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New SSD and SAS controller are now installed and fully working.
If you want donate hardware or give something completely different, click here.

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ITT: Technology related films and TV programs

>tfw you will never be an engineer in the 60s

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wth is going on with captcha. It is more impossible than ever

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So I bought brand new T440 for $690.
Specs 14" 1600 x 900, i5 4300U,8GB,500GB+Cache SSD, no card reader and have in mind that this event happened in yurop.
Is this thing any good? Will I be able to put i7 in it with no motherboard change? How about HD+ screen, is it worth it? Will change HDD to SDD anytime now.

>not having a graphics card in a laptopt

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>could have purchased a used T420 for less than a half of that
>would be a better machine

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Why do people buy first and then come to get validation for their purchase rather than asking before buying?

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Confirmed: Windows is more secure than Linux.

Gentoofags blown the fuck right out


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Hi /g/
I want to buy a home theatre as a gift for my father, he's not any sort of audiophile or anything, just likes to sit on a couch and enjoy some good audio while watching movies

What i need to know is which home theatre set (yes, set, i want the 'all in the box' one) would be the best.
Rather 5.1 than 7.1, with large floorstanding front columns, doesnt have to include subwoofer tho, i got one...
And i dont want it to look like something from sci-fi movie, just classical looking set,
will you help me?

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where can i find link collections or search engines for one click hosters

i have gotten free download manager

how do i get the warez?

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Lurk more, especially on /g/ or the rbt.asia archive.
Try volafile as search term.

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Is there any point in getting a GTX 970? I have a friend who says you can get good results just with a 670.

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>I have a friend who says you can get good results just with a 670.
Define "good results", and at what resolution?

Also it depends entirely on your uses of the card.

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Well he said he got Battlefield 4 to run on ultra at 120ish fps. Not sure how true that is, so that's why I'd ask here.

Also, I'm building a new rig, and I want it for gaming and video editing.

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At what resolution?

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Hi /g/. I'm looking for some help selecting a video capture device, specifically for converting VHS video to a more current format. My situation is this; For the holidays I'd like to archive all my father's VHS home videos for him as a gift.

What would the price range be for one of these be? And is there a reliable product that you would recommend? Would pic related suffice (it's the first thing that comes up in google)? Considering that this would be a one-time thing, I don't need something like an HD capture card with superfluous bells and whistles.

I don't frequent /g/, so be please be gentle. Thanks.

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Where do you get your music, /g/?
>inb4 What.cd

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No idea, I'm trying to get the album psyche by angelo which released on the 17th of december but still can't find it anywhere.
I guess my taste in music is too extravagant

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In stores.

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>two semi private registration trackers for lossless
>Google magic to find zips/rars/flacs on asian forums (usually malaysian/indonesian for some reason)
>the pirate bay for 320kbps mp3 or desperation 256kbps rips
>youtube-"please kill me now"-dl of a 192kpbs YouTube rip
>soundcloud "download here"-links to the same 192kpbs rips
>the links from youtube videos to the same 192kpbs rips that the uploader claims is the download

I have only a few songs in the last category now. Most of them are from #1 or #2 and a couple from #3

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/mu/'s archive, corebay, filestube, bandcamp

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zamunda,kickass,or any blog that will have it(mostly vaporwave).I dont have good headphones so any kpbs will do.

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has anybody done this before?

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I code to earn bread.

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So is my video card already ready to go this time?
I managed to run Windows in Safe Mode and even then my Windows has white horizontal lines.

I will try to update my drivers and see if it works. For the record my video card is ATi Radeon HD 4870 1GB

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nah it's fine

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Those are vertical you stupid nigger

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I'm talking about this: >>45717466

English motherfucker do you speak it?

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Have you tried turning it off and on? Try out a different monitor/TV just to be sure.

If it's still fucked up, use integrated graphics for now I guess.

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>ATi Radeon HD 4870

There's your problem, dispose of that monstrocity and proceed to kill yourself you beta AMD faggot.

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>Buy server with OVH because i needed some cheap power
>256GB Ram, RIAD SSD, CASIO ASA5510 firewall and fucking 2x E5-2670v2 (20c/40t)
>Cancel server after one month because i'm not fucking rich
>After 3 months the server is still up and running and i'm not paying for it

What to do with it /g/? I can't reinstall it or anything, so we're stuck on Ubuntu server 12.04. 256GB RAM is a fucking lot so we better make it count

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Thats a lot of fucking power.

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256GB? shit m8, how much was that? Mine is only 32Giggerbits

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porn site

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You have libvirt installed on it already I imagine?

Just split it up into VMs and sell them to stupid faggots on /g/ Tell them they can torrent all they want and be super secure

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Even better, just give them shitty docker instances, it's the future.

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Where were you when Facebook was kill?

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It doesn't even appear to be in pain, what?

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facebook is for middle age and old people, and it's bubble has burst and within 5 years it'll be dead and zuckerburg will be broke.

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Snapchat and Twitter are much faster for instant gratification and whatsapp for actual messaging.

facbeook will buy them all eventually anyway.

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It can't screams without is face

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WhatsApp was bought by Facebook a year ago

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>when a company posts the same job openings month after month

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>job ad
>posted by IT Recruiting Inc.

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It's a facade they have to do in order to hire their friends who may or may not know how how to do the job.

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so /g/ what are you waiting to be delivered before the holiday?

my new i5 4690k combo and got myself an early bday present with dual R9 290x should be delivered by Monday so i am hyped.

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cheap power and extension cables and shit from china. no tracking number.

Expected delivery: Monday, January 12, 2015 - Wednesday, January 28, 2015 by 8pm

I might as well forget about it.

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I got that Fuku Bukuro thing from J-List coming.

Not really too sure what to expect.

Anyone every buy one of those?

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Has anyone found any good alternative to piratebay?

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>not using private torrent trackers

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i've only needed to pirate now ever since piratebay was shut down

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Popcorn Time
ed2k, kad and gnutellas networks

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looks legit

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Will this ever make it to regular Firefox?
If I install Dev Edition, can I somehow export the theme to Firefox Stable?

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unless the stable version is patched out of shedule there probably are no holes
stay paranoid on your luks encrypted foss shilling os

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I highly doubt anyone is wasting their time looking at development version vulns, it's an incredibly small part of the market.

Anyway, I update it with my package manager once a week or so.

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>What's the point of having all this if you never use it?

People with this mentality are the very reason we have bloat and memory leaks etc.
>Hurr who cares if Firefox uses 5 GB of RAM aren't you part of the 16 GB master race?

It's not like I don't have the disk space or memory to handle this sort of thing, but I'd rather use it on actual stuff rather than unfinished code.

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>People with this mentality are the very reason we have bloat and memory leaks etc.
No, because I program robots / ┬ÁC in C and ASM. My code fits on deprecated CF cards and ATMELs.

Only ones to blame are arrogant moz devs and their hubris.

>Hurr who cares if Firefox uses 5 GB of RAM aren't you part of the 16 GB master race?

I have only 8GB and even with one VM running I have no troubles. Not everyone is a gamer with 3 OS running at the same time.

You could have at least tried setting up dev edition. Somone like you probably doesn't even have 8 extensions he would have to worry about breaking when going up one iteration in version number.

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>You could have at least tried setting up dev edition. Somone like you probably doesn't even have 8 extensions he would have to worry about breaking when going up one iteration in version number.

I already do have Dev Edition installed and use it a little on the side almost every day.
Extensions breaking are yet another good reason for most people not to use anything but Stable.
With the introduction of Dev Edition I imagine it'll be used by quite a lot of, well, devs.
So they'll probably fix any incompatibilities then and there and have them ready before Stable updates.

Not a huge fan of the Dev Edition branding either...

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Are they implying that others distros are for subhumans ?

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more likely that other distros are for superhumans

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OpenSuse master race

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looks shopped to me.

It's missing "exceptional"

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Anything else is for subhuman neckbeards

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>Their logo is literally a circlejerk

This shit you can't unsee

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Google homepage thread?

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Is there some sort of "portable" Python environment for Windows? Something I could simply unpack to USB pendrive and carry with me everywhere I go?

Reason for this is that I switch between machines very often (such is my line of work) and I'm forbidden from installing my stuff there...

Any help?

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I take it - this allows to work with selected applications online, yes?