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>tfw fell for the 850 Evo meme
Should I kill myself?

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So my family want me to buy them a big screen hdtv but I dont watch tv so im not too sure what to look for since I only know monitors.

About what size should I get for a 1080p tv? 32" 42" 50"? 60hrz or 120?

Honestly I dont know.

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Is there a way to Ping flood or slow down ps4 roommate sucking up all the data I have to MAC address and IP address

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I'm trying to find a phantom power supply that can hold a 1/4th" jack for my condenser mic, but almost all of the supplies I find have XLR ports. Does anyone know an inexpensive 48V phantom power supply? I seriously can't find one.

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just use a regular one and use an adapter for the wiring

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Hear coworkers arguing about agile again. I mean come on, shit is like 4 statements it might even fit in a tweet. Anything else you add is, you know, just your opinion.

Don't even get started on scrum, it is like a glorified certificate authority. Who do people buy into that shit?

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Does /g/ have a guide on how to close "ports" and make Windows 7 a more secure OS perse?
>pic related

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Post ancient Greek architecture.

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holy shit that resolution

give up

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>mfw when a dubs is wasted

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Desktop thread

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Are Phablets a meme?

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Always with that word I'm sure that you don't even know what it means

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Fad. It means fad.

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No, but RAM cleaners are.

>we will make your phone run faster by unloading the applications from memory so that they will take longer to load when you go back to them!

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Is this the daily manlet thread?

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they are not big phones they are small tablets

and they are called tablones

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Hey /g/uys,

How do I find out a admin password on my work computer?

Im not gona lie, im gona play vidya. I need the password to install and play.

>pic unrelated

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wrong number senpai

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Post a picture, of whatever you have on your desktop, right now. No cleaning, faggot.

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Okay :^)

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here you go, lots of stuff to judge and make fun of

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That wallpaper is dank
Share pl0x?

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What n64 emulator do you use?

>not VirtualBox

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What's up the 5se I have 5s now but don't want big iPhone 7 in June I want small again but I like iPhone 5s size.

Is Apple making me dreams come the true.

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I read that when Linux is installed on an SSD in dual boot with windows (on HDD) there might be issues with windows trying to defrag my SSD. Is this true? I thought SSDs where generally not defragmented at all. Am I at risk of damaging my SSD this way?

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you already fell for the meme. what's the point, either way it's going to suffer a sudden death.

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it shouldn't do that. you can change the schedules in the defrag program, search defrag in the start menu
pic related, its windows defrag window

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Windows shouldnt be defragging SSDs by default

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what laptop are you using /g/

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Thinkpad x220, was using an HP dv6 before

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Latitude XT2

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Had more yays than nays about the design.

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this macbook ripoff by asus.
i7, 8gb ram, 240gb ssd, nvidia 840, matte display.

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why is it sitting in your drive?

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If I use the homescreen search bar to look up images, why can't I save and share them from there? If you long press nothing comes up

So I have to go into the browser app and do it again in order to achieve this. What is the point of the stupid search bar then?

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I never used it.

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Just tried it if you image search and go to the actual link page it acts normal.

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>i play videogames

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Why is /v/ so retarded? Its worse than /pol/.

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I instantly walk away when someone says this.

Don't get me wrong, I play some games every now and then but if someone goes as far as to mentioning "gaming" as an acceptable hobby I just screen them for the rest of the conversation. Not interested in talking to some autistic manchildren with little to no connection with the real world.

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>Why is /v/ so retarded?
average age is 15-20

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What is a good microphone for less than $50?

I am looking into getting a decent mic so I can Skype with my internet gf.

Does anyone have any experience with pic realted?

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Dunno look at amazon or something fuck. Just don't go with the cheapest option, ever. Even one price grade above will be much better quality. Read the reviews.

>internet gf

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you literally cannot prove me wrong, this is FACT

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>She did not say no, I just had her go to sleep and take some rest, I just want to comfort her

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>What are servers
>Being a babby in 2016
>Companies don't give a shit

Cubicle monkeys use Windows, I'll give you that.

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But they would have never earned it to begin with. By that logic, anyone who doesn't buy something makes it a loss. How is that a loss if I wasn't going to buy it either way? A loss is when they have to subtract money from their revenue.

Technically age is just a number, mr satan.

You got me. How do I give it back?

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>being this autistic
Not everyone is a sys admin or a programmer, people use software for different reasons. They give a shit when they use it on their servers or for coding, that's it.

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>using office

AMD drivers are shit anyway

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Sup /g/.
Just fixed my main computah, graphic card died

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nothing about a "graphic card" dying would require you reinstall your OS.

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Oh right i forget, the first hdd also died

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fresh install:

dubs get to name my computer

it has to be cool, i'm thinking a legendary creature if possible. thx

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>not Sexual Tyrannosaurus
at least try

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>dubs get to name
>it has to be cool
pick one, you gigantic faggot

do it, for fucks sake, and post pictures already

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aaaand confirmed.

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I didnt even realise I got dubs. Kek be praised!

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