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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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Why haven't you installed Solus yet?

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I have and I love it.

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So much negativity here.

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Good plan

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How shitty must your life be for you to keep making this thread over and over?

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Where can I buy a monitor with this resolution?

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I installed it but thought it was gay so I don't use it now.

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Hi Jordan. I'm sorry you thought that.

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Kevin, boy, please, just stop it and get a job.

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He's too busy posting hello world apps to his github.

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Are you... The original Kevin-senpai? (。>﹏<。)

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This is none free software stop pressuring people to use non free software.

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Because I can't change my daily OS three days a week tbqh.

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back to /r/teenagers kevin

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Then don't? I use Solus on my laptop and Windows 10 on my desktop.

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Because I own a Mac

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Why 8K though?

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Race Bannon from Johnny Quest?

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Because it's better than the 4k and especially the 5k meme.

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fuck off kevin

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>no xfce
>no cinnamon
>no clementine
>buggy af kodi
>fuck this not even gonna try steam
>empty forums, most issues unresolved
>minuscule community compared to any competent distro

That's why.

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Wh... what size is your screen?

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did you buy a quantum computer to generate your trip codes

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15.6 inches.

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lol i have steam running IDIOT

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what a fucking retard you are. in 2 years you're gonna get 8k screens for a quarter of the price they are today.
also, I bet you turned scaling off for the screenshot to impress people. combined with that retard OS this makes you the ultimate faggot.

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what is it

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add me on snapchat kevinarefunny

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kek, 30Hz master race

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Like I said, I couldn't even be bothered trying at that point, what a joke OS.

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try seriously, once you can get it going its a decent OS

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>pathetic support
>due to pathetic market share even for a linux system
>nothing that makes it stand out

why the fuck do people even bother with anything but Ubuntu? there's no point. this whole diversity shit is a major problem. this is what keeps
linux down.

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Because the only appealing thing about Solus is budgie, and if I wanted budgie, I would install budgie.

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Tell us what does it offer that is better than any other famous distribution. Sell it to us.

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oh hell no

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I installed it, how much more seriously can I try it? It lacks everything I like about linux, namely choice. Budgie is shit, and now MATE? I seriously doubt the sanity of the 2 solus devs. They should just contribute to something worthwhile instead of this pipedream.

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Budgie 11 gonna be Qt and it's coming out Q2 of 2017.

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you're right
ubuntu can be smelly but is okay

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Because it's a retarded attempt at creating something new on the Linux market. The only thing that makes it different however is Budgie and I can have that on Ubuntu, which is an OS that people actually use. Market share is a huge factor in choosing a distro because more market share means better support. There is really no valid Linux Distribution other than Ubuntu.

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Fuck off Kevin

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Good to know. I really like it so far but GTK has always kept me on a safe distance.

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I don't understand what it does differently than any other generic desktop distribution. Why can't I just install budgie somewhere else? Why do I need another package manager? Why should I migrate?

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so, this is desktop thread

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This. Fuckers finally need to agree on one package manager, certain repos, etc...
ONE desktop distro would be enough. Maybe two, one for freetards, one for people.

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no x86 support

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Well kevin, you seem to have some pretty shit taste in music. Try listening to more than shitty pop punk. Then I'll retry your distro.

You can get more help with your music taste from your friends at 4chan.org/mu

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Can it get any more gay than this? Kys fucker.

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this is actually him. he's 17 and visited Florida Polytechnic University 4 days ago

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Big if true.

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posted "install solus" in /r/linuxmemes as well. This is definitely his shit, I'm taking archives. Kevin's shitposting is finished.

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Only good thing in this thread ... is Linux support 8k like a champion.

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Because I can get Budgie Desktop on Gentoo using the Sabayon overlay.

Though I might have to reconsidered DEs considering Budgie is switching to Qt instead of GTK+ and I happen to like GTK+ themes.

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just stopping in to post my one solus-related image

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accounts include one of the same picture and name on github as well. Keep in mind that he mentions solus as well.

More profiles.

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Kevin is actually a 42 year old from Boise names Samuel Tucluk. He stole the identity of the real Kevin to get away from child support several years back, and basically has been using it as an online persona ever since. It was more or less confirmed a couple threads back, I'm to lazy to search it up right now but it shouldn't be hard to find.

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If you can post that then please do.

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nice try kevin

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kevin has been confirmed for underage months ago, pic related, it's him

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because it has systemd


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You say that like it's a bad thing

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>intel graphics mobile

what is going on here?

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>he's a purposeless memefag
>he doesn't respect the Linux Foundation
>he doesn't install Xubuntu and rice it
>he refuses to breathe the air of freedom
>he sucks silicon valley billionaires cocks
>he gets spit on by internet freedom fighters

are you for real?

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because it's shit

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The nvidia gpu isn't powerful enough to run anything passed 1080p, whereas the intel igpu can run 8k perfectly fine.

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You buy four 4k monitors obviously.

Or shell out $5k for Dell's new offering, coming "this spring".

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i will only do it if you pay me for it

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fuck, i thought we were done with this threads...

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Why would we be?

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You got me.

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Still waiting for devuan to be finished.

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*tips fedora*

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