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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?


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I'm just dismantling it for the internet.

Here are some specs of the new Furby in comparison to the old ones:

"Furby’s Communication

If anyone remembers the definitive version of the Furby toy, most of its novelty relied on its unique communication methods. Furby would speak in a set of jumbled words and you were tasked with learning its native language while teaching it English in the process. The same holds true with the new version of Furby, but it will be much easier thanks to the companion iOS app.

The more you talk to furby, the more words it will pick up and the more it will talk back.

Furby Gets Some More Expressive Oculars
Furby now has a different set of oculars, which aren’t quite as blank and creepy this time around. In place of the circular plastic eyes of the classic Furby, are a couple of LCDs that display images in a dot matrix pattern. The new LCDs help Furby show a wider range of emotions, and animations, that essentially allow it to interact with you more.

Graphical patterns and pictograms will also show up on the LCDs during different situations, which include things like rainbows, and two-finger peace signs."

no fun allowed

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