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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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>TFW you fell for the Seamonkey meme

>Horrible fucking layout
>Nearly every page is broken in some way visually
>The themes are created so retardedly that you literally can't see the titles of your tabs with many of them
>Most fucking addons not compatible with latest version of seamonkey (which, mind you has not even had a major change)

This is the worst browser I've ever used. Recommend me a better one.

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I'm currently using pale moon. It's pretty ok.

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>implying SeaMonkey's a meme
It's the best browser since Opera died.

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But I listed four reasons it's a meme.

IT'S DOWNRIGHT AWFUL. In every aspect. There is no way to defend this piece of shit.

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Damn, sometimes there is a reason to be glad about 4chan being an image board after all.

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use firefox and check privacytools.io for security tips

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Your reasons are invalid. The layout is changeable, you're lying about pages breaking, use a different theme or make your own, and many addons can be converted for use with SeaMonkey. http://addonconverter.fotokraina.com/

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>The layout is changeable, you're lying about pages breaking

Okay well then tell me how. Because so far this is horrendous. It doesn't feel smooth at all. The image selector is fked up, the download manager is straight trash, the themes are all fucked up.

Why do you need to convert them at all? Explain to me right now why the fuck all of the addons are broken. Only ublock origin (thank god) is working, of the addons I wish to use. Was there a major engine change or something? This is terribly uninitiative. I'm going to go back to faggotfox or chromium.

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>Okay well then tell me how
You're a big boy, you can do it.
>Why do you need to convert them at all? Explain to me right now why the fuck all of the addons are broken.
Because they're made for Firefox, not SeaMonkey.

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install gentoo

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>using Seamonkey as a general alternative to Firefox.
What the fuck? Seamonkey is shit as a general browser, and it's a dumb idea going to Seamonkey for browsing alone when stuff like Pale Moon or Waterfox exists. The reason Seamonkey is so good is because the built-in email client (which can be modded to have a full-on calendar/to-do list) and address book is fucking amazing for work/productivity purposes. And if the Google botnet is your thing, you can just sync your Seamonkey calendar to the Google calendar.

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I'm a NEET so that has little value to me. Maybe some day it will prove useful though.

I use Chromium otherwise but i want a good fun browser to use that i can customize for fun stuff and then use chromium for more serious things

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welcome to the botnet

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In that case, Seamonkey will suck for you. If you like customization, give Vivaldi a shot. It's the browser I use on my home PC, and I find it's the most tweakable browser along with Firefox.

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>Closed source


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I'm riding based Firefox Nightly until they cut addon support

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come home white man

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Honestly only Chromium and Firefox are the two usable browsers. Everything else is for normies, old people or faggots

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it's fast. it's ten times faster than the next fastest browser, and I don't mean in those stupid synthetic javascript tests, it's noticeably faster in moment to moment usage

once you go fast you'll never go back, it's like the difference between 30fps and 60fps

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>who are you quoting?

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Call me when it supports an OS that isn't utter shit.

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but what about chromium and firefox
and what about the

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Fuck off redit

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That's really too bad I use gnu/linux then.

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>not normie

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Normies use safari, chrome or IE

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A lot of normies use Firefox, too, to the point where my school library has it installed on their computers.

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Well then I guess the normies are smartening up.

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Nah, it's like mandatory in a corporate environment. Can't have shit calling home or tracking you when you're dealing with a secure network.

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I know a normie who works at a payment processor company and uses IE.

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>he can't handle SeaMonkey
You're just not using it right. I have 40+ add-ons installed on it, no problem.

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