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I've been meaning to create this thread for a while. Let's focus only on the Macbook Pro, both retina and not. Suggest alternatives that either offer the same specs for less or better specs for more. The goal is to determine if the MBP really is the best, or one of the best, machines for its price or not.

>Which configuration?
Whatever you want, although I'd think it would be easier to simply compare the ends of the spectrum: a 15" rMBP and a 13" MBP to their counterparts.

Things that count for comparison:
This should really be the first dividing point. Let's not compare 13" laptops to 15.6" ones.
The MBP and rMBP are different laptops and thus deserve different comparisons. Compare them with laptops that offer the same or better resolution.
>General specs
CPU, GPU, RAM, storage size and type, etc
Apple usually wins here, but try to offer something in its vicinity. Use Notebookcheck or something similar for battery time.
>Weight and build
Self-explainatory, try to find something about as light and durable as a MBP.

Things that don't really count much:
It's important, but in no way decisive. I'm being kind to Apple since their chiclet keyboards suck more than any other I've tried.
Even less important since more people will plug in a mouse than a keyboard. Although the trackpad on the MBP is regarded as really good, it's not a huge deal and it's very subjective (for example I love the trackpad on my T410 which a lot of people hate).

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More things that don't count (again, they're important as details, not as defining selling point):
>Those gay magnetic power cords
They get ruined really easy, yet tou can safely trip on them. Moot point I'd say.
No one else uses it, no matter how good it is it's an obscure technology.

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If you went back in time and gave 1970s IBM a modern smartphone, would technology be more advanced today?

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touchscreens are actually alien technology first seen in roswell, it just took that much time to reverse engineer them

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No, they wouldn't know what the fuck to do with it. Technology to recreate the parts didn't exist. It would sit around like a brick for a long time. We might be about 5 years ahead of where we are now in current day, but that's not massive. I guess it counts though.

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you just reminded me of how the plot of transformers made absolutely no sense
>megatron went to earth to turn their tech into transformers
>we find megatron and make technology based off of him

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ITT: We, the proud ownarz brag about haveing the most badass case that ever was.

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Looks like a big ungainly prodigy with more fluff than needed.

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What does it provide that my TJ07, P183 or LC17 doesn't?
It better suck my dick for looking that horrible.

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Aerocool DS is superior due to filters no?

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>no horizontal mATX chassis exist
>say fuck it and move on to ATX
>this chassis hits the market a week later
Oh well, xfire with room to breath in my Define R4 isnt the end of the world.

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Can your regular dumb phone use 3G connectivity? Play a spectrum of audio and video files (WAV, MP4, AAC, AMR, MP3, M4A, WMA, 3GP)? Stream Youtube in an efficient (data costs) way? Send and receive Whatsapp messages (via a native app, obviously)? Hot swap micro SD cards up to 32GB? Like posts on Facebook with a native client? Hot swap a secondary SIM card? Come in at least 5 colors? Download firmware OTA? Use the Nokia Slam feature to rapidly share files between Nokia devices? Do that faster than regular Bluetooth file exchanges? Take 360 degree panorama photos? Take voice assisted self-portraits? Download thousands if not millions of apps on a dedicated, hand-curated app store?

And last but not least; live for 30 days on average use of all the above features and capabilities which are only the tip of the iceberg?

I doubt it can. In fact, it is for certain that some smartphones even have trouble keeping up with said functionality. Then why waste almost, if it isn't more, thousand dollars on smartphones (One, S4, 5S and the like) if all you do is texting (be it Facebook chat, Whatsapp or even traditional texts) and making calls with some casual browsing? Don't tell me you are effectively making use of the quad cores your smartphone has. Don't tell me you need a 1080p or Retina display for reading texts. This phone has all you need when you need it for an affordable price yet being aesthetically pleasing.

It is not about being hipster, retro or against the current order of phones. It is about being smart. Without a smartphone.


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I'm going to use my old Samsung Monte as an example.

>use 3g connectivity
It had 3G, but internet browsing is terrible (cont. later)
>play a spectrum of audio and video files
I didn't test all, but WAV, MP4, MP3, WMA works.
>Stream youtube in an efficent way
Monte could stream youtube from the browser page, but holy shit it had terrible MPEG4 compression. It would play every video in 144p.
>Send and receive Whatsapp messages
Monte was before Whatsapp existed, but given that Facebook works near flawlessly on it (cont later), it would be possible.
>hot swap micro sd cards up to 32gb
Monte had up to 16gb :_:
Would definitely be possible, but not likely considering dumbphone users may generally not have that huge needs.
>Like posts on Facebook
Native Facebook app ish gud
>Download firmware OTA
Assuming they actually get firmware, shouldn't be hard, but I can't comment on this
>Nokia Slam feature to rapidly share files
No clue what this is
>Do that faster than regular bluetooth file exhanges
Considering Bluetooth file exchange is excruciatingly slow..
>live for 30 days on average
My monte lasted a week

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>It is about being smart. Without a smartphone.

Bravo OP.

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>Don't tell me you are effectively making use of the quad cores your smartphone has. Don't tell me you need a 1080p or Retina display for reading texts. This phone has all you need when you need it for an affordable price yet being aesthetically pleasing.

My consensus on smartphones:

Spending 1k on a smartphone isn't completely ill-conceived. Yes its a stupid amount of money for a device that can't fulfil all your needs like a PC or Laptop.

But consider most of the non-tech market. There are people where their only method of accessing the internet is from their smartphone.

>inb4 stop being a poorfag

Think your faggotty stereotypical hipster. They use the smartphones as their medium to access the internet. They don't seem to have a need for a PC with their "uses", so having a singular phone device that fulfils their needs is great, and the higher price tag is somewhat fulfilled for them, if they have only this one medium to access the web.

Another thing about smartphones functionality, is giving us more choices in what we want the phone to be, and what we want them to do. Look at all the ricing everything, all the modding, it allows the smartphone to be customized to how we want it.

Want a pip-boy smartphone? Sure
Want a minimalist text phone? Sure

Its the freedom of choice that is one great thing in smartphones.

That said, smartphones also do more than just that, as in being a full media player, which sorta justifies their large sizes (still weird for me), and that 1080p display is a good thing for those people who use it as a PMP, especially if they fall in the category of "no pc lel".

>inb4 stop shilling


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QQ International. Just read someone sales pitch that this is basically a remake of MSN. Has /g/ had any experience with it, if so is it good or is it a steaming pile of shit?

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Yeah he's right about the MSN part and it works great. But it is for chinese mostly like Line for the other asians

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Does it allow inline picture sharing/display?

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so /g/ i've had a pair of soundmagic e10 in ear headphones for a few years and they have finally broken, question is for that sort of price range is there a better set of in ear headphones?

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Those are pretty spot on in that price range

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Am I the only one thinking dumbphones are awesome? Especially the ones by Nokia running S40. Now that Lumia is handed to Microsoft, Nokia will be fully concentrating on dumb phones which means it will even get better.

Just look at these videos, you can't tell me that's not sexy. Their music composers are also top tier. If anyone knows the music its origins, please tell.


Smartphone users welcome for critique and discussion, but please no bashing.

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>I don't want my phone to be an actual phone

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I guess you are the kind of person to take pictures with a tablet.

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I have a 301 and a 515.

Only thing I don't like about the 515, is that the call log is hidden away deep in a menu. It's retardedly annoying to get to it, and it isn't very intuitive once you get into it.

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>restricting features makes something more of a phone
no it doesn't

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A cheap iPhone would make a great simple phone (text/call/email) but it'll never happen...

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Are there any decent soundcards with very high sample rate (more than 200khz)?
the higher the better, price range is <200$.

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192KHz support is very common, what would you use more for?

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Dacs are fairly expensive, i doubt there any with such high sample rate and below 200$. Sound cards are cheap commodity hardware.

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Ultrasound output.

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there's specialized hardware for that kind of thing

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>budget <200$
I'm trying to create a cheap(as cheap as possible) experimental system similar to this, but with higher frequencies:

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hey /g/ long time no see, how you all doing?

I'm using 7tsp to patch my icons, but I'm unable to open any files in explorer with it. Has anyone else here ran into this? I have ResHacker installed , tried reinstalling and everything but no luck. Any ideas?

Also general ricing thread, any/every OS lets go

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no you made this thread to get free tech support for your austistic need to customize your desktop, right?

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>complaining about not being able to install botnets for your botnets

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you're supposed to leave them in the compressed file, the patcher converts them to .ico and implements them into the OS itself from that

to be honest, yes, and i know it's a shitty thing to do and i'm an asshole for doing that but i've looked everywhere else for answers. but at least i'm content with using my OS and not forcing my opinions on everyone else like the pathetic dicklord you are

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Not forcing any opinions, just laughing at you :^)

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whatever works for you buddy i ain't judging

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sudo apt-get update

what are you installing right now?


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thread is too old to delete

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Does anyone have guides on:

>most minimal x11 install, without the 50 packages it installs by default including drivers for graphics cards you don't even have
>most basic things you need to install to get audio working (tried apt-get install alsa, but aplay -l said "no audio card found")

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1. there should be a package available that is just the X server by itself, not the usual metapackage which includes tons of technically optional components
2. alsa and sound card drivers are usually provided as part of the kernel itself

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Had to install Gnome because muh xfce crashed out of GUI after I chose the wrong theme from xfce settings...

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>sudo apt-get update
Last time I did that I had two hours of downtime. I really should stop adding stuff to apt sources. Nobody seemed to notice though.

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What THE FUCK is going on today?

First 4chan gets hacked

Then /tv/ completely takes over a celebrity reddit AMA

Now /b/ is being flooded with gore and cp

Is this the craziest day in 4chan history or what? It seems like we just coincidentally had the biggest events on 4chan in the past 5 years all on the same day

I dont even know what the fuck is going on anymore

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Not technology.


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so what printer do i buy?

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research faggot


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avoid inkjet
find one with a lot of generic toner avaliable

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Get a network laser printer that speaks PostScript or PCL. Never fuck with drivers ever again.

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>1. Your OS
>2. Your country
>3. You opinion on gay marriage

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No problems with it

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1. CrunchBang
2. Austria
3. I don't care, people should be able to marry who or whatever they want.

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Point out where "the latter was part of your defense of the former" then.

I don't believe in the concept. You have to define your own shitlibisms, shitlib.

>Yes, those examples exist, no, they still aren't the majority and no, that still doesn't devalue that fact that human rights are enforced by most executive powers.

What majority are you referring to here? You don't seem to understand that by the very virtue of human rights being determined by majority opinion, this means they differ by race, culture, region and hosts of other demographics. You basically disprove their universality in your attempt to defend them.

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I support it.

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>what are you vaping?
>favorite juice company?
>why haven't you ventured into rebuildables yet?

And let us not forget tradition:

>argue with weedfags
>hurr e-cigs arent technology but anime sure is

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Fuck. It's bad enough people are performing this atrocity. Now everything's going to be made into an e-cig?

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using vision spinner 1300mAh + Dillon's EVOD.
That clearo is much fucking better than protank3/iclear30 i ve been using for half year.
Thinking about getting mech mod but first i ll need to learn how to rebuildables.
Are there any vw mod that looks like most of mechs (perfect look)?

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Did I just fuck up?

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If you could work anywhere in the tech industry, where would you work? I think it would be cool to work at Mozilla or other company that supports internet freedom.

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S-So you can have access to the data the botnet got and erase it.


>> No.41554077

By myself running my own company. I always hated working with others who also had an interest in computers.

I think it is hard to find people to work with who are compatible with myself.

>> No.41554081

Was this the original idea for the show?

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/x/phile in need of /g/'s knowledge. Guys wife had a recording of them having sexy time the previous night to her iphone from "wofirrexa-4412."
We are trying to help this guy figure out if her phone is compromised and possibly who recorded and sent the message.
Link to thread

>> No.41553345


>> No.41553391


>> No.41553429

Lol he posted a link to the audio that was received of him plowing his wife.

>> No.41553438

Bumping with what we have from last thread:

1. "Wofirrexa-4412" is 14 characters. SMS/MMS alphanumeric spoofed IDs can only be 11 characters max. iMessage sender IDs cannot be spoofed, and there's no indication that's a iMessage or Apple ID. This is where I'm stumped.

2. We narrowed it down to near certainty the recording came from either his wife's iPhone, his iPhone, or his laptop. The logistics of some other kind of physical recording device/bug make no sense, and any remote listening device is just silly.

It's most likely to be wife's iPhone. OP says she can't find Cydia or other evidence of Jailbreak which is weird, but that is definitely not ruled out.

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The fucking FCC is now working hand-in-hand with the shitty ISPs in the USA to fuck everything up, they're going to charge WEBSITES for bandwidth that the USERS use!
Even if you live outside of the USA (like me) this will still affect you since you probably use a lot of websites hosted there!

Related links:

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sadly I don't think that it is possible

>> No.41553830

I'm kind of curious about the logistics but tech isn't really my area, I just browse /g/ for shit and giggles.

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So fuck off.

>> No.41554145

That's mean. Does your waifu know you're like that to other people?

>> No.41554187

These should be more common.

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Hey /g/. I was just wondering, what is the difference between the Lenovo Laptop series? I see that they categorize them as "Business" or "Student" and such, but some of the student laptops(G510 with i7) have faster components than the business laptops. Could you guys tell me the actual difference?
>Talk to customer support chat
>"Which is faster, the T440 with the i3 or the G510 with the i7?"
>"The T440 sir! It is our business grade model!"
>Wat.jpeg how is i3-4010U>i7 4700MQ?
>$200+ price difference in models

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Ex IBM employee reporting in. The only difference between the business models (t40-t430 etc) and the student models. Are that the business models are more robust still. They are still the original IBM thinkpad quality where the others are shitty lenovo quality.

IMO I would rather get a new t430 with extended battery and 8gig ram than any G-series

>> No.41553530

I figure it'll hold up well in whatever I want to do really. Plus I like to play some cpu intensive games every now and then like anything blizzard-made/minecraft(although only play to make mods now)

>> No.41553541

Gotcha, that's what I figured. With that being said, would it not matter the difference in quality assuming I don't throw around the laptop a lot and have it plugged in most of the time?

>> No.41553667

bump, sorry to keep the thread going... I'll let it die soon.

>> No.41553707

alright, the g510 it is!

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Hi, /g/.
I got a free computer, it's a Compaq Presario SR2011WM (pic related).

I realize it's an old piece of shit now but I want to use it as a test bench if possible. Anyway I got it for free because it has some issues.

For some reason it randomly decides whether or not the onboard video wants to work. I 've tried diagnosing the problem and the best guess I have is that it's maybe bad ram since it generally works sometimes after I shuffle the ram sticks around, but I'mve tried it in configurations of each ran stick in each sloto, both ram sticks in both slots, and different ram in different computers and it sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Even with the same stick of ram.

The video is also wobbly and shaky, which I realized is caused by the USB ports. It looks fine until I start typing (which then it shakes when I press keys) or move the mouse (where it starts shaking hardcore until I stop moving the mouse).

What the fuck is wrong with this computer? How fix?

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Nope, didn't work

>> No.41553461

You did all that in less then 7 mins.
Try again by that order, AND FLASH the bios son.

>> No.41553469

Sounds like something with the motherboard, if switching graphics cards doesn't solve the problem, and switching RAM around gives different results.

The issue is only related to video, or does the whole system crash randomly?

Also, do you know what those issues were that the comp had and stuff like that?

>> No.41553483

My bought my parents a Compaq Presario SR1010Z about 10 years ago (very similar to what you have).

In my experience the onboard video sucks. There is something wrong with the connection. It monitor turns a shade of red when the computer table is bumped or shaken slightly. At one point I put in an old video card I had and everything ran fine.

I never messed with the RAM on that computer. It only has 512MB total. And the onboard gfx uses 64MB of the RAM (the amount is adjustable in the BIOS).

When I installed Lubuntu on it I found that there were no video drivers under Linux for the onboard gfx (at least I haven't found any to this date). Here are some of the links I found back in the day:



Currently I use Lubuntu on that PC and I don't have proper video drivers for it. And it looks like shit.

To summarize: I have 2 issues
1) No proper video drivers
2) Funky red screen at times (probably a connector issue).

I no longer have a video card in the box, but when I did it worked fine under windows and linux.

I have no idea if my problems are related to your problems. But the hardware is similar so I thought I would share.

Good luck.

>> No.41553717

>SIS video card
Is this the year 2001?

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many apologies in advance if this is totally the wrong place to ask this.

can anyone please suggest any good free antivirus software that i can download. I hate norton because it slows down my computer so much. mcaffee started doing these fucking huge pop up notifications that literally take up almost a quarter of my screen space and pop up at least once a week. and im so fucking sick of this.
I dont know what to buy at the store because all of the writing on the boxes sounds like bullshit.
I also dont really have much money.
So can anyone suggest any free antivirus. or suggest any that's good?

i guess since this is a discussion board also discuss antivirus software?!?
please thanks!!

>> No.41553252


>> No.41553338

thankyou anon!