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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?


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How is the internet going to work once we all have AR or VR specifically web browsers?
I have been browsing around for a VR web browser and found this shit called janus. It reminds me of angelfire way back in 1999 where you would create a shitty website just because you could.


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>tfw I live in a shitty middle eastern country
>the only good online shop doesn't have any of the /hpg/ approved headphones that are in my budget range
>the rest of them are brands that I've never seen before or just the really expensive ones
I'll just have to settle with some shitty expensive gayman headset and hate myself for the rest of my life

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iirc, in NVIDIA launch event they bragged about having spent on making the 1080 enough bucks to go to Mars. Not counting how much bullshit that is, how fucking sad is that they and their fanboys are actually proud of that? I just heard it again and want to actually go to Mars to be far away from these people

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I'm a php dev.

My company wants me to use the gmail api to make a script that updates everyone's signature every x mins.

I have a service account.

I cannot for the life of me figure this out... I've tried reading the shitty online documentation ut none of it works or it's deprecated / the instructions don't matchs whats really available.

PLs sum1 help. Leave a Bitcoin if you do give any helpful suggestions or how tos.

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More or less true tbh.

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The internet will never be decentralized again

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>tfw apple releases a new os

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>tfw you realize the shilling on /g/ is real and not an epic maymay

I got tricked into waiting for the 390x and running my new build on integrated. After a couple of months I bought a 970 and I've been satisfied.

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Music player Tech.

Holy fuck. How is there not a good IPOD classic 120-160gb replacement.

Bought A fiio x1 - with 128gb sd card ~$200. OMG the interface was so bad. like fuck.

Get tiny sandisk clipZip. -> default UI is meh -> install RockBox and it's good + all the other awesome progs on it.
But. player buttons click loudly, crappy battery, doesn't auto pause when headphones disconnect. and tinnny screen. $40 tho.

Is there anything without those problems and uses rockbox?

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Anyone know any good programs to rip files from a CD to FLAC and create a log file while at it? EAC doesntr work on wine for me. Asunder doesnt create a log file and I dont know how to make a log file on abcde. I have a config but im unsure how to add an option to make log files

Also, General Ripping/Private Tracker/Music Thread

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>saw the thread on /v/
>oh it's on /g/ too
>I bet they'll be more informed than /v/

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>be sysadmin
>make 40k


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Actually, this is the only part I could ever afford to change from what he suggested. The same amount of RAM from G.Skill RipjawsX is double the price here. Seasonic 520W bronze also like that. Feels bad living in a shit country.

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