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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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>not a giant fucking brick
>can browse the internet
>can get all the updates
>doesn't make you look like a complete poor fag
>still fashionable

Explain to me how this wasn't a smart move by Apple.

Pro tip: you can't

>inb4 apple sucks op is a fag

I for one actually like this phone and above all that I only paid 150$ for it.

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it was the best phone apple ever put out... although black iphone 5 is better in desing IMHO

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Where did you get it for $150?

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It was with my Verizon upgrade. If I went with the 6s or 7 I would've been looking at 250-300$.

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How so?

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You can also get the 16GB model for $180 or the 64GB for $230 on the Boost Mobile website. Cheaper than anywhere else and it's a prepaid network so the phone is essentially yours though you won't be able to unlock until after 1 year, well that was their policy a few years back. Not sure about now.

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has sharp edges and probably the only phone that can still be used with single hand. i dont get the manlet meme. i have huge hands and even iphone 6 is too big for single hand. they even had to put an option for bringing screen down to compensate for that.

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Yeah and I got the 64gb version too.

I seriously don't need all the stupid features they offer on the 7.

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iphone 5 was the worst smartphone experience I ever had

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The iPhone 6 fit perfectly in my hand and I could reach end to end without seriously streaching my hand.

But the SE is really the perfect size. I hated when the 6 was in my pocket it was just waaay too big.

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This is the SE not the 5

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Isn't that picture a six-plus?

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Yeah that is.

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Definitely SE

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shut up, you small handed midget nigger

learn leetspeak, get ahold of yourself

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Thank you.

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I actually have one. It gets hot enough that I can't hold it whenever I decide to watch videos. The battery life is marginally better than my Nexus 5 which I just switched back to. The power button is also hard to push. iOS is a steaming shitpile with its lack of freedom, tap to unlock, and insufferable music app that tries to push a subscription down my throat every time I open it. Let's not forget about inability to download anything but pictures through the browser, and you can't even view gifs in the photos app. They get saved as a still image with the .gif extension and I have not a goddamn clue why.

Apple products are backwards and retarded. Die in a fire, you filthy shill.

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I had one until it was stolen last week.

Was a great phone though. Back to my chinkshit Xiaomi.

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Has anyone disputed you on this? Or are you just arguing for the sake of arguing

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>doesn't make you look like a complete poor fag

Pick one.

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>the upper class shows off with 3d renderings of a car

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I went from Iphone 4 to Iphone 7 two months ago after 6 years of everyday use.
I wish I knew about the SE.

It has a perfect design, compact and sturdy.
The 7 is nice all, browsing feels better with the bigger screen but I find it less practical.

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>Not getting the 7 plus
aha you manlets are adorable

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Might as well get an Ipad mini at that point.

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I love the iPone SE! It's 20% cooler than the regular iPone!

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update never

I'd probably prefer this over a 7s or 8, but I do like the newer cameras and chips

I don't know, apple... why did you have to start making everything thin to the point of losing basic functionality?

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>Being this poor

Get on my fucking level kiddos.

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>can browse the Internet

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>being so poor you think a $29/mo phone makes you "not poor"







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apple sucks op is a fag

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Smart phone
Simple phone
Pick one
Thats a matter of being a manlet or not
>Can browse the internet
Great my nokia can do it too
>Can get all the updates
Yeah for these couple of months
>Doesn't make you look like a complete poorfag
When you are a sheeple follow trends and care what others think about you

Apple sucks op is a fag

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thank you for once again confirming that its a perfect phone for /fa/gs.
>doesn't make you look like a complete poor fag
>I for one actually like this phone and above all that I only paid 150$ for it.
You're not really convincing...

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jam that thing up your anus, fag.

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>only paid 150$
bet you assaulted a hipster on the street and dropped your wallet afterwards

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Oh shut the motherfuck up with your poverty bullshit faggot, we are rich deal with it.

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Jam your post up donkey's ass, douchecunt.

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A lot of contruction workers from Bangladesh here are using Android lol.

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There comes the faggot with his frivolous of all times picture to wean off his butt blasting which makes absolutely no sense

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There comes the clueless faggot with his frivolous of all times picture to wean off the butt hurt

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It isn't powerful than iP7+, though?

My dream iPhone is exactly the size of iP7 but more slim+ iP7+

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