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Thanks for WubTheCaptain for donating 2x4TB WD Black disks!
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Apple won

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>Herro my name is Steve thank you for calling [company name] customer service how can I herp you?

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We Are The Only Puzzle On The Internet Worth Solving:

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daily reminder that 3.5mm jacks are the reason phones are so thick

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no that's just apple being shit at engineering

chinese already made a phone two thirds as thin as iphone 6 with 3.5mm and they're gonna pust it further

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That autism of yours is progressing really fast, doesn't it?

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Stale pasta is stale.

Also this. Make all headphones bluetooth.

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Thick is subjective.

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>so thick
phones are already way too thin

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Umm /g/...
Now that the resolution race is going on, can we agree on an "optical" monitor size for resolutions
23" is for 1080p
24" is for 1200p
2_"/3_" is for 1400p
3_"/4_" is for 4K
3_"/4_" is for 5K

I have a 27" 1440p monitor and I don't really have to scale anything up. Some stuff are kinda small though and made me wish it was 29" instead. I don't think I could use a monitor bigger than that either.

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If chrome is open source why doesn't somebody just go into the code and remove the botnet?

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You're part of their botnet whether you use Chrome or not.

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Chromium is the exact same thing as Chrome, only without the proprietary codecs and flash.

umm i mean


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The same reason you can't do it for windows or ubuntu, most software would be useless without the botnet.

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>open source

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what is fix ubuntu?

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I haven't seen this conversation here for months and it's somewhat more important than giving advice on outdated business notebooks.
For my opinion hit up Evan Miller:
Excluding the ""MAC""

>pic related waiting for the gf

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I've always loved my dads speakers, they connect both ways with this pin. We had a stereo-system(with a freaking cassette player) to which these were connected to till 2015 when that stereo system completely gave up. I want to take the speakers as they're around 15-20 years old and still working like a charm.

Problem is I don't know how to hook them up to a PC, the speaker wires connect both ways to a port like in the pic.

(pic found on the internet)

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you can't connect them to a pc without an amp, buy an external DAC and hook them up to that, it will sound beautiful. Look up what a DAC is in the /g/uide sticky. Welcome Newfriend. also consider buying a mousepad, they're on sale at the moment...

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I've been here since 2006 lol.

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>Doesn't know how to wire up a fucking speaker

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then you know how good of a deal a mousepad is (;
you don't have to buy a dac but it would probably sound better and be smaller/reliable. I have some massive speakers and a receiver from long ago as well but i don't use them because the receiver sucks power.
also this >>47592081

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Get a decent (stereo) amplifier.

There is vast amount of resource if you want to dig into hifi.

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So does charging your battery when it's at 100% damage your battery or what? Every single person gives a different answer ranging from yes, no, yes and no, no and yes.

What's so annoying about this is that I have to charge my macbook when it's in closed clamshell mode for some reason, otherwise this wouldn't really be a problem for me at least.

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not anymore. for a long while now, charging is "smart" and the device knows when it's at 100%. It doesn't just send the same amount of power no matter what when it's plugged in.
The only reason not to keep your stuff plugged in when it's fully charged is paranoia or power savings.

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oh okey, but storing the battery at 100% is only harmful when it's long-term?

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My name is

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still better than the previous abomination

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Slim shady

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The only logical answer. Le trashman icon when?

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I was using tinyboard but that is outdated and broken. Any suggestions?

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I won a couple of years of free VPS hosting. What types of shit do you guys do with personal servers? Sadly it's US based, so no useful VPN usage.

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That woman has a face that would fit a fat woman. I bet she's fat now.

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Hey /g/ I was wondering if there' a way to wierelessly connect these two bluetooth speaker and pair them both with one device at the same time.

pic related Creative Muvo Mini and Creative Airwave

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forgot that you might need to know the OS which is playing music.

It can be Windows 10, Windows Mobile 10, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 7.8 and Andriod 4.4.2

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Use logitech Bluetooth transceiver box, split rca outputs to both speakers. Pair device to logitech box

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>american speeds

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That installer hasn't been changed since Steam was originally released, bar probably the license agreement and program/updater version.

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we have better things to spend our tax dollars on than internet infrastructure you europoor! There are many, credible polls that show people don't want or need faster speeds.

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And that they want to go to war, and are always in favour of new bills! Right, anon?

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Show me your browser add-ons, /g/!

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If he did that, he wouldn't be able to play content from sites that don't support HTML5. He probably only wants it forced on YT, why else would he be using that? Dumbass

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>going to websites which are still using flash
It's like you want to live in the past.

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please stop fighting

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>going to websites which are still using flash
*cough* porn *cough*

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Greasemonkey for 4chanx
Private tab and auto private work with eachother really, REALLY well.

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What are the major improvements in the Skylake? I've got money burning a hole in my pocket.

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But they would get less profit from old stock that way, remember they have to earn money to keep investing in researching better performance
I hope they release at least 3 diferent sockets in the next years so everyone can keep supporting Intel|

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>b-but I have an AMD processor and it's really good.
>w-why are they all making fun AMD
>surely there must be some reasonable explanation in the thread

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I'm expecting the jews to postpone skylake to 2017.
What are people going to do, switch to AMD?

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5% IPC bump and lower power draw, like every other new Intel generation post-Sandy Bridge.

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>He buys he's computer components based on their color scheme.

Can a person be more of a pleb?

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Figures this thread was all about shit tan and brown fans. Still, they come in black.

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>He buys he is computer [...].

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But the blacks differs from the brown and grey

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Old thread at >>47579679

What are you working on, /g/?

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enjoy your bloated function heap

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thanks m8

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if(x <= 0) return 1;
for(int i = x; i > 1; x *= --i);
return x;

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>Didn't check the catalog

Stop this pointless war or /g/ is going to get the same anti-spam filters that /v/ has.

>he doesn't think he's at fault
I'm going to give a gigantic hint you stupid faggot, it takes two to be at war with something.

Thanks for ruining /g/.

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>Backblaze, the cloud backup provider, pulled almost 5,000 3TB drives out of service after the annual failure rate reached a startling 47 percent

>Backblaze found that Seagate 4TB drives are fine, with a 2.6 percent AFR as of the end of 2014, and over 17,000 4TB Seagate drives purchased.

Model affected: ST3000DM001
This HDD is also included in Expansion 3TB Desktop External Hard Drive (Model STBV3000100).


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And? It's been known for years that the 3TB had issues.

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>Seagate has the worst failure rates out of any HD manufacturer
Which sucks, because they used to be the best drive money could buy.

All my enterprise Seagate drives have been pulled from service as well. It almost feels like the original WD green issue all over again.

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How the fuck is /g/ this stupid? Just look up hdd return rates for seagate and western digital and you'll see they're pretty much the same. Not only that but considering how much cheaper seagate is I could fucking buy two seagate drives to put in raid for the price of one western digital which would be much more reliable than one wd. Not only that considering how much cheaper seagate is I could also buy a data recovery plan for the same price as one wd drive. Why are there so many fucking wd shills on g? You really think because of one study whose conditions were complete bullshit and completely statistically insignificant on a large scale means we'll fall for your wd jewery?

>> No.47592029

Fucking THIS. Backblaze has single handedly ruined Seagate's reputation because they've used an external drive made like the WD green (as in, made specifically for storing things you don't use often) for intense server usage and then declared it shit. It's like using a glass bottle as a hammer and then declaring that all glass bottles are shit for everything because you broke it like an idiot.
There never was a green issue. There were only morons using storage drives for their OS and complaining that it crapped itself under a load it wasn't made for. The head parking is completely fine when it's not used to store a page file.

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sup /g/ so i fucked up and sent someone a pic of me and i think i forgot to clear the exif off it .it got sent through pinger. My question is does anyone know when you send a receive photos through pingr is the exif still on the pic? these people are allreay trying to find me through the fake number i sent on face book. So i'm assuming they are dumb.. i also have their pics and info. but i'm kinda nervouse right now about the whole thing.

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sorry the app was exif wizard on through ipone

>> No.47592062


>Copied the picture from the message

>only thing that came up was info on when the copy of the pic was created

Step by Step as detailed as possible when it comes to OS manipulation and shit. How did you send her the file?

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went into my photo album grabbed a pic i thought i wiped sent it through pingr

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>create another pingr account
>send picture to yourself
>see if it contains data

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i did this. I sent the pic to my real number. when i saved the pic the exif was of the time and date of me just saving it. now i'm using an iphone i dont know how android save information