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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Posted this on /diy/, but I figured that this is as /g/ related as anything else on this cesspool.

I undertook the monumental task of going to the nearest toy store and purchasing the reboot Furby today. Originally, what would've been a present for my 6 year old niece is now my first reverse engineering project. I haven't seen a breakdown of the new Furby on the web yet, so I guess this thread'll be the first.

I haven't got any idea on what chips these new models are running on, so if there's anyone with a breadth of knowledge to Jetta circuit boards, pave the road for exploiting this annoying little shit.

H-here we go...

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install gentoo

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As usual, /g/ expresses no interest in anything that is technology but not consumer electronics. Carry on, op.

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I'm just dismantling it for the internet.

Here are some specs of the new Furby in comparison to the old ones:

"Furby’s Communication

If anyone remembers the definitive version of the Furby toy, most of its novelty relied on its unique communication methods. Furby would speak in a set of jumbled words and you were tasked with learning its native language while teaching it English in the process. The same holds true with the new version of Furby, but it will be much easier thanks to the companion iOS app.

The more you talk to furby, the more words it will pick up and the more it will talk back.

Furby Gets Some More Expressive Oculars
Furby now has a different set of oculars, which aren’t quite as blank and creepy this time around. In place of the circular plastic eyes of the classic Furby, are a couple of LCDs that display images in a dot matrix pattern. The new LCDs help Furby show a wider range of emotions, and animations, that essentially allow it to interact with you more.

Graphical patterns and pictograms will also show up on the LCDs during different situations, which include things like rainbows, and two-finger peace signs."

no fun allowed

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Those things were horrible.

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I want to see the insides, please. You have my attention, along with other thread lurkers not posting.

They are watching.

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That reminds me too much of Tux.

Your first goal is to get it to say "Install Gentoo".

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for the love of all that is holy, do this.

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DO IT!!!!!!!>>27997148

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I intend on continuing with the images, especially since there's literally no documentation of this or the boards that come with Furbina.

These are touch sensitive photo resistors taped across Furbina's stomach and skull.

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I actually plan on using my Arduino and XBee for an interactive piece using the dot matrix LEDs that the new Furbies have and maybe modulating the sounds/uploading new sounds to it if I can reverse the code.

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The old Furby had everything on one glob-top ASIC. If this one is the same you'd be better off ripping its guts (literally) out and replacing them...

...unless you have access to decapping equipment, an electron microscope, and want to spend tons of time tracing what's in the ASIC.

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foxgirl getting sand in her vagina yet again

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i cannot tell you how many nude furbys i own
it's a lot of them

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>decapping equipment
>electron microscope

No and no. I'm pretty sure that this Furby's guts are different than the older ones, especially give the interactivity push that the newer ones have. Voice recognition and adaptive memory being two new things that the this Furby's got. The servos are still the same, I reckon.

Any other ideas?

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Make it interject whenever it hears someone say "Linux"

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Mm, servo jelly.

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>not gnu/linux, or stallman

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Taking this apart was a real annoying feat, I'm not sure how easy disassembling the old Furby was, but the cheap Hong Kong plastic and plethora of screws had my wrist in more awkward positions than it's ever been on any given Friday night.

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Anyone still here?

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Just waiting to see where this goes.

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Colour-coded connectors? That's surprising. The old one had everything soldered together.

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On the right of the Furbina's face is the microphone. Left of Furbina's disembodied head is her lower half where 4 AAs would originally be stored.

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still here

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>electron microscope
There are way more inputs on Furbina than there are on the old Furbies. It's got a sensor shield that responds by dancing. You're getting a lot in this little shit.

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>>electron microscope

Not sure why I quoted that there. Anyways, le piece de resistance.

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It's a purty looking PCB, right?

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I can see you in the reflection of the eyes.

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am I kawaii uguu?

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Now make it do stuff

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I thought the thumbnail of that was a rock-climbing wall.

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So yep, that's it. I'm at a loss as to what I can do without knowing what's going on in the boards.

I'll probably mess around with my microcomputer to make a little fuck of a furby, but I'd love to know what the code on these PCBs look like.

Nah, it's just my hobo table.

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>Furby now has a different set of oculars, which aren’t quite as blank and creepy this time around.

Whatever you say.

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I find it to be really, very cute here.

I'd love to set up those eyes to do all sorts of fun shit...

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They've helpfully labelled the connections, but it looks like the same 2-COB design as the old one.


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This is actually pretty helpful.


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A friend of mine had a furby when I was a kid and he actually believed that thing was alive till age 9 or so.


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>foxgirl takes off her trip when she notices hostility

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The thumbnail reminded me of pic related.

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The first link to the data sheet is dead. Is there another one floating around?

I'm now accepting suggestions on what I can do with Furbina's remnants besides creating a Furby turret bomb detonator.

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I don't take off my trip, but this is my disguise.

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Also, to spice things up a bit...

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Not pictured: a soldering gun, 30 MG XR, a shot glass of absinthe and a deadline.

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>i dont take off my trip
those two posts are both furry non furby supporters.
sure you dont

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A foxgirl is barely furry, and are you denying that furbies are extremely creepy?

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Stop shitting up the internet's first exposure to a soon to be hacked Furby 2.0 with your shitty trip drama.

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What the hell are you going to do with the furby and that?

All I ever did was stuff some very loud homemade alarm clocks into creepy dolls with some servos to make them flail at a set time (while screaming).

Best mornings ever

>sell to sister for $20

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>implying you're a fox

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Hey, fuck you. I don't like tripfags either but a) I posted that second one and you can suck my dick and b) by giving a tripfag attention, you're only making things worse.

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you do have a point there

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I was thinking of having Furbina aggregating buzzwords on /g/ and sampling Steve Ballmer into the sound banks every time it triggers. I really wanted to mount this thing on some tracks and make Furbina into a tank, but I have until tomorrow morning to work on this.

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>giving both tripfag and me attention
give me more attention

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>The Cloud™!

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Google "sunplus spc81a" and you'll find it.

Looking at the board labels (IOC0-IOC7, IOD0) I think they're still using a Sunplus/Generalplus(lol) 6502-like 8-bit MCU in there.

Something like this one:

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Let me take some higher quality pictures of the boards and have you tell me what you think.

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The foxgirl in question has extremely enlarged eyes uncharacteristic of humans, no lips, a very small lower jaw and a ridiculous head-body ratio not found on anything but some weird lemurs.

"Furry" or not, it's a horrible inhuman demon sent to undermine the imperium.

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Yep, I think we know who makes (one of) the chip in there:
>Plans by toy maker Hasbro, one of the major clients of Generalplus, to launch its next-generation interactive Furby dolls in the fourth quarter of 2012 will benefit the IC designer, indicated industry watchers.

The other one was a TI speech synth in the old version... maybe it's a different one now.

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If they're still using the same boards as the old ones, what's changed besides newer components? I think that these are different boards, they have to be.

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Nice find there, but I thought it was Jetta Company Limited who made the chips.

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is it possible to reprogram the furby so all it ever says is sex related stuff and it tries to hump everything that moves?

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Holy shit that's a huge COB.

I think that's just an LCD controller though. Are the bare rows of contacts left and right going to the screens?

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So yeah, any suggestions on what I can do with my microcomputer and what I've got here?

It's part LCD controller, part microphone controller. The orange and white slots are going into the LCD screen.

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Whats the code on that 8pin chip down by all the diodes?

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oh wait, you're talking about this?

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precisely. it has SCK, SDA, and MDI.

seems like it's some sort of serial interface.

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So china.

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Here's what I have:
Switches, a light sensor, microphone, speaker, servo motors, gears and cams, IR transimitter, IR receiver and an LCD screen.

What can I make?

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A Furby.

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Just some idea. You could use outgoing signals of this chip (sound etc.) to trigger your own contraption. That would make it fairly easy to "reprogram" it because all you have to do is using your own arduino or whatever and use the original board as trigger.

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