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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?


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You made a thread about me?

Like for realz man?

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>I had an iShit 6 before this that got touch disease.
How did it die? My piece of shit decided to quit on me while I was about to order a fuckton of pizzas.

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>If you have a decent connection, streaming is faster for the enduser.
No it isn't. Streaming is fucking dogshit, unstable, requires an internet connection present with you at all times, and drains phone/tablet batteries fast.

>Consider the following: you still have to store the entire file locally if you want to avoid streaming it, and which means you have to wait for the entire file to transfer.
How is this a problem on modern 100MB/s microsd cards?

>Your method also requires manual encoding of each and every file, and even with a script is more time consuming than using plex or an alternative that transcodes to a larger file/higher bitrate on the fly.
Unless you have a shit computer you should easily be able to transcode all of your shit with a simple script in 1 or 2 nights. This beats having to deal with all the problems that streaming brings.

Shit you don't even need a script, staxrip will baby you through encoding multiple files automatically.

>As someone else mentioned: neck yourself.
Are you going to be signing this same tune when budget 1TB 300MB/s microsd cards and budget CPUs capable of doing 100+ FPS of fast preset 22 CRF 4K HEVC

Anyway streaming is fucking dogshit and only used by retards that can't even use ffmpeg.

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