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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Can a programmer make money on patreon?

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Post feet

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Today we live in the instant gratification era, where you can show a product that is 25% finished and make a ton of money convincing people it's on its way to glory.

Just look at ouya or star citizen.

So yes, just finish a project a quarter of the way, make some mock final product shots, ?????, PROFIT

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>$20,000 a month

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how big are your tits?

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I hate this so much

Other people work their fair share like 99.99% of people and they get a normal salary for it.

And then there are those few lucky assholes who, through means not always honest or deserving, gobble up a shitton of money for doing the same work someone else is doing.

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t. commie

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Well, what is stopping you from doing the same shit?
People wont pay for fizzbuzz tho.

Are you the guy who's writing the loli sim? If thats so then I'd give you 10bux per month.

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by pandering to some obscure porn fetish.
making them a VR game.

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That Zelda game probably created the spike

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Also literally who the fuck are all these people?

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jesus christ. 50 grand a month for a fucking podcast. How do normies donate to people? If I want to donate to someone on patreon and they are making above $500 a month, then I normally won't donate unless I've been donating to them for a long time. HOW THE FUCK DOES SOMEONE DONATE EVEN THOUGH THEY PERSON IS MAKING WAY MORE THAN THEM

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AvE is making $20k+??? Holy shit... that low-IQ canadian libtard...

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this is how you learn to make money

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CGP Grey gets to make oversimplified pseudo intellectual flash animations and makes 17k per video

fuck this gay earth

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"Donating" on Patreon is not donating.
A donation is to give something without expecting or getting anything in return. When you give money to someone on Patreon, you pay for a product they create, see: >>59504162

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Yes program for an upcoming porn game Dev who needs one, code and write a porn game, or create something people find worthy.

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why even try doing that

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Can you even program or do you just install arch or some shit every time it breaks?

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> you can show a product that is 25% finished and make a ton of money
And you can also show a 100% finished product and earn absolutely nothing.

Those magical stories of people earning millions from Kickstarter are *exclusively* from subsidiaries of larger companies testing out the market waters. They have marketing budgets measured in, at minimum, hundreds of thousands. They have marketing teams. All the truly successful Kickstarters (ie more than a hundred grand or so) are backed by massive companies cashing in on the crowdfunding meme.

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