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I want to learn to code, I know absolutely nothing as of now. If I enjoy it I might make a career of it (I'm 21).

A couple questions

>Should I buy a book like Programming for Dummies?
>Is a college education necessary/will I be paid more with one?
>Good starting language (I was told C is a good place to start)
>If you code for a living, do you enjoy your work?

Also tips and tricks for newbies

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So im thinking about ordering the raspberry pi B and using it as a desktop computer. First off I don't know shit about shit. So if anybody has any information I could use or save until I decide to go through with it, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Rpi = Overpriced, overrated broadcom equipment

Use a beagleboard if you want low power ARM and freedom to hack, buy pretty much any small 686/486 board for general use.

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can some one tell me or show a site where i can install the latest JRE for firefox on linux im having a hard time with this ,i keep getting stuck

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So we all know Google/Facebook/etc. acquire and sell your usage data. My question is whether or not there's a bottom on that market.

All data brokerage firms have only been getting paid less for the information they provide, year-over-year. In addition, Facbook tracks EVERYthing, including things you wrote and then deleted before sending, and how often you visit the movie fanpage for Biodome.

How much is this is relevant to advertising? What advertiser would ever use such specific criteria? I believe it's a case of having the largest portfolio on a person, as opposed to the most relevant.

Facebook's acquisition of Oculus makes sense in this regard. They're running out of useful data to capture and sell, especially data that can only be uniquely provided by their service (and thus makes them more valuable to ad firms).

Obviously, there will always be a market for people's data, but given the rapid rate of internet adoption in countries, and the precipitous drop in revenue per user, how long before simply tracking people becomes an unsustainalbe market strategy?

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Hey /g/ I wanna ask you, which PC is better (for gaming) ?
>processor:INTEL PENTIUM G2020 2.9GHz 3M
>HDD:1000 GB
>Video card:NVIDIA GeForce GT 620 2 GB
>processor:AMD Richland A8 X4 6600K 3.9GH
>HDD:1000 GB
>Video card:AMD RADEON HD 8570D up to 2 GB

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The top one, but they're both pretty poor.

Since everyone will say it, post your budget and someone will put a much better one together for you. Or got to logicalincrements and use the guide there.

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Well I'm not in America so its kinda hard to tell you a budget since the difference in currency and prices in general
I just wanna know which was better, they are like 20USD apart

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Why so many people complain that programming is hard?
Programing is really just variables and IF statements and nothing else at its core.
It's really 2 simple things.

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object oriented
event driven
expression oriented
generic programming
meta programming
logical programming

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Even the Burj Khalifa?

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not him but also declarative, logic...

There's a huge list at the side of

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And loops. You forgot the fucking loops, yo.

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flow-based programming
declarative programming
reactive programming

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ITT: Post your WPM and the keyboard you use.


I use the HP Elite Keyboard 2 (yes, rubber dome.)

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Filco Majestouch 2 with MX Blues and Cherry caps.

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Do you like the Majestouch?

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>TFW you see a CS student using an old IBM 4:3 Thinkpad and wonder if they browse /g/.
>Can't get close enough to see what OS they're running or what model Thinkpad.

North Jersey student by the way.

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4chan did not invent thinkpads

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Only neckbeards from /g/ use 6 year old ugly slow laptops.
Where the fuck is my chinese T70 motherboard.

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Yeah, I have a kid in my class with a T400; he's probably a casual. But a 4:3 IBM ThinkPad for a computer science major student?

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>tfw my OS development prof uses a thinkpad

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>North Jersey student

probably nigger NJIT student

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Sup /g/, OP here.

Any Qt users here?

Been programming with C++ and Qt for 3 years now.

I really like Qt but there are some things about it that are drawbacks... if there are any other Qt fags in here, would be interested in sharing experiences.

Also, software engineering/C++ general

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how to install gentoo?

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my computer isnt starting is that normal?

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I got some bad news for you

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guuuuyyyysss i ahve to do hm

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thanks I got it running. you can close the thread now :D

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Wich is the fastest internet connection actually? Is still optic fiber?

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I get it, i get it, dont yell me, dont punch me, thanks.

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Nothing will be faster than fibre optic for at least 50+ years.

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Light through a medium with a lower refractive index.

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neutrino internets

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aka light through a vacuum tube, surrounded by mirrors

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Since the open pandora tanked hard is there anything to look forward to when it comes to these mini computer/handheld devices?
I'd ask /v/ but I think /g/ was more into this thing than /v/ ever was.

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Nobody really cares for them now that smartphones can do pretty much anything a UMPC can do and even more.

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Yeah about that N900?

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You can get a dell venue 8 pro + bluetooth keyboard case.

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Hey, trying to update an ancient AMD Athlon 64 Processor to a more capable CPU. I'm a poorfag though so I'm looking for something under a hundred bucks. What is the best idea under that, that's still better than my processor?


link to part specs.

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You're going to need a new mobo too, so for under $100, no.

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What is the best analogy for net neutrality that I could use to make Luddites understand?

I've used something like, "Imagine if Ford owned the roads and limited access to Chevy or Toyota dealerships unless those companies paid them."

I think I could do better, though.

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It's exactly like cable companies. It's as simple as this: People have gotten used to not having to pay extra for TV. They can now get everything from the internet. Now it will be like 20-30 years ago again where you've got a service provided by your cable company and have to pay more for things like HBO or HD sports channels. Basically everything is more expensive

On top of paying for internet access you're paying extra to even fucking use the internet in the first place. No more browsing whatever you want wherever you want. At a place with internet that doesn't have access to certain websites? Tough luck you're fucked

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Imagine if roads were designed to slow down your vehicle and only Chevy and Ford brand cars are allowed to take the smooth fast-lane on the very lefthand side because Chevy and Ford paid them money.

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Hey /g/ poorfag here, I have a Blackberry curve 9320 and I can't get a android phone anytime soon, is there any emulator for this phone? It has OS 7.1 if anyone's wondering, I really appreciate if can help me

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Guise ple you're my only hope

>> No.41569605

I doubt it.

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I remember there being some NES emulators, but that's all I can recall. Blackberry was awful for emulating back then and even if they've improved, there's no developers.

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You're on a platform that will be as dead as Palm in about 2 years.

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>dat feel
Fellow poorfag. My only phone is a Curve 8900
>tfw trackball
So poor can't even get service on it. And the battery is swole as fuck so it'd only last like 4 hrs on standby

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How do I make the firefox not double in size when leaving maximized mode?
<-- Pic related.

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This time, Linux users actually do not have this problem.

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restore classic firefox
australis is shit

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I use this, it works for me.


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Tried that, doesn't work with nightly...

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my friend is making a little plug.dj clone for his intro to CS class term project:

check it out

he'd like some advice.

uses python and websockets

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really not bad for an intro to CS class

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this is just synctube.

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no trips

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top down chat is weird as fuck

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chats dont save? make them save.

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Does anyone use dwb with a 4chan extension? I can't seem to get any to work. I've tried the one listed in the wiki.installgentoo.com and made it executable and put it in ~/.config/dwb/greasemonkey but it doesn't seem to work.

When I click on the catalog there is an option to 'switch to 4chan X's catalog' but it takes me to a non-catalog page, so I don't know if the extension is recognised and just not working or if dwb isn't picking it up at all.

How do you use userscripts (greasemonkey type) in dwb?

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Did you look in the man page?

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Stupid ass computer opens every file with Windows media center

Ducked up my file association.

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Its a Windows 7 brand acer or some shit

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Quit posting on your phone.

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> not reading sticky

Sage goes in every entry.

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That sounds irritation OP.

Good luck with that!

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Income tax came in, got some disposable income to spend.

Is this thing still shit?

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Why the fuck would you want the pro? You're spending 300 bucks more and using processing power you don't even need.

>> No.41569660

Go get it, the original RT are like 200 bucks

>> No.41569675

Because Windows RT has no fucking use, its app situation is worse than windows phone

Surface pro has full desktop windows

>> No.41569682

Surface PRO 2 is the best to get. RT isn't that great.

Either get a Pro 2 for glorious wacom or Sony tap 11 for Ntrig.

either way. I use my note8 for notes with wacom. but the pro and tap are significantly faster, especially the i7 tap

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>Is this thing still shit?
Your better off sending your tax return here: