amusement' and 'pleasure wheels'. Everyone knows about the poor safety record carnivals and similar parks have, not to mention it can only be worse with such a dangerous machine. They're horrifying, anyone with any common sense would never allow themselves to be willfully carried hundreds of feet above the ground in a small locked metal box from which escape is impossible and any sort of mechanical accident will end in a terrible death.

I tried looking around on OSHA but they apparently don't release this information? Any help? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik3qXxEUNnc

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OP, I bet you'd die instantly while being on this ferris wheel


I know this because I have been on it.

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OP, if you've taken some math, there are some basic problems done on ferris wheels. I don't think there are actual accidents that much if you visit them from trusted places, (not the video you showed, what the fuck is that?)

If it's made with durable metal and taken care of very good, you won't fall from it. As most of the roller coaster accidents occur is by the management having shitty checking of the seat's safety.

I remember reading or hearing about a woman falling to her death because they didn't check her "click" noise on the coaster which is a fucking putdown. It puts the name of the park down and shits on its creators.

If you're on a ferris wheel, you're not supposed to swing it, it may cause more problems if you do so. I'm not saying it will fall or anything, but you never know what happens if you give a metal a lot of stress by jumping in your cage.

You can ask /sci/ if you wish.

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op you realize 1 in 700 million people die on rollercoaster?

the statistic on Ferris wheels (modern of which) are going to be shit in your favor

as far as unnecessary risks go, these are safe