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Continuing the C+= (pronounced C-plus-Equality, or See Equality) saga.

/pol/ fags please go here instead: >>>/pol/24208924 (You)

This thread is strictly for CODING.
Here's the bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/FeministSoftwareFoundation/c-plus-equality

IRC: #cplusequality@irc://chat.freenode.net

/gd/ thread: >>>/gd/124893

Here's the website: http://feministsoftwarefoundation.org/
TL;DR recap:
Retarded feminist writes an article filled with gibberish on how a feminist programming language is needed: http://www.hastac.org/blogs/ari-schlesinger/2013/11/26/feminism-and-programming-languages
/pol/ and /g/ commences to establish the Feminist Software Foundation (a joke to the actual Free Software Foundation), and starts writing the C-plus-Equality lanuage on GitHub.
/g/ contributed the actual code, /pol/ contributed the specification.
Twitter SJWs got hold of it, GitHub bans the repo.
Twitter shitstorm: https://twitter.com/search?q=FeministSoftwareFoundation&src=typd&f=realtime
The project then moved to BitBucket. A website FeministSoftwareFoundation.org is then made.
Reddit caught wind of it. Shitstorm.
Twitter shitstorm continued.
Finally Slashdot, one of these big, old new aggregators of tech news, got hold of it. today.
Then feminists started writing blogs about it.
The next course of action now is to push this to the main news outlets, which /pol/ is now working on.
What /g/ needs to do now is join the IRC and help out on writing an LLVM frontend for C+=. We're starting already.

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first for SRS

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This thread is unhealthy, after being in it for 12.6 hours I am sick, continue the good fight

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Third for Hamas

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fourth for the Matriarchal 4th Reich.

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Op's link is old

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fuck off

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I need another line of coke - damn geezers you lads are teh bizzle shizzle

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>feminist anger

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Any new progress on the code itself?

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ninth for hitler

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I think you're going to shoot yourselves in the foot, but by god the website is beautiful. It's amazing to find a site that deals with being given half my 2560x1440 screen.

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If this shit actually comes to fruition, I would love to try and make a basic program with it just to see what kind of shit my own code would give me.

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Feel free to improve.

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fix the typo

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latest TODO:

http://feministsoftwarefoundation.org/ really needs a wiki.

https://github.com/thenickcox/the_list needs to be updated with people who are active against our cause (usually searchable on twitter)

send love and support to BitBucket for standing up for free speech, not like gitHub

Flesh out C+= and the inherpeter; including specs, documentation, and coding example. This is probably best done on IRC (#cplusequality@irc://chat.freenode.net) and pull requests submitted to feministsoftwarefoundation@loves.dicksinmyan.us.

Make the README and code examples more readable and closer to feminist ideology. submit your pull requests. Currently they are too extreme and will be a turnoff to newcomers.

discuss Femcoin, the cryptocurrency for women based on feminist ideal.

There is an untold amount of shitposts from trolls, black-nights, and other general misogynists who are trying to derail our goal of an inclusive, gender-neutral, and feminist ideal based programming language. We need a way to deal with these backwater, regressive types.

Anything else? Please let me know of the status of these items and if they have been competed.

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omg i laughed so hard my sides really did hurt

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C++ text-based Pacwoman

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I like it, good progress

>> No. 38758444

Delete old file.

>delete post [x] file only

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nick cox looks like a fucking rapist

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Let's not go all-out /b/ now. I think it's best we focus on the language.

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>Femcoin, the cryptocurrency for women based on feminist ideal.


But Coin is too masculine for me
What about FemPennie?

>> No. 38758468

>Hey guys, women aren't actually discriminated against in the tech industry in any way!
>btw here's a programming project that shits on women and everyone who supports equal rights for women, LOL! Funny, right?!

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make a C++ to C+= translator, shouldn't be hard. Just parse the macro-hell and use it to convert the C++ source.

Then we can start converting all mysognistic software to C+=.

>> No. 38758473

Guys, please don't use the shitty tactics the sjws are trying to pull

>> No. 38758483

..or just 'Pennie'?

>> No. 38758492

Damn right.
People take life far too seriously.

>> No. 38758494

>who supports equal rights for women
laughed hard
next you'll tell me black panthers fight for equal rights for black people

>> No. 38758501

I would love to play games made on an equal and gender neutral language

What's the first thing we convert?

Does this even compile?

Do not reply, please

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hi nick

>> No. 38758505

We need a lot more of this kind of thing.

Radical feminists should be terrified to have their hateful, bigoted bullshit be seen in public.

>> No. 38758513

howabout lescoin
the coin for feminists who already know what they want

>> No. 38758515

Hi, shitlord!

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by his own words, he doesnt think its a problem.

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>here's a programming project that shits on women and everyone who supports equal rights for women
It is a satire of a very retarded "serious" project by a real person. Anything else you added was done by your own prejudices.

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Can it be *transcoin or femcoin?

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>I would love to play games made on an equal and gender neutral language
MightyNo9 would be the one considering last events

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I don't see anything 'masculine' about coin. pennie, though it resembles a female name, has inferior implications (penny) vis-a-vis a coin (dollar). Well stick with femcoin.

>> No. 38758545

That doesn't mean we should do what he's doing

>> No. 38758546

Compilation is a tool of the patriarchy where the high level code forces the low level machine code to do labor.

>> No. 38758552

I support equality for all sentient beings.
This means I'm an Egalitarian.
You people are just sexist holdovers from a once honorable movement, no better than the bigots you claim to abhor.

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im fucking dying

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Just call it "Penny" in homage to all geek girls out there.

>> No. 38758562

Typical 4channer saturday night, lol.

Fucking nerds, get a life.

>> No. 38758567


Any of you shitlords know german?

>> No. 38758576

Please do not reply, friends.

>> No. 38758588

I dont think lescoin or transcoin is a good idea... first off, it isnt feminism.

>> No. 38758592

The nick Cox list is no more.

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Someone make a shitty little game with C+=, just to see it work

>> No. 38758611

confirmed for giving zero fucks about this entire issue
Thanks for always being on the good guy side, germans.

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Not classy to my taste
Pennie is nice!

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whats not feminist about lesbianism?
we want equality with men, we all like nice tits and arse walking around our office space

>> No. 38758623

Yes, put on your blinders.
You must not consume any dissenting opinion or your rich loins will be forever marred.

>> No. 38758627

Egalitarian is just a fancy word for a feminist, or just a way for someone to differentiate themselves from the feminists because they actually don't support equal rights for everyone.

>> No. 38758629

Nigga, you readin the thread?
Someone already made a text pacman game

>> No. 38758636


>so sayd the tumblr feminist

>> No. 38758640

>has inferior implications
>implying it's bad

>> No. 38758643

/pol/ack here. Can't even code Java to save my life, but still want to know if there's anything I can do to help you guys out.

>> No. 38758644


>> No. 38758649

Too close to penis, the tool of patriarchal oppression

gib link

Please do not reply to obvious trolls

>> No. 38758652

We need an interpreter first ffs. see the TODO

>> No. 38758661

The pacwoman game already existed in c++, it's still being ported to c+=

>> No. 38758663


Go home SRS, you're drunk.

>> No. 38758670

Lol, it was deleted from Github?
>Any publicity is good publicity.
Nice job, /b/ros.

>> No. 38758672

Ich sheisse um die ecke

>> No. 38758679

Yes, go back to your own thread. And no, I'm not trying to be a cunt, it's honestly for the better. S Good luck and /g/odspeed

>> No. 38758683

You are not gonna have it

>> No. 38758690

you turn the hatetrid of the feminist inwards onto itself

like a recursion function into ones own anus.

>> No. 38758692

Apparently you're rusty on the definition of the word Egalitarian.
Allow me to refresh your memory.

adjective: egalitarian

of, relating to, or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.
"a fairer, more egalitarian society"

noun: egalitarian; plural noun: egalitarians

a person who advocates or supports egalitarian principles.

>> No. 38758699

that wouldn't fly with the FemSF.

>> No. 38758701


If you were fucking serious, the internet, especially reddit and tumblr, wouldn't be riddled with self-proclaimed feminists that say things like "men deserve no safe spaces" or "every day is men's day" or belittle men every time they dare speak of their issues.

work on this people, CALL THE FUCK OUT OF THEM, before you expect anyone else out there to take you seriously.

>> No. 38758705

What a better way to spend a Saturday night than expressing your bitterness through a misogynistic coding project straight from your mom's basement.

>> No. 38758715

Big thanks to /gd/ for the new logo

Why is /gd/ such a bro-tier board?

>> No. 38758718

Google gives "In what sense they are then put to shit?"

So they more or less think there is no case for harassment accusation.

>> No. 38758719

and Penny Flame

>> No. 38758720

sounds too much like pakistani man
and we all know how mysoginistic
shitskins are
get the name changed or you will be buttfucked by 30 strapon wearing bulldykes who prefer buttfucking men

>> No. 38758722


>> No. 38758728

write emails to media outlets about the project. and ignore the srs posters crying about /pol/ in either thread. its just divide and conquer.

>> No. 38758745

People who disagree with you are not automatically trolls.
You've been using too much facebook.

>> No. 38758750

noun \ˈfe-mə-ˌni-zəm\

: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

: organized activity in support of women's rights and interests

>> No. 38758755

It should be pac*trans


>> No. 38758760

Actual art requires more brain power than ricing

>> No. 38758761

its pacwomyn now

>> No. 38758774

Feminists are retarded. They whine about words like chairman, policeman, or even manhole, but if you point out that the word feminist is gendered, they just start shouting NO IT MEANS EQUALITY SHUT UP

>> No. 38758777

If you're not an egalitarian, you're a sexist bigot and are holding back the species.

>> No. 38758780

With 'Fe' it would

>> No. 38758782

Hello Huffington Post!

My name is Lindsay Griffiths and I'm a senior programmer at the web development company 'SiteIt'. Sadly there are few women like me who decided to get into the tech business. This is due to the often male dominated atmosphere and non-inclusive aura around these parts. Things are changing for the better though.

Recently a young academic named Arielle Schlesinger wrote a wonderful paper on ideas for feminist programming languages. Read more here: http://www.hastac.org/blogs/ari-schlesinger/2013/11/26/feminism-and-programming-languages

In this spirit, some enterprising coders have already begun implementing it, and are doing a great job so far! The language is intended to work according to feminist ideals and principles. Take a look yourselves here: https://bitbucket.org/FeministSoftwareFoundation/c-plus-equality

Unfortunately this innocent gesture to get more women interested in programming has resulted in ridicule from misogynists. Don't let them stop this!

>> No. 38758787

it should be just pac

then you type your gender in game

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>> No. 38758802

Feminists do not support equal rights for women. This makes fun of feminists and their misogynistic thinking, not the female gender.

Bear in mind the original article that sparked this was basically suggesting that the reason for the lack of women in STEM fields is some fundamental female inadequacy that makes this stuff hard for women.

The reality is, it's hard for everyone, and the reason less women put the effort in is because rather than being equipped to put the effort in and get results, they're equipped to cry for help. Modern feminism does nothing but reinforce this.

If modern feminism were helping women, we would not have seen an utter stagnation of progress on women's issues in the last decade despite feminism ballooning.

What this project does is poke fun at the mentality that women need their hands held and special considerations made in order for them to succeed in programming, when in reality women are just as capable as men and are held back by the very attitude the original article displays.

>> No. 38758803


> uses the term "misogyny" incorrectly

> is trying to shame everyone who spends their saturday night doing something they like (coding, in this case)

> le basement

Typical reddit SRS faggotry. The only thing missing here is the word fedora.

And you wanna know something that will piss you off? /r/programming was all over this shit, making fun of how ridiculous the very first article about feminist languages was.

Get over it, the industry doesn't give a shit about you. Even women who ACTUALLY work in the industry don't take you seriously.

>> No. 38758805

Gender identity, faggot

>> No. 38758806

That's your job /pol/ get to it.

>> No. 38758823


>"put to shit" is a Dutch idiom for trolling

The first guy said something like "This feminist software foundation is trolling Github. Is it misogynistic? Idk but its hilarious."

The response is "How are they being trolled?", I have a feeling the responder doesn't understand Dutch.

>> No. 38758826

>it should be just pac
not funny enough

>> No. 38758828

that's dutch, I can't understand it.

>> No. 38758832


Give me some contacts and I'll start distributing it.

>> No. 38758837

Germany confirmed for best country
Looks like bitbuckets the go-to

>> No. 38758842

yeah how DARE you NERD SHAME me

...please take me seriously

>> No. 38758849

I fuckin lold

>> No. 38758850
File: 39 KB, 755x576, 1387081822267.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>> No. 38758878

I forgot that existed

>> No. 38758880


that's dutch

>> No. 38758898

Moving all my projects to bitbucket, github is for social coding cocksucking transfaggots.

>> No. 38758904

PacWoman is good enough

Guys, we are all about feminists, not LGBT or something

>> No. 38758915
File: 370 KB, 490x750, 1387081992679.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Atleast make it PacWymn

>> No. 38758928

So was he legitimately scared or was that a troll?

>> No. 38758930
File: 217 KB, 1016x671, Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 11.32.36 PM.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

check out this tranny "programmer," "her" github is full of non-code like "freelance contract form" and "the inclusive team tests" which is another form to figure out if your development team is "inclusive." she also got $20,000 from indiegogo to create this stuff.


this is why we need women in tech. so companies have to focus on feelings rather than products and services. cant you see the huge benefit diversity in tech brings us?

>> No. 38758938

Can I play it on Windows?

It say it's for console and it only shows Linux commands

>> No. 38758963

Why are Trannies even offended by this? They're not women...Do they feel obligated to be offended?

>> No. 38758978

he blamed ddosing in the previous thread when he deleted the repo.
probably got cold feet when he realized the scary hackers on steroids from 4chin was after him.

>> No. 38758983

Post it:
>FB & twitter - there on page

>> No. 38758987

CS has enough problems with sexism that this kind of gender stereotyping is not good/that-funny.

Thanks a lot /g/ for undermining the little respectability we had.

>> No. 38758992

more likely a friend told him it was not a good idea

>> No. 38758995

>Madison, WI
Oh fuck that person lives near me.

>> No. 38759004

victim complex

>> No. 38759018

Who cares about you, male cis pig!
Gurrls have Macs anyway

>> No. 38759019

This is what we are trying, we are trying to stop the sexism baka

>> No. 38759024

Fuck off. This is not against women. This is against feminists.

>> No. 38759029

>we are all about feminists, not LGBT or something

>not realizing feminists folded in the LGBTCBYZ community long ago to boost numbers and increase martyrdom solidarity

>> No. 38759033
File: 274 KB, 534x323, Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 11.34.53 PM.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Because she's a real programmer who is making great contributions to the industry such as complaining about stuff on Github and writing ebooks on how to make your development team diverse!


>> No. 38759044

kill yourself pls

>> No. 38759048

We had respect?
This is news to me, and I've been lurking around since /g/ - Guro.
Now those were fine times.

>> No. 38759049

>most popular repo is a freelance contract


>> No. 38759055

Mention that creating employee blacklists is illegal in the UK, showing his disregard for the law in favour of his radical political beliefs

>> No. 38759059

they are feminists

>> No. 38759062

>Does the ratio of women to non-women match your local census polls?


>> No. 38759068

np you are welcome.

>> No. 38759069

>Cultural and social philosopher
That's a fancy way of saying "whining on twitter"

>> No. 38759075

After lurking these threads, I'm scared /g/. I never realized there were people this selfish and uneducated, with so low morals. I thought feminist actually fought for equality, but these people want to rule the world. Every time I read another new thing about their ideas and ideal world a image that replicated Big Brother and totalitarianism flashes in my mind. What if these people succeed in convincing the world? Will we all fall under the cruel dictatorship of hard left liberalism? These people are monsters. They have said that they would censor any ideas that conflict with their own. If these people one day do get there way. That will be the day the world enters a era of total darkness. A world where Stalin, Hitler, and Zedong would dream for. A world where all hope is lost.

>> No. 38759076

What? Fuck off, SRS shill.

>> No. 38759080
File: 416 KB, 2560x1440, 1387082295964.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I-It's not l-like I think this is f-funny or anything, b-baka!!

>> No. 38759091

>implying 'girlswhocode' is not abou feminism
>ever seen 'boyswhocode'?

>> No. 38759093


>> No. 38759095

>Is your company struggling to increase diversity and keep it?
this fucking disgusts me
there's "diversity quotas" that you have to meet, I feel like we're living in some dystopian shitworld.

>> No. 38759102

>phone her and ask if she does cheap blowjobs

>> No. 38759111

>Mention that creating employee blacklists is illegal in the UK,

Why do people bring this up? Isn't he from Seattle?

>> No. 38759115

are you retarded? girls who actually code dont need a social club for girlswhocode, they just code. "girlswhocode" though make social clubs and offer their precious services on gender diversity insight instead.

>> No. 38759120

Fuck I'm in Chicago. Let's meet this dude.

>> No. 38759121

LOL! Harassing women is HILARIOUS!

>> No. 38759124

visit house with a printout of c+= readme and give it to her.

>> No. 38759125

Uh... of course we need women in code. Ever hear of COBOL? Women are awesome programmers.

What we don't need is feminists, who believe the fact that they find something difficult is a mark of patriarchal oppression, and the mere act of attempting to involve themselves in a field that's already 5-10% female makes they super duper special and deserving.

>> No. 38759130

Good taste. Shame she left the industry.

>> No. 38759133

actually, yeah it is.
so is harassing men.

Harassment in general is pretty funny.

>> No. 38759139

Why is there a "Donate BTC" button on http://feministsoftwarefoundation.org/?

>> No. 38759146

I endorse this comment

>> No. 38759150
File: 22 KB, 300x371, 1387082415992.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>how to make your development team diverse
The last thing I think of when building my dev team

>> No. 38759152


>> No. 38759157

>Have you accepted stallman as your lord and savior?

This is how it should go

>> No. 38759159

Get lost, shill.

>> No. 38759161

Not generally, but harassing this particular shitlord sure is.

>> No. 38759163

>What we don't need is feminists
Radical feminists.

>> No. 38759164

>confirmed female

>> No. 38759166

Yes, but he brings up UK law, so we can do it too

>> No. 38759167

But that's not a woman, it's a man dressed as a woman. Get it right.

>> No. 38759174

"Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they’re in good company.”

>cue actual feminists who got into programming because of this

>> No. 38759177

>A world where Stalin, Hitler, and Zedong would dream for.

I bet some SRS in this thread just blew a fuse.

>> No. 38759178

Didn't you know?
Diversity trumps qualifications every time.

>> No. 38759184
File: 194 KB, 602x599, 1387082474857.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I'm glad you are finally able to see the light, brother.

>> No. 38759189

I agree. There really shouldn't be a donate button

>> No. 38759192
File: 23 KB, 513x187, 1387082490013.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>When you realize you made a mistake

>> No. 38759193

>check out this tranny


>> No. 38759195

programming is already filled with shitlords, see: javascript, python, ruby

>> No. 38759205

he's in disguise

maybe he'll go on a spree and rape a bunch of womenz at some rally or something

would be a lol turn of events

>> No. 38759215

more anti-MRA harassment on 4chan pls

>> No. 38759216

dude it wont work she will probably say she is washing her hair and ironing her panties and wont have time to read it as she has to go get her nails manicured at 11am

>> No. 38759218

Transphobia too? Man, you're on fire today. I wonder if you hate everyone but white cis men.

>> No. 38759220
File: 37 KB, 480x321, penny-flame-2007-avn-awards-show-red-carpet-GJmcXT.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

She was so natural

>> No. 38759225
File: 4 KB, 125x100, 1387082568552.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Guys, the ultimate question:

Do you think Stallman would endorse this project?

>> No. 38759226

I actually think she's cute.
Dreadful personality, though.
Such a pity.

>> No. 38759232

DIVERSITY is way more important than qualifications. Don't you know how many benefits you get with diversity? You really need to buy Ashton, I mean Ashey's book!

>> No. 38759237

DAT backpedaling.

>> No. 38759242

Better yet, I'll print off that dumb contract she has on her github with some choice stuff filled in

We will always do our best to fulfill your needs and meet your goals, but sometimes it is best to have a few simple things written down so that we both know what is what, who should do what and what happens if stuff goes wrong. In this contract you won't find complicated legal terms or large passages of unreadable text. We have no desire to trick you into signing something that you might later regret. We do want what's best for the safety of both parties, now and in the future.
In short:

You Anonymous are hiring Ashe Dryden to suck my dick at the hourly rate of 1 shekel per hour. Of course it's a little more complicated, but we'll get to that.
What do both parties agree to do? etc.,

>> No. 38759243

>twitter handles of men to have participated in the harassment of women

Only men? Why is he excluding the women who have taken part in this?

>> No. 38759244

There should be the_list of feminists and misandrists.

>> No. 38759247

explain wat this list was pls

>> No. 38759249

Why not?
I want to donate

>> No. 38759250
File: 25 KB, 300x300, 1387082617802.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Why men don't want women in tech
(or any other field for that matter)

>> No. 38759256

Come to think of it, a bunch of us sent letters to RMS and Linus about this. Did they respond?

>> No. 38759258

I feel like C+= is missing a try/catch/fail mechanism...

Any thoughts?

I was thinking something like:

triggerWarning // Try

myFeelingsBegin // catch

rape // fail


>> No. 38759260

Relax. By they very nature as soon as they grow a bit. Infighting, with hunting and subsequent splitting of factions occur. They are just a annoyance and an insult to any intelligent person. Nothing more.

>> No. 38759262

>The use of nothrow poses a threat to free speech as someone's attempt to make his voice heard will be punished with termination.
>his voice


>> No. 38759265

he does.

>> No. 38759266

he already did, theres another thread about it.

>> No. 38759269

I'm not white, so stop your racism. Your feelings do not dictate biology. Understand? probably not.

>> No. 38759271


>> No. 38759273


>> No. 38759274
File: 42 KB, 893x478, 1387082658815.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

We already asked him, he liked it.

>> No. 38759277
File: 127 KB, 902x483, 1387082663931.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38759281

Why is Stallman so GOAT

>> No. 38759286

Woah, check out this serious tech-head:


>I am in the midst of moving my sites from one host to another and need to tar the directories to make them easier to move, then untar them once I have moved them. It's much quicker this way than downloading all of the files and uploading them to the new host.

Looks like girls can code. Try to keep up, fellas.

>> No. 38759290

>Catch shall not be used. Someone's raise of concern can too easily be censored with an empty catch block. Instead, complaints or trigger warnings are puplicly logged with their traces and may be handled with an inspect block. The use of nothrow poses a threat to free speech as someone's attempt to make his voice heard will be punished with termination

>> No. 38759295

dont forget the blocks are ENDPATRIACHY;

I think they should've been (.) and (,) for start and finish.

>> No. 38759297

Curly brackets are sexist they're promoting the patriarchal ideal of a curvy woman

>> No. 38759300

Thoughts about FemCoin/FemPenny/FemPennies or smt? How could we mod that whole crypto-anarchy libertarian thing into a feminist discourse?

>> No. 38759315

>he has a NSA message in his emails
he he he

>> No. 38759317

"girlswhocode" then proceed to make stuff like this: http://stuffler.de/cuterus/game.html (not kidding ... it made the first place in a women only hackathon in berlin.)

>> No. 38759321

It's bullshit, the website operator is just trying to scam people out of money. He doesn't represent the FSF, or the major code committers.

>> No. 38759331
File: 18 KB, 171x103, 1387082773384.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Install Funtoo.

>> No. 38759332

This shit is hilarious because I had a girl coder in some of my classes and she was awesome. All she wanted to do was write some damn code and learn.

You women are making a mockery of women programmers. The good ones just shut the fuck up, program, and are treated as equals.

>> No. 38759333

...what exactly am I supposed to be shilling for? I'm pretty disillusioned with both feminism and the MRM. Will you believe I'm a longtime /g/ent if I post a couple of trips I've generated while heating my room with mty?

◆FWIkipedIA #Uシヲ/轣蒜 2013/11/28 04:15:03.388 (55 BC A6 2F E7 81 95 66/00)
◆ImFuckYouo #7リァ疚Z,V 2013/11/28 04:22:41.614 (37 D8 A7 E1 6B 5A 2C 56/00)
◆rnnnnnnnn6 #{。ェ@GkPX 2013/11/28 04:33:56.145 (7B A1 AA 40 47 6B 50 58/00)

Modern feminism has got to the point where NAFALT really doesn't wash any more. The whole thing is shit and doing something actually productive is if anything a radical idea.

>> No. 38759334
File: 40 KB, 632x105, Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 10.45.54 PM.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Who the fuck is paying this idiot?

>> No. 38759339

WRONG Shitlord
Using curly brackets empowers women by showing that even programming has body positive images. Embrace your curves!

>> No. 38759342

you mean that grouping large amounts of files and compressing them is superior to transferring them without compression?

>> No. 38759347

latest TODO:

1 http://feministsoftwarefoundation.org/ really needs a wiki.

2 send love and support to BitBucket for standing up for free speech, not like gitHub

3 Flesh out C+= and the inherpeter; including specs, documentation, and coding example. This is probably best done on IRC (#cplusequality@irc://chat.freenode.net) and pull requests submitted to feministsoftwarefoundation@loves.dicksinmyan.us.

4 Make the README and code examples more readable and closer to feminist ideology. submit your pull requests. Currently they are too extreme and will be a turnoff to newcomers.

5 Media outlets need to be contacted about our goals of a gender-gueer and inclusive programming language, and of our struggles against gitHub,misaligned SJWs, and other clueless misogynists.
## A suggestion: Include anecdotal evidence of having worked with awesome female employees. what better way to undermine the misogynists than to remove their ammunition.

6 Discuss Femcoin, the cryptocurrency for women based on feminist ideal.

7 There is an untold amount of shitposts from trolls, black-nights, and other general misogynists who are trying to derail our goal of an inclusive, gender-neutral, and feminist ideal based programming language. We need a way to deal with these backwater, regressive types.

Anything else? Please let me know of the status of these items and if they have been competed.

>> No. 38759351

actually it is not illegal in the uk to make employee blacklists and MI5 operated many offices which employers could call and check if employers were blacklisted. There was one exposed in the midlands, wolverhampton, I believe, which operated from the mid 1930's until the mid 1990's. After it became exposed they moved its operations to, manchester I think. MI5 operates many such endeavours and this has been known since the late 1970's

>> No. 38759353

Some of the feminist apologist are actually gnu/linuxfags. Have they caught wind of their savior Richard "Madman" Stallman thinks of this?

>> No. 38759355

Wow, I finally realized why I like LISP!

>> No. 38759359

she is above the poverty line just on gittip alone....
And she is the one oppressed

>> No. 38759360


>> No. 38759371

Women get paid to do things like move files from one server to another and give their opinion on things from a "female perspective" (not all females have vaginas btw, bigot). This is why American industries are competing so well with other nations.

>> No. 38759372

continue being male and straight

that's all you have to do

>> No. 38759377
File: 134 KB, 680x459, 1387082872693.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38759378
File: 36 KB, 600x425, 1387082872047.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>As a reward for doing fuck-all

Damn son.

>> No. 38759379


Holy shit, that is fucking impressive. Anyone know where he works?

>> No. 38759380

yea, not a trap. just ugly

>> No. 38759388


You are a wise womyn.

>> No. 38759389
File: 11 KB, 200x250, 1387082896828.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

/g/ is wayyyy too based

>> No. 38759394


>> No. 38759405
File: 97 KB, 375x500, 1387082940452.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Just 'Pennie', please, PLEASE!

Fem is redundancy

>> No. 38759407


It's called white cis male privilege! Can't you see they just want equality because they're so oppressed?

>> No. 38759409

I like the way you think.
Guys we gotta be slick at this. This language was a fucking great idea

>> No. 38759417

somebody give this guy
the url to the pdf

>> No. 38759436

http://feministsoftwarefoundation.org/ has started shilling out for donations. We need to consider an alternative website.

>> No. 38759439

So what, is this just a language comprised of just a bunch of feminazi buzzwords?
Sounds like a lot of effort for a ruse that no one would really care about. Do you guys really think it'll be a big enough "thing" like LOLCODE?

>> No. 38759447

this is all a joke right, you guys aren't really making a language out of this, right?

>> No. 38759455

>has started
they've been accepting buttcoins since it first went up you ass

>> No. 38759459

I don't know man, but haven't you noticed there's some kind of tip jar connected to all these SJWs with sob stories and they get huge donations? Just that chick in your pic, like 30 tweets back she links a tranny who says he got raped by 4 old friends and he's already got $760 for that. The woman who was fatshamed by some boys on a school bus got $600,000. The servers with fake 0tip sob stories from the evil white men collected over $10,000 each.

>> No. 38759462

Nobody has taken responsibility to do 'boyswhocode'. Feel free to start one if you wish.

>> No. 38759463



do it faggot

>> No. 38759467

I want to play http://pastebin.com/u/smashthepatriarchy this on Windows

pls help

>> No. 38759470

Mostly just renamed functions

I dunno, there's a language for Shakespeare, so why not?

>> No. 38759471

yeah brah parens get me hard

>> No. 38759479
File: 201 KB, 1000x1500, 1387083101016.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

If you were getting $25,000 a year for writing a "Freelance Form" on Github that one time, you would be fighting for equality too! You have no idea how good white cis-eabled males have it. Us girls can't get respect from anyone and it's holding us back from our full potential and equal employment!

>> No. 38759493

We are GUYS, we are making working things, not postmodernistic deconstructions

>> No. 38759497
File: 198 KB, 640x480, 1387083122841.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]



Guess he realized that vigilantism looks slightly worse on your CV than making jokes on the internet.

>> No. 38759498

dude we are close to creating the first feminazi state for teh shizzle n giggles

>> No. 38759503

I can't blame him*

biological male

>> No. 38759504

> 'Switch' statements are not supported in C+= as switch implies that a feminist was not created that way and would be a form of oppression. Instead, C+= allows for the keyword "liberate" which simply returns the feminist as it was, if not strong.

>> No. 38759507

This can't be true anon. Is there anything else they did? like something useful or good?

>> No. 38759514

I'm guessing you don't understand what feminists want.

They don't want equality, they want better everything than men.

"War is caused by men, Women wouldn't cause any war"
"We need better pay than men"
"Men are the cause of everything bad that happens in this world"

>> No. 38759517


Can you guys set up an e-mail system from the website? I can play a phony PR director.

>> No. 38759521
File: 1.07 MB, 400x394, 1387083199372.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>White Male Privilege
>Original subject is a white tranny

I like you

>> No. 38759523

7. Is probably only possible by educating Anons how to not respond to and hide shill posts.

>implying people are donating
You may actually want to check how much he has gotten, it'd be bad if he makes big money on this.

>> No. 38759525
File: 3 KB, 114x125, 1387083205005.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38759529
File: 121 KB, 537x576, 1387083211524.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

"@ashedryden I'm investigating http://feministsoftwarefoundation.org but 4chan is not a safe space for me as a woman of color. Can your friend assist?"


>MFW I'm a black lesbian who is laughing her ass off at this

>> No. 38759538
File: 1.92 MB, 2000x2610, 1387083236335.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Go deep, as deep as you can

And hold on.

Assembly and C

These things are too difficult for women. They wouldn't dare set foot anywhere near them.

>> No. 38759540

Sorry, I'm creating 'BlacksWhoPlayBasketball'right now

>> No. 38759546

I liek u dood
made me lol my ass off

>> No. 38759554
File: 4 KB, 533x97, CoinURL - Redirect - 2013-12-15_12.52.51.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Wow, who is this faggot and why is he putting ads and monetizing links on a /g/ initiative?

>> No. 38759558

help me /g/

>> No. 38759559


Keep being awesome.

>> No. 38759562

the fuck is this shit? first place? this game barely does anything. does it even work besides being a glorified interactive image? the fucking cunt blood doesnt even get registered by the pad.

>> No. 38759569


>we need a wiki NOW

>> No. 38759570
File: 64 KB, 350x350, 1387083306927.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

i sure hope they are. it'll be a laugh riot watching it fall on it face

>> No. 38759576

Pennie.. PennieCoin? BitPennie??

BitPennie... BitPenny? Come on fellas. Thoughts?

Also quick question: if we go for it, we should host the fork in the FSF site don't ya think?!?

>> No. 38759581

I love the new design of the website, but I agree, the donation link should be taken down

>> No. 38759587

write a good article on what feminists really are or make a video on it.
I'm bad at words but feminists don't want equality and blame everything on men. Make a clear explaination for people that don't understand feminism vs equality.

>> No. 38759588

>black lesbian
love u

>> No. 38759591


>> No. 38759595
File: 1.08 MB, 628x896, 1387083382944.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38759604

/g/ has failed many things before, it really wouldn't matter if we failed again

I can copy edit the article if you'd like

>> No. 38759609

wow ur a black lesbian? I think I've got some of ur videos

>> No. 38759613

they said it was intended to teach girls in third world countries about hygiene. I think the missing interactivity is far outweighted by the face that it needed 4 programmers who had 24 hours to make this.

>> No. 38759621

as long as the wallet is called Uterpurse, call it whatever you want.

>> No. 38759622
File: 37 KB, 520x311, 1387083425506.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I sent the GNU guy the rms email. He hasn't gotten back to me yet. I wonder if his heart broke?

>> No. 38759624

pointers are SCARY
and -> is a masculine symbol

>> No. 38759626
File: 100 KB, 1280x720, 1387083429919.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Doesn't offend me, I find this whole thing fucking hilarious

>> No. 38759653

HAHAHA. Oh man, I can't wait to see his response.

>> No. 38759661

Could I suckle your rod?

>> No. 38759666

Holy shit yea wallet is damn too patriarchal. Hahahh

>> No. 38759671

who is that?

>> No. 38759675

But anon purse enforces gender stereotypes

Where do feminists carry their moniez?

>> No. 38759678
File: 47 KB, 300x400, 1387083562027.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

just "Pennie", bro!
it's self-contained and that's 50% of fun

>> No. 38759681

>tfw Chloe still hasn't endorsed this project

someone familiar with /soc/ needs to go on there and get one of the trannies to take a pic with a sign saying they endorse this project as a Tranwomyn of Color

someone please

>> No. 38759690
File: 72 KB, 525x700, 1387083599443.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

<3 if true

>> No. 38759701

Real feminist

>> No. 38759722

Welcome to 4chan.

>> No. 38759726
File: 36 KB, 529x120, Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 12.00.46 AM.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

oh boy look at what this guy did. take a wild guess what it links to.

>> No. 38759732

in bf's purses

>> No. 38759744


/pol/ack here.

Honestly, I'm sick of these internet heroes who think it's "progressive" to ruin peoples' lives over the most inane bullshit imaginable.

They need a taste of their own medicine, and this is it.

>> No. 38759748


>> No. 38759749

I kinda liked the old half-assed website with the 90 day completion counter, implying women take forever to do things

also I'm fine with a donation button. Anon deserves whatever bitcoins he gets. I don't contribute hilarious stuff like this and just shitpost

>> No. 38759750

That's not in the books, sry. we're happy for what we have. ;__;

>> No. 38759753
File: 14 KB, 313x350, 1387083740911.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

shit nigga you just went full leotard

>> No. 38759766

That's a very good question.

It is self-contained indeed. Shit; this might actually happen.

>> No. 38759778
File: 149 KB, 800x1200, 1387083815563.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Pennie is strong and independent!

>> No. 38759784

he does have to host it with his own hardware or cash... so he deserves the coins if he gets em.
I would like it he split them to the owner of the git and bit repos

>> No. 38759791

>postmodernistic deconstructions
I like those tho

>> No. 38759801
File: 2.54 MB, 400x289, 1387083865181.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>I like this project because it's satirizing radical feminism
>Lots of people in this thread openly just hate women

Cognitive dissonance
being in the middle ground is hard

>> No. 38759802
File: 159 KB, 500x667, 1387083866129.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Are you that black lesbian that did a "I'M A BLACK LESBIAN AMA" on /pol/? That I then proceeded to shit up with pictures from picrelated's tumblr?

If so, my bad. It's just that picrelated is really bangin'

>> No. 38759812

feminists get their cash from the bank account their rich father set up for them

>> No. 38759819

>Where do feminists carry their moniez?
i think they keep it in their silk purse

>> No. 38759834


>> No. 38759835

how do those conflict at all?

I hate women because tfwngf but I support civil liberties

>> No. 38759836
File: 75 KB, 498x625, 1387083949261.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

fuck off, shill

>> No. 38759837

I'm not, and picrelated is fucking banging. I'd hit it.

(Still like white chicks better though)

>> No. 38759840

Not exactly defending it, but probably the same person registered the domain and is paying for the server hosting.

>> No. 38759847

criticizing women is not hateful. you have merely been brainwashed into believing judgements are evil and using your brain is a sin. i like women for who they really are, not for the insane, destructive animals they act like when trying to compete against men.

>> No. 38759851

Ur worthless

>> No. 38759854


>> No. 38759857

Only way to combat this is to make fun of MRA and Redpill fags too. That true equality

>> No. 38759865

Now 'blockchain' is way too patriarchal.


Way too oppressive. Gotta think this through.

>> No. 38759867

strong and independently fucking that baton

mmmmmmm arrest me, officer bitch

>> No. 38759872
File: 44 KB, 306x328, 1387084064661.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

What else would you expect?
This is /g/ - Techloligy, we don't like women, we like little girls.

>> No. 38759873

>implying this is reddit
those MRA redpill reddit fags are liberals. i get banned from there every time.

>> No. 38759876

irc came up with "umbilical cord"
and blocks would be "children"
you dont mine, they are conceived.

>> No. 38759882

>Implying women as a whole are doing this
>Implying it's not a few specific women

That is my only issue. Don't claim I'm brainwashed, I've fought these crazy feminazis in debates and shit IRL. I just also don't like people saying it's "all women," rather than "A few specific insane assholes"

>> No. 38759886

gtfo you /w/ fucking pedo

>> No. 38759888

But blocking shitlords is the best way to stop them in their tracks

>> No. 38759891

Your point (guilt by association) does not hold water anywhere and much less on 4chan. My own view is that we are satirizing the retard project of the original post. Nothing else. I don't judge my fellow anons nor do I condone their behavior.

>> No. 38759903

>I hate women because tfwngf
I'm single too, but I don't see why that would be a reason to hate women, especially those I don't personally know.

>> No. 38759918
File: 147 KB, 680x650, 1387084179806.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

block social network

>> No. 38759920

Brilliant!!! The umbilical tree or cord. Pennies. Dude... is it habbening??

>> No. 38759923

>Receiving payment

>> No. 38759924

no one said "all women"

stop fabricating shit. when people say "women" without those retarded qualifiers you are taught are necessary, its just a generalization. use your fucking brain and stop turning it off for social justice.

>> No. 38759930

Reverse everything you said and tell me you would bitch about misandry faggot. Feminists are oversensitive bitches and all but you are in danger of becoming just like them. Just look at those MRA manbabies

>> No. 38759933
File: 66 KB, 612x910, 1387084222375.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Speak for yourself nerd. I for one like thick lovely ladies, just like mai waifu.

>> No. 38759935

they are still called femcoins...
Will commence work on them tomorrow

>> No. 38759948

>requesting payment

too lame?

>> No. 38759954

because they ignore me on okcupid and never let me stick it in

>> No. 38759966

I'm the leader of this project and the OP. It's true that I do it because I hate women but so what? After what they have done to me? I never even got a kiss. Women can go cry on Chad's dick.

>> No. 38759967

good idea!

>> No. 38759969
File: 381 KB, 600x917, 1387084288779.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

they are liberated? converted? awaken?

>vote for Pennie!

>> No. 38759973

Your waifu a shit.

>> No. 38759987

MRA are liberal retards who are mostly reacting to the serious attacks against them by feminists. they dont see the big picture, theyre liberals acting just like SJWs in the opposite direction. they dont care for truth, traditionalism, etc.

>> No. 38759991

>inb4 some femtard on twitter actually thinks this is for real

>> No. 38760001

new thread please

>> No. 38760011
File: 54 KB, 699x451, 1387084394344.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38760012

>I'm the leader of this project and the OP.
Post in irc if you are, i have some concerns to talk about with you.

>> No. 38760022
File: 785 KB, 1280x720, 1387084418302.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

fight me faggot.

>> No. 38760026
File: 34 KB, 413x395, 1387084426032.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Guys I can vouch that this person is in fact legit

>> No. 38760034

>change tactics

>> No. 38760055

What about Deter Links instead.

>> No. 38760065
File: 11 KB, 227x294, 1387084516245.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38760072

>turning it off for social justice

This is a typical fucking accusation. Disagree with one little thing that is said here and your an SJW.

Fuck off she has a point. Even if you don't want to stop with the misogynistic comments for the women here at least stop it so the outside can't screencap and use it as ammo for whatever they say about 4chan.

>> No. 38760075

Ok so all we have to do is fork litecoin, get a logo, and some intro language.

Logo just a stupid coin but with pink hue and O+ in the middle; what do you guys think?

The satirizing language tho still needs more work.

Or Pennie the fundamental unit? Dunno. It does have a ring.

>> No. 38760076
File: 80 KB, 1280x720, 1387084561150.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Guys please, do not fight over waifus

all you're waifus are angles

>> No. 38760082

Looks like modified kopipe.
>guy who made the phonebloks video here. are u jelly? yes, it is a scam, so what? people have too much money, if they're too retarded and want to make me rich, I don't care. I got this idea from kony 2012. the question is why aren't YOU making scam videos and getting rich?

>> No. 38760095
File: 2.48 MB, 1900x2850, 1387084604646.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


I'd rather not engage in such risky relationships where a supposed "22-year-old woman" may actually turn out to be a 40-year-old man who was using a 22-year-old woman's profile picture.

>> No. 38760101
File: 85 KB, 290x262, 1002859_567185763323160_557468596_n.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38760109

similar to litecoin... but we gotta think of a way to make it stupidly feminist

>> No. 38760113
File: 60 KB, 500x773, 5b0f9ed6-8c8a-439d-b925-6f09b25fa269.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>Pennie the fundamental unit

>> No. 38760118
File: 835 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot from 2013-12-15 00:16:59.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

It's that damn 9gag army again.

>> No. 38760127

but that's a guy

>> No. 38760132

wizardchan pls go

>> No. 38760133

Men can't own them as they are used to balance privilege and men have too much of it.

>> No. 38760134

Wallets are completely equalized (everybody connected to the network gets an equal share) once every fifteen minutes.

>> No. 38760138

"backtracing btc address"

>> No. 38760139


>> No. 38760146
File: 2.50 MB, 640x350, 1387084695990.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Miku miku dance a cute.

>> No. 38760148

>to make it stupidly feminist
Well, how about to choose randomly how much to pay and for what?

>> No. 38760151

why is 2D >>> 3D ;___;

>> No. 38760155



>> No. 38760160


Everyone gets coins when a block is found on the entire network because people who don't get coins are discriminated against.

>> No. 38760164


>> No. 38760166

nah it will be a random transaction from one wallet to another, 5% from the source wallet.
So eventually the network will become fairly equal.

>> No. 38760180

Déjà vu

>> No. 38760183

lel m8 they can screencap 4chan all day. I shitpost way too much for this to be a valid tactic

>> No. 38760184

>male is a gendered term
>a term referring to a gender just so happens to refer to a gender
>this is a problem
what the FUCK

>> No. 38760185

He's not a guy if his penis is feminine, faggot

>> No. 38760201

hm... thats an idea

If you guys wanna pitch ideas at me, please do so in the irc. Its hard to keep up with the post limit on 4chan.

>> No. 38760206
File: 2.08 MB, 200x112, 1387084830362.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

It's not that black and white.

>> No. 38760208


>Anyway what does the fox say? Fuck computers. White dudebros and their allies may report me for racism and abuse at https://support.twitter.com/forms/abusiveuser

report him

>> No. 38760210

>all you're waifus are angles

whoa you just went 1D

>> No. 38760213

It's just how the world works. Give it a few years and VR will be implemented so you can be with your waifu for as much time as you want. Now it's only in your dreams anon.

>> No. 38760238

>Koch brothers

LOL it's like all they watch is Rachell Maddow or something

>> No. 38760247
File: 959 KB, 1575x975, 1387084919759.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38760252

I don't know what any of these things are.

>> No. 38760268

Go back to reddit shitnigger.

>> No. 38760286
File: 63 KB, 500x738, 1387085002152.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

b-but limit is nice

>> No. 38760293

That guy still hasn't gotten back to me after I sent him the rms email.

>> No. 38760296

eevee == nigger


>> No. 38760300

>snark against white males
Every time.

Is there a single social justice activist or whatever they think they are who isn't a total racist douche?

>> No. 38760326

Send it to more people like eevee, the feminists, the diango and other people so we can have full butthurt!

>> No. 38760332

>implying anyone would care about 4chans reputation

>> No. 38760334

yeah, and ill keep it femcoin unless you guys convince me otherwise on irc.

>> No. 38760339

>: organized activity in support of women's rights and interests

And that's the part where the "egalitarian" part died.

>> No. 38760349
File: 1.40 MB, 446x248, 1387085153544.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

other GIF I have of this character in case anyone wants it

>> No. 38760367

Can you link me directly to the tweet so I can report it then?

>> No. 38760373
File: 94 KB, 467x700, 8a2be8739e7d5b9ab5947d2311575e01.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

oh shit
ok, will be in 15 sec
>bad, bad boy!

>> No. 38760379

Nice echo chamber he got there

>> No. 38760389

I-is this really a troll?!?!? https://twitter.com/elesmith91/status/412090867789213696

>> No. 38760396

sensitive nigger get over it

>> No. 38760403

>this guy acting like bitbucket is in on it just because they don't immediately censor their users

wow these people are mental

>> No. 38760415

let them claim it. those faggots are 50% femnazi. could lead to some butthurt

>> No. 38760417
File: 35 KB, 520x230, 1387085323747.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I--i-i think he's ignoring me.

>> No. 38760419

It's not a tweet. see his "profile"
the top side of the screen

>> No. 38760433

I wasn't complaining. I was laughing.

>> No. 38760442

he does because he is butthurt as fuck, send it to other like >>38760326 said

>> No. 38760447

There's an army of these brainwashed little maggots sniffing their own farts while spewing racist and totalitarian shit. Insufferable cunts.

>> No. 38760478
File: 15 KB, 420x280, 1387085467853.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

/g/uise I wouldnt want my son growing up in the atmosphere of hatred you guys engender. As a father I object to trolls like you, and so does my husband.

>> No. 38760480
File: 574 KB, 1454x1200, 1387085472099.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I am going to have to concur with
Your waifu a shit

I hope this is on a divergent worldline faggot

>> No. 38760500


>> No. 38760506

then dont let him be a feminist then.
Those guys just spew hatred

>> No. 38760508

new thread please

>not dick

>> No. 38760538

What's the twitter for the Django guy?

>> No. 38760540

>atmosphere of hatred
I don't think any /g/entoomen genuinely hate each other.

>> No. 38760544

But this one isn't near death yet.

>> No. 38760560

super rich brothers of industry who secretly fund everything progressives don't like

>> No. 38760564

Not going to send it to the feminists since I doubt any of them know who rms is.

>> No. 38760571
File: 222 KB, 473x245, Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 12.09.03 AM.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38760579

not sure if it's he but this: https://twitter.com/jacobian

>> No. 38760583

What would RMS say about being used like that?

>> No. 38760589

lol, people don't even notice that he did this as bait.

>> No. 38760592


>> No. 38760593

They really believe this shit?

Link me a documentary to watch on this subject with my girlfriend so we have laugh our asses off.

Sincrely anti-feminist lesbian.

>> No. 38760595

The koch bros pay me $50 every time I say leftists are the fascists they claim to hate.

>> No. 38760603
File: 1.12 MB, 343x892, 1387085765500.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38760604

send it to both

okay, they will learn about it anyway because their friends will tell them

>> No. 38760608

>They really believe this shit?
they dont really do anything anti feminist... but they do lobby for oil companies and etc.

>> No. 38760619

Where the fuck is my Koch Brother money?

>> No. 38760630

a anus has been rapped ^___^

>> No. 38760634

Well obviously. If you ran a business wouldn't you try to lobby in favour of it?

>> No. 38760636

This. I want money too.

>> No. 38760645

>not meter

>> No. 38760662

Same thing happens here to anyone that isn't white faggot same on reddit same on any news article with a nigger in it. SRS started just to troll the 'racist' jokes that get tossed around reddit. They just reverse every insult by adding white people or straight people or whatever.

And guess what it turns out you're just as oversensitive as SJW pussies. I know some faggot SJW really are racist towards white and all but most of it still trolling and they justify it by saying that you get away with saying racist joke about niggers so why can't they joke about you?

>> No. 38760663


That's all that is.

>> No. 38760673


>> No. 38760694


>> No. 38760726


>> No. 38760734



Look at the TOP RECEIVERS.

>> No. 38760742

Because I don't joke about black people, and if I did I'd only get away with it by being anonymous. These people get paid to be racist in positions of power, teaching impressionable people that it's impossible to be racist against whites and all that hogwash.

Also, there's a difference between jokes based on stereotypes and an army of leaders in a semi-religion sending hate filled snark to thousands of followers.

>> No. 38760745

Send this woman pizza anon

>> No. 38760766


> been accepting BTC and LTC since launch
> BTC and LTC addresses have been moved and now it's just a CoinURL link.

If it REALLY bothers you that much, I can remove it.

>> No. 38760781

do it

>> No. 38760792
File: 57 KB, 730x555, 1387086291594.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Most of them are tumblrettes and hipsters. Who would have thunkd it.

>> No. 38760794

webguy, we had some things to ask you in the irc

>> No. 38760796


You would be correct.

>> No. 38760798


Nah, I don't see how can I take a person who believes "shaming" is only reserved to an specific group of people.

Slut shaming is just as bad as "nerd" shaming. Both have terrible implications, both are bound to hurt someone.

Get over yourself friend.

>> No. 38760811

Seriously, about that documentary or some media shit link?

>> No. 38760813


>> No. 38760820

He would more than break even with probably just half a coin.

>> No. 38760822

keep it. makes the page more credible.

>> No. 38760823


top kek

>> No. 38760849


where is Johnny Ruse?

>> No. 38760851


Be on in a sec.

>> No. 38760854

so did he kick out the donglers?

>> No. 38760856

Who cares about some random unrelated tweet?

>> No. 38760858


>> No. 38760867

shanley receives
per week, and gives $70.00

I am making the world better by Writing, organizing, speaking, funding and advocating for women and marginalized people in technology. Helping the community develop critical consciousness around tech culture, management and teams.


Diversity Outreach
with 46 others

>> No. 38760872

GG about the anonymity thing I never even considered that.

>> No. 38760889


Matt Davis wants the /0\.

Being a faggot wont help you!

>> No. 38760913
File: 333 KB, 792x893, 1387086597349.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38760914
File: 82 KB, 500x500, 1387086598072.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I made a femcoin logo real quick. PSD here: http://www.qfpost.com/file/d?g=W2fPGRnPR

>> No. 38760947

Left bottom is fugly

>> No. 38760962

>I made a femcoin logo real quick. PSD here:

>> No. 38760965
File: 507 KB, 1200x800, all women are beautiful you bigot.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

But anon, all women are equally beautiful. Filthy bigot.

>> No. 38760972
File: 17 KB, 247x239, 1387086777906.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Ashe Dreyen gets $450/week for blogging.
Ashe Dreyen gets $450/week for blogging.
Ashe Dreyen gets $450/week for blogging.
Ashe Dreyen gets $450/week for blogging.

>> No. 38760976

not ugly, she has just a little more weigh

>> No. 38760980

holy FUCK

>> No. 38760989

So is this happening for real or what? I'd like to mine a little the first few days for the matriarchy.

>> No. 38760996

>tfw transgirl
>tfw support/finditfunny/etc
>tfw bullied implicitly

pls no bully I'm on your side :3

>> No. 38760997
File: 13 KB, 643x200, 1387086845338.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


First and second wave feminists are rolling in their graves thanks to the terrible name these cunts have given to the movement.


>> No. 38761001

would fuk :DDD

>> No. 38761009
File: 13 KB, 307x400, fat is healthy too, dont fatshame.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

What's up? Can't handle a REAL woman?

>> No. 38761014
File: 17 KB, 95x145, Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 12.53.55 AM.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

this bitch was also an sjw on twitter crying about the project. its amazing how oppressed women are in tech, theyre all top receivers of money online just for having a female github account

>> No. 38761021

^ this
fucking this

>> No. 38761022

With the way femcoin is going you'll just need to have a wallet and it'll fill up by itself.

>> No. 38761027

Gibe link

>> No. 38761037

>thanks for the Diverseity In Your Team workbook! wow i learned so much!

god damn it, these fucking betas are pathetic.

>> No. 38761044

Holy shit my idea is going to be used for femcoin? I feel so good!

>> No. 38761050
File: 1.13 MB, 160x120, 1387087019962.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38761054


>> No. 38761079

There's no nudity. Its vagina is covered.

>> No. 38761097

Are there any women who would classify themelfs as first or second wave feminists still?

If so im a dude but I would get behind that shit just to shit on all these tumblr cunts and not be called a mysogonist for it.

Added bonus that women still have some problems and stuff.

relevant Carlin


>> No. 38761197

>posting this unfunny edgymeister...

>> No. 38761216

No. I classify myself as an egalitarian and will not associate my rational opinion with feminism in any way, and thus give it credence.

Fucking feminism in its modern form.

>> No. 38761280
File: 25 KB, 500x500, 1387087856854.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

and here is the 'flat' version.

>> No. 38761304


>> No. 38761325

Laura is an obvious troll. Read their other posts.

>> No. 38761328

>page 6
make a new thread

>> No. 38761366


>> No. 38761415

>in its modern form

thats why I asked about earlier forms of feminism faggot. The ones that actually had something to fight for.

Not wanting any kind of feminism is mostly reactionary crybaby bitching anyway.

>> No. 38761448

> Pauline Wolfowitz
>Funny article. It really does sound like how one of those Social Justice Warriors would respond to the C-Plus-Equality project. That parody of the trigger warning they do at the beginning of the article made me burst out in laughter. Great work.
You slayeth me

This is what I will say to SJWs from now on. "Funny satire, you do it really well!"

>> No. 38761482

lol I can't wait

this frustrates me so much because all the smart qt's are brainwashed with this shit these days. If only they applied themselves to things that aren't retarded

>> No. 38761492

that was me :^)

>> No. 38761497

Like I said, I basically am, but refuse to call it that.

>> No. 38761588
File: 15 KB, 520x113, Modern Leftist (ModernLeftist) on Twitter.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

I just want to thank whoever put up the Feminist Software Foundation site. I laughed so hard. It is beautiful. Thank you, and thank you again.

Re: Modern Leftist
I started from the current tweets and started reading back through older posts. My evaluation of Modern Leftist kept swinging back and forth between "this person is completely batshit insane" and "this person is a brilliant straight-faced troll". I'm honestly not sure which is true - flip a coin at this point.

Pic related.

>> No. 38761640
File: 58 KB, 667x186, Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 1.25.45 AM.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>Many womyn espouse a modified version of the communist system every day, without realizing it.

this is the comment i made on that retarded feminist blog, and pic related is the response i got


>> No. 38761643
File: 136 KB, 800x600, 1387088847364.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Has to be a troll

Anyway, question? You guys wanted this tranny pic for reasons

is anything being done with it?

>> No. 38761650

You're in good company. I have a dear friend who is slowly transforming herself into a hateful, bitter feminist, and it really hurts to see her do that.

There is a way to fight this, and I'm going to find it.

>> No. 38761652

Modern Leftist may or may not be a /pol/ trip.

>> No. 38761672

dat poe's law

>> No. 38761684

>not Moving Forward into a transformative future

>> No. 38761711

>mansplaining at me

don't police my language cissie

>> No. 38761713

>There is a way to fight this, and I'm going to find it.
yea, its called nationalism. it is the only known thing that can face off against marxist divide and conquer -isms in an infected and multicultural host civilization

>> No. 38761737

New thread?

>> No. 38761739


heh heh

>> No. 38761760

I hate you /g/

>> No. 38761765

>not being trans

it's like you dont' want to be a qt girl

>> No. 38761768

What's the asterix for?

>> No. 38761783

We're not using it for anything so far.

>> No. 38761794

It's how trans works

it's inclusive of both transsexual and transgender

>> No. 38761831

We love you ^____^

>> No. 38761834


>> No. 38761837

>Has to be a troll
I'm leaning more towards troll as I go, yeah, but there are large swaths of it that are completely plausible.

>may or may not be a /pol/ trip
I'm ok with this. :)

>dat poe's law
Was it Poe's? I knew there was some law about good parody being indistinguishable from the original argument or some such. Will have to look that back up, thanks.

>> No. 38761846

Can I have some of your pics? Beautiful, transformative and inspiring ones. For reasons.

>> No. 38761857

can you please take a photo for us "Endorsing C-Plus-Equality as a Transwoman of Color"? pretty please

>> No. 38761863

be a model~

>> No. 38761877

Ok :3

>> No. 38761885

or endorsing Feminist Software Foundation? please hold a sign in your photo doing so.

>> No. 38761897

why? is it really offensive to trans people in general?

>> No. 38761908

and transracial

>> No. 38761909

Sweet! We love you, Melly.

>> No. 38761913

Yes!! Thank you.

>> No. 38761916

I am a youngh transexual, how to be pretty like you?
I am pre-HRT

>> No. 38761922
File: 147 KB, 675x975, 1387089490026.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Not me~

>> No. 38761939


>> No. 38761959

Koko's an /ss/ anyway.

>> No. 38762000
File: 581 KB, 245x245, 1387089725274.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

There might be some of us offended, but for most of us, the extreme end of feminism itself is transphobic, They think we're "imposting" them or some shit.

Seeing their tears make me really happy.

>> No. 38762018
File: 17 KB, 551x120, Screenshot from 2013-12-15 01:42:23.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

As anyone actually made any death threats or rape threats?


>> No. 38762038

>Pre HRT

One, get on HRT

Two, work on your skin now, kay? Voice is also one of the things HRT can't change, so look into practicing it as soon as you can.

Melly didn't actually agree to let that pic be used fficially

>> No. 38762047

I liked their tears even before I became transexual ^__^
My bf hates them too

>> No. 38762052

They're delusional and like to pick words out of context.

>> No. 38762073

Nope. Read his friends, they all say they got threats and that we are persecuting them trying to get them fired. (which is exactly what they were doing with that "list") They are projecting, lying + possibly sending threats to themselves which is a standard tactic for proglefties.

Professional victims.

>> No. 38762075
File: 72 KB, 451x450, 1387089917295.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>As anyone actually made any death threats or rape threats?
no, see pic

>> No. 38762082

low voice is good no matter what gender

>> No. 38762093



You want a deep voice?

>> No. 38762103
File: 486 KB, 521x521, 1387090008401.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

This is the only "death thread" I saw

>> No. 38762109

not a single thing even remotely close to that has been posted on any thread on /g/. dude is lying like hell. screen shot it. typical marxist shameless manipulation just to trick that poor girl into joining the filth of feminism. the only people threatening anything has been them the whole time.

this is how they operate.

>> No. 38762128

>a loser male arguing with an attractive and successful female
B-but the people making this are misogynist virgins! Surely by persecuting them I'm defending women and will be rewarded with sex!

>> No. 38762134

>raping womyns bodies by transitioning
>infiltrating their conferences and bathrooms

Can't stop me, feminazis!

>> No. 38762153

There was some death and rape threats on /pol/, but it was directed at another Anon so it can't be that they are referring to.

>> No. 38762172

>implying we're not also loser male virgins
Don't get me wrong, I think he's a dumbass, but stones and glass houses don't mix, and nobody looks good when the pot lynches the kettle.

>> No. 38762185


>> No. 38762187

Funny how SRS fags who want to invade nerd culture use mathematical words like "Jacobian".

It's like they have to prove that they are smarter than all the other nerds *and* know about politics and stuff

>> No. 38762188

we are loosers but he is worse

>> No. 38762192


You are?

I'm not

>> No. 38762195
File: 19 KB, 540x167, 1387090280687.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Here's one claiming there's a bunch of people she knows who sends her death threats from their work emails and police won't do anything.

So super believable I just shit myself.

SJW activisits and their "threat" cries are so predictable. Also it's mental illness on the level of that psycho youtube who makes videos about "gang stalking" thinking everyone is stalking her.

>> No. 38762209

That's a death threat!

You guys see that? He just threatened me!

>> No. 38762225

I'm sorry for your loss.

>> No. 38762233

If there is no proof it's a lie

>> No. 38762248

This thread is making me feel unsafe as a Person of Vagina.

>> No. 38762249

Pretty nice!

Is that a gf?

>> No. 38762250


>> No. 38762327

funny how she complains about people trying to get her fired when thats what her and her buddies were engaged in publicly on twitter and what she begged that retard nick cox to do with his list. these people are shameless and disgusting.

>> No. 38762362

no found this on ashemaletube

googled her name and all I found was her youtube page. Someone on Ashemaletube said that she's an escort but I can't find anything.

>> No. 38762382

> nick cox
Should I hire this person?

>> No. 38762456

idk, why are feminist kind of okay with me? Maybe it is because i am not a lesbo and I love dick.

>> No. 38762514

Why won't 4chan trannies ever privilege check these SJWs? You are more correcter due to not being CIS.

Also, make those endorsements for the project pls.

>> No. 38762540

The thing is I am mildly a feminist to the dismay of my boyfriend.

>> No. 38762594

You are mildly feminist so you can't endorse satire of radical feminism?

>> No. 38762609

No, he promotes intimidation and hate speech through 'no hire lists' which are illegal in many countries.

He would only be a liability, I'm sure your HR department would tell you the same thing.

Just imagine the damage he would do when he goes on one of his very public jihads against innocent programmers.

>> No. 38762613

All feminism is radical.

>> No. 38762641

are you going to take the picture of you holding a sign "endorsing Feminist Software Foundation and C+= as a Transwomyn of Color" or not? ;_;

>> No. 38762691

they have some points though. I think there are things transwomen will never experience. I mean I disagree with radfems on them saying I am not a woman, but they do raise other valid points.

>> No. 38762710

>I mean I disagree with radfems on them saying I am not a woman, but they do raise other valid points.
And what points might that be?

>> No. 38762740

>I disagree with radfems on them saying I am not a woman
How are you a woman in any practical sense?

>> No. 38762776

I identify as a woman, I take female hormones, I present as a woman, and I act like a woman.

basically, I follow the female gender role.

>> No. 38762811

But you can't bear children. For the one thing where gender really matters, you're not female at all.

>> No. 38762836

there are plenty of females that can't have kids though. Hell, soon that will not even matter.


>> No. 38762941

we will eradicate all of you before we let that happen.

>> No. 38763016

The feminist group should make a computer. When you try to turn it on, it says it's not in the mood.

>> No. 38763045

more fems in vidya.

seriously you want that, they want that there is nothing wrong with it.

>> No. 38763079

I don't want that. I want more Toady Ones in vidya.

>> No. 38763091

What on earth is a Toady One

>> No. 38763104

That's like saying nazis have some good points because they say work for everyone.

It's just an empty promise phrase everybody agrees with. So what's the point it even bringing a specific label or ideology into it and saying it's their points.

>> No. 38763120
File: 13 KB, 200x156, 1387092914727.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 38763134

A NEET spending his entire life on one game.

>> No. 38763156

Toady One is the guy who wrote/is writing Dwarf Fortress. There's a really steep learning curve, but it's a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

The devlog is truly impressive. The guy is building a world simulator, I shit you not.

>> No. 38763303

Saying it like that just proves that your arguments are purely reactionary to the worst parts of the feminist movement. I agree that an ideology of identity politics shouldn't be forcing itself upon others the way the do but Melly said they made some good points and I provided one.

Reduced completely to its bare bones most of us want more women in vidya and so do feminists. Thus that is a good feminist idea or point.

>> No. 38763382

New thread:


>> No. 38763400

If you think "more women in vidya" is radical feminism you need to do more research.

It's mild/liberal feminism. Generally, anything with "need more women in..." "equality in..." and so on is going to be liberal.

The radical shit is when you get into all the longwinded analysis and hatefulness.

>> No. 38763404
File: 506 KB, 1188x1515, queer socialist revolution now, comrade.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

The way they go about doing it is completely off the walls bonkers, shrill and discriminatory.

So I wouldn't call it a good point for feminism.

>purely reactionary
Thanks for identifying yourself.

>> No. 38763408


New thread:


New thread:


New thread:


New thread:


New thread:


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