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Fast, reliable & secure web hosting with unlimited support.

visit: i-hostyou.com

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A friend of mine recently bought a 2015 macbook pro (running OSX), the i5 variant. Just for fun we ran a quick python script on his macbook pro and my 5/6 year old thinkpad x201t (running Ubuntu) to see who completed the task faster.

>Generate a random, 10 million integer long list
>Each integer had value between 0 and 10 million
>Sort the list into ascending order

My thinkpad is running a dual core (with hyperthreading) i7 @ 2.00 ghz. His macbook pro is running a dual core i5 @ 2.7 ghz (iirc).

>Macbook pro took ~21 seconds to complete the task
>Thinkpad took ~17 seconds

Some things to note: Linux designated the task to a single core, which was 100% utilised. OSX showed that two cores were each 50% utilised. Now, this is a singly threaded task so I'm assuming that OSX was switching between the two cores and not using two threads to complete the task faster.

Despite the overhead required to switch between the two cores I'm shocked that with ~35% higher clock speed a single core still took ~25% longer.

This isn't a jab at Macs, I assume it's a similar affair with any ultrabook of a similar price. I'm just amazed that after 6 years the raw processing power in 'high-end' laptops doesn't seem to have increased at all. (Yes I'm aware there are power consumption improvements and other improvements).

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What, in your opinion, is the most heavily shilled brand or product on /g/?

pic unrelated ?

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>tfw you bought into the Thinkpad meme
I got horribly meme'd, this thing sucks

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Fuck you, I was going to say that.

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Linux, followed by mpv.

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Office secretary woman, successful and decent at everything over-all
C's daughter. She's a younger version of her mother and tries to be "miss perfect"
The one no one remembers or cares about because both her sister and mother are better girls.
>Mips asm
The really klutz girl who you need to be VERY careful with.
Tsundere as hell. Will get angry at you for not doing things her way, will make you jump through a lot of holes
Plain jane. Kind of laid back, but that's about it. Childhood friend who never wins.
Kind of like python, but even more forgiving towards you and dedicated to you. The "why won't senpai notice me?" girl.
That really nerdy girl who is super good at math, but doesn't have much else going for her.
Really quiet and shy girl who won't tell you anything until she really trusts you.
Public slut. Used up, anyone can get her.
>Basic and 4tran
Christmas cakes. The "ara ara my my..." types.
The retarded one.

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Holy fucking neckbeard.

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S-Shut up faggot don't make me hack your savings account.

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She's like Python, but less smart.

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Old thread: >>48140565

Not sure what private trackers are all about?

Check out the wiki and update it yourself you want to add more instead of complaining like a fucking faggot. https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers

How to get into private trackers (and survive): http://pastebin.com/ecGRiQhk

What.CD Interview Notes: http://pastebin.com/dWBU7ZXs

Use https://boards.4chan.org/g/#s=ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread

Remember the following:
>staff read these generals and have posted here before.
>staff pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers
>people report emails and other personal info posted here to staff to get you banned.
>most of the invite offers here are people trolling you with false hope

Don't be a faggot. Join officially instead of begging. Almost nobody gets invited to trackers via /ptg/. We're mostly about private tracker bros helping each other out with requests, sharing information from other trackers, adding bounty, etc

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How do you clean your laptop /g/?

> video related:


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My brother's old Dell 2305's motherboard likely died, and now it's been out of action for about a month and a half. My father and I are trying to figure out how to build a gaming rig for him capable of running World of Tanks and the like at a reasonable (30-40 fps at medium settings) speed, for as cheap as possible. We know we can pull the 6 GB of 1333 MHz RAM and the 500 GB hard drive out of the old computer to recycle it and keep costs down, but Dad also wants to see if he can recycle the processor, an AMD AthlonTM II X4 610e from 2010. Should I suggest the "Minimum" fit from Logical Instruments with the G3220 as the CPU, or should I try to recycle the processor and figure out a different mobo?

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Can anyone point me in the direction on learning to program/hack

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It depends on what you want to do.
If you want to do web development, you should probably look at HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and later Ruby, Python, PHP, or some other language for server-side web development.
If you're interested in web scraping stuff, Python is popular, but I'm sure there are other good languages and toolkits out there.
If you're interested in data analysis, there are a handful of mathy/stats languages, including R, Matlab, and some others.
If you want to make something high-performance, there are tons of lower level languages (C and its derivatives, Java, etc).
There are some weird but cool languages that have their own niche uses (haskell, prolog, erlang, etc) if you're into that.

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Programming today is a collective set of tools
Choose the tool based on what you are trying to do
>>48166167 is talking the right things

ignore the "hacking" BS while you learn the basics
>Find Problem
>Break it down
>solve the parts
>get your programed solution

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I'm trying to take the CCNA before the year is over. I was thinking about this book http://www.amazon.com/CCNA-Routing-Switching-Study-Guide/dp/1118749618.
I know jack shit about switches and routers so I was looking for some recommendations for good routers and switches for CCNA practice

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Why not go to nearest university/college that offer bootcamp/seminars/tutorials for CCNA? It's about 3-5months and some of them give discounts for the test.

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Looking to buy a new TV for watching, no games, $800 budget... what should I get /g/ bros?

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Depending on the size of TV you want, you might want to save even more money.

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You should read the sticky, realize that /g/ is not your personal consumer tech review site, and then proceed to fuck off.

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40-50 inches is my goal

kill yourself, autisimo fuck

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Then you have enough to buy a decent TV. You should look for Sony and Panasonic TVs in that size and price range on review sites. I'm not going to spoon feed because that wouldn't teach you anything about buying TVs. Look at CNET's TV reviews too. TV Reviews are one thing they can do pretty well.

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Just got an ol presario compaq for free, what is a good free anti virus? there was only four in the sticky and it made them all sound like shit

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Sup /g/

I've been playing around with this old imac g5 I got at a yard sale and actually managed to install linux on it. Problem is, it's essentially the same as OS 9 or whatever used to be on it, so I haven't made any progress toward getting it to run windows.

Is it even possible to run even XP on this old thing ? Or should I give up ?

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>System 9
Do your fucking research.

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if its processor architecture is power pc or whatever and not an intel x86, then no. only macintrash os or linux broski.

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Yeah I found this out while I was tabbed and googling around.

So, because it's powerpc and not intel, can I emulate windows programs ? That's really all I need to do, I know it's old as fuck.

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>ppc g5
pick one

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Does anyone know how to improve the battery life on a Sony Xperia Z3?

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Underclock it
Root and Greenify
Go Gapps free
Disable wake locks
Do not install Facebook, try "Tinfoil for Facebook" if you need Facebook. This applies to other "battery sucking" apps as well.
Try screen dimmers or turning off every other pixel.
Get a battery case
Stop using your phone so much
Bring a battery pack

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My Z3 Compact used to last 5 days on a single charge.

Recently upgraded to Lolipop and now its struggling to hit 2 days.


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Keep it on Stamina Mode 24/7, and uninstall that hellspawn WWE Immortals, also use your tablet to watch dumb YT videos, not your phone.

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For some reason my z3 lasts 6 hours.

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Stop playing PS2 emulators on your phone you jackass.

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does anyone know how i hack something???
it looks cool and i want to be cool

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First start by being a morbidly obese virgin in your 30s. Oh and poor hygiene doesn't hurt.

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i know

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whats /g/ doing/ drinking/ eating tonight ?

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Drinking coffee and writing PHP.

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Potato chips and water

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Eating crackers in uni library, drinking an ice tea.
Got another hour before my next class.

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Anyone having rice tonight? :^)

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Is there something wrong with Microsoft's servers or something? Whenever I try to check for new updates in Windows Updates, it takes a lot longer than usual. And sometimes it gives me an error code and can't check for updates. This has been happening for a couple days on two separate computers.

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Are phone unlocking services legit or scams?

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legit scams.

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Is there one more legity and less scammy than the rest?

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Cellunlocker.net is legit, worked for me

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How do you feel about Galaxy S6 edge Avengers: Age of Ultron edition?

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Korean junk.

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넌 쓰레기야.

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How original.

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Occasionally leave it on a table or desk because it's a mobile device.

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The edge doesn't touch the desk.

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Is stuxnet still relevant? Or is it just considered as a trend setter for other types of better cyber warfare?

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trend setter. it's pernicious but knowing about it means that when a power factory goes all screwy we immediately suspect malware, which isn't how stuxnet's designers *wanted* it to operate.

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The assumed goal of stuxnet was weak. I mean, if I was going to construct a cyber warfare weapon I would want it to completely disable a country's nuclear capabilities. Stuxnet just set them back by a few months. Big deal. Who cares? If you're going to do something to really rock the boat, then make a war or something.... damn....

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I want to have a NAS running as one of my VMs in ESXi. Now, I've never set up esxi but it should be easy from what I've read. Is an esxi+nas setup feasible? Has anyone done this?

As an aside... what is synology good for?