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What software would you recommend to manage an office building with approx. 50-60 rooms?

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Why doesn't /g/ have a RetroShare network?

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supp guys

I'm pretty new to this stuff but here's my question

I have a windows 7 pc and a graphic card from an old Vista. I have an open AGP slot in the 7 and the vista card fits. Would it benefit from having 2 graphic cards if when I game?

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HP branded Radeon HD 2400 Pro is the card

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why are there viruses?

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I need help guys.I brought a new pc on a budget, but i fucked up by buying a shitty case and the noise and vibrations are killing me.I need a new one, as quiet and cheap as possible.I was thinking of getting fractal design r4.Do you guys think that's an okay case?

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10 gallon aquarium and a few gallons of mineral oil

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Hey /g/

I noticed recently that I'm able to get Windows 7 to perform faster on my dad's netbook than Lubuntu 14.04. It involved mostly disabling all the unnecessary services but it got me thinking, how do I do the same for GNU/Linux?

I know that daemons are essentially the equivalent of Windows services, but is there somewhere I can get a comprehensive view of all the daemons running on a system, with descriptions of what they do and the ability to disable them?

I'm just finding it difficult to accept that Windows can be faster than Linux.

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My dad really doesn't want Windows 8.1. I explained to him that it's faster and pretty much the same as Win7, but he wants to use the same interface that he uses on his work computers. There's no convincing this guy.

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Install Ubuntu Minimal, install just a basic WM (OpenBox, tiling WM, etc) and get as fast as balls.

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Sorry but this is my dad's computer, it has to be usable, hence the use of a Windows-style DE

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OpenBox is kinda like Windows, if that's what you mean. A WM doesn't have to be ricer shit, most DE also have a WM.

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Not necessarily ricer shit but it has to be simple to use. It's not enough to tell him to remember a bunch of keyboard shortcuts, everything has to be point-and-click, no exceptions.

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Good for battery?

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did you get your dev kit, /g/?

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hey wait a second, this isn't oculus rift at all!

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is this the birth of an epic new meme?

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does it have a dragon dildo brick?

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That's where oculus gets its displays

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You need to compete in order to get a kit. I don't want to give unpaid development time to Google, therefore no kit.

I give the Ara a yaze yaze/10.

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yo /g/.

ive been asked by a long time friend of mine to write up a quote for an insurance company for a new laptop, Can i do this without having an ABN? I run a small Cash in hand business and have never really bothered to set one up, do they check the abns or what, if so ill just set one up tomorrow

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No start page thread on my /g/. What's wrong with y'all?

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Can someone recommend me a program to easily make a start page?

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Visual Studio

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>A little digging up revealed that the IP address belongs to CNNIC.

>CNNIC is the administrative agency responsible for Internet affairs under the Ministry of Information Industry of the People's Republic of China. It is based in the Zhongguancun high tech district of Beijing.

[ ] Not told
[ ] Told
[X] Cash4told.com
[X] No country for told men
[X] Knights of the told Republic
[X] ToldSpice
[x] The Elder Tolds IV: Oblivious
[x] Command & Conquer: Toldberian Sun
[x] GuiTold Hero: World Told

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What is scary is that this bothers me less than my own country spying on me.

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Cyanogen's TOS has changed and now includes arbitration agreements and class action waivers.


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>then they make the decision to go proprietary
No, they didn't
Nice shitpost though, fag

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What's the best one you've used? Im looking at AOKP right now.

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>using Crapogenmod

I ditched those puckfaces a long time ago.

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PA or Omni ?

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Not sure if theres already a Desktop thread, But i recently installed mint and have moved over from 7 and am absolutely adoring it so far!

Lemme see your Desktops Fellow GNU/linux users!

>inb4 ubuntu
>inb4 ricer fgts

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>Bitches about Ubuntu users while using Mint
>Fuck ugly icon sizes
>Pictures on desktop
Ride to Hell Retribute yourself OP

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learn to catalog faggot, theres already a thread

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>selling gimped 12 core Xeon dies for $1000 to consumers

I love you Intel please rape my face.

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Gimped completely.

>low clock because die was originally not made for high frequency
>no ECC

A thousand shekels pls

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What is a /g/ approved e-mail client that will be here for at least 15 years?

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Just about any client currently in existence has been around for about a decade now.

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what on earth is she doing with her hand?

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V sign only she's doing it wrong.

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OSX Thread !!
OSX Thread !!

Sup fellow OSX fags, how u doin

I finally got my second SSD so I can clone the one in my case incase I break my build with updates.. (Hackintosh)

Anyone getting a new Macbook with the spec boost?

OSX Thread !!
OSX Thread !!

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Hello my dear friends. I'm liking Yosemite but it's buggy as fuck. Looks like new Mac Minis and 27" iMacs are on stock lists but haven't been released yet. My parents hackintosh (hey, it's still more reliable than windows), is getting pretty slow, as it's not 100% compatible and i stole some ram out of it. Also it has a shitty 4:3 monitor. Do you think i should get a mini for them? or a 21" iMac?

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>popcorn time

mah nigga.jpg

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Will get my rMBP on Friday, what should i expect, any brotips for a newcomer?

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check out TorrenTV if you have an Apple TV. it's gonna work on chrome casts and stuff soon too

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go all-in as much as possible. you don't have to find replacements for all he built in apps like you probably do with windows. OS X apps are usually pretty simple, but they usually work logically without fucking around. Avoid most cross platform stuff. There's superior Mac exclusive apps for most things. and piracy is super easy on macs too

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Are desktop filesystems other than ext4 viable nowadays?

btrfs unstable, jfs stale?

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>Yes there is, the world is not America.
There is not. I don't think you understand what the word agnostic means.

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>You're not passing it unicode but UTF-8

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exfat-nofuse exists

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this is wrong

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So I have been offered to buy a defect macbook for $100. The previous owner spilled water on it and now the fans are spinning at full speed all the time and it is a bit slower. Should I do it and is there an easy way to fix this?

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or has gone back to Apple for ANYTHING.

Those cunts will replace all the screws with pentalobe just to fuck with you.

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I have a pentalobe driver, also it is just a screwdriver how can that be a dealbreaker?

>> No.43292041

Not a dealbreaker, certainly,

Just letting you know that you need a special tool for getting in.

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Oh sorry, thank you for the info.

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Personally, I'd go for it.
It's only a hundred bucks and you should be able to sell it for at least that even if you cant fix it (providing you don't bork it in the process)

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Backups thread.

What setup do you use, hardware/software wise?

Do any of you use commercial backup services, and what do you think of them?

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Windows scheduler of batch script that does a backup every login & at 2am. Documents/Project files. No versioning but fuck it.

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Back most of my shit up on this, it's a shell so I can change the HDDS as needed, only cost $20

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When my HDD dies i send an envelope with $100 bill in it to NSA and they send me a copy of my data back

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Evening /g/ents

I've checked the wiki to no luck, my Evo 1300mhz e cig battery flashes as if it were flat even when fully charged, I tried a different clearomizer but had no luck. Is it on it's way out? I havnt had it for very long, is this a regular issue?

Lemme see dem vapes

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Turns out i had the clearo screwed on to tight, wtf