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Sup /g/ i just got a pair of Razer from a friend who doesnt use them anymore, the problem is, they smell like smoke/cigarretes any idea on how to remove the smell off them?

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your answer is? for this question?

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hmm experience with C++, ruby and python very good very good...

but it says here you don't know java?

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My roommate won't stop torrenting stuff. Ive told him to stop but he wont. I pay the Internet bill so it's all in my name. He set up the router though so i can't get in and block the websites he uses.
What do?

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make a passive aggressive thread on 4chan about it

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100% this.

Also tell your roommate he's a dumb motherfucker and that if he wants to torrent shit, he can pay for the internet.

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Hard reset the router
Secure it in your room or a locked cupboard

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I'll reset the router tomorrow.
Filter websites.
Change settings password.

He should know unless he tries to torrent shit.
Thanks guys.

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I'm currently the owner of a Surface pro 1, 128gb model, and while I love this thing, the battery life is just short enough to make it inconvenient if I'm using it while out and about or gaming on the treadmill with it. They make a power type cover that reportedly adds 3-4 hours to the battery life for a little over 100$, but it makes the surface heavier. The other option is to get a surface pro 2 which has 3-4 more hours battery life, but if I'm gonna get that it's gotta be the 8gb ram model, which would run me 500-800 bucks if I got it used or new, and I could sell this current thing for about 300-400 on craigslist.
What do you guys think? is it worth it to stay with something that has 1.6ghzand 4gb and only spend 100 bucks for extra battery life, or should I go for the gusto and get something that can do 1.9ghz and 8gb for as much as 500 extra dollars? keep in mind I only have about 500 bucks in my "buying frivolous tech" fund. What would you guys do? Will the surface pro 1 last me long enough to validate the investment in the power cover if I only play games as taxing as WOW or Dota on it, or should I upgrade?

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I was watching The Vampire Diaries and at the credits it said brought to you buy Microsoft Surface.

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// ==UserScript==
// @name 4chan
// @match http://boards.4chan.org/*
// @require http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.4/jquery.min.js
// ==/UserScript==


you're welcome

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The keyboard and digitizer are dogshit and its got a slow CPU and GPU.

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fuck off faggot

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You haven't presented me an alternative that suits my needs, still waiting

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>Amazon now projecting that they won't have 980s for 3-5 months
Honest question, how could these companies have forecasted the demand this poorly?

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Time to start start buying all available 970/980's in order to resell them at ridiculously higher prices!

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convince me to start learning C. i got into ruby and enjoyed it. i want to gain a better undestanding about the 'stack' or whatever and how everything works down there. if i learn c, would it make me a better ruby programmer ? thanks

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>post drafted in Sublime Text and sent from my MacBook Pro

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The only advantage is the low-level stuff you'll learn. It'll help you understand the fundamentals better.

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lol, yeah i know. ruby/mac/sublime/fag seems to go toether well.. no though, debian stable and a hp (it's shit). just wanted to start learning for next year. college and that,

thanks man

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>I want to gain a better understanding about the 'stack' or whatever
Then C is the language for you. It is the only language that I have heard of (besides assembly) that allows you to interact as close to the hardware as possible. If you want to learn how stuff works underneath, then go learn C.

>will it make me a better ruby programmer
No. You become a better RUBY programmer by working with ruby. However, you will probably become a better programmer overall because you'll think more about what you're doing.

Trust me, it's worth it and its fun.

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What do you think C should change in future standards?
Should it go more higher-level or more low-level? what features you think are a must-have?

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Only thing I can think of off the top of my head is to give some guarantee of bitfield ordering. That might be an implementation nightmare though.

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>someone actually spent time making a copypasta about things he has no knowledge of other than what he observed from news articles based on sec papers

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Then what's the alternative for low-level besides assembly?
Want to program a car airbag in Java?

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I somehow sensed this had something to do with reddit/hackernews right when I started reading the pasta.
It's a good laugh, though.

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why do people buy macs? what is so good about them? i wanna waste my money and buy a 13 retina since the 15" is hideous....

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because OSX, duh

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I've met several network engineers so far, and the two that were using Macbooks were using the 15" models, because productivity.

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this could also be a stupid question thread, well the only reason why im considering to buy one is the beautiful designe and that it is very fast. I dont play games so i dont think i will get a pc

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>i dont think i will get a pc
try GNU/Linux, it's very similar to OSX. If you like it, buy a macbook.
I recommend Mint or Crunchbang

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Hey /g/ so I just installed Linux Mint and and I'm retarded. So could someone teach me how to rice so I could be cool like everyone else on /g/?

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Which operating system & email combo do you fucking use, stupid?

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Pick multiples if they apply.

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look like not and your live is below gnu/linux now

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microsoft got push down like by a lot

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Hi /g/, i have a question, i want to make a backup of my music library.

The size is close to 100 Gigs.

The question is, can i get out making 2 accounts on Mega (they offer 50 Gigs of free storage) and dont get it deleted?

It would be cool if i can share it with a friend, but if that risks my account i wont do it.

Excuse my poor english

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So /g/, where would be the best place to learn Linux for an absolute beginner?

I applied for a job that asks for some Linux jobs, and I'll probably get it because I've had a Linux course before...but honestly my professor was a bro and just gave me the answers to pass. I don't remember much unfortunately.

Pic related.

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lol get fuked faggit

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i've went through a chapter or two of this and it seems decent.


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1. where the fuck do you live
2. what size fucking company did you apply for
3. how can I fucking get there
4. fuck

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1. UK
2. Large, but this sect functions more independently that the mother company, with a somewhat different purpose
3. I don't even know how the fuck I got here. BS and unethical business practices, I suppose.

Seems pretty informative. Thanks! :)

4. How much?

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Asus GTX 970 is in stock right now which is extremely rare, so get your hands on it if you're looking for one:


Also, build thread:

This is the build I'm currently looking at. Now that the 970 is out of the way, I can look over the rest carefully and make sure it's what I want. I'm still not sure if I want to ever OC, so I kind of want to lower down some prices like the Z97.

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>This is the build I'm currently looking at.


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>asus mobo

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You can easily save 40$ on the PSU, you wont be needing that many watts

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Not OP but what would you recommend instead?

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>have 4.5GB free on C partition
>see warning low disk space
>wtf? where did the 4.4GB go?
>mfw after 1hour i realise win 8.1 update came out
>restart and update
>have only 200mb free space on C partition now

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>updating your windows

>> No.44825280

Does this update really takes more than 4gb?

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Debian or Fedora?

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Do you mind old shit? (packages)
If so fedora should work just fine.

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Debian Stable/Testing/Experimental ?

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Apples to oranges

>> No.44825239

package manager and repos are among the defining characteristics of a distro.
Debian stable is for servers, go testing

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Where can I get a good crash course on Unix/Unix-like filesystems and kernels?

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read the source code faggot

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install gentoo

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Fair enough

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Post 'em.

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>standby higher than screen
You barely used it

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you also have to post Screen On Time

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I used it as much as I usually do. See >>44825071

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wtf is this shit

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Hello /g/.

Are you aware of any software that could help me to organize my images into folders ?

pic related, I have more than 16 000 pics to organize (in addition to 70 000 ones from random dumps).

This software would be something like a normal image viewer but with keyboard shortcuts allowing you to quickly move your pics into predefined folders.

I need your help /g/.

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irfan image viewer

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i use picasa

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none exist, write a script

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You could do it with .NET easily. WinForms have super simple macro support, so you could enumerate the directory and have it scroll through the images and you smash the macro to move it into a particular directory.

In fact, I might just do that because my porn folder needs sorting.

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Isn't faststone able to do this?

Bind a bunch of key to move images?

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why does this piece of shit program return TRUE for 2>2>-3

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It evaluates from left to right. 2>2 equals -1. -1>-3 so it returns 1 or TRUE.

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2>2 = false = 0
0>-3 = true.

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i hate matlab. but it is mainly my teachers fault. the program is cool but the teacher is a dick

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Cause it be true.