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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Let's discuss what we should do about the cancer of /g/, namefagging tripfag faggot red_1337_star762 !eMRS5YxXBA

Why is he such a hideous, retarded faggot? Does anyone know? Will he ever stop his jealousy-induced anti-Apple shilling?

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You're the cancer by putting a face to a trip and making an e-celeb out of him.

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He probably won't stop. Probably has an inferiority complex or something. Might even be autistic. Take it easy on him - he probably doesn't have many friends.

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Unfortunately there are plenty of /cancer/ posters like him on /g/. This board has gone downhill in the last couple of years.

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HAHAHA is that really him?

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just ignore him. prob just some retarded autist who can't afford an MBP

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There are worse tripfags on this board. He's still a faggot tho

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Looks like your average Linux user

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On par with the average Windows user too

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What about femanon? what's the consensus? is it really a girl or some slav tranny degenerate larping? or much worse, it's a bunch of people larping

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Probably the latter. This board is filled with cancerous permavirgin autists

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Who the fuck knows? I just add to the faggotry anytime they post by name namefagging identically and saying inane things.

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For a legit Pharmacist, femanon is on here way too fucking much. You ever see a pharmacist with enough free time at work to shitpost? Me neither. Something is wrong there.

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Is that the Penguin from Batman?

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Basically. Just as retarded and useless as the tripfag

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Just move to 4kev.org when it's completed ;)

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My wife is a pharmacist and you're exactly right. Pharmacists are fairly similar to programmers wherein they have to constantly study and keep up to date with shit. Guess that's medicine in general, but you understand what I'm getting at.

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You made a thread about me?

Like for realz man?

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>for realz

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underage faggot detected

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Nope, I'm a mason irl so there's absolutely no way I would look like that. Do you really want to see a pic of me?

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>23 replies
>9 posters
you probably created it yourself you humongous faggot

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Looks like Danny De Vito when he played the Penguin thing.

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lmao. dirt poor spic detected

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Nope, OP is assblasted applefag who sheds extra salty tears anytime I'm in a thread. He especially doesn't like it that I used to be an applefag like him (i gave up on apple when my 6+ got touch disease).

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I said mason not brick layer, learn the difference.

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Why are you creating threads about yourself? Are you really that obsessed with being noticed? Jesus, tripfags are truly fucking cancer.

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Can you confirm for us if ops pic is you or not?

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Weren't you the winshill? They must have missinterpreted you in that "iphone broken screen" thread.

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>glorified laborer
>g-guys I promise I-I'm not a b-brick layer!


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Nope, I actually dislike the fame. This thread is making me feel legitimately uncomfortable...

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They really fucking are.

>> No. 59502500

stop bully

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>constant namefagging
>constant tripfagging
>s-stop making threads about m-me guys! I don't wanna be r-recognized!

More proof that you created this thread, faggot.

>> No. 59502516

Not me, I haven't posted a picture of myself on 4chan, ever.

hmmmmm so that's what it was...

whatever you say, salty applecuck OP

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>name/tripfag on an anonymous Vietnamese sewing board saying he doesn't want fame

Lol ok

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Anon no >>59502471
I have some question
1. When did you first visit 4chan (i.e no posting, just lurking
2. Y-y-your not a commie are you?

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I know, it's weird but fame isn't what I want. My palms are already sweaty. I don't even remember why I decided to be a tripfag anymore...

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>My palms are already sweaty.
Are you really that much of a vagina? Jesus man its fuckin 4chan.

>> No. 59502581

>1. When did you first visit 4chan (i.e no posting, just lurking
Around high school way back in ~2008.

>2. Y-y-your not a commie are you?

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because you're a loser

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Sorry, meant to say: I have some questions for you if that's okay?

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I don't mind, I'll always be glad to chat with fellow anons as long as they don't ask information that could get me doxed.

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/swoops in to steal the attention

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Rude. There's a real person out there that has to live with Google's insulting results.

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That's me. I'm fucking hot, faggot. I bet I get way more pussy than u. You probably don't even have a Razer laptop loser

>> No. 59502654

Oh ok then.

I think the major reason why you're getting some anger is not because of the "apple broken bla-bla-bla" thread. But rather because you were hostile towards Linux in some thread if I recall correctly. 4chan and it's boards tend to have a hive-mind mentality. Wait, why am I lecturing an oldfag. Kek.

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I forgot about him..

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Haha yeah I knew that. Have to admit I love how autistically angry linux users here get.

>> No. 59502682

I can't tell if you're seriously autistic or this is some intense bait

>> No. 59502689

says the wintoddler

>> No. 59502693

Ur probably a virgin dude. Chicks dig me

>> No. 59502698

Go back and play with your x.org config files tmy, the adults are talking here.

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You didn't even put the exclamation point in your trip. You've barely made me upset.

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gr8 b8 m8

>> No. 59502723

Fuck my ass I'm such a faggot

>> No. 59502733

Good god, what am I doing with my life.

>> No. 59502741

Seriously, the trip fags are fucking infuriating. I've been trying to ignore them but sometimes Femanon just says something too retarded not to respond to.

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Fuck I'm such a faggot why didn't I buy an MBP goddamnitt I just can't stop sucking cocks

>> No. 59502756

Tell me about the 762
Why does he use the 762

>> No. 59502766


Damn dude, you okay? Go suck some cock if you love it that badly.

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Anon no >>59502654 here again desu.

That's what I'm talking about, if you're going to piss people off, do it with out your tripcode.

As a rule I usually only put a name on to posts that are length and well formulated. So that that name does not get associated with anger and other unwanted emotions.

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Fuck u! I will! I fucking love BBC in my dirty asshole

>> No. 59502780

>tfw all the cool tripfags left /g/ many years ago
Where's marisa?
Where's long johnson?
Where's hexafluoride?
Where are the other tripfags who weren't complete morons?

idk why i'm still here, phoneposters ruined all discussion

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irl friend of mine was in the armed forces and his helmet got grazed by a 7.62 round.

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