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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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why aren't you using a $130 mechanical keyboard?

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Because I'm using a superior RK-9000 Red switches mechanical keyboard that only costed me $79.99

>> No. 23769214

Because I already have ~15 that I spent much less for.

>> No. 23769215

Because I can't afford one.

>> No. 23769222

because my $2 IBM Model M does just as good if not better.

>> No. 23769223

because the price of something doesn't necessarily relate to its quality

>> No. 23769232

Because I'm using a $110 mechanical keyboard.

>> No. 23769233

Because I'm not cheaping out on my fucking keyboard you hobo faggot.

Glorious Topre master race reporting in.

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I'm rather interested in the Das Ultimate Silent at the moment

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My RK-9000 fits my needs. Really, $80 is the border between "really good" and "a luxury." A keyboard shouldn't really cost more than a decent smartphone.

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>Glorious Topre master race reporting in

enjoy overpaying for a membrane keyboard

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I have one. Don't let the "HURRRRRRRRRRRR GLOSSY" spergs convince you otherwise. Yes it's glossy, but there's no reason to even look down at it if you can touch type. In addition, a proper typist will never place their fingers on the glossy part anyway. I know I haven't. Plus it comes with a nice little microfiber cloth.

So get it if you want. It's a decent keyboard. Can't go wrong.

>> No. 23769519

You only had to post once.

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Fucking this. It is just a fucking rubber dome that is not activated by contact but capacitance. Rubber domes provide tactile feedback, feels like a rubber dome because it IS a rubber dome.

>> No. 23769622

I've never heard anyone complain about the glossiness before

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I had a Filco, but replaced it with a Das because it did this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N54eusgrtoM

Anyone else's?

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yes, some keys do ring but you have to really look for it. seriously thats just being autistic.

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using this.

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I didn't have to look for it. I just started noticing it. Do you seriously listen to that video and *have to "look" for the ringing*? Get your ears checked.

>> No. 23769729

What the hell is that?

>> No. 23769730

Because I am using a $60 mechanical keyboard.

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razer reporting in

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>> No. 23769809

What keyboard/switch is that?

>> No. 23769812

What's so funny? Or is that your argument?

>> No. 23769825

because im poor as fuck.

>> No. 23769835

Because I've bogged myself down with preorderes for Chinese girl cartoon figures and can't spend any money that's not for them.

I'll hopefully buy a WASD with blue switches this coming May though, as I'll have graduation money.

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because, my keyboard is made out of lasers.

>> No. 23769876

Because I am using a $90 mechanical keyboard.

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>not using a $1600 keyboard

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As cool as it is, most desks aren't very comfy to tap your fingers on. Use one of them for writing more than a few minutes and I wouldn't be surprised if you gave yourself a permanent injury.

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it's an EZKEY arch keyboard.

its switches are a rubber dome, which has a plastic square switch on top of the dome.
it's pretty weird, but i really like how it feels.

>> No. 23770100

*back pat*

>> No. 23770110

Except for the lack of a membrane, unlike, say, the Model M.

>> No. 23770149

what? model m is a bucking spring, topre uses a rubber dome membrane.

>> No. 23770181

Model m uses the membrane for the eletrical contact only, the what provides the feedback is a spring. Topre uses a rubber dome for feedback. Topre is ridiculous, a rubber dome with a fancy sensing mechanism.

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I thought the topre switches were rubber domes with a spring underneath. Making a combination rubber dome and mechanical. I could be wrong though.

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Because this magnificent Dell AT101W I got for $20 is, well, magnificent. I actually find it to be more of a joy to type on than the cherry blue keyboard I also own and got for a modest sum of cash.

>> No. 23770254

The spring has little effect on feedback, it is there to activate the capacitive mechanism.

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Because I'm using the mechanical keyboard I got for free.

>> No. 23770295

It's a great keyboard. Second only to the Model M or Unicomps, in my opinion.

>> No. 23770307

that is one ugly keyboard

>> No. 23770321

Underage detected.

>> No. 23770338

You should have seen how nasty it was when I got it. I had to clean every keycap by hand.

>> No. 23770346

I find it to be rather sexy.

Tell us, what's your idea of a sexy keyboard though?

>> No. 23770347

If you're picky about your mouse and keyboard position the size gets annoying as well. The switches were way too stiff, and they keyboard was way too big when I had one.

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>born 1994

>> No. 23770381

Mine has an "Ambra" badge instead of an IBM badge. Apparently Ambra was a subsidiary of IBM, their first attempt at making budget computers. It went under because IBM overprices everything.

>> No. 23770411

Because scissor-switches like those in my superior apple keyboard are just better.

How does it feel to have apple ahead of the pack in price/value ratio?

Cry more mechanical-loving sheeple.

>> No. 23770415

Das Ultimate is overrated, had it for like 5 years razor is better

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I paid 80$ too.

>> No. 23770433

Indeed, there's around 75% chance that you are underage.

>> No. 23770438

>Better than anything

I'd rather type on a rubber dome than the Black Widow, and I'd rather not have a keyboard than have a Razer one.

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>poor man's filco

>> No. 23770453

/g/'s underage is significantly higher
35 +

but don't worry 3/4 of /g/ is underage

>posting facts on the interwebs to prove arguments

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Mine was 90$, but whatever

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For a poor man's product, it sure is more attractive than the product you claim it to be copying.

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Paying more for a Filco keyboard doesn't necessary mean it's better.

>> No. 23770513

Indeed, but you can't expect most /g/ goers to understand that.

For example, my Dell AT101W shits on most cherry keyboards (keyword most, not all), and it only cost me $15 plus shipping.

>> No. 23770537

but it is better. they use a higher quality pcb board and keycaps on the filco.

>> No. 23770579

The Rosewill board is basically the exact same as the Filco, only it's rebranded under Rosewill.

That's what the majority of Rosewill products are, just rebrandings.

>> No. 23770584

$15 mechanical?
the fuck?
>inb4 I like how domes feel

>> No. 23770598

they have to cut some corners to bring down the price.

>> No. 23770626

Because I'm already using a 12 dollar Walmart keyboard.

>> No. 23770636

Yeah. Old, vintage, keyboards with superior key switches.

It's not hard to come across an IBM Model M, or the aforementioned Dell, selling for $10 - $30 in a thrift store or on eBay.

>> No. 23770654

fucking serious...?

every model M I've seen is like $70, sauce on yours being so cheap.

>> No. 23770665


Are you that butthurt about the fact you can't afford one? :D

Some people just like the smooth response and don't feel like you need to have the sound of a million nuclear bombs attached to your keyboard. The feedback is actually quite fine and the force by regions is awesome.

They're the same switches HHKBs have. Lol. Just extended with the arrow keys and home/end buttons.

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>paying more than 10 bucks for a fucking keyboard

Are you goddamn serious, jesus

>> No. 23770696

I got mine off of eBay for $25 plus $10 shipping like a year ago. You just have to find one at a low price that's near it's selling point, and bid on it last second.

I would provide sauce, but it was online. Traces of it are probably long gone.

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as always
top left: compaq mx-11800
top right: dell at101w
bottom left: `91 ibm model m
bottom right: `86 ibm model m

>> No. 23770700

Because my 3lb keyboard from 2001 hasn't broken yet.
Fucking HP man, what happened to you.

>> No. 23770759

There's a blue label Model M at a discount tech store near me going for $34 bucks. Thing looks like new and feels great.

Actually debating on getting it after I get paid here in a couple of days.

>> No. 23770822

And I just realized I basically said 34 bucks bucks.

Disregard that.

>> No. 23771039


Because I already have a Filco Majestouch, however you just reminded me to buy the Majestouch Ninja for work, which I have just done.

>> No. 23771083

das keyboard ultimate silent reporting in

get it

>> No. 23771128

I paid $3.90 for my model M. It still has 3.90 written on it in crayon. I haven't washed it, and it's still filthy as hell. Typing on it hurts my hands after a few minutes, so I don't know if I'll keep it. inb4

>you're a pussy

The keys are fucking stiff man.

>> No. 23771186

Post pic please.

And if you don't want it, I'll gladly take it off your hands. Just name a price.

>> No. 23771303

Link me to one for vidya gaems that allows me to spam all my keys without errors.

>> No. 23771448

almost all mechanical keyboards have Nkey rollover except shit razer ones. you'll know if it does if it uses a ps/2 adapter.

>> No. 23771492
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The shitty one I'm using doesn't do that and it uses PS/2. Certain 3 key combinations doesn't allow a 4th key to be used.

>> No. 23771703


No, most mechanicals don't have NKRO.

>> No. 23771785 (Deleted) 

1 - 25
2 - 29
3 - 45
4 - 56
5 - nothing, err'body is gay
6 - 8.

Fuck you.

>> No. 23771857

>Dat feel when wrong thread

>> No. 23771875

Das master race here.

Smack talk the glossy all you want. It's sexy as hell. Just one swipe from the microfiber and it's good. Do you badmouth performance cars when they need a good wash as well?

>> No. 23771916

brofist, RK9000 with cherry reds here.

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The best part of using mechanical keyboards isn't using them, seriously. The greatest moment is when someone who isn't tech savvy asks to use your computer.

You respond: Sure, go ahead.

They walk over, look at your non-labeled keyboard and say "Uhhh nevermind" or "Wtf is this?"


>> No. 23772025


Yes, matte paint is best paint.

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>glossy surface on item touched frequently
>razer level of stupidity

>> No. 23772313

I just want a CM QuickFire TKL brows to come to NA and be on sale like that $65 blue

>> No. 23772340

My IBM Model M probably kicks the ass of your overpriced keyboard.

>> No. 23772421

^^; I respect youre opinion :3

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cus I'm using an $80 Unicomp.

>> No. 23772499

Because I am using a $142 mechanical keyboard.

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is it nice

>> No. 23772543
File: 169 KB, 800x524, FilcoTenkeylessOtaku.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Is there anything similar to the Filco Tenkeyless Otaku?

I love the look of it but I can't find one anywhere

>> No. 23772587

>Pad-printed ABS

>> No. 23772599

What cracks me up about this mechanical keyboard price hating is that some of you actually buy the latest and greatest vidya cards at full price; sometimes even multiples of that card. Yet those will be outdated within a few years....

These keyboards will last at least a decade or longer. The hate doesn't seem rational in the least.

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I like it a lot but not quite as much as this really worn in old Acer mechanical I had that I had to use this DIN to PS/2 adapter with. It broke recently. The Unicomp is kind of a brute whereas the Acer was an aging, but sweet, whore in bed. Both clicky but with different feels. Otherwise I don't have anything to compare it to. Looks like there are lots of good mechanicals on the market these days though.

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Because the $5 Dell USB Keyboard (pictured) I got at a thrift store does exactly the same thing and I can bang out a steady 110-115 wpm with it, that's why.

>> No. 23772654

Those things are pretty good as far as rubber domes go

>> No. 23772656

Is there a noticeable difference between Filco Majestouch-2 and Zowie Celeritas? I've heard good things about Majestouch, but Celeritas is ~20 euros cheaper. Is there a reason to prefer Majestouch?

>> No. 23772660

Because mine was $110.

>> No. 23772683

>why aren't you using a $130 mechanical keyboard?

Because I'm not at my desktop.

I'm posting from my $200 ThinkPad.

>> No. 23772694

Because I'm using a $150 one.

>> No. 23772699

I was about to but my shitty $40 headset broke so I bought a Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

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Because $90 Steelseries works just fine.
Minus the clickity clack clack and all

>> No. 23772745

Because my $20 piece of shit works fine.

>> No. 23772762
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Because this.

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File: 177 KB, 850x327, cm_storm_quick_fire_rapid.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>$65 blue

>> No. 23772822

This is pretty accurate. I think it depends on what people use their comps for though. I write fiction/nonfiction and code so I'm typing a lot. Having a keyboard that feels good to me is both fun and satisfying. Additionally, I will probably be able to keep this keyboard through my next five builds (unless they phase out usb or PS/2 and there's no other adapters).

>> No. 23772834

Because shit for gaymans

>> No. 23772843

Mah nigga, I got the green one too. What switches?

>> No. 23772845

not red or black switches

>> No. 23772860

lolwut? A mechanical with blacks is god tier for gaming.

>> No. 23772871

Nevermind, I see the browns.

>> No. 23772872

While I am not much of a fan of the Cooler Master and Corsair mechanicals, I am glad that they are helping to bring mechanicals into the mainstream market.

>> No. 23772897

Why do you people buy new mechanical keyboards at those outrageous prices? Cherry sells mechs starting at $70~

>> No. 23772916

Because monoprice is supposed to start selling a mechanical keyboard this year and it'll probably be relatively cheap and just as good as your overpriced keyboard.

>> No. 23772928

I am. Filco Majestouch MX Brown here.

>> No. 23772936

The average smartphone costs like 600 bux.

You pay 99$ on contract because your carrier subsidizes the phone for you

>> No. 23772949

I am OK with this. If people like me didn't buy $100+ mechanicals. Poor peasants would never get the chance to enjoy a cheaper mass produced one.

Also some shit membrane boards are over $100. That is the kind of fagotry that really baffles me.

>> No. 23773048

That reminds me.

>friend: I got a really good gaming keyboard.
>"cool which one"
>Logitech G19
>"What do you use the screen for?"
>Monitoring temps

>> No. 23773093

dat resonate face palm

>> No. 23773134

im using a 50 dollar RAZER GAMING KEYBOARD

Upgrading to a 99 dollar MEchanical one soon because i spilled Sars all over this piece of shit.

>> No. 23773148
File: 36 KB, 800x450, Sneakpeek1.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

too busy using a $140 mechanical keyboard..

>> No. 23773245

Maybe you should stay away from mechanicals if you drink near your comp

>> No. 23773265


It was a freak accident.

But just incase I keep my drinks atleast 20-30cm away from my keyboard now.

>> No. 23773266

Not him but I always spilled on keyboards. Bought a mechanical about 2 years ago, no more spills

>> No. 23773268

i am, das model s, not really that good it actually feels better to type on a really good scissor switch, but it's still better than rubber dome and very durable

>> No. 23773282

Typing on a rubber dome keyboard while staring at a Cherry Brown keyboard sitting on the shelf.

Shit for games.

>> No. 23773296

that is one of the most retarded things i have ever heard

>> No. 23773313
File: 436 KB, 1388x774, poker engraved.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Because mine probably cost more than that, if you include the cost of engraved caps & shipping.

>> No. 23773316

Tried to get used to it. After a month I switched back to rubber dome. Couldn't stand the Das Ultimate Cherry Browns.

>> No. 23773393
File: 1.37 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0051[1].jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

That terrible feel when to many keyboard but no mechanical

(this is just the tip of the iceberg)

>> No. 23773457


>> No. 23773616

Because I'm from Ausfailia, and what should of been about $90 dollars for you guys, cost me about $149 for my SteelSeries 6Gv2, only thing I'm not liking about it, which has only come to my attention recently, is my sweating man-paws are rubbing the shitty painted on lettering off the keys, and also buffing the matte finish into a gloss finish on some of the keys...

>> No. 23773634

Cherry G80-3000
How is it? It's cheap, but is it worth its price?
Actually, what's an ideal mechanical keyboard, I don't see many in the UK

>> No. 23773661

because I'm fine with my membrain board for now.
I'll get a leopold with browns someday

>> No. 23773715

Does anyone have any experience with the Unicomp keyboards with the trackpoint on them? How are they?

>> No. 23773734
File: 18 KB, 210x263, chido.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


because I'm not /g/tard
because I can beat you in any FPS game with my $8 keyboard
because I can write more wpm than you with your $100 lighting clicky keyboard
because I have good fingers that can adapt to a rubber shittie keyboard

so, why are you using a $100+ keyboard?

1. marketing trap
2. /g/s recommendation
3. stupid yank with
4. wannabe coder
5. has no life and other stuff to spend the money on
6. just retardation

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File: 1.00 MB, 300x196, 1313471295583.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>so, why are you using a $100+ keyboard?
feels good man.
need I say more?

>> No. 23773867


enjoy your placebo effect then

>> No. 23773880

>doesn't understand what placebo effect means

>> No. 23773938

> Engraved caps
All that crusted in semen.

>> No. 23773942

Are Razer Black Widow Mechanical's any good?
Having "gaming" in the title has left me dubious

>> No. 23773956

Questionable build quality.

>> No. 23773963

$15 Model M master race REPORTING IN

>> No. 23773971

It's an Okay keyboard. Biggest draw backs for me
>Xbawks Heug
>Blues switches aren't bad, but don't put them in a gaymen keyboard. Use Red or Black.

>> No. 23773982

Two of my friends have them, but they're not really into technology that much (in b4 rage).

I used it, and it is pretty comfortable to use. I think the novelty of the clicking sound would wear off (why I'm thinking of getting the silent das keyboard).

>> No. 23773984

Every keyboard is as good for gaming.

>> No. 23774006

They're kind of heavy. You can't just slide it accidentally. That might be a good thing though.

>> No. 23774022

Blue switches?
Naming it "black" I'd have thought it'd have black switches. I'm not too concerned, not fond of FPS, more of an RTS guy

>> No. 23774042

>buying a silent mechanical keyboard
>i shiggidy diggidy doo

>> No. 23774100

I think brown or clear might be better

I wish there were buckling springs that had more than 2kro

>> No. 23774157

Anyone have CM Quickfire but red switches?

Ordered it last Wednesday, faggy CM store took forever to ship it so I am stuck waiting.

>> No. 23774222

engraved keycaps
why boner

The only downside is that I'd imagine they get filled with dead skin cells.

>> No. 23775189
File: 110 KB, 560x400, fc200r_otaku1000_th620x400[1].jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

The Leopold FC200R

>> No. 23775242

>Each key filled with greasy dead skin buildup
>Touching it everytime you type
>Caking more and more during each click

>> No. 23775315

As with all Razer products, the build quality is questionable and is mostly based upon chance.

You may get a Black Widow that functions just fine, or you may get one that presses down the Alt keys when you press the spacebar.

>> No. 23775391

I'm thinking about getting a cmstorm but I don't know if blues will be shitty to play games on.
Also, where's the cheapest place to pick up cherry keycaps?

>> No. 23775402

because all my membrane keyboards easily last 5+ years
because softer keys feel better with my fingers
because my keyboard has multicolor backlighting
because my keyboard is thin, light and compact in general
because for $130 I get usable features instead of mechanical keys

>> No. 23775545

Because my keyboard was $160

>> No. 23775562
File: 24 KB, 480x323, women-laughing2.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>he needs labeled keys

>> No. 23776118
File: 188 KB, 800x520, DSC00074.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Because I am using a $400 one.

>> No. 23776141

> blank keycaps
> oh look I'm such an eleet hacker, like neo from matrix, man, now I'll get all the pussy in the world

go back to your video games, kid, I bet you have WASD keys in a different color

>> No. 23776163

And how are blues bad unless all you play are games where you have to spam the same key constantly.

>> No. 23776186


>> No. 23776255

So does anyone here know where to get a Filco tenkeyless with blue switches? The otaku version?

>> No. 23776265

I have no idea what it feels like since I have never been able to type on one, but I imagine the clicky part adds a bit of resistance. If you have to quickly tap a key it seems like it would impede you somewhat, especially if you had to double tap.

>> No. 23776285

I'm not really a fast typer and I don't feel it is a justifiable way to spend 130 dollars right now.

I'm also considering becoming Amish too.

So yea

>> No. 23776296

But blues still have lighter keys than blacks, and that click is at the halfway point. Blacks I just found myself bottoming out, and so they really didn't feel much different than a membrane keyboard.

Double tapping isn't as good, yes, but it's not like I'm trying to get into pro Quake or UT anymore.

>> No. 23776309

Bump for this since this thread is still alive.

>> No. 23776341

It kind of depends on your preference as I myself prefer blues to blacks and browns.

I just got myself a Rosewill RK9000. Steelseries 6Gv2 doesn't look like too bad of a keyboard either. I just didn't get it because of the black keys (as well as the moved backslash and the different enter/backspace)

>> No. 23776358

Noise level:
Clicky mechanical with bottoming out > Clicky mechanical no bottoming out > Non-clicky mechanical bottoming out > Normal rubber dome > Non-clicky mechanical no bottoming out > Scissor switch rubber dome

Don't know about the Topre keyswitches but they're supposed to be quiet.

>> No. 23776377

If I want to replace all my cherry keys with blank white ones, how much will it cost?

>> No. 23776407

because I'm using some old as fuck no name mechanical keyboard from year 2000. Must have costed 10 dolla back in the day

>> No. 23776420

I'd go with Reds or Blacks, but as long as both the Backspace, Enter and Shift keys are 2 keys wide I don't care much. Assuming there isn't some bullshit like swapping the Alt key with the Windows key like I have seen on some keyboards. I just need to find a place to test Reds vs Blacks but the only place I can think of is Best Buy and I'm pretty sure they don't have keyboards just laying around.

I'm not a big fan of buying and hoping it turns out to be what I want.

>> No. 23776457
File: 122 KB, 1024x582, IMG00080-20120320-1925.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Oh, but I am...

>> No. 23776464

I personally went to Futureshop and asked if they could open one of the Steelseries 6gV2 to try it out and they said sure. The box opens without having to damage the box so it shouldn't be difficult for them.

I could possibly enjoy reds, but blacks just didn't feel much better than a membrane to me.

>> No. 23776481

what keyboard is that.

>> No. 23776726

It's a custom one. The case is CNC milled from a block of aluminium, which makes for most of the price :(

>> No. 23778174
File: 263 KB, 800x450, 17388297.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Because I'm using a $90 one.

>> No. 23778409

What the flying FUCK is the point in buying a keyboard with no labels?

>> No. 23778434

Because you don't need them, and there's no labels to rub off from repeated use to make your keyboard look shitty.

You don't have a bunch of labels all over your car 'steering wheel' 'gear stick' 'door handle' etc, so why have them on your keyboard?

>> No. 23778446

Actually there's a number label for each gear even though I have the positions memorized. Plus a symbol on the hazard lights button even though I know which one it is. There's a horn symbol on my steering wheel letting me know that's where the horn is. Every button in the car, actually, is labeled.

>> No. 23778482

I use blank caps at work so nobody steals my keyboard.

>> No. 23778507

Because I'm not wasting money on a gimmick.

I've owned my rubber dome keyboard (Logitech Wave) for about three years (or longer) and it's still an amazing keyboard.

I love when you people rage when someone gets a Logitech G15 or G19 but in the same breath you would spend the same amount of money on a keyboard with no features besides the mechanical switches. Where, honestly, I don't see what advantages those switches have over rubber dome ones.

>> No. 23778537

That's the point, you know exactly where all these things are, and what they do; why do you need the labels?

>> No. 23778550

Because most of the features those keyboards have are borderline useless. Comparing rubber domes to mechanical switches is like comparing ipod earbuds to a pair of Sony mdr-v6 headphones.

>> No. 23778625

So when I look for something I haven't used in a while, like eject on the CD player, or the " | " or " ` " keys, I can look down and see where it is rather than pressing every button once.

>> No. 23778721

this. where the fuck is my $70 tenkeyless with browns? browns cant cost more to make so why are they so much harder to find/expensive?

>> No. 23778842

They are not harder to find. Get a Leopold tenkeyless with browns. You can even get it in white if you want.

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