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Hey guys, have you heard it?

>We believe that some 3 letter agency may have turned loose a sock puppet on 4chan's boards. This could also be the work of trolls, activists, or marketers, but a government sock puppet seems to fit what we have observed.

>Our theory is that if this is a sock puppet, it's purpose is to fire up and slide threads. It's also possible that they are beta testing this thing, or training it on 4chan before they turn it loose on more mainstream sites.

>Last night the 4chan mods banned some people and deleted some threads about this shill bot, so we're hoping you'll be gracious enough to allow us to run a thread here we can use to regroup if we have more mod problems or the bot spams hundreds of threads again.

How likely is it they broke reCAPTCHA? And how hard would it be to create such a bot?