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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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the default barcode sticker isn't as good as a flame sticker anon
you should fix that
protip you can add up to THREE flame stickers for extra performance, granted you have the cooling!!

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God tier. Keep making my stock rise op

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Gross. Flush it, don't take pictures and post your shit smears here.

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u gonna micro drill it?

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Most of us are here for clinical technologic discussion. This a place for the higher minds to meet and mentally fornicate so that we might grease the wheels of higher thought and extrude new conceptions of technological enhancement and realization. Your post cleary shows toilet paper. Why? Innapropriate. I don't come on here to talk about how I don't wipe anymore but rather use my left hand in the shower to dig out chunks of faces and clean my rectum. Just like a photo with toilet paper it is not conducive to the goals of our forum.

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sorry anon may i have your forgiveness?

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let's find out!

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>Coppermine-T heatspreader
Can AMD do anything original anymore?

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>Just like a photo with toilet paper it is not conducive to the goals of our forum.
you also misspelled feces anon

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duuud this ist homemade scrapped from intel

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woah hey now OC at 5GHz on air
watch out kiddos

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>Intelshill circlejerk

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wow, this pic takes me back, way back

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He took the heatspreader off a Coppermine-T and stuck it on a Sempron. Semprons are either sold bare like his or with a full PCB heatspreader.

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It's like I'm in 2004

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16th birthday PC is that you

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wow IDE ... and the days of trying to hide them or buying rounded ones.

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The fuck? Did they just sell Sempron chips as Ryzen? How is this not a scandal?

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member the northbridge? i member

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>Socket A board with non busted caps

Is this real life

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